Pokemon Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2 – Item and Trade Changes

As with the first Blaze Black and Volt White, many of the item balls you pick up around the
region have had the items inside them changed, to allow you to pick up many TMs much
earlier than the original game, which generally forces you to get some of the nicer TMs
(Earthquake, Stone Edge) after you’ve beaten the Elite Four.
You’re also able to get other important items such as evolution stones and such a lot earlier,
since of course, a lot more Pokémon are now available for you to use. Wouldn’t be much fun if
you couldn’t evolve them to their last form!

Although not mentioned elsewhere in the document, there’s also been changes to a couple of
the secondary PokéMarts in cities. Virbank City now holds Luxury Balls, the Driftveil City holds
all the four shards and Heart Scales, and the Route 9 Dept. store now holds a huge assortment
of evolution items. This Route 9 store is key for the Electirizer, Magmarizer and Dubious Disc,
so don’t forget it’s there!
Every trade in the game that isn’t done by Yancey/Curtis has also been edited. The postgame
ones have simply had an IV boost, but the three pre-credits trades have all got new Pokémon
to get, and want new Pokémon to be given to them. Everything’s available anyway, of course,
but some of them can be useful…

Item Changes
Aspertia City

Poké Ball * 10 –> Poké Ball * 30 [Gifted]
Route 19

Nest Ball –> TM31, Brick Break [Ground]
Route 20

Pecha Berries * 3 –> Super Rod [Gifted]
Antidote –> Miracle Seed [Ground]
Floccessy Ranch

Potion –> Soothe Bell [Gifted]
Poké Ball –> Quick Claw [Ground]
Parlyz Heal –> Exp. Share [Gifted]
X Attack –> Oval Stone [Ground]
Route 20 Gatehouse

Great Ball * 2 –> Cherish Ball * 30 [Gifted]
Virbank City

Rare Candy –> TM36, Sludge Bomb [Ground]
Virbank Complex

X Accuracy –> TM47, Low Sweep [Ground]
Great Balls * 5 –> Sun Stone [Gifted]
Super Potion –> TM59, Incinerate [Ground]
Castelia City

TM76, Struggle Bug –> TM81, X-Scissor [Gifted]
MooMoo Milk –> TM48, Round [Gifted]
Miracle Seed –> Moon Stone [Ground]
Revive –> Up-Grade [Ground]
Bicycle –> Shiny Charm [Gifted]
Battle Company

Miracle Seed –> Leaf Stone [Gifted]
Charcoal –> Fire Stone [Gifted]
Mystic Water –> Water Stone [Gifted]
Castelia Gatehouse

Quick Claw –> TM88, Pluck [Gifted]
Castelia Sewers

Pearl –> Life Orb [Ground]
Repel –> TM34, Sludge Wave [Ground]
Relic Passage

Protein –> TM10, Hidden Power [Ground]
Escape Rope –> TM23, Smack Down [Ground]
Big Pearl –> TM52, Focus Blast [Ground]
Ultra Ball –> Muscle Band [Ground]
Route 4

Protein –> TM03, Psyshock [Gifted]
Mystic Water –> Prism Scale [Ground]
Desert Resort

Nugget –> TM78, Bulldoze [Ground]
Blue Shard –> DeepSeaTooth [Ground]
Yellow Shard –> DeepSeaScale [Ground]
Nimbasa City

Sun Stone –> Frozen Ore [Gifted]
Route 5

Hyper Potion –> TM43, Flame Charge [Ground]
Route 16

Heal Ball –> Dawn Stone [Ground]
Lostlorn Forest

Ultra Ball –> Woodland Ore [Ground]
Net Ball –> TM86, Grass Knot [Ground]
Rare Candy –> TM22, SolarBeam [Ground]
Driftveil City

TM78, Bulldoze –> TM26, Earthquake [Gifted]
Calcium –> Covenant Ore [Ground]
Relic Castle

Ultra Ball –> Wise Glasses [Ground]

PP Up –> TM79, Frost Breath [Ground]
Route 6

PP Up –> King’s Rock
Chargestone Cave

Escape Rope –> TM24, Thunderbolt [Ground]
Revive –> TM91, Flash Cannon [Ground]
Carbos –> Light Ball [Ground]
Hyper Potion –> Focus Band [Ground]
Route 7

