Mega Man X SNES Cheat Codes

Mega Man X is a platform game developed and published by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It was released in Japan on December 17, 1993 and was released in both North America and Europe the following year.

Here is cheat codes for Mega Man X3 SNES Cheat Codes:
Invincible 7E0BD805
Infinite Dash 7E0BFA18
Walk Through Enemies (Take No Damage) 7E0BD808
Walk Through Enemies Off (Use When You Can’t Enter Boss Doors, Etc.) 7E0BD800
Infinite Health 7E0BCFFF
Air Walker1 7E0C0C2C
Max Health 7E1F9A20
Infinity Lives 7E1F8009
1 Shot Kills Everything 7E0E8F01
Have Full Subtank 1 7E1F83FF
Have Full Subtank 2 7E1F84FF
Have Full Subtank 3 7E1F85FF
Have Full Subtank 4 7E1F86FF
All Armor Upgrades 7E1F990F
All Charge Shots Are Level 3 7E0C0301
Weapons 69858194
Infinite Energy 7E0C1311

Have Weapons Codes
I. Shotgun2 7E1F9664
C. Sting 7E1F8A64
R. Shield 7E1F8C64
F. Wave 7E1F8EFF
S. Tornado 7E1F90FF
E. Spark 7E1F92FF
B. Cutter 7E1F94FF
H. Torpedo 7E1F88FF

Alternate Codes
Start With 1 Life 8094FA00
Start With 5 Lives 8094FA04
Start With 7 Lives 8094FA06
Start With 10 Lives 8094FA09
Tiny Energy Bar 8094FF02
Start With Less Energy 8094FF08
Start With More Energy 8094FF20
Start With Max Energy Way Above Max 8094FFFF
Infinite Lives 809B59AD
Infinite Turbos 809BB9AD
Start With All Weapons And All Enemies Defeated (Except Sigma) 809F05DE
Start With Flamethrower 809F15DD
Arm Cannon Stays Extended After Shooting 81948EA5
Cross-Weapons!3 8194BEA5
Infinite Weapons Once You Have Them 8194EEA5
Glow Brighter When Powering Up 81982600
Automatic Rapid Fire Gun!! 81984550
Disables Weapon Charging 81984700
Weapon Charges To 1st Power Level Faster 81986600
Level 2 Won’t Fire 81987600
Level 3 Won’t Fire 8198B700
Mega Man Intangible By All Enemies! 849D24AD
No Recoil From Injuries 849D34AD
All Hits Take Only 1 Bar Of Energy 849D53D1
Infinite Energy 849D54AD
All Enemies Bulletproof 849E2180
Some Enemies Become Bulletproof That Were Not Before; Others That Had Armor Lose It 849E4180
All Enemies Are Defeated With One X-Buster Shot 849E7110
Most Enemies Are Defeated With One Shot 849E7180
Normal Shots Pass Through Enemies (Can Only Injure The First One They Pass Through); Level 3/4 Shots And Some Special Weapons Continue Firing Until The Enemy Is Out Of The Way Or Is Destroyed (Good On Bosses!) 849E8180
After Shooting Enemies Enough To Destroy Them You Can Run Through Them, But They Can Still Shoot You 849EC180
Bogus Jump 86B9C604
Jump Higher 86B9C607
Mega-Jump 86B9C609
Start With All Weapons And All Enemies Defeated (Except Sigma)

Cross-Weapons! Select Any Special Weapon (Or Do The Hadouken Fireball)

Infinite Weapons Once You Have Them

All Enemies Are Defeated With One X-Buster Shot (An Improvement On The One)


Keep jumping, get hit to disable.
Activating a weapon makes the game think you’ve beaten that weapon’s boss.
Select any special weapon (or do the hadouken fireball). Fire it once. Return to X-buster and you can fire it alternating with the special weapon you selected. Now select another special weapon, fire it once, and return to X-buster and you can fire the two special weapons alternating, and never run out of either! Some weapons will actually combine with the other weapon and make it act differently.