Pokemon Supreme Fire Mewtwo’s Revenge Walkthrough

-Things to keep note-


  1. This is my take on the game.
  2. First remember that the EV train is only through Vitamins. 1 vitamin gives 64EV
  3. From gym 1 to 3 the only Vitamins you can get are from hidden grass/rocks. Which I make a lot of it obvious for you to find. After that, you can buy vitamins in Celadon City PokeMart.
  4. Your Offensive Pokemon WILL NOT SURVIVE in a 252 spread EVs. It is not the same as the original Pokemon. They need a few defense EV spread.
  5. IVs are perfect
  6. I want the game to be enjoyed as the original Pokemon but in a different concept. So I want you to enjoy battling trainers for exp and not just for the sake of finishing the game. All the trainers are strategically leveled so that your Pokemon won’t be over-leveled or under-leveled. The battles won’t be as hard unless you are battling a ‘Prodigy’, ‘Team Leader’, ‘Generation Trainer’, or ‘Gym Leader’. So don’t farm your EXP in the grass. And just battle the trainers given.
  7. Armoured Mewtwo is holding Powered Rock – the most broken player-available item in the game that any Pokemon can hold.
  8. Normal trainers won’t engage you in battle. Only Team Rocket, Magma and Aqua will
  9. Other NPC are there for you to battle and get useful items for the most part.
  10. Generation trainers are just there for fun.
  11. EXP trainers are in each main city PokeCenter
  12. The major battles are tested with Mewtwo and another OP Pokemon (that will be given to you as well) in the team. You get my respect if you could win without them. I had a hard time WITH them on the team.
  13. Celadon will have Nature Changer for Coins. Only accessible after you get the fourth gym badge.
  14. HMs are not permanent
  15. TMs are unlimited use
  16. It will take me forever and a very tedious job for me to show all the Pokemon BST changes. Just know that they are buffed accordingly.
  17. Holy type Pokemon are:
    • Last Evolution of each starter Pokemon
    • Emolga (Lt. Surge only) (Flying/Holy)
    • Passimian (Fighting/holy)
    • Charizard Gigantamax
    • Deoxys (Psychic/holy) – Could Only be hit by DARK moves. (Dark Force, Knock Off, Feint Steal, Feint Attack, Sucker Punch)
  18. So check your Weakness/Resist Table
  19. Basically HOLY Type are immune to Ghost attacks and takes 20% less damage from all other types
  20. Gym Leader’s battles will always be a double-battle
  21. Last but not least AI will have 510EVs starting on the 2nd gym

-Leading up to the first gym-

  1. Level Cap 20
  2. Catch and bring 6 Pokemon with you at all times
  3. The second rival battle will be at route 22 with a starter Pokemon and a Legendary depending on what starter you’ve picked
  4. Beat the bug trainers in Viridian Forest
  5. You should get a bunch of berries, another variant of Turtwig and Silver powder
  6. You can Rebattle the Generation trainers
  7. After Beating the Bug Leader go to route 2 and go to the other side and meet one of the Brother
  8. In Pewter City you can battle Oak and more generation trainers
  9. If you want to grind EXP trainer will be in PokeCenter
  10. To beat Brock:
    • Watch out for Torment. Having 2 same-type moves that you know will hit supereffective is key here.Technically that’s all the tip you need for this gym.

-Leading up to the second gym-

  1. Level Cap 31
  2. You can still use EXP trainer in Pewter City.
  3. By defeating all the NPC trainers along the way. You will have no issue with EXP.
  4. Make sure Mewtwo is holding Lucky Egg or Exp plus+ at all times because a battle that relies on him will happen soon. You don’t have to but it would make your life easier.
  5. There will be a boss battle and she will give you a silk scarf if you win against her. She is the first girl you see when entering Route 3.
  6. When Entering Mt.Moon you will get ItemFinder. Use this to your advantage and try to find as many Vitamins as you can here.
  7. After leaving Mt.Moon there will be a Mega Punch Teacher and Mega Kick Teacher.
  8. I suggest save-stating and talking to everyone on the Route here
  9. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you train all your favorite Pokemon to their Cap level in the PokeCenter.
  10. After obtaining the Gym Badge you won’t be able to use the EXP TRAINER anymore.
  11. To beat Misty:
    • Having a tanky-utility Pokemon helps a lot here.Leech seed works so well on her teamUse the Vitamins properlyOne of her Pokemon is introducing you to a move called ‘Stat Sap’ – Which has a 33% chance to reduce your offensive stat(s) – Attack, Special Attack, and SpeedRemember they are EV-trained 510EV spread.It took me forever to get through this gym. So if you really have a problem with this gym and are on the verge of giving up. I suggest talking to the NPC helper in Misty’s gym for more vitamins to help you out.

