Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King Cheat Codes

In the world of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes, prepare to immerse yourself in an exhilarating card game adventure that will test your skills and challenge your dueling spirit. Step into the shoes of Jaden Yuki, a young duelist with dreams of becoming the King of Games, as he navigates the prestigious Duel Academy alongside new friends and rivals. 遊☆戯☆王デュエルモンスターズGX cheat codes. You can find more cheat codes at all posts!

Duel Academy is a breeding ground for the next generation of Dueling masters, where students hone their skills and clash in intense card battles. As Jaden progresses through the academy’s rigorous curriculum, he encounters a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique dueling styles and strategies. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes

From the fiery passion of Chazz Princeton to the stoic determination of Zane Truesdale, Jaden’s fellow duelists push him to his limits, forcing him to adapt and evolve his dueling strategies. Each duel is a battle of wits and strategy, as players must carefully consider their card combinations and unleash powerful monsters and spells to defeat their opponents. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes

Amidst the fierce competition, Jaden must also confront the mysterious Shadow Duels, where duelists face their inner demons and darkest fears. These shadowy encounters test Jaden’s resolve and force him to confront the depths of his own spirit. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes

With each duel, Jaden grows stronger, unlocking new dueling techniques and mastering the power of his signature Duel Spirit, Neos. As he ascends the ranks of Duel Academy, he faces increasingly formidable opponents, each determined to claim the title of Duel King. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King invites you to join Jaden on his journey to become the ultimate duelist. Experience the thrill of strategic card battles, forge unbreakable bonds with fellow duelists, and discover the true meaning of friendship and courage as you strive to become the King of Games. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes

It’s Action Replay code. On VBA, Click Cheats > Cheat list > Codes and paste cheat code below!

LP 99999


DP 99999

Easy Duel Points
When you flunk a test, and are bumped down to dropout boy, it is actually a good thing. First, make sure you have a deck that will increase your Life Points substantially. Then, find the gym teacher. She is usually around the gym or in the Obelisk blue girls dorm. When you talk to her, she will tell you she will raise your rank back to Apprentice Duelist if you can defeat her in a duel. As an added bonus, she will give you your remaining Life Points as Duel Points, which means a large number of points for new cards. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes

Free cards
If you go without dueling headmaster Saytr Of Ra Yellow for over a month, duel him. He will complain about how nobody likes him anymore and other things. If you defeat him, he will talk for a bit then give you a free card. Additionally, on some dorm switch exam days, Miss Dorothy will be having trouble delivering new card packs. She will ask you to help. Help her and you will get a free card pack that later in the game will cost 1000 Duel Points. Help her any chance you get. You only get five cards, but you can complete other packs with this pack. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes

Free A Hero Emerges card
In order to get a free A Hero Emerges card, wait until you meet a student named Blair. Jaden will tell you that he thinks Blair is hiding something and wants to duel him at the harbor. Go there at night when you see the icon for Jaden and call out to him. Defeat him in the duel and you will get a free A Hero Emerges trap card.

Free Jinzo card
You are able to get the card Jinzo by defeating Obelisk Blue people frequently, including Doctor Crowler. Doctor Crowler will get mad and send a man called the Shadow Duelist. He hires to come after you like in the show. When you defeat him, he drops the card Jinzo and a bill for Doctor Crowler. If you put Jinzo in your deck, a kid from Obelisk Blue will ask you to join his team if you are able to defeat him using his deck. When it is Thursday or Friday, he gets taken over by Jinzo from some ritual he tried so that he could summon Jinzo. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes

Free Master of Oz card
If you duel Syrus as a Ra Yellow, once you start the duel the screen will fade out and read “A Few Turns Later”. After that, Syrus will go through the problem he has in the anime with his brother and Power Bond. Instead of using Power Bond, he uses Polymerization. In your hand you are given four E-Heros. You will then use Thunder Giant to beat Syrus. After the duel, he will run off and drop Power Bond. You can then keep Power Bond. If you keep skipping days as a Slifer Red by staying in your dorm, you will eventually see a “?” by your room. When you go there, Chummley will knock on your door. He will challenge you to a duel, saying that you need more confidence and that you should leave your room more. If you win, he will give you the Master of Oz card that Jaden gave him when he was about to flunk. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes

Destiny Board and Spirit Messages
Put Destiny Board F and Spirit Messages I, N, A, and L in your deck. Then, duel anybody. When you have it in your hand, play it face down. On the standby phase of your opponent’s turn, flip it face up. When it is face up, the screen will darken and a ghost with an F will appear. During each of your standby phases, a Spirit Message will be played from your deck or hand, each with a ghost with a letter. Do not play any face downs. When all of them are played, the screen will turn black except for Destiny Board F. All of the ghosts will line up, spelling “FINAL”, and winning you the duel. For winning this way you will receive an extra 3000 DP.

