Pokemon Bloody Platinum Redux Important and General Informations

Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Bloody Platinum Redux by Zekroblue!

It’s a Remade version of Pokemon Bloody Platinum, an NDS Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Platinum. It’s fixed a lot bugs, making it become to a real Nuzlocke Hack ROM and more… It’s Completed and Playable in English. And now, Let’s play!

General Notes

This project of mine came to life because Pokémon Platinum is one of my favorites games and also because I was Hardcore Nuzlocking The Original Pokémon Bloody Platinum(Go to the nuzlocke information section if you don’t know what it is).

Pokémon Bloody Platinum is a really old Rom Hack who has today 14 years old.
The last update happened on October 24, 2019.The original Creator of this game
is Buffy.

This game got a lot of Cools features for the time:

-493 Pokemon (491 can be caught)
-Pokemon can evolve without trading
-Day and Night cycle
-Different Pokemon can spawn from day to night
-Time spawns are 4AM to 9:59AM/10AM to 7:59PM/8PM to 3:59AM
-Male and Female Pokemon have different colors and sprites
-Trainers have new Pokemon team
-A Route Leader Trainer is in every Route
-Wild Pokemon may have Held Items
-Slightly harder difficulty

But with the time we can note that this game is REALLY EASY for experienced nuzlockers(This game is originally made for nuzlocke this were the “bloody” from the name of the game come from).

I’ve find sad the facts that this Rom hack didn’t age as well as Pokémon Glazed or a lot of others Rom Hack.
SO,I decide to “remake” this game to give him a Second Chance.

I got several problems with the Pokémon movesets who get annoying bugs.
But I’ve fixed all of them


Feature List

At a glance, here is a list of some features and additions you can expect from Redux:

  • The ability to catch all 491 Pokémon even if some are not obtainable because of their abillity'(All Drizzles,Sand Streams,Hails and Droughts Pokémons are removed from the game!)
  • Documentation of all Pokémon changes, Item locations,Pokémon Locations, ALL THE TRAINERS but only when you get your third badge(all the harder trainers are going to be documented before the third badge)

-All the rocks,threes..and everything that need a HM are remove except for Eterna City(and also for HM08 Rock Climb)

-Story similar to the Original Platinum but with a 2nd Rival and a revamped story.Our Rival from Twinleaf Town get two Important characters as a Mom and Sisters,and a lot of new characters(Thorton->Zekro,Palmer->New Blond Cyrus,Volkner->Same but with Barry’s sprite,Buck->Cedric(our Rival/Barry),Original Cyrus->Sanzo, Darach->Sweat,Aaron->Sora.).New characters devellopement for our two Rivals.

-The FIRST TIME Pokémon League is not the ending of the game,there is the Stark Mountain event to do after the League and after Stark Mountain You got the WORLD CHAMPION POKEMON LEAGUE with the World Champion and his WORLD CHAMPION ELITE 4.Also Cynthia is not alone when you battle her…

-A lot of Pokémons got buffed(I’ve take the buffs from VINTAGE WHITE,RENAGADE PLATINUM,a little bit of Blaze Black/Volt White 2 Redux, Pokémon Sweltering Sun and myself.)

  • Furthermore, Pokémon have had their 2nd abillity as the first one.

-All the Pokémon got revamped movesets,type,and abillity.
For example,Pidgeot is now Electric/Flying,Slaking got Scrappy,and Smeargle has OMEGA BUFFED STATS IN SPEED,HP and it’s two defenses stats(you can’t get Smeargle in the game)

-The need for trade evolution has been removed.Also some of the moves needed evolutions were removed but some Pokémons got moves needed evolution
For example Riolu now evolved when he has learned Aura Sphere at Lv33.

  • Item distribution has been completely overhauled.You can get muscle band before the first gym.Broken items like Leftovers are obtainable very late in the game,and for the Choice items,they’re located in Vicotry Road,You’ll have to fight a REALLY BUSTED BOSS to get the Choice items.

-Some in-battle dialogues are modified.For example when a Pokémon missed an attack the text will be “….is blind as f*ck!”,When A Pokémon evade an attack the text will be “…got Ultra Instinct!”.

-POKémons encounters all have been revamped from the original Bloddy Platinum.

