Mega Man X3 SNES Cheat Codes

Mega Man X3 is a video game released by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) on December 1, 1995 in Japan and in 1996 in North America and the PAL regions. It is the third game in the Mega Man X series and the last to appear on the SNES.

Here is cheat codes for Mega Man X3 SNES Cheat Codes:
Have All Upgrades 7E1FD14F
Infinite Dash 7E0A2A18
Character Modifier1 7E0A8E??
Invincibility 7E0A0808
Invincibility Off2 7E0A0800
Infinite Health 7E09FF1C
Infinite Lives 7E1FB409
Maxed Life Bar 7E1FD220
Rapid Full Powered Shot 7E0A3006
Rapid Half Powered Shot 7E0A3004
Bosses & Enemies 1-Hit Kills

Have 1st Energy Tank And It’s Full 7E1FB7FF
Have 2nd Energy Tank And It’s Full 7E1FB8FF
Have 3rd Energy Tank And It’s Full 7E1FB9FF
Have 4th Energy Tank And It’s Full 7E1FBAFF
Infinite Jumps 14 7E0A0304
Infinite Jumps 25 7E09DA04
Projectile Path Straight 16 7E10F2A0
Projectile Path Straight 27 7E1132A0
Invincible Ride Armor 7E0CF801
Zero Available

Infinite Air Dash 7E0A3478
Have Zero-Saber 7E1FB2FC
Infinite Boosts (Press Jump And UP Twice To Do Another Jump!) 7E0A9A01
Always Super Shot 7E0A6702
Can Call Zero Any Time 7E1FE102
Can Switch Characters 7E1F5D00

Weapon Codes
Have/Infinite P. Bomb8 7E1FBE5C
Have/Infinite G. Well 7E1FC65C
Have/Infinite T. Fang 7E1FCA5C
Have/Infinite Frost S. 7E1FC85C
Have/Infinite Acid B. 7E1FBC5C
Have/Infinite S. Blade 7E1FC25C
Have/Infinite Ray S. 7E1FC45C
Have/Infinite Triad T. 7E1FC05C
Have/Infinite Hyper C.

Suit Related Codes
Have Different Canister Codes9 7E1FD7??
Armor Suit Modifier10 7E0D13??
Armor Suit Infinite Life 7E0CEF20
Armor Suit Moon Jump 7E0CE4C0

00 – Mega Man
02 – Zero
Use this to got through Boss doors and when activating capsules.
Turn off before fight with boss starts, then on again after they fill their health bar to kill them.
Player is always on the ground, may be enabled to permit jumping to high areas, and, later dissabled to get down. (Doesn’t work underwater)
Player Yaxis will BE FROZEN after each jump, use this in areas that the first doesn’t work, IE, underwater. (First is much better and guaranteed not to cause lockups, so, use if possible before this one.)
(Upper/primary fires) Will cause issues if Gravity Well is used.
(Lower/primary fires) Use in conjunction with first for Cutter/missile weapons that otherwise boomerang to attain longer reach.
Activating a weapon makes the game think you’ve beaten that weapon’s boss
01 – N CAN
02 – K CAN
03 – N + K CANS
04 – H CAN
05 – N + H CANS
06 – K + H CANS
07 – N,K,H, CANS
08 – F CAN
09 – N + F CANS
0A – K + F CANS
0B – N,K,F, CANS
0C – H + F CANS
00 – N Suit
01 – K Suit
02 – H Suit
03 – F suit