TM81, X-Scissor –> TM89, U-turn [Ground]
Celestial Tower

Revive –> Covenant Ore [Ground]
Hyper Potion –> Light Clay [Ground]
PP Up –> Thick Club [Ground]
Mistralton Cave

Yellow Shard –> Covenant Ore [Ground]
Reversal Mountain

TM30, Shadow Ball –> Smoke Ball [Ground]
Smoke Ball –> Charcoal [Ground]
Escape Rope –> TM35, Flamethrower [Ground]
Strange House

Full Heal –> TM30, Shadow Ball [Ground]
Undella Town

HM06, Dive –> Master Ball [Gifted]
Prism Scale –> HM05, Waterfall [Gifted]
Route 14

Heart Scale –> Lucky Punch [Ground]
Abundant Shrine

Heal Ball –> Covenant Ore [Ground]
Route 13

Luxury Ball –> Dragon Scale [Ground]
Lacunosa Town

Full Heal –> TM76, Bug Buzz [Ground]
Route 12

Max Potion –> TM93, Wild Charge [Ground]
Green Shard –> Stick [Ground]
Village Bridge

Big Pearl –> TM17, Protect [Ground]
Route 11

Zinc –> TM75, Swords Dance [Ground]
Route 9

Iron –> TM84, Poison Jab [Ground]
Poké Doll –> TM87, Swagger [Ground]
Humilau City

Heart Scale –> Mystic Water [Ground]
Plasma Frigate

Magmarizer –> TM60, Sucker Punch (B2) [Ground]
Electirizer –> TM60, Sucker Punch (W2) [Ground]
Giant Chasm

TM03, Psyshock –> TM90, Substitute [Ground]
Route 23

TM35, Flamethrower –> TM01, Hone Claws [Gifted]
Max Potion –> TM50, Overheat [Ground]
Victory Road

Star Piece –> Protector [Ground]
HM05, Waterfall –> TM02, Dragon Claw [Gifted]
TM01, Hone Claws –> TM64, Explosion [Ground]
TM24, Thunderbolt –> HM06, Dive [Gifted]
TM93, Wild Charge –> TM71, Stone Edge [Ground]
PP Max –> Reaper Cloth [Ground]
Tubeline Bridge

TM43, Flame Charge –> Choice Band [Gifted]

Route 8

TM36, Sludge Bomb –> Choice Scarf [Ground]
Moor of Icirrus

TM84, Poison Jab –> Toxic Orb [Ground]
Route 15

TM26, Earthquake –> TM20, Safeguard [Ground]
Dragonspiral Tower

TM02, Dragon Claw –> Choice Specs [Ground]
Pinwheel Forest

TM22, SolarBeam –> TM51, Ally Switch [Ground]
TM86, Grass Knot –> Woodland Ore [Ground]
N’s Castle

TM50, Overheat –> Flame Orb [Ground]
Wellspring Cave

TM52, Focus Blast –> Dusk Stone [Ground]
TM47, Low Sweep –> Covenant Ore [Ground]
Twist Mountain

TM71, Stone Edge –> Frozen Ore [Ground]
TM90, Substitute –> Shiny Stone [Ground]
TM91, Flash Cannon –> TM77, Psych Up [Ground]
Route 2

Repeat Ball –> TM32, Double Team [Ground]
Nuvema Town

Shiny Charm –> God Stone [Gifted]
Super Rod –> Sacred Ash [Gifted]
Trade Changes
All Pokémon you receive have IVs that are 30 across the board.
The full list is only shown for the first three trades, as the
post-game trades have not had any changes aside from having their
IVs raised to 30 each.

#175 TOGEPI• Level 22
• Super Luck
• Modest
• Male(B2)/Female(W2)
• @ Covenant Ore
• Skorupi found in the
Desert Resort.

* This trade applies to both Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2.

#094 GENGAR• Level 44
• Levitate
• Timid
• Male
• @ Covenant Ore
• Torkoal found in
Reversal Mountain.

* This trade is a reference to Blaze Black and Volt White!

#103 EXEGGUTOR• Level 52
• Harvest
• Rash
• Female
• @ Covenant Ore
• Lumineon found in
Route 11*.

* Only by fishing in rare spots! Evolving a Finneon is an option