-At the Pokémon League you get the possibility to get a free Phione or Manaphy,you can get it by fishing and surfing.

  • A lot of moves got buffed/debuffed

Regarding the news characters and story change

All the new characters are Important AND INCLUDE into the storyline.
All the characters who weren’t shown here are not changed or just have a new sprite.
The first member of the Elite 4 won’t be Aaron!
Cyrus is far stroger than all the gym leader in this game!
Dawn is flirting with Sora if you chose to be a boy.
The character you chose has the same age as Dawn/Lucas(15 years).


He’s the same as in the Original Platinum storyline but older(15 years old).Except for his family and his growth as a character.The Pink-haired little girl,Mira, is her little sister now.His mom is a Frontier Brain…But I let you discover yourself who it is! You also won’t fight him before the Pokémon League it would be someone else….His objectives are the same as in the Original Platinum Game but his objective change when an Event he shared with one of the other new characters ,Sora,happened…I let you see who it is….


He’s the second rival You’ll have in the game he’s 15. He’s a very determinated boy and one of the most courageous of the new characters.He always wants to help and/or protect everyone who are close to him(family,friends…..).He has major objectives:find his brother, he wants to be the greatest Explorator in the World and also Join the Slice Gang.If He join the Slice Gang he would certainly discover a LOT of places because the Slice Gang(or World Champion Team) travel the World A LOT and so,he would be the greatest Traveler in History.His Ace/Starter Pokémon is Torchic.


He’s 23.He doesn’t really have any objective.He’s a very neutral person but he can REALLY QUICKLY lose his patience.He’s the third member of Slice Gang.His Ace is Dialga from another reality….

Sanzo,The Slice Gang ELITE 4 Boss:

Sanzo is the cousin and best friend of Zekro, He’s 19 Years Old.He’s conscious about his strenght and he doesn’t hesitate to show that to his opponents.His mentality is “The mates before the B*tches”.His objective is to have a chill life.He’s a very calm person but I can tell you…You don’t want to see him angry….He got a “Super Hero” side,He jump into the danger without thinking… Sanzo is one of “The Chosen Trio” by The Pokémon God himself.He got a girlfriend name Cheryll(You’ll meet her in the game and also fight her).His ace is Sableye.His legendary ace is Giratina.(We doesn’t count Arceus here.)


He’s someone very narcissic but not in a hard way.He knows that he’s a pretty boy and is VERY VERY STRONG.He like to be called a God for his Ego,but he always care about his family and friends.He’s one of Zekro’s closest friend,they met when Zekro was 14.He has the same age as Zekro.
He got a twin brother named Buck.


He’s 19.The first of the two World Champion.He wasn’t trusting himself in his childhood.But he got the rights persons in his life and grew up as a strong Pokémon Champion at First and then became World Champion.He doesn’t like to lose to anyone.But he’s a little bit like Sanzo.He’s a very cool boy and like to meet strong people.He loves his family friends and will always be here for them!He got a Girfriend:The Arcade Star,Dahlia.He’s one of “The Chosen Trio” by The Pokémon God himself.His ace is Palkia.(We doesn’t count Arceus here.)

A little Bit About Zekro’s and Sanzo’s Past(IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE INTERRESTED!!!!!):

Zekro and Sanzo are cousin.But they’re not originary from the Universe we’re you,the player,are.After Sanzo’s parents dissapear for mysterious reasons,Zekro’s Dad and Mom adopted him.So technically he’s Zekro’s brother.But Zekro’s Dad tries to teach his three sons(Zekro has another brother from blood) to be strong and that money can gives you everything.”Strenght,Power,Money”Here’s what their Dad told them to be.Their Dad wasn’t always like that.
But the three kids wanted to be like their mother,live happy lives and maybe became Champion..
But Zekro at the time was too weak.So his Dad found a way to travel through differents dimensions.So He take Zekro when He was 10 and send him to a totally different dimension.Zekro’s Dad litterally say to himself from this dimension to take care of him and that he didn’t need him anymore.
When he came back into the World were Sanzo and his family are, he told them that Zekro got an accident…But Sanzo start to find that strange..
So when Zekro grew up, he became the Champion of the Sinnoh Region from this World and his “Dad” got arrested and say Sorry to everyone.Zekro was chose by Palkia to be the SpacialKeeper/DimensionalKeeper.So Zekro takes this opportunity and Travel with Palkia’s help to see Sanzo again.Sanzo became the Champion of the Johto Region.Sanzo explain to Zekro what happened all this years,and they see all the similarities between their two Worlds.But one details take their attention….Sanzo explain that Red,The new Kanto Champion dissapear mysteriously,exactly like it’s parents.They start to understand Why Red is missing….Sanzo also told to Zekro that he was chosen by Giratina but a stronger version of him!
One day,Their Dad finally came back and explain that his Team won’t die and that he found new allies from differents Worlds(Archie,Maxie,Cyrus,Lysandre….).Zekro and Sanzo start to understand what their Dad did….He killed the one who were going to stop the news allies of his Dad….