-Leading up to the third gym-

  1. Level Cap 45
  2. Go get your SS Anne Ticket.
  3. Suggest to speak to all the NPCs except the place where there is already a warning that you can’t win.
  4. You will meet generation trainers again. You can choose to battle or not.
  5. I highly suggest you battle them for fun and EXP. Again at this point if you want to beat this challenging romhack without having fun and just want to rush through. You won’t enjoy the game from this point onwards.
  6. once you’ve reached SS.Anne. You can skip all the trainers here and just train your Pokemon through EXP TRAINER in PokeCenter
  7. Get your Cut.
  8. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you train all your favorite Pokemon to their Cap level in the PokeCenter.
  9. To beat Lt. Surge :
    • First introduction of an OP AI-held item; Strong Bond – 70% chance to not faint from a direct hit. (even multiple attack moves)First introduction of a move Earth Split; Ground move with knock off effectTo counter Strong Bond realistically (All of the tips that I have experienced myself) – Have a Pokemon that has sand stream ability with Earthquake (Hipopotas can be found in MT. Moon 2nd floor) and the other Pokemon have fake out or Light Screen to deal with his 2 Pokemon.Pokemon with Snarl and fast speed is great to have to deal with the first 2 Pokemon.Pokemon with Gastro acid help with the first 2 Pokemon to reduce their damage because of their Plus and Minus abilities.Leech Seed still works well here. Just make sure you use your Zinc wisely.To deal with Emolga. If you read my prior notes it is Holy/Flying type and it hits like a truck. Having 1 or 2 Pokemon that have ‘Intimidate’, ‘baby-doll eyes’, burn (luck), or reflect would help a lot.If you are using Mewtwo. You will have access to Light Screen/Reflect (both are priority), Heal Pulse, and Move of your choice (me personally Pain Split or Snarl)If you caught Inkay (which can be found in Viridian Forest with super rod) evolve it to Malamar. It’s tanky and can Foul Play the Emolga. Also, one of my go-to if I don’t want to use Mewtwo.Umbreon with foul play and baby doll eyes works well too (you can go defensive way or offensive way)Emolga has Huge Power abilityEmolga is also wearing Powered Rock. So a Pokemon with a knockoff effect will be great. or just confuse him. So many ways.Arbok with Intimidate and Gastro Acid helps a lot.The other 3 Pokemon are not that great but still contribute a lot. So once you figure out how you are going to deal with Strong Bond and Emolga. All you need is perfect execution.When I say some luck it is not on how the Strong Bond works. But on what unpredictable moves is the AI going to use?

-Leading up to the Fourth gym-

  1. Level Cap 55
  2. Go to Route 11 and battle Maxie. Does not matter if you choose to side with him or not.
  3. Battle all the trainers here and find Donatella in the far house. And battle her.
  4. She will let you pass Route 9
  5. Enjoy all the starter Pokemon giveaways except Gen 1 which you can find on the grass on this route.
  6. There will be a lot of Vitamins in routes 9 and 10 so be sure to find them
  7. Power Plant will be a side quest for you to enjoy. Well, I hope.
  8. After Lavender Town at Route 8, FIND THE PRODIGY TRAINER HERE AND BEAT HIM. Very important.
  9. After you’ve beaten the Prodigy trainer in Route 8. Go back to Route 11 house and find the guy named Hews and battle him.
  10. After that battle you will be able to pass the underground pass from Route 8 to Route 7
  11. Voila Celadon City. This is where you buy All your Vitamins. and more unlockables.
  12. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you train all your favorite Pokemon to their Cap level in the PokeCenter.
  13. After obtaining the Gym Badge you won’t be able to use the EXP TRAINER anymore.
  14. How to beat Erika :
    • First introduction of an OP AI-held item; Lifesteal – absorbs 100% damage dealt to hpFirst introduction, through AI, of the move Scorch Sand; Hit both foes, 30% chance to burnFlying or levitating Pokemon to counter this moveAExeggutor will be holding Powered RockThere are so many ways to beat this gym but all have around a 55% win rate. Luck on how smart/dumb the AI uses their available moves plays a roleSawsbuck-S has Protean ability.A-Exeggutor has parental bond ability.Breloom is holding Quick Claw; which procs 50% of the time, for both player and AIUnlike other gym battles this one will have the most offensive moves Team.So 1st figure out a Pokemon that can 1 hit KO the Sawsbuck-S. Keep in mind that Sawsbuck doesn’t actually hit hard. If you have a tanky Pokemon or an offensive Pokemon with Powered Rock held, it will settle part of the starting battle.Second have a Pokemon that has the ‘Knock Off’ ability to get rid of Alolan Exeggutor’s PoweredRockOne Pokemon to look out for is Mega Tropius. with ‘Serene Grace’ ability and the one that has the move, Scorch SandMega Tropius is Rock and Grass and a very tanky boy.Either you settle the other Pokemon first and risk getting whatever you get from Tropius or defeat Tropius first.The battle is really a 55% chance to win and needs a good execution to do it every time. But at least this time it was not as hard as Misty’s (at least for me)