Change name
Reach the “King of Games” rank to unlock the “Principal’s Office” room at the Duel Academy location. Enter it to duel Chancellor Sheppard. Note: You will drop in status to “Prince of Games” if you lose to him. Defeat him more than once to be able to change your character’s name.

Dropout Boy: Fail the D.S. exam while being a duel apprentice
Duel Apprentice: Your starting rank
Fiery Duelist: Win 10 duels and 10 timed duels
Calm Duelist: Win 25 duels and 25 timed duels
Superior Duelist: Win 50 duels and 50 timed duels
Honored Duelist: Win 100 duels
Elemental Hero deck
For this game you should build an “Elemental Hero” or E-HERO for short. They may seem weak if you have not unlocked the Field Spell for them or their Fusion Parts:

Field Card: Skyscraper. This will power up all of your E-HERO monsters by an extra 1000 ATK if they are attacking a monster with higher attack points, but it will only work during the damage step. For example, if you have E-HERO Burstanix ATK 1200/DEF 800 as attacking a monster with ATK 1250 or up to ATK 2200, she will be able to defeat it and gain the extra points for it. However after the battle the ATK will drop back to its original value of 1200.

Fusion Cards : E-HERO Flame Wingman, E-HERO Shining Flare Wingman, E-HERO Thunder Giant. E-HERO Flame Wingman has the ability to make your opponent lose LP according to what their destroyed monster ATK was (enhancements included). For example, if E-HERO Flame Wingman destroyed Antique Gear Golem (ATK 3000) vs. E-HERO Flame Wingman (ATK 3100), your opponent will lose 3100 LP (3100-3000 = 100); and because of the E-HERO Flame Wingman effect, your opponent loses 3000 extra LP. This will work if that monster is in Defense Mode as well.

Fusion Card: E-HERO Shinging Flare Wingman. He may have the same effect has E-HERO Flame Wingman, but his status is ATK 2500/DEF 2100. He will gain a little more 300 ATK for every E-HERO monster in your graveyard, so it is 300X the number of E-HEROs.

Fusion Card : E-HERO Thunder Giant (ATK 2400/DEF 1500). His ability is to destroy any monster face-up on the field with ATK that are lower than his own with out any enhancements. It will not matter if it was Maha Vailo with ATK 5050, because Maha Vailo ATK was originally was 1550 vs. ATK 2400 and he can automatically destroy it once you discard one card from your hand. This can be used once per turn if desired.

E-HERO Flame Wingman (E-HERO Avian + E-HERO Burstanix)

E-HERO Shining Flare Wingman (E-HERO Flame Wingman + E-HERO Sparkman)

E-HERO Thunder Giant (E-HERO Clayman + E-HERO Sparkman)

Normal E-HEROs: E-HERO Avian (ATK 1000/DEF 1000), E-HERO Burstanix (ATK 1200/DEF 800), E-HERO Clayman (ATK 800/DEF 2000), E-HERO Sparkman (ATK 1600/DEF 1400).

Effect E-HERO’s: E-HERO Bubbleman (ATK 800/DEF 1200), E-HERO Flame Wingman (ATK 2100/DEF 1200), E-HERO Shinging Flare Wingman (ATK 2500/DEF 2100), E-HERO Thunder Giant (ATK 2400/DEF 1500).

