Pokemon Emerald Z FAQ and Hints (Z-nogyroP)

Pokemon Emerald Z is a hack of Pokémon Emerald that contains, among other things, over 100 Fakemon with thoughtful designs and high-quality sprites, a carefully-curated Pokédex, shuffled Gym Leaders, buffs to weak Pokémon, some new maps, and a lot of love. Pokemon Emerald Z FAQ and Hints will give you all information about FAQ, Hints of this game.

Pokemon Emerald Z FAQ and Hints

Can you add x Pokémon?

No. no intention to add to it at the moment.

Can you add Mega Evolution?

No. The hack is called Emerald Z because the author is Z-nogyroP, not because of Z-Moves, or Zygarde.

Can I use your Fakemon in my project?


Where can I get Hisuian Sneasel?

You can’t. You also can’t get Pichu, Cleffa, Azurill, Igglybuff, Galarian Darumaka, Galarian Darmanitan, Sneasler, or Dusk Lycanroc.

Where can I find the other starters?

How thoroughly have you explored Prof. Birch’s lab?
Input the code ANOTHER POKÉDEX into the Altering Cave statue.

Where can I find Drumble?

If you fast-forwarded through Wally’s catch tutorial, you might’ve missed it.
Drumble is a very rare Headbutt encounter in almost all areas.

Where can I find Pokémon #364?

New Mauville has the same encounter tables for the cave-esque entrance and the interior, but somehow you can only find it in the interior.
Stepping on switches in New Mauville has a chance to trigger an encounter. In addition to #364, you can find Rotom and, very rarely, Meltan.

Where can I find Pokémon #379?

Feebas isn’t in the game, but it’d be a shame to put that weird encounter method to waste.
It can be fished up on Route 119 in six specific spots. Unlike original Feebas, though, it has a 100% encounter rate in those spots, to make it easier.

Where can I find Pokémon #483?

Y’know, Bagon shows up on all floors of Meteor Falls now. So, uh, what’s the point of going deeper, exactly?
Find it as a static encounter in the room where Bagon could originally be found.

How can I get the Alolan forms of Raichu, Marowak, or Exeggutor, the Galarian form of Weezing, or the Hisuian forms of Braviary or Avalugg?

All of those are branched evolutions from the original base forms. The item necessary is held by Pokémon you receive, but only one of them is free.
All of these evolve with the Strange Souvenir, which is held by in-game trades except the one in Rustboro and the gift Type: Null, and for sale in Ever Grande City.

How do you get the Fossils?

Normal RSE methods will grant you the special ones. The others come from the HGSS method.
Mirage Tower and the Desert Underpass give you the Old Amber and Ancient Egg. All the others can be found through Rock Smash drops.

Where do you get the X-Scissor TM?

Someone in Rustboro gave you something similar. Might be worth checking again?
The Cutter’s daughter in Rustboro will give you the TM after you get five badges.

How do you solve Trick Forest?

Trick Forest can be fully cleared the moment you have access to it. You’ll need Cut and one other easily-accessible out-of-battle move. Run around and experiment.

The white flowers teleport you, the purple flowers don’t. That’s pretty inconvenient. And some of those trees, what’s their deal?

Using Headbutt on a golden tree will cause certain white and purple flowers to swap colours, which is necessary to progress and get certain items and find Trick Master.

What’s the deal with those Cut trees? They’re not actually blocking anything, are they? …Are they?

The scroll Trick Master wants is blocked by five statues, each corresponding to a Cut tree in the forest. When the tree is cut, the statue disappears.

Leaving and re-entering a map causes cut-down trees to grow back. What about teleporting within the same map? Does that count as leaving?

Using a flower to teleport resets the trees, so there’s a specific one that must be cut down first. Another is hidden in a grove of thinner trees.

What’s the deal with Altering Cave?

Altering Cave isn’t very useful at first, unless you know someone else who’s gotten further than you. Its utility is in replays and TM crafting.
Altering Cave lets you find encounters from later-game areas early by inputting codes found on scrolls or in other places in those areas.

How do you unlock the Desert Ruins?


The Braille isn’t capitalized correctly. It’s more properly written as, “Eschew all Normality to access our secrets.”

Interact with the door with a full party and no Normal-type Pokémon or moves.

How do you unlock the Island Cave?


There are a lot of immunities in Pokémon. What traits can grant immunity to powder moves or the burn status? Which of those traits themselves have immunities?

Your first Pokémon must be immune to Grass, i.e. with Sap Sipper or Green Thumb. Your sixth must be immune to Fire, with Flash Fire or Well-Baked Body.

How do you unlock the Ancient Tomb?


“Begin” refers to the first Pokémon in your party. What makes a Pokémon brave?

Lead with a Brave-natured Pokémon. It must be naturally Brave – a Brave Mint won’t suffice.

Where do you get the Memories for Silvally?

The man who gave you Type: Null mentioned where it came from. I’m sure she’d like to see it all grown up.
If you talk to Dr. Sponsibel in the Weather Institute with Silvally in your party and enough bag space for all 17 Memories, she’ll give them to you.


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