Pokemon Emerald Z Major Battles (Z-nogyroP)

Pokemon Emerald Z is a hack of Pokémon Emerald that contains, among other things, over 100 Fakemon with thoughtful designs and high-quality sprites, a carefully-curated Pokédex, shuffled Gym Leaders, buffs to weak Pokémon, some new maps, and a lot of love. Pokemon Emerald Z Major Battles (Z-nogyroP) will give you all information about Major Pokemon Battles in this game.

The features of this hack include, but are not limited to:

  • A Pokédex of 500 Pokémon, chosen from generations 1-9, with a large variety of my own Fakemon added in. These Fakemon have full, detailed learnsets, quality sprites, interesting concepts that lend themselves to unique gameplay, icon sprites, and custom cries.
  • Many buffs to weak Pokémon, as well as customized learnsets. These include Fur Coat Furret, Anticipation Golisopod, Electric Surge Electrode, Psychic / Ghost Chimecho, Noxious Torque Revavroom, and a non-terrible way to access Zen Mode Darmanitan.
  • Your usual modern battle mechanics, which is to say the physical / special split, Fairy-type, the stuff you don’t need to be told about and which I can’t honestly tout as a feature.
  • There are no Mega Evolutions or other gimmicks.
  • 12-character Pokémon names and 16-character Ability and move names, because we’ve put up with Fletchindr and StmpngTantrm for too long.
  • New moves and Abilities.
  • 99 TMs. TMs, for balance reasons, are single-use, but remain accessible.
  • More interesting and useful replacements to the Battle Tents. In Slateport is a TM fan club, where new copies of TMs you’ve discovered can be made. In Verdanturf is an old, abandoned manor where Ghost-type Pokémon lurk. In Fallarbor is a Hyper Training station where you can maximize your Pokémon’s IVs.
  • Trick House now leads to the Trick Forest.
  • All Gym Leaders and Elite Four members have been shuffled around, so your team will be tested in different ways. Gym puzzles are not overhauled, but have at least token modifications to make them more fitting.
  • There is a Shiny Charm immediately accessible in your room, which can also be removed at any time. This is specifically because, as a Fakemon hack, I want people to be able to find shinies of the new Pokémon.
  • Something happened in Altering Cave.
  • Difficulty was not a primary focus of this hack, so there are no level caps or competitive movesets. I would still say the game is more difficult than the main series games; the AI is generally smarter, there are still some mean moves, and of course there’s no holds barred on the secret postgame boss. Trainer Pokémon generally don’t have EVs until the endgame; before then, Gym Leader Pokémon will have some HP EVs to make them more durable, but that’s it.
  • Almost no Pokémon are fully locked to lategame. If you know how to find them, you can get almost every Pokémon in the hack before gym 3.
  • The ruins that once held the Regis are now accessible from the start, and have all-new puzzles.
  • Winning big at the Game Corner is much easier.
  • The game is currently complete through to the Champion fight. Postgame is inaccessible. Battle Frontier will maybe someday be a thing, says literally every Emerald hack ever made.
  • Cramorant is here.

Full Details of Major Pokemon Battles

Level curve sans spoilers
Brendan / May #1Lv. 5
Leader 1Lv. 14
Brendan / May #2Lv. 15
Leader 2Lv. 19
Archie #1Lv. 21
Brendan / May #3Lv. 23
Wally #1Lv. 24
Leader 3Lv. 26
Maxie #1Lv. 32
Leader 4Lv. 34
Leader 5Lv. 37
Brendan / May #4Lv. 42
Leader 6Lv. 44
Brendan / May #5Lv. 47
Maxie #2Lv. 48
Leader 7Lv. 51
Archie #2Lv. 54
Leader 8Lv. 59
Wally #2Lv. 60
E4-ChampionLv. 63-68


Here is the end of Pokemon Emerald Z Major Battles. If you want to find more documentation of this game, you can read Wild Pokemon Locations, Item Locations and Pokedex.