Pokemon Crystal Legacy Gift and Static Pokemon

This is a Pokemon Rom Hack made by TheSmithPlays with the intended purpose of fixing Pokemon Crystal into a more polished, balanced and overall engaging Crystal experience. Generation 2 is one of the most beloved sets of games in the franchise. It introduced tons of mechanics to the game that ended up becoming mainstays within the franchise even now. It also had fan favorite Pokemon, a diverse region, deep lore, nonlinearity, and an entire separate region as its postgame which allowed the player to rematch characters from Generation 1.

PokemonLocation & Method of Obtaining.
-New Bark Town, Professor Elm’s Lab.-Given to the player as their Starter Pokemon. Must choose one between the three of them. -All come equipped with a Berry.-Level 5.
-Violet City, Pokemon Center.-Given to the player by Elm’s Aide as an Egg.-Level 5.
-Route 34, Daycare.-Given to the player by the Day Care Man as an Egg. One of seven will hatch from the Odd Egg. -Has increased odds of becoming a Shiny. -Knows Dizzy Punch.-Level 5.
-Goldenrod City, Game Corner (Repeatable).-Must be bought for 100, 800, & 1500 Coins respectively.-Must have the Coin Case, found in the Goldenrod Tunnel.-Abra is Level 5, Porygon & Dratini are Level 15.
-Route 35, Gate.-Given to the player by Randy, the receptionist.-Intended to be delivered to a man on Route 31 in exchange for TM50 Nightmare.-Comes equipped with Mail.-Level 15.
PokemonLocation & Method of Obtaining.
-Route 36, Weird Tree.Encountered on the path to Route 37 after spraying it with the SquirtleBottle. A forced encounter.-Level 20.
-Goldenrod City, Bill’s House.-Given to the player by Bill, after speaking with him at the Ecruteak Pokemon Center.-Level 20.
-Roaming Johto.-Begin to roam after being interacted with at Burned Tower.-No longer have Roar.-Level 40.
-Ruins of Alph, Research Center.-Must be revived from Fossils, which are obtainable after clearing the Ruins of Alph puzzles. Speak to the Scientist at the Top Right of the Research Center.-Kabuto is Level 15, and obtainable after Gym 3.-Omanyte is Level 20, and obtainable after Gym 4.-Aerodactyl is Level 25, and obtainable after Gym 7.
-Mt. Mortar.-Given to the player after defeating Karate King Kiyo.-Now obtainable around Gym 4. No longer requires Waterfall to access.-Level 10.
-Cianwood City, Mania’s House.-Given to the player by Mania. Intended to be given back.-Comes equipped with Berry Juice.-Level 15.
-Tin Tower, Lowest Level.-Can be encountered after obtaining the Clear Bell, which is obtained after defeating Team Rocket at Radio Tower.-Level 40.
PokemonLocation & Method of Obtaining.
-Ilex Forest, at the Shrine.-Can be encountered after Gym 7, where if you have obtained the GS Ball at Ruins of Alph, Kurt will decipher the Ball for the player, unlocking the event.-Level 40.
Dragon’s Den, Master’s House.-Given to the player after returning to the house, if they answer their questions. If all questions were answered correctly, Dratini comes knowing ExtremeSpeed.-Level 15.
-Vermilion City.-Encountered after the player obtains the EXPN Card, and plays the Poke Flute channel to Snorlax.-Level 50.
-Whirl Islands, Deepest Chamber.-Encountered after obtaining the Silver Wing at Pewter City.-Level 60.
-Tin Tower, Highest Floor.-Encountered after obtaining the Rainbow Wing at Tin Tower, after catching Raikou, Entei, & Suicune, and entering the Hall of Fame.-Level 60.

Birds have to be defeated on their respective trainer’s teams. Once defeated they will be released into the wild, and allowed to be caught. 
Zapdos- Outside Power Plant-Defeat the Champion Lance and fix the Power Plant.-Level 60
Moltres- Victory Road-Defeat Blaine-Level 60
Articuno- Seafoam Islands-Defeat Blue-Level 60
PokemonLocation & Method of Obtaining.
-Mt. Silver.-Encountered after defeating Red.-Level 75.