So Sanzo and Zekro take on their Dad together! Sanzo was stronger than Zekro at the time….But He was too strong… Even with Palkia’s powers and Giratina’s Powers,They didn’t stand a chance against him….But that’s because their Dad summon Arceus in another dimension and take his DNA.He combine Arceus DNA with the maliciousness of Dakrai,the Violence of Mewtwo and the Death force of Yveltal.He creates a Corrupted version of Arceus,He didn’t manage to control this thing at first..But the new DARK CREATOR GOD find out that the one who creates him is worthy of using his powers.

Sanzo and Zekro were speechless when they’ve heard that.Their Dad only needed only THIS ONE POKEMON to take on the two Champion…So before their Dad tries something else…with Palkia’s powers,they’ve got no other choices…They were forced to flee to get stronger or find a way to stop their Dad….
So they travel into the World were Zekro were when he was a kid.But when they arrives, a Bright Light came right to them….and something or someone start talking:”You two,I chose you two to get my powers to stop this Multiversal Danger….”.After that they received two distincts version of…ARCEUS!
So they’ve trained a little bit and became the Champion of Sinnoh for Zekro and Johto for Sanzo.And they also are in the top 10 strongest Champions in the World.

So decide that it’s time that the two of them face their Dad again!They were thinking that they can handle him now!Giovanni decide to show them some respect by using his others Pokémons and they did well…But…Giovanni told them that he only show them 20% of his actual Power.After that,the scenario of their precedent defeat repeat once again:They flee.

Sanzo say to Zekro that they can’t win alone.Zekro became World Champion(Sanzo didn’t participate)But Zekro became Stronger than Sanzo.They’ve battle to see if it’s true and they’re really close in term of power.After that they create the Slice Gang who are a Team of the four strongest Elite 4 member in the entire world(They’re stronger than the Champions)who are made of Fenrir(the first one World Champion Elite 4),Sweat (the second World Champion Elite 4),the third one is a secret for maybe another game,Sanzo the strongest member of this Elite 4 and almost as strong as the World Champion Zekro.They also met Sora who is a friend of them.

But Sanzo see that Zekro is not ready yet to accept help(even Sanzo a little bit).Sanzo knows that they need to fought the strongest and also find a new Slice Gang member because the third one….dies mysteriously….But when they went to see him in cemetery they discover that the body of their friend is not there anymore and they didn’t understand why.

And that’s were the story of the game starts.

Regarding difficulty

Pokémon Bloody Platinum was really difficult at his time.With customs trainers,completly revamped important trainers….
However,This game can be SUPER SUPER EASY if you’re experimented nuzlockers.
Here are all informations to note about the diffulty of the game:

-All trainers in the game are customs with importants battles harder than the normals trainers battle.This is a Vintage White and Radical
Red type of games (Boss battles in certains routes)

  • Important trainers generally don’t use items like Full Restores in battle, to help prevent player abuse of their predictability.But it really depend on the specific trainer you’re facing.

-There are some cheats you could use to make the game a little bit easier(berry cheat and rare candy cheat is obligatory for nuzlockers).So go to the Action Replays Sections for more info.

-Like I’ve explained before,all the Weather abillity Pokémons are BANNED(example:Ninetales,Vaporeon,Tyranitar…..)
BUT the trainers you’ll battle would sometimes have these banned Pokémons.

Regarding maybe futures Versions of Redux

If this game got a little bit popular,I would like to got the help from
others to maybe adding the Fairy type,buffing or changing some moves…
I really wants to improve this Rom Hack as much as I can.
I will gladly accept any help.


Regarding The Rom Hack…..

This is one of my first Rom hacks so I’ll understand that it’s clearly not perfect but I’ve tried to do my absolute best to do a difficult and fun rom hack with it’s revamped storyline,revamped fights,changed types.
There are added dialogue in Elite 4 but when the dialogue tells you for example “(Zekro’s Dialogue After Stark Mountain):”,this is because all the Elite 4 members(except for Cynthia and Flint)doesn’t get rematches dialogues.So there’s added dialogue for the Elite 4 members who doesn’t get a rematch dialogue.You’ll see what I mean when doing The Pokémon League.
I not that good with scripting so if anyone can help me too with the rematch Dialogues script,I’ll gladly take any help of someone who knows how it work.

I got several problems with the Pokémon movesets who has got a lot of annoying bugs.But I manage to fixed all of them.

Also I’m french so maybe you will notice some grammar errors in my sentences and that’s because my English is not perfect yet,I’ll try to improve my english so we will not have to worry about that.

Just know that I’m a 19 years old boy who has done this game with everything he knows and everything he has learned.So I know that this game is not perfect like I’ve already said.

I hope you, the one who read this, would understand me here. If you have any misgivings or complaints about this, I’ll kindly ask you to be civil and polite about them.No insults,this will take us nowhere.

Thank you for reading this,and I’ll hope you’ll enjoy the game and share it everywhere!

Stay safe buddy!:)

Pokemon Bloody Platinum Redux Important Nuzlocke Information

Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Bloody Platinum Redux by Zekroblue!

It’s a Remade version of Pokemon Bloody Platinum, an NDS Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Platinum. It’s fixed a lot bugs, making it become to a real Nuzlocke Hack ROM and more… It’s Completed and Playable in English. And now, Let’s play!

General Philosophy

Like I’ve said in the Intro of the Game/Rom Hack,my first objective was to revive this REALLY OLD Rom Hack.
Even if this game was already made for nuzlocke,It was only for what we call “basics”nuzlockes runs(with items and switch mode) but here,the point was to create a Hardcore game close to Emerald Kaizo,Crystal Kaizo+,Vintage White and also Blaze Black\Volt White 2 Redux.And I think I succeded.
If you don’t know what an HARDCORE NUZLOCKE is there is some informations down bellow.



-Once a Pokémon faints it is considered dead and cannot be used anymore.

-You can only catch your first encounter in every area.

-You must nickname every Pokémon.

-Once you white out the run is over.


-You cannot use items in battle. Held items are allowed.

-You have to change the Battle-Style to “Set”.

-You cannot level past the next Gym Leaders strongest Pokémon.We call that LEVEL CAPS which are going to be in this Document.

WARNING:The last rules who are coming are completly optionals it depend on you if you want to do it or not!


-The HC NUZLOCKE is not over until you’ve done the Stark Mountain “post-game”who in this game is not considered as the Post-Game in this case.

-You can have maximums 2 RESTRICTED Legendaries that you can catch.
RESTRICTED LEGENDARIES: Darkrai, Deoxys(with all his forms), Dialga, Ho-Oh,Latias, Latios, Lugia,Mew, Mewtwo, Palkia, Rayquaza,Shaymin-S.

-BANNED LEGENDARIES:Zapdos,Raikou,Groudon,Kyogre,Arceus.

-All the other legendaries who weren’t mentionned up here are not restricted or banned!

Level caps:

Elite 4-Lv92
Slice Gang/World Champion Elite 4(After Stark Mountain Events)-Lv100

Pokemon Bloody Platinum Redux Item Changes

Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Bloody Platinum Redux by Zekroblue!

It’s a Remade version of Pokemon Bloody Platinum, an NDS Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Platinum. It’s fixed a lot bugs, making it become to a real Nuzlocke Hack ROM and more… It’s Completed and Playable in English. And now, Let’s play!

Item Locations

A lot of the items here got their Renagade Platinum locations.
So a lot of “useless items”are probably not in the location they were in Renagade Platinum.

Item Locations
— —
Adamant Orb Mt. Coronet
Amulet Coin Amity Square
Big Root Route 214
Black Belt Route 221
Black Flute Mt. Coronet
Black Glasses Route 215
Black Sludge Great Marsh,Iron Island
Blue Scarf Pastoria City
Bright Powder Mt. Coronet
Charcoal Route 227,
Choice Band Victory Road(After beating Solaris)
Choice Scarf Victory Road(After beating Solaris)
Choice Specs Victory Road(After beating Solaris)
Cleanse Tag Lost Tower
Dawn Stone Mt. Coronet, Route 212 (South) (Hidden), Route 225,Victory Road
Destiny Knot Route 205, Route 224
Dragon Fang Celestic Town
Dusk Stone Wayward Cave (Hidden), Wayward Cave, Galactic Warehouse, Victory Road
Exp. Share Route 203
Expert Belt Route 203, Veilstone Game Corner Prize
Fire Stone Oreburgh Mine, Fuego Ironworks,
Flame Orb Eterna Galactic Building
Solaceon Ruins (Hidden), Stark Mountain (Hidden)
Focus Band Wayward Cave
Focus Sash Route 221,Snowpoint City,Victory Road X2
Full Incense Veilstone City
Green Scarf Pastoria City
Grip Claw Wayward Cave
Griseous Orb Distortion World
Hard Stone Route 214
Iron Ball Iron Island
King’s Rock Wayward Cave,Victory Road,
Lagging Tail Route 226
Lax Incense Route 225
Leaf Stone Oreburgh Mine, Eterna Forest (Moss Rock), Floaroma Meadow, Great Marsh (Hidden), Route 225 (Hidden)
Leftovers Route 213,Victory Road.
Life Orb Route 210 (South)
Light Ball Floaroma Town
Light Clay Iron Island, Veilstone Game Corner Prize (Buyable)
Lucky Egg Pokémon Mansion
Lucky Punch Floaroma Town
Lustrous Orb Mt. Coronet
Macho Brace Pastoria City
Magnet Valley Windworks
Mental Herb Route 216, Veilstone Game Corner Prize (Buyable)
Metal Coat Route 207, Iron Island, Veilstone Game Corner Prize (Buyable), Sunyshore City
Metal Powder Floaroma Town
Metronome Amity Square, Veilstone Game Corner Prize (Buyable)
Miracle Seed Route 204 (North), Floaroma Meadow
Moon Stone Oreburgh Mine, Mt. Coronet (Route 211 entrance), Eterna City (Hidden), Mt. Coronet ,
Muscle Band Oreburgh Mine, Veilstone Game Corner Prize (Buyable)
Mystic Water Route 218
Never-Melt Ice Snowpoint Temple, Trade for Spheal in Oreburgh
Odd Incense Solaceon Ruins
Pink Scarf Pastoria City
Poison Barb Route 206, Trade for Skorupi in Floaroma
Power Herb Route 221,Veilstone Game Corner Prize (Buyable)
Pure Incense Route 221
Quick Claw Route 217
Quick Powder Floaroma Town
Razor Claw Route 215, Veilstone Galactic HQ,Victory Road
Razor Fang Route 215, Route 214
Red Flute Route 211 (East)
Red Scarf Pastoria City
Rock Incense Fuego Ironworks
Rose Incense Route 212
Scope Lens Jubilife City, Fight Area
Sea Incense Route 204
Sharp Beak Trade for Chatot in Eterna, Valor Lakefront
Shed Shell Great Marsh, Route 228
Shiny Stone Route 228, Iron Island, Route 210 (North) (Hidden),
Silk Scarf Route 203
Silver Powder Eterna Forest
Smoke Ball Route 210
Soft Sand Mt. Coronet
Soothe Bell Route 203, Pokémon Mansion
Spell Tag Old Chateau, Route 217
Stick Floaroma Town
Sun Stone Oreburgh Mine, Eterna City, Valor Lakefront (Hidden), Mt. Coronet (Hidden),
Thick Club Floaroma Town
Thunder Stone Oreburgh Mine, Route 206, Solaceon Ruins (Hidden), Sunyshore City, Route 229 (Hidden),Oreburgh City
Toxic Orb Galactic HQ.
Twisted Spoon Route 209
Water Stone Oreburgh City, Route 205, Solaceon Ruins (Hidden), Route 230 (Hidden).
Wave Incense Route 210 (North)
White Flute Valor Lakefront
White Herb Iron Island, Veilstone Game Corner Prize (Buyable)
Wide Lens Veilstone Game Corner Prize,Route 214
Wise Glasses Route 207, Veilstone City,
Yellow Flute Route 210 (North)
Yellow Scarf Pastoria City
Zoom Lens Veilstone Game Corner Prize (Buyable),Victory Road

TM Locations

TM Location Obtained
— — —
TM01 Focus Punch Oreburgh Gate Item on ground
TM02 Dragon Claw Route 217,Celestic Town, Item on ground
Mt.Coronet X???
TM03 Water Pulse X3 Route 218 Item on ground
TM04 Calm Mind Route 211,Route 212 Item on ground
TM05 Roar Route 213 Item on ground
TM06 Toxic Route 212 (South),Route 217 Item on ground
TM08 Bulk Up Route 205 (South) Item on ground
TM09 Bullet Seed Route 204 (North) Item on ground
TM10 Hidden Power Jubilife City Gift from NPC
TM12 Taunt Route 211 (West) Item on ground
TM13 Ice Beam X3 Route 216,Acuity Lakefront Item on ground
TM14 Blizzard Veilstone Dept. Store(Buyable) Item on ground
Lake Acuity
TM15 Hyper Beam Sunyshore City Gift from NPC
TM16 Light Screen Eterna Galactic Building Item on ground
TM17 Protect Veilstone Store Gift from NPC
TM19 Giga Drain Floaroma Town(infinite),
Route 209 X2 Item on ground
TM20 Safeguard Route 212 (North) Item on ground
TM21 Frustration Galactic HQ Item on ground
TM22 Solar Beam Veilstone Dept. Store(Buyable) Buyable
TM23 Iron Tail Iron Island X?? Item on ground
TM24 Thunderbolt Valley Windworks X??? Item on ground
TM25 Thunder Veilstone Dept. Store(Buyable) Item on ground
TM26 Earthquake Route 228 X?? Item on ground
TM27 Return Sandgem Town X?? Gift from Rowan / Item on the ground
TM28 Dig Eterna City Item on ground
TM29 Psychic Solaceon Town Item on ground
TM30 Shadow Ball Route 210 X3,Route 216 Item on ground
TM31 Brick Break ROUTE 204, Oreburgh Gate X?? Item on ground
TM32 Double Team Wayward Cave Item on ground
TM33 Reflect Eterna Galactic Building Item on ground
TM34 Shock Wave Valley Windworks X?? Item on ground
TM35 Flamethrower Fuego IronworksX???,Route 227, Item on ground
Lake Valor
TM36 Sludge Bomb Great Marsh,Route 223, Item on ground
Galactic HQ
TM38 Fire Blast Lake Verity Item on ground
Veilstone Dept. Store(Buyable)
TM39 Rock Tomb Ravaged Path X?? Item on ground
TM40 Aerial Ace Floaroma Town Gift from NPC
TM41 Torment Route 213 Item on ground
TM42 Facade Jubilife City/
Hearthrom City X?? Gift from NPC/Item on ground
TM43 Secret Power Amity Square Item on ground
TM44 Rest Hearthome City Gift from NPC
TM45 Attract Amity Square Item on ground
TM46 Thief Eterna City Item on ground
TM47 Steel Wing Route 209 X2 Item on ground
TM48 Skill Swap Canalave City Gift from NPC
TM49 Snatch Galactic Warehouse Item on ground
TM50 Overheat Sunyshore City Gift from Flint
TM51 Roost Route 210 (South) Gift from NPC
TM52 Focus Blast Veilstone Dept. Store(Buyable) Buyable

TM53 Energy Ball Valor Lakefront,Route 226 Item on ground
TM54 False Swipe Eterna City Gift from NPC
TM55 Brine Hearthome City Gift from NPC
TM56 Fling Route 222 Item on ground
TM58 Endure Route 203 Item on ground
TM59 Dragon Pulse Maniac Tunnel,Route 224 Item on ground
TM60 Drain Punch Veilstone Gym,Route 205X?? Gift from
Maylene/ Item on the
TM61 Will-O-Wisp Solaceon Town,Route 210 Item on ground
TM62 Silver Wind Route 212 (South) Item on ground
TM63 Embargo Veilstone City Gift from NPC
TM64 Explosion Game Corner Gift from NPC
TM65 Shadow Claw Old Chateau,Eterna Forest Item on ground
TM66 Payback Route 215 Item on ground
TM67 Recycle Eterna City Gift from NPC
TM68 Giga Impact Victory Road Item on ground
TM69 Rock Polish Mt. Coronet,Route 228 Item on ground
TM70 Flash Oreburgh Gate Item on ground
TM71 Stone Edge Ravaged Path,Victory Road Item on ground
TM72 Avalanche Snowpoint City Gift from Candice
TM73 Thunder Wave Route 229 Item on ground
TM74 Gyro Ball Route 206 X?? Item on ground
TM75 Swords Dance Route 224 Item on ground
TM76 Stealth Rock Oreburgh Gym Gift from Roark
TM77 Psych Up Route 211(West) Gift from NPC
TM78 Captivate Eterna Forest Item on ground
TM79 Dark Pulse Veilstone City X?? Item on ground
TM80 Rock Slide Route 229,Mt. CoronetX?? Item on ground
TM81 X-Scissor Route 221 X?? Item on ground
TM82 Sleep Talk Eterna Forest Outside Item on ground
TM84 Poison Jab Route 212,Route 215 Item on ground
TM86 Grass Knot Eterna Gym Gift from Gardenia
TM87 Swagger Pokémon Mansion Gift from NPC
TM89 U-turn Canalave City Item on ground
TM90 Substitute Old Chateau,Route 229 Item on ground
TM91 Flash Cannon Canalave Gym Gift from Byron
TM92 Trick Room Route 213 Gift from NPC
HM01 Cut Eterna City Gift from Cynthia
HM02 Fly Galactic Warehouse Item on ground
HM03 Surf Celestic Town Gift from NPC
HM04 Strength Iron Island Gift from Riley
HM05 Defog Solaceon Ruins Item on ground
HM06 Rock Smash Oreburgh Gate Gift from NPC
HM07 Waterfall Sunyshore City Item on the ground next to Jasmine
HM08 Rock Climb Snowpoint Temple Gift from Candice

Plate Locations

The sixteen Arceus plates have all been removed from their normal locations..

— —
Draco Plate Celestic Town – Ruins
Dread Plate Sendoff Spring – Entrance
Earth Plate Oreburgh Gate – 1F
Fist Plate Veilstone City – near Deoxys’s Meteorites
Flame Plate Route 226 – Survival Area side
Icicle Plate Snowpoint City – Right of Gym
Insect Plate Pastoria City
Iron Plate Iron Island – Outside entrance to cave
Meadow Plate Floaroma Meadow
Mind Plate Solaceon Ruins
Sky Plate Pokémon League
Splash Plate Route 219 – Sandgem side
Spooky Plate Lost Tower – 1F
Stone Plate Route 207 – Rock Climb needed
Toxic Plate Great Marsh
Zap Plate Sunyshore City – Lighthouse

Key Items

Vs. Recorder Jubilife City Gift from Looker
Bicycle Eterna City Gift from NPC
Coin Case Veilstone City Gift from NPC
Fashion Case Jubilife City Gift from NPC
Galactic Key Galactic HQ Item on ground
Gracidea Flower Floaroma Town Gift from NPC
Good Rod Route 209 Gift from NPC
Journal Twinleaf Town Gift from Mom
Lunar Wing Cheatcode Internet
Member Card Cheatcode Internet
Oak’s Letter Cheatcode Internet
Old Charm Route 210 Gift from Cynthia
Old Rod Route 218 Gift from NPC
Pal Pad Pokémon Center Basement Gift from NPC
Parcel Twinleaf Town Gift from Mira
Poffin Case Hearthome City Gift from NPC
Seal Case Solaceon Town Gift from NPC
Secret Key Eterna Galactic Building Item on the ground
Secret Potion Valor Lakefront Gift from Sweat
Sprayduck Floaroma Town Gift from NPC
Suite Key Route 213 Item on ground (hidden)
Super Rod Route 209 Gift from NPC
Town Map Jubilife City Gift from rival
VS Seeker Route 207 Gift from Cedric
Works Key Floaroma Meadow Gift from NPC
Azure Flute Cheatcode Actions Replay doc