Pokemon Crystal Legacy Mart Changes

This is a Pokemon Rom Hack made by TheSmithPlays with the intended purpose of fixing Pokemon Crystal into a more polished, balanced and overall engaging Crystal experience. Generation 2 is one of the most beloved sets of games in the franchise. It introduced tons of mechanics to the game that ended up becoming mainstays within the franchise even now. It also had fan favorite Pokemon, a diverse region, deep lore, nonlinearity, and an entire separate region as its postgame which allowed the player to rematch characters from Generation 1.

Mart nameNormal ItemsMedicine ItemsPokeballsT.M.sOther Items
Cherrygrove City MartPotion Antidote Parlyz HealAwakeningPokeball
Violet City MartRepelEscape RopePotion Antidote Parlyz HealAwakeningPokeballFlower Mail
Azalea City MartSuper RepelEscape RopeSuper PotionAntidoteParlyz HealAwakeningPokeballCharcoal
Goldenrod Mart Floor 2Escape RopeRepelSuper RepelPotionSuper PotionAntidoteParlyz HealAwakeningBurn HealIce HealReviveFull HealPokeballGreat BallPoke DollFlower Mail
Goldenrod Mart Floor 3X SpeedX SpecialX DefendX AttackDire HitGuard SpecX Accuracy
Goldenrod Mart Floor 4ProteinIronCarbosCalciumHp Up
Goldenrod Mart Floor 5Thunder PunchFire PunchIce PunchHeadbuttRock Smash(Must obtain their respective TMs for Headbutt & Rock Smash before they can be sold)
Ecruteak City MartPotion Super PotionFull HealAntidoteParlyz HealAwakeningBurn HealIce HealRevivePoke Ball Great Ball
Olivine City Mart Super RepelSuper PotionHyper PotionFull Heal AntidoteParlyz HealAwakeningIce HealGreat BallSurf Mail
Cianwood City MartWater StoneFire StoneLeaf StoneThunder StoneSun StoneMoon StoneBerry JuiceEtherEnergypowderEnergy RootHeal PowderRevival Herb
Mahogany City Pre Rocket MartTiny MushroomSlowpoketailPotionPokeballFrustration
Mahogany City Post Rocket MartMetal CoatUpgradeRagecandybarDigRolloutRoarSwiftNightmareDefense CurlDetect
Blackthorn City MartMax RepelHyper PotionFull HealReviveUltra BallSludge BombSteel WingThiefPsych upRain DanceSunny Day
Indigo Plateau MartMax RepelHyper PotionMax PotionFull RestoreReviveFull HealUltra Ball
Berry Shop GoldenrodBerryBitter BerryBurnt BerryIce BerryMint BerryMystery BerryPRZcure BerryPSNcure Berry
Berry Shop Goldenrod (Version 2)BerryBitter BerryBurnt BerryIce BerryMint BerryMystery BerryPRZcure BerryPSNcure BerryGold BerryMiracle Berry
Viridian City MartHyper PotionFull HealReviveAntidoteParlyz HealAwakeningBurn HealUltra BallFlower Mail
Vermillion City MartSuper PotionHyper PotionReviveParlyz HealAwakeningBurn HealLittle blue mail
Saffron City MartHyper PotionMax PotionFull HealX AttackX DefendGreat BallUltra BallFlower Mail
Cerulean City MartSuper RepelSuper PotionFull HealX DefendX AttackDire HitGreat BallUltra BallSurf Mail
Lavender City MartMax RepelPotionSuper PotionAntidoteParlyz HealAwakeningBurn Heal
Fuschia City MartMax RepelSuper PotionHyper PotionFull HealGreat BallUltra BallFlower Mail
Celadon City Mart Floor 2Super RepelMax RepeEscape RopelPotionSuper PotionHyper PotionMax PotionReviveFull HealAntidoteBurn HealIce HealAwakeningParlyz HealPokeballGreat BallUltra Ball
Celadon City Mart Floor 3Hidden PowerSunny DayProtectRain DanceSandstorm
Celadon City Mart Floor 4PokedollLovely MailSurf Mail
Celadon City Mart Floor 5Hp Up ProteinIronCarbosCalciumX AccuracyGuard SpecDire HitX AttackX DefendX SpeedX Special
Pewter City MartSuper RepelSuper PotionAntidoteParlyz HealAwakeningBurn HealGreat Ball
Viridian MartHyper PotionFull HealReviveAntidoteParlyz HealAwakeningBurn HealUltra BallFlower Mail