Pokemon Odyssey Base stats & learnset & more

Pokemon Odyssey is a GBA Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Fire Red. It has a new story, a new region, good graphics, and more features. It’s an Official English version of Pokemon Odyssey. Pokemon Odyssey Base stats & learnset & more will list all information about Pokemon Base Stats, Learnsets in Pokemon Odyssey Beta 2.6.

On the island of Talrega lies the entrance of the Yggdrasil labyrinth, a gigantic maze full of treasures that has attracted the attention of adventurers all around the world. What are you looking for? Money? Fame? Or do you just want to test your trainer skills by tackling the maze? Is there something deep down? In this game you’ll play as Nyx, a young adventurer that wants to challenge the labyrinth. But as soon as she starts descending, something goes wrong…

New story and region;
Double battles only, unless you only have one Pokémon;
No Gym leaders/evil team/elite4, it’s time to explore!
Every Pokémon has been rebalanced;
New regional forms: the Etrian Variants!;
Available mons: gen 1 to 3, gen 4 evolutions and extras like Farigiraf;
Multiple difficulties and soft level caps;
EV-IV screen, nature colors etc etc;
No healing items during battle
Etrian Odyssey features such as Mining and Gathering points, Naval Exploration, Shop Upgrade and FOEs;
Sidequests and a sidequest menu;
Wonder Trade;
Every Pokémon in the game has 31 IVS so that you don’t have to farm or breed in order to get a decent one;
You get no EVS from beating a Pokémon, instead you’ll have to use Power Items or Vitamins (for a lowered price);
You can change the nature and the ability of your Pokémon using in-game functions;
Exp. Share Gen VI style as a game mechanic;
New soundtrack.

Full Documenation of Beta 2.6 below


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