Pokemon Kanto Ultimate Trainer Locations & Spoilers

Pokemon Kanto Ultimate is GBA ROM Hack and based on Pokemon Fire Red by KantoUltimate. A challenging and revised Kanto, with a now rounded off story, harder difficulty, all legendaries obtainable, every hero, gym leader, and popular character from the first three generations all making an appearance. Pokemon Kanto Ultimate Trainer Locations & Spoilers will give you some information about trainers in this game. It also spoils something.

Special Trainer Locations

Kanto Trainers

  • Gym Leaders & Elite Four – Rematches Trainer House
  • Oak – Faraway Island & Trainer House
  • Mr Fuji – Mirage Island
  • Ritchie – Route 30
  • Bill – Southern Island
  • Giovanni – Tohjo Falls & Trainer House

Johto Trainers

  • Falkner – Route & Trainer House
  • Bugsy – Pattern Bush
  • Whitney – Route & Trainer House
  • Morty – Berry Forest
  • Chuck – Ember Spa
  • Jasmine – Treasure Beach
  • Pryce – Seafoam Island & Trainer House
  • Clair – Outside Mt Silver & Trainer House
  • Will – Route 46
  • Karen – Navel Rock & Trainer House
  • Eusine – Cerulean Cape

Hoenn Trainers

  • Roxanne – Mt Moon & Trainer House
  • Brawly – Rock Tunnel & Trainer House
  • Wattson – Power Plant & Trainer House
  • Flannery – Mt Ember & Trainer House
  • Norman – Victory Road & Trainer House
  • Winona – Cape Brink
  • Tate & Liza – Route 26
  • Wallace – Water Path
  • Juan – Mirage Island
  • Sidney – 
  • Phoebe – Outside Hidden Cave
  • Glacia – Icefall Cave & Trainer House
  • Drake – Sevault Canyon
  • Steven – Birth Island & Trainer House
  • Archie – Hidden Cave
  • Maxie – Mt Ember
  • Wally – Dark Cave

Orange Crew 

  • Cissy – Kindle Road
  • Danny – Ruin Valley
  • Rudy – Green Path
  • Luana – Resort Gorgeous
  • Drake – Memorial Pillar

Battle Frontier

  • Noland – Route & Trainer House
  • Arena – Route & Trainer House
  • Tucker – Route & Trainer House
  • Lucy – Route & Trainer House
  • Spenser – Route & Trainer House
  • Brandon – Route & Trainer House
  • Anabel – Route & Trainer House


  • Cynthia – Tanoby Ruins
  • Wes – Altering Cave
  • Lyra – Route 30
  • Gold – New Bark Town
  • Crystal/Silver/Ruby/Sapphire/Ash – Mt Silver
  • Gary – Route 31
  • Tobias – Outside Pokemon Research Lab
  • Leaf – Route 48
  • Tracey – Cherrygrove City
  • Nurse Joy – SS Anne & Island
  • Naomi – Marine Pokemon Lab
  • Blue – Throughout & Trainer House
  • Yellow – Throughout & Trainer House


  • Hidden Cave is on Five Island directly south of Rocket Warehouse,

you should see a sign and an NPC will warn you about the route leading to it.

  • Mirage Island entrance is on Two Island, you must possess the scanner for the sailor to leave the Island entrance.
  • Southern Island entrance is the cave entrance at the end of the beach on Four Island. The way is blocked, until you possess The Eon Ticket.
  • Kumquat Hotel is West of Resort Gorgeous. 
  • Camomile Island is South of Route 19.
  • Marine Lab is South of New Bark Town.
  • Trainer House, Mt Silver, Tohjo Falls, & up to Route 31/46 are only accessible once you complete the Sevvi arc. 
  • Trainer House Back rooms aren’t accessible until certain parts are completed, such as Rayquaza being battled, Jirachi being battled, Mew being battled, and Deoxys being battled.
  • To access the second Mew by the truck near the SS Anne you will have to; be traded a mon who already knows Cut; or to mitigate that, capture a Meowth (who learns cut at lv 24).
  • A small connecting route that links Route 2 with Route 16 has been added gifting earlier access to Celadon.
  • A small Rock Trail has been added alongside Route 10 to add more connectivity to the region.
  • A Cave accessible by waterfall has been added behind Cerulean Cape that serves as a legendary Spot, its exit leads onto Rock Trail and is blocked.


  • Enable Mystery Gift by going to a Pokemart and putting the following words in sequence ‘Link Together With All’, then talk to the green guard at the top floor of any Pokemon Centre to receive the Mystic Ticket, Old Sea map, & Boxcalibur Egg. 
  • The Aurora Ticket to reach Birth Island is given by an Old Man standing next to Memorial Pillar.
  • The Eon Ticket to allow acess to Southern Island is given by Daisy Oak in Mr Pokemon’s house upon defeating him.
  • All event tickets won’t work at Vermillion Harbor until the Sevvi Arc is complete as is the same as the original game.
  • Scanner is given to the player by Professor Oak at Kanto Radio in Lavendar Town.
  • A LV 5 Riola is given by an old lady in the Viridian School.
  • A Gible egg can be received as a gift off a gentleman in Pewter Museum.
  • Legendary Spot R4 – is accessible above the waterfall next to the Pokemon Center at Mt Moon’s entrance.
  • Legendary Spot R31 – is accessible by surfing south of the Tojo Falls entrance (Johto Side). 
  • Legendary Spot RG – is accessible above the waterfall and entering the cave next to Cerulean Cape.
  • Legendary Spot R2 – is accessible above the waterfall near Bond Bridge.


Here is the end of Pokemon Kanto Ultimate Trainer Locations & Spoilers. You can read Pokemon Kanto Ultimate Pokemon Locations if you need some information about it.