-Leading up to the Fifth gym-

  1. Level Cap 67
  2. At this point your Pokemon should be fully EV trained. Money is not a problem in this romhack.
  3. After getting the badge, It is now time to beat Giovanni under the Casino
  4. You can now have access to Nature Changer on the right building of the Casino
  5. Get the Silph Scope and go back to Lavender Town.
  6. The Magma guy will still not let you pass and ask you to go to Rock Tunnel
  7. Prior to reaching Rock Tunnel you will encounter a trainer that you should not be able to beat
  8. Bring as many Repels and Escape Ropes as you can because there will not be Nurse Joy here
  9. After settling on what you have to do in Rock Tunnel go back to Pokemon Tower
  10. You will be given an item and access to the tower.
  11. For Fun or for people who want to get another starter this place will have one that you can choose again between, Aron, Timburr, or Flabebe
  12. After finishing what you have to do in Pokemon Tower, you will get a Mega Ring that is just for Water Pokemon. (Click ‘Start’ before a move is used to Mega Evolve) – REMEMBER THAT ONLY WATER POKEMON NEED TOUCH MEGA OTHER TYPES WILL HAVE PERMANENT EVOLUTION
  13. Time to go back to Celadon City and go west to the Cycling Road.
  14. You will be blocked by 2 bald men
  15. From here either you read this guide OR figure out what they are trying to say.
  16. Once you beat both of them. Go back to the Cycling Road.
  17. If you beat the trainers here they will give you a lot of Good Held items.
  18. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you train all your favorite Pokemon to their Cap level in the PokeCenter.
  19. After obtaining the Gym Badge you won’t be able to use the EXP TRAINER anymore.
  20. How to beat Koga :
    • First Introduction of an OP-AI held item; BrightStone – 80% EvasionFirst Introduction of Gym Leader using Legendary Pokemon; Darkrai in its Berserk Mega StateSo, understand that M.Darkrai is not there to sweep your team. It wants to be annoying and it will. If you’re not using Mewtwo it has no weakness and this will be a problem if you let him live.If you’re not using Mewtwo. Just make sure you have two Pokemon (physical and special sweep) that do big damage and hit Koga’s other Pokemon and let Darkrai do his thing until he is alone (This doesn’t usually work)You can still faint Darkrai first if you want.Key things to have to beat Koga. Knock-off effect moves, Wide Lens, Unavoidable Moves such as Aerial Ace at least one good support Pokemon, heal bell/aromatherapy, or haze/clear smog is great to have.It’s not as hard mechanic-wise to beat him. It’s just the annoying Darkrai that will be a hindrance to your team.

-Leading up to the Sixth gym- 

  1. Level Cap 74
  2. If you go to route 19. The guy blocking the road will ask you to go check Route 15 and Route 14 first.
  3. Then there will be a woman there blocking you from entering route 15
  4. You will need to go get the 6th badge first
  5. So Off you Go to Saffron City
  6. This one is like the original Game. So go beat Giovanni.
  7. If you’re not going to battle Team Rockets then train your Pokemon with the EXP Trainer
  8. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you train all your favorite Pokemon to their Cap level in the PokeCenter.
  9. After obtaining the Gym Badge you won’t be able to use the EXP TRAINER anymore.
  10. How to beat Sabrina : 
    • First Introduction to the Move Cyclone, if you have not got it yourself; basically a better defog because it also raises user evasivenessFirst introduction to Mew X and YFirst Introduction to Barricade; Mist + Reflect + Light ScreenMew Y is there to annoy you and hard to dieMew X is there to do average damage but hard to die.Both are using lum berry so be careful with your utility movesI suggest having leech seeds (but remember they have cyclone move. Ai doesn’t use this move much so most of the time it is safe to use leech seeds)Having Pokemon that can break Shields for the first two Pokemon is important. – Such as Brick Break, Shatter, or Iron Head. (Iron Head from Mewtwo is very useful because Mew x and y are Fairy type)If you don’t know it already, the knockoff effect move is so important in this game. That’s why I got a lot of moves to help you out with this. Such as Knock Off, Dragon Claw, ViciousDrill, Rock Slide, Drill Run, and Earth Split.Another Move to Look Out for is Give…Me!; Flinch the foe, and drop the foe’s evasiveness by 2 while raising itself by 2.If you have a Pokemon that can do Haze or Mist. This will make your life easier.Feint Steal and Dark Force is an OP move that you can take advantage of in this gym.Most of their Pokemon use special attacks, Having a Light Screen or having a Pokemon that has the move Snarl would be great. And Mewtwo can do both.

7th Gym: 






If you pick Flabebe: 

If you pick Timburr: 

If you pick Aron: