Walkthrough Pokemon Glazed – Tunod Region

Legendary Pokemon:::::
Head into Mt. Stratus from Geminite Village. See the ladder over yonder? Surf over the water and head down. Then go up the waterfall and head north. Go to all three caves to catch them. Head back to the steps once you have all three and a door will appear to Regigigas.

After the Tunod League head back up to the top of Mt. Stratus where you fought him before. Make sure you have a spot in your party , go talk to him and he will join your party.

Oceanview City power plant. Head to the roof and head east.

Head to Seaspray town and west passing the pokemart. Go north until you hit water , surf and head west then all the way south until you hit a house. Pick up the rare candy. Go inside and battle the man who will give you Victini.

Follow the path west of Darkwood town until you see the cave where you can rock climb up to it. You can now go further in and find Reshiram at the end.

Head over to Northcoast Town and into Icicle cave , follow the route like before but you will see a climbing area behind a hiker , head up and into the cave where you can find Kyurem.

Head to Darkwood Town and enter JUSTICE! at the wishing fountain and a cave will appear up the steps.

Once you finished the penthouse side quest you can head to Seaspray Town and surf over to the Haunted Seaway go to this spot and the cave will open up so you can go capture Giratina.

Go to Palmtree resort and surf to the spatial sea , head to this spot.

(Once you capture , you have to fly from the exit. Surfing back will freeze your game)
Go to Chocco Town and surf east to the Temporal Sea. Go here.

Talk to Lars in the Legendary Research Lab outside of Violet City. They will give you hints and you have to look around.

Refer to the Wish Island section below in the guide.

Refer to the Bell Tower/Brass Tower section for this. Can only be done after Regina captures Ho-Oh and you talk to the man at the top of the Brass Tower.

You need 7 Johto Badges. Refer to Route 44 and New Island sections of this guide.

After getting the Jewel (refer to Evergreen town) head to the spatial sea and go east until you see Manaphy dive. Follow it and then rock climb up and you can battle it.

After beating the Johto League go back to the forest and interact with the shrine and you can catch Celebi.

Must beat the Elite Four of Johto. Remember in Victory Road when you came out at the peak? Go back there and talk to Lance. Follow his instrucitons(Refer to Side-Quests in this guide).

After doing the Lance side quest. You can go back into Mt Silver and follow the same path where you got Heatran. Red is there will all level 100 pokemon. Beat him to get the ruby. Head to Evergreen and go down the ladder instead of up in Cliff Edge Cave. Surf all the way west and climb up the cave. Then go into the cave you see to find Groudon.

After the Alph ruins side quest(refer to side quests) head to the bottom of slowpoke well in Azalea Town and interact with the tablet. Pick up the sapphire then head back to where Groudon was but go down the ladder on the right and head all the way down into the blue where Kyogre will be.

After the Alph ruins side quest(refer to side quests) Head to the dragons den in Blackthorn City behind the gym. Head south to the tablet and interact with it to end up in a new area with the emerald. Pick it up and head to where kyogre and groudon were. Go up the left ladder this time to the top and Rayquaza will be there.

Use roar on thesleeping man on route 31 (by the water) beat him in a battle for the lunar wing and take it to the Azure Inn owner for a free room.Sleep in the bed to enter the area with Cresselia.

AFTER the Cresselia event head to the Vip Villa at Palmtree Resort. Darkrai will take you to the dreamscape and give you a Darkrai Egg.

Side Quests:::::

Side Quest: Lance(After Johto League)
Head to the peak of Victory Road and speak to Lance. He will ask you to meet him at the train station in Goldenrod city. Head to the train station and talk to Lance. A mine cart will come rolling along and you get to ride it. Head north into Mt. Silver. Use rock climb to go up then go east and go down. Head west on the tracks into the next area and pick up the magnet. Head back and go south then east and use rock climb. Follow that path and you will climb down twice then head into the next area where you will climb up once more. Follow the path into the next place and go all the way north where you get to capture Heatran. You now have one of the prerequisites to catching Groudon!

Side Quest: Ruin of Alph
Head to Azalea Town and go east intoUnion Cave. Go south up the steps and the ladder to your left. Surf over the water go north then west then south and then west once more where you will push a boulder and head outside. Jump off the first ledge and head into the building to the left. Go to the north side of the room (skip the hole) and interact with the middle tablet. Then walk counter clockwise around the room hitting each outside tile. Make a full round and a hole in the wall will open up , go inside and step on the white button.

Tunod Region:::::

Go through the name choice and the starting scene like most games. After finishing that you will be at the end of a path. Walk south a little bit and ??? will speak to you and teleport you into your house. Go outside where your mom and dad will talk to you. Head over to Willows lab and choose one of the 5 starters!
Willow will tell you he has a friend called The Inventor in Chocco Town who will give you your Pokedex!

Forest Pass
Head east out of town and the old gentleman on the bench will stop you and tell you he heard a ruckus on the route. Keep going east and you will see a pikachu bothering your parents. Battle the frisky mouse and it will run off. You mom will give you running shoes , your dad will give you a EXP share!
Head south when you can. Percy will run into you looking for that pikachu you scared off and he will ask for a battle. Once you are done with him you can take one of the paths , both head to Chocco town!

Chocco Town
The first thing you will see is the Pok?mon center , head in and heal up if needed. If you talk to the girl in the house to the southeast she will say her uncle might give you a TM (he judges if your Pok?mon is happy or sad and he will just say it is in between , willupdate this later if he ends up giving me a TM). The building above the Pok?mon center has two people who sell your normal healing items and one sells your boost items (zinc etc.) The Inventors lab is the Northern most building in Chocco Town head inside and you will get your pokedex and some poke balls. Inventor will ask for a favor and you will have to be their escort into the swamp , go back outside and head over to the exit that was blocked by the two team fusion grunts. Blake will show up and scare them away , he will also steal your spot as escort , how rude! Before you leave town stock up on some potions.

Milkshake Swamp
Once inside head west , do not take the northern path there is poison ivy in the way and your Pok?mon will become poisoned if you step on it. Follow that path and you will find an item , it’s a poke ball pick it up. Keep on going and you will run into a battle with bug catcher Adrian. Go south when you can , again the northern path will have poison ivy on it. Your first double battle is coming up , I suggest catching a Tangela to help you out. Follow the path it’s pretty straightforward for the next two battles. At the end of the path you will come up to the ruins where Blake tells you a grunt is reading the tablet and he asks you if you want to see a member of the elite four in action , the grunt runs off. You will get a Pokecomm and then you will slip into another universe where you find out who the mysterious man from the beginning was. Luke will ask you to find a mudkip that ran off and then he would explain everything. Explore the area and you will see the mudkip interact with it and it will run off , just look around for it and it will eventually attack you , you can catch it if you want , killing it gives you the same outcome. Pick up the max ether that you see. Head back to Luke and he will tell you that your portal is open and says the go into it before it closes , he wont explain anything yet. Head south west into the path you haven’t been to yet. The last battle on this path is a bit annoying since they use a pineco who has exploded every time I fought it. Just put your weakest Pok?mon out front if you’re having issues. If you must you can do some training up! Once you have that done head north to the exit.

Oceanview Park
Talk to the female on the path in front of you to get a moomoo milk. Head west.

Oceanview City
Go stock up and heal up if needed. The building to the right of the poke center is a bed and breakfast , head inside and go into the door on the right. Talk to the girl (she does the opposite move of what you do , you will have to meet her in the middle) she will give you a level 10 ditto! The green haired boy (or girl I guess it doesn’t matter) will trade you a poliwhirl for a ninetales.
Alright head over to the gym and the man will tell you it’s closed because the leader went up to the power plant. Head on through the fences on the right of the gym. Once inside go east and up the stairs. You can catch elekid pikachu porygon and a few other Pok?mon here if you want. Follow the path and battle the trainers if you want. Go up the stairs and you will be on the top floor. Talk to the blue haired man and he will tell you his name is Sparky , the leader of the gym. He tells you to battle the pikachu off to the right. Head to the east side of the room and go north to turn off the generator before you attempt to battle pikachu. Go talk to pikachu and you will find out it’s the same one you scared off earlier and he is not happy with you. Fight it and after the battle he will run of after telling you he will get revenge. Sparky will talk to you again telling you that you can battle his gym now. Go heal and stock up if needed. Head over to the gym or go train a little more if needed. Once you go to enter Chelle will come out and brag about getting her badge , she will battle you. Time to head into the gym! There are three trainers before Sparky which you can choose to battle or not. I would for the exp. If you caught Tangela like I mentioned before this gym will be a breeze. Head on forward and talk to Sparky to initiate your first gym battle!


*Luxio level 15
*Mareep level 15
*Jolteon level 18
Congratulations! You have obatined the Jolt Badge! It lets you use CUT outside of battle and also raises your Pok?mon’s attack. Sparky will also give you Thunderbolt. Head down to the boathouse and buy yourself a Serenity Isle ticket , it’s the one on the left.

Serenity Isle
Once here if you run off to the west your phone will ring. It’s Willow asking for a favor and he wants you to stop by the lab. Before we leave though we need to do a few things at the Fusion Resort. It’s the big shiny building if you missed it. Head inside and head to floor two through the elevator. Go into the open room and a girl will ask you to tell her friend on the fourth floor something. Head back to the elevator go to floor 3 and talk to the girl in the hall she will give you a fire stone. Now onto floor 4. The first room has the friend , she will just say she’s hungry and she gets mad. Leave there and go into the most western room. This is the Fusion Tutoring Service. You can teach your Pok?mon Spore or Leaf Blade here if you want. Leave the resort. This town also offers the Lighthouse Challenge. You can earn money and exp here if you want. The first battle has level 20s though so be careful. You can keep doing the first floor over and over again if you want $1200 each time and some exp. Anyways back on track , head down to the bridge and follow it. You will have five battle on this bridge. Keep following into the next area. Just follow this path and you will be in Forlorn Cape then Springside Path. Jump down the two ledges and head east into Glenwood Town.

Wish Island
Can be skipped until you defeat the Elite Four of Tunod If you do the chores for the two ladies in the hotel , getting the potions / poke balls / mail. Getting the food from the chef on the first floor. Getting the super potion and the bathing suit , which is on the fourth floor on the blue carpet just click a on all the tiles. You will get the wish ticket. (You can catch a certain pokemon here)

Glenwood Town : Revisit
Once here head over to the lab. Blake and Willow are there. Blake will ask you to accompany him to Haunted Isle and he will meet you on Serenity Isle. Willow will ask you to take a sensor to Flo in Seaspray. He will also give you CUT and once you deliver his package he will grant you access to his sanctuary on Forlorn Cape. Head back the way you came. Before going through the little trees , if you go even further west you can capture the rest of the starters. Head back up to Serenity Isle.

Serenity Isle : Revisit
You can heal up and train more in the lighthouse if you want to get more money or levels. Head to the dock where you first came onto Serenity Isle. Head all the way to the end and talk to Blake. He will ask if you’re ready to go. Make sure to stock up on potions etc. The boat will crash on Haunted Isle and he will ask you to go after Team Fusion while he repairs the ship.

Haunted Isle
Luckily there is a poke center here! Explore a little if you want , not much to look at though. Head into the cave to the north.

Haunted Rock
Woohoo our first blackout. Follow the path until you find the first path with the double tyrogues. After beating her don’t go north yet. Go east and fight the grunt before the next floor. Beat him and go through the entrance. Go west and you will find a Moon Stone. Next is a battle with Timburr Machop and Timburr again. Go north and you will see some steps , go up them and head into the next area. You will be greeted by a grunt with 2x shroomish. Go north then west and you get a lantern from the poke ball! (Finally!) Go west and down into the next area. You will be outside on some cliffs , head over to the hiker and he will heal your pokemon , go up into the next area. Follow this path and battle 5 more grunts and head outside into the next area where there is another hiker to heal you and your team up. Follow this path west and pick up TM02 : Dragon Claw. Head up into the next cave. Guess who? Pikachu! He will battle you. When you beat him he will give you a Delusifier and call you an ah* (haha). The green rocks you saw before can now be passed with this. Go back to the start of the cave and take the northern route which I had you skip before! Follow the path and you will battle a grunt. Keep on going until you reach the rocks and use the delusifier. Head up into the ruins. Two grunts will attack you , beat them and battle Fusion Boss Michael he only has one pokemon and it goes down pretty quickly. After beating him they will leave and your phone rings. It’s Blake telling you the boat is fixed. Head back and you both will sail back to Serenity Isle where Blake will give you the Seaspraytix (ticket). Talk to the sailor to the west of you and he will take you to Seaspray Town! Before you go though we should battle the gym leader! Head to the beach and go on in. Fight the first trainer and fall into the southern hole. Go up the first ladder if you want a battle. If not go east then north to more battles. Keep going north until you see the gym leader , talk to him to battle!


*Gligar level 30
*Pupitar level 31
*Donphan level 33
This battle can be so annoying becaue his Donphan has substitute and earthquake. Try to get a poison off on it if? you have Tangela. After beating him you will get your Dirt Badge and Earthquake!
Congratulations on your second badge! (Terry can be skipped until later if you can’t beat him) Off to Seaspray!

Seaspray Town
Head down the dock and Chelle will intercept you for a battle. After the battle she heads off and you slip into the parallel universe once again. Luke is to the east talk to him and he will explain what’s going on. Head back over to where you came in and talk to the girl standing there. After you speak to her you will be pulled back into your universe. Head down into town. The building between the Mart and the Gym is a Move Re-learner. Talk to the kid in front of the gym he will tell you his mom (Gym Leader) Went to the dam. Stock up and head east! Follow the path and you will have to battle two trainers. Head down into the dam.

Seaspray Dam
You can’t go right so go up to floor two. You will run into a double battle , finish that off and continue over to the next flight of steps where another battle will happen. Head into the door and you will be in the generator room. Head down through the coils. Go east and talk to Flo to give her the sensor. She will ask if you want to battle in her gym say yes. She will then ask you to go to Geminite village to get them to stop using so much power. She gives you a security card. Go heal up and head through the hall where the guards are. If you want go up the stairs and grab the ultra ball then head back down and out the door. Outside you will find a thunderstone on the ground and two trainers you get to battle to the south. Go south into the next area.

Geminite Village
Head south and Percy will want to battle with you. The first house you see is the Fossil finders house. He will trade your fossils for shards. Go to the house above the poke center. The man will give you a shovel. Go into the miners hut and talk to the one on the left and he will tell you to head into Mt Stratus. The man to the left of the miners hut will let you mine for shards for $250.

Mt. Stratus
Once inside there is a green shard next to the trainer. Battle him and pick it up. Battle the next two people and head up the first ladder. Go up the path and battle the miner. For this part you need to go back down the ladder then back up so he moves out of the way. Continue on and go up the steps to pick up the poke ball. Talk to the Foreman and he will blow the TNT anyways. Follow the man out of the cave and back to where you came in. He will tell you that you look tired and to go back to the miners hut. He will give you HM04 : Strength. Can’t use this until you get your 4th Badge. Head back to Flo at the dam. Turn in your green shard first if you want the fossil. Exiting the hut will show you a cut scene of the team fusion boss Michael.

Seaspray Dam/Town : Revisit
Head back and talk to Flo she will give you HM06 : Rock Smash and tell you to come challenge the gym. Stock up and heal up. Time to battle Flo. Head on in and her son Cato will battle you. Go up the left path and battle the trainers , once you finish them off turn the valve and head to the right path where you will battle one more trainer. If you need to go out to heal then take on Flo (be careful I hear she has great insurance).


*Wartortle level 31
*Milotic level 35
*Seadra level 32
*Kingdra level 34
After beating her you will get the Crest Badge! Which raises the speed of your pokemon and allows you to use rock smash out of battle! She will give you Water Pulse as well. Congratulations on your 3rd badge! Off to Stormy City.

Gemenite Village/Mt. Stratus : Revisit
Head back down to Gemenite village and into Mt. Stratus now that you can use rock smash you can grab that poke ball down the path for the Nugget. Head out and sell it. Then head down the south western path.

Gemenite River/Mt. Stratus Pt2
Follow the path and cross the bridge to your first and second battles. Go south and cross the second bridge to another battle. Head inside Mt. Stratus once again pick up the rare candy and take the southern exit to a new part of Geminite River. Guess who? Pikachu! This time he steals all your badges! Keep following this path and cross the bridge. Go south battle a couple trainers and then east. Blake will run into you saying someone kidnapped the Foreman in Gemenite Village and then he will run off , follow the path into the city.

Stormy City
Once here you can head over to Dr. Friendships house to the west to obtain a soothe bell. The house south of his has a man that will give you the Sunny Day TM. Head over to the adoption clinic (south eastern building) to get a Grovyle! Time to challenge the gym. Head on in and take either path (one is a dead end) and talk to Lief to battle.


*Jumpluff level 34
*Venusaur level 35
*Leafeon level 33
*Tangrowth level 34
I hated fighting this guy! Such a pain in the butt. Once you finish he gives your the Stem Badge! You can now use Strength out of battles. He also gives you Solarbeam. He suggests to you to go try for the Icicle Badge which is located in Northcoast Town , you need to go back to Gemenite Village and through Mt. Stratus! While exiting the Gym your phone will ring , it’s Blake asking for help in Mt. Stratus.

Mt. Stratus : Revisit
So head back to Gemenite Village stock up on your normal items and hit up the poke center. Head into Mt. Stratus and follow the path all the way to the end where the boulder is , which you can now move! There is an item off to the left but you can’t grab it until you get your badges back. Head down the path and down the ladder. Fight four grunts and head down and talk to Blake. Battle the grunt by the ladder. Head on up and grab the item. Guess who? Pikachu! Go up and talk to them and Henri will battle you. Pikachu will then battle you , beat him and Henri will talk to you after and give your badges back! Now you can go grab those items. Go down the ladder and you will see Blake beat Michael and team fusion poofs. Blake will talk to you and you both will slip into Luke’s universe! After some text you both will get teleported back to your universe and Blake will tell you that Northcoast Town is just up ahead. Break the rocks and head east. Before you go up the steps go north. Head up the ladder and grab the rare candy on the left path. Head back and go up the stairs , grab the repel and head out of the exit.

Icebound Chasm/Northcoast Town
Head south down the path and keep following it past the trainers. Keep on going while these snowboarders run into you. You can pick up the hyper potion and nugget by the two snowboarders on the hills you just need to get them to come down at the right spot so you can pass by them after the battle. Follow the path into town , you can find a max revive and an ether here. The man up the steps in the poke center is the Move Deleter. The old lady in the middle house to the south will give you a Glaceon. The museum will revive your fossil if you want. The house next to the gym has the name rater in it. Let’s head over to the ski resort. Talk to the vendors to the right in the building once you get up there , they will give you skis. Head on out and put them on and you can race the track for prizes and you can catch pokemon. When you’re done here you can head into the gym. You have to hit the blue pads to make the ice patches appear. Once you have all of the activate it’s easy to go through and you will see Percy getting his badge then he will battle you. Once you beat him he will give you Surf! Time to battle Irene!


*Snorunt level 34
*Froslass level 34
*Glaceon level 34
*Weavile level 35
Congratulations you obtained the Icicle badge! You can now use surf outside of battles and it boosts defense of your pokemon. Irene will also give you Ice Beam. Head out and heal up! Next stop Blizzard Slopes.

Blizzard Slopes/Icicle Tunnel
Follow the path and battle the three people. The two snowboarders will reset once you run back in town so you pick up the zinc and carbos follow the path and surf over to Icicle Tunnel! Follow the path , it’s pretty straightforward , pick up the Nevermeltice. Keep going south and battle the trainers and you will eventually find the exit.

Cape Azure
Head south and Blake will tell you some things about team fusion and once you get this next badge fly to Chocco town and surf east. Head east and cut the little tree and pickup the shadow ball. Go inside the building and talk to the lady behind the counter to get a berry case. Once you’re done there explore a little in town if you want. The safari zone is to the south. You will run into Chelle inside the safari zone and she will ask to battle. She will give you a bike. Head on out after you finish what you want in there and hit the bike road.

Southerly City
Here you can do the Stamina Challenge *Good way to train to 55 or so and get a lot of money. It’s the building to the right of where you come in. A man in the house to the left will trade his Ninetales for a Kirlia. Head south and Cato will stop you for a battle. You can’t go into the gym quite yet so stock up on supplies and head west out of the city.

Espo Clearing/Espo Forest
Follow the path west and use surf to get over the water. Go north and grab the hidden item ball. Then head south into Espo Forest! Head south and battle the two trainers. Go all the way south and pick up Toxic. Go back up and take the western path. Follow this path and Blake will tell you about mew and team fusion then you will slip into the other universe where Luke will start to tell you about a pink…(you get sucked back into your universe. Blake says we need to go to Temporal Tower and heal your party. He will take us there go enter the tower. Guess who? Pikachu! He will battle you. Once you beat him he will run inside to tell team fusion you are there. Head on in!

Temporal Tower
Follow the path and grab the pearl. Go talk to Blake. Go up the ladder. Go to the right and heal your party and pick up the twisted spoon. Go back and follow the path and head up to the next floor. Follow the path and go up and then fall down the first hole and go up the ladder after the battle. Pick up the black flute and keep on going. Head up to the top floor , don’t fall in the hole. Follow the path and you will see Blake and team fusion. Beat them and Blake will give you Fly and take you back to Southerly City!

Southerly City/Gym
Head inside and follow the path , beating the trainers will open the path up.


*Magmortar 38
*Typhlosion level 38
*Blazinken level 39
*Infernape level 38
*Charizard level 38
Congatulations! You have won the Blaze Badge! You can now use fly outside of battle , he will also give you fire blast. Time to head to the next gym.

Espo Clearing/Forest : Revisit
Follow the same path from before up to the shrine. Follow the path and go through the bend and go south before you leave and pick up the dawn stone. You can finally head north into the resort!

Palmtree Park/Resort/Sunshore Beach
Notice : You can catch Chansey here for lucky eggs! Follow the path and you will see team fusion , interact with them and they will tell you the only way to enter is to fly in. So if you haven’t already teach fly to one of your pokemon. Fly to the resort and Henri will stop you and tell you to go to the Spacial ruins south of the resort and find palkia. Nothing to really do here yet so stock up on supplies and heal your party. Head south onto the beach and battle the first two grunts. Head south and battle the two fishermen if you want. The third one will sell you a Golden Magikarp for $500. Head south then west to the next area!

Spatial Sea/Spacial Ruins
Keep going west until you see the two grunts guarding the cave entrance. Battle them and head inside. Head north and battle all the grunts. When you can head west then north up the steps. Follow that path until you can turn east and you can cross a bridge heading north again. Guess who? Pikachu! He will want to fight you again. After you beat him he will say he is done with you. Go north into the next entrance. You will see Michael capture palkia and your phone will go off. It’s Blake saying he failed and to meet him back at the resort. Head on back.

Palmtree Resort : Revisit
There is a Giga Drain to the north where you have to use cut. The lady in the first house from the park will tell you what kind of snacks your pokemon likes. Blake is to the east of the Resort building. He will tell you to get your seventh badge while they figure things our so go stock up on supplies and get ready for your next gym battle! This path is pretty straightforward just follow it and battle the trainers until you get to Nicole and get ready!


*Tyranitar level 40
*Rhyperior level 40
*Aggron level 41
*Shuckle level 40
*Cradily level 40
Nice job! You have obtained the Core Badge! You can now use dive outside of battle and your pokemon will have a boost in Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense. She will also give you rock tomb! She tells you Tyson is your next gym battle and he is in Darkwood Town. Head out of the gym through that hole and go talk to Blake. He gives you rock climb , stock up and head inside Mt. Stratus.

Mt. Stratus : Revisit (Again)
Teach rock climb to one of your pokemon and climb on up , head north and go down the ladder. Use surf and head west. Go up the ladder. You can stop in Geminite to turn in your red shard for a dome fossil if you want , if not head up the next ladder , up the steps to the north and keep going until you hit the area with the TNT and water. Surf over to water to the east. Go south and break the rock then climb the little cliff thing up to those steps and the next ladder which you need to head up. Head south since we don’t have waterfall yet. Battle the grunts as you go. Surf again over to the next set of stairs and battle the grunt. Head up to the boulders and use strength. Hit the northern boulder first. Then hit the southern one to the south. Next hit the south western one west and the northern one to the north. Then move the first boulder you moved back to the original spot and now you can move the last one out of the way. Battle the three grunts and head on through the next entrance. Head north and the hiker will heal your part. Climb up and battle the next? couple grunts. Head south since you can’t do anything through the north entrance yet. Follow the path , use surf to grab Dragon Claw and a full restore then head to the snowy patch and beat the two grunts. Head out and Blake will tell you to follow him , heal your pokemon first and then head inside!

Fusion Labs
Battle the nerds and the last one will tell you that the password is the hardest material.? The other guy says it’s something dialga uses a lot. You can check on the computer but for this I can just tell you it’sDiamond. Head on up to floor two once you battle the two grunts. The guy off to the right will heal your pokemon so go through and do your battles. Head down the steps on the other side of the room and you can get yourself a Master Ball! Go back up and battle the grunt if you haven’t already. The next password is Spatial. Go forth and battle the three scientists if you want. The next password is Griseous. Head towards the steps and Regina will battle you. After beating her she will tell you their plan. Head up the steps. Battle Michael he has Dialga Palkia and Girantina. Beat him and they will summon Mew. Battle Mew , don’t waste your poke balls on it you can’t catch him yet. Once you beat him you will slip into the dream scape with Luke. After that he will tell you some things and you will be brought back to your universe where Blake will give you dive. Head outside and go talk to Henri. Head back outside and down the waterfall and the guy will give you a timburr. Head on outside and head to Palmtree Resort.

Darkwood Grotto
Head over passed the Spatial sea and ruins and keep going west. When you get to the dark spot and can’t go any further west use dive. Head into the next area and use dive once again to go to the surface. Head north into the next area and follow the water path to pick up a full restore. Use surf again and use dive on the dark spot closest to the full restore , follow this path to the end and go to the surface to go up the ladder. Follow the path and the first guy will teach your super power if you beat him. Keep on going down this path , go east when you can to pick up the black belt then exit to the west.

Darkwood Town
The Dojo is to the east you can train here and battle Cameron for a level 40 Blaziken. The lady in the first house to the south of the gym and dojo will give you Aerial Ace. The building next to the house sells some healing items and herbs. Head on over to the gym to battle Percy who will give you the waterfall TM after you beat him. Head on inside and battle the trainers if you want , if not head all the way north to start your gym battle.


*Hitmonlee level 43
*Scrafty level 43
*Lucario level 45
*Conkeldurr level 46
*Gallade level 43
Good job you have just earned the Clobber Badge! You can now use Waterfall and it grants your access to the Tunod League! He will also give you Focus.

Darkwood Gorge/Subfalls Cave/Waterfall Gorge
Head west out of town and up the waterfall. Go west a little and head down that waterfall and into the cave. Follow the path and exit the cave. Head on up the waterfall and then the steps. Follow this path and go down the next waterfall , head west. You will see a cave keep going west to the steps and head inside to the badge check. There is a man who will trade his seadra for a girafarig. The seadra will evolve into a kingdra once you trade. Head through the checkpoint and Chelle will be outside for a battle. If you go in the building to the east you can battle Lucbui for a Level 30 Quilava holding an everstone. Continue forward through the next checkpoint which will check for your dirt badge , follow the path to the next arc which will check for your crest badge and continue to the next one for the stem badge. Head up into the forest and follow the path. You can grab a smoke ball once you cut the tree. Keep following the path and you will be at the exit.

Path Of Victory/Resort
Continue on your journey to the Elite Four , follow the path and you will have to surf up to the next area where there is a poke center and Michael is there , he will give you a ceo keypass. So heal up and fly to the resort and head inside hotel. Head on up to the top floor where a girl will give you hyper beam. Go east into the room. Guess who? Pikachu! He will want to battle one last time. Once you beat him he will want to join you. You can now fly back to where Michael was. Go talk to him and he will tell you he released the three previous pokemon he had captured. Head through the cave entrance.

Victory Road
Follow the path and use rock climb and go up the ladder to grab the super repel. Head back down and climb the two sets of steps. Cross the bridge and go down the next two stairs and surf over to the landing. Battle the hiker and go up the ladder. Surf over to the western path follow it and go up the ladder to get another super repel it will come to the other ladder. Go back and surf over to the eastern path now. Follow it and head up the ladder. Go around this route and head down go south and head down again then go north. Keep on following until you find the steps and surf over , go up the next ladder. Go around this path and jump down the FIRST ledge then head up the ladder and out to the exit. Follow this path and go north into the building.

Tunod League/Elite Four
Get ready , heal up and stock up on all your supplies and head up the steps into the door. Cato will stop you and battle you.


*Lickitung level 46
*Chansey level 46
*Slowking level 46
*Milotic level 46
*Blissey level 47


*Arbok level 48
*Mienshao level 48
*Drapion level 49
*Gengar level 47
*Sableye level 47


*Floatzel level 48
*Infernape level 50
*Arcanine level 50
*Dragonite level 51
*Shedinja level 48


*Zoroark level 50
*Aggron level 51
*Machamp level 52
*Skarmory level 53
*Mightyena level 51


*Snorlax level 55
*Weavile level 54
*Honchkrow level 53
*Houndoom level 54
*Umbreon level 54
*Darkrai level 57

After you beat him Percy will run in and Blake will talk to him. Since you forfeited duties as champion , Percy is the new champion of the Tunod League. Blake will take you in and register you and your pokemon then you will wake up in your room. Head outside and Willow will speak to you and tell you Oak and his student are at Southerly City Airport waiting to meet you.

Southerly City/Airport
Fly on over to Southerly City and head into the airport. You will meet Oak and Kris. Oak will leave you and Kris. She gives you a plane ticket to travel to the Johto Region!