When using E-HERO monsters, it is recommended that you have the following cards: Polymerization, Fusion Gate, Miracle Fusion, Skyscraper, Hero Signal, Spirit Barrier, Wroughtweiler, Bubble Shuffle or Spark Gun, Draning Shield, Marshamllon, and Jinzo. Miracle Fusion allows you to summon an E-HERO Fusion monster if that material monster is in your graveyard or on the field. But not in your hand, the material parts will go out of play. Hero Signal allows you to summon any E-HERO Monster card from your deck if it has Elemental Hero in its name in the one to four star range, and summon it in face up ATK mode or face up DEF mode. Spirit Barrier is when you have a monster on the field set or summoned you do not take any damage from battle damage if it was destroyed by a monster. Wroughtweiler is when you have an E-HERO Monster and a Polymerization in your graveyard you can get then back once he is destroyed in battle. Bubbleshuffle will switch E-HERO Bubbleman to defense mode and one other monster on the field to defense mode as well. Then you can summon any E-HERO from your hand even, if you summoned a monster during the same turn. With Spark Gun you can switch any monster on the field (face-up) to the opposite mode. Once this gun is used three times the card will head directly to the graveyard, but it can only be equipped to E-HERO Sparkman. Darning Shield negates the attack of one of your opponents monster. Then you gain LP according to what that monster ATK is (enhancing included). Marshmallon seems weak, however it cannot be destroyed in battle. Also, if your opponent flips it up during battle and gets attacked, your opponent automatically looses 1000 LP. As long as Jinzo is on the field, you and your opponent can not activate any trap cards. This will make your opponent furious because Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder, Negate Attack, Magic Jammer, or 7 Tools Of The Banid can take him or her out in a few turns (ATK 2400/DEF 1500). E-HERO Bubbleman allows you draw two cards if it is the only one on your field (no other monsters, no face up or face down cards , no field spell, and you must have no other cards in your hand as well). You can then draw two cards or Special Summon him to defend your LP. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes

Bottomless Trap Hole glitch
Even though the Bottomless Trap Hole allows you to counter a special summon above 1500 ATK, when Premature Burial is used you cannot counter it. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Mezase Duel King cheat codes

Call Of The Haunted glitch
When you use Call Of The Haunted, do not use it with Goblin Attack Force. Once you make it go to Defense mode and sacrifice it, the Call Of The Haunted will not go away. This causes you to only be able to use four slots.

Card Of Sanctity glitch
The description of Card Of Sanctity reads “Each player draws cards until they have 6 cards in their hand.” However, when played it destroys every card on your side of the field and discards your hand. Afterwards, you will draw two cards and nothing happens to your opponent.

When dueling, summon Copycat when there is a Scape-Goat on the field. Copy the Scape-Goat and Copycat will have over 28,000 attack points.

Hero Signal glitch
Jaden Yuki’s favorite card is glitched in the game. When the “Elemental Hero” monster is special summoned by Hero Signal, it is on the duel playing field, but the CPU completely ignores it. Attack with the Hero Signaled card only when the opposing side becomes direct attacked.

Luster Dragon #2 mistake
Look at the card Luster Dragon #2. Its name appears as Luster Dragon instead of Luster Dragon #2.

Relinquished mistake
If you have the ritual card “Relinquished”, press Start on the card to look at its picture. When you see the picture, his eye is red. On the actual card, it is yellow.

Card passwords
Enter the Card Ship on a Saturday, select the Password Machine, then enter one of the following passwords to get the corresponding card:

Card Password
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom 83994646
7 67048711
7 Colored Fish 23771716
8-Claws Scorpion 14261867
A Feather of the Phoenix 49140998
A Hero Emerges 21597117
A Legendary Ocean 00295517
A Rival Appears! 05728014
A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit 13026402
Abare Ushioni 89718302
Absorbing Kid from the Sky 49771608
Acid Rain 21323861
Acrobat Monkey 47372349
Agido 16135253
Airknight Parshath 18036057
Aitsu 48202661
Alligator’s Sword 64428736
Alligator’s Sword Dragon 03366982
Alpha the Magnet Warrior 99785935
Altar for Tribute 21070956
Amazon Archer 91869203
Amazon of the Seas 17968114
Amazoness Fighter 55821894
Amazoness Paladin 47480070
Amazoness Swords Woman 94004268
Amphibian Beast 67371383
Amphibious Bugroth 40173854
Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 64342551
Ancient Brain 42431843
Ancient Elf 93221206
Ancient Gear Beast 10509340
Ancient Gear Golem 83104731
Ancient Telescope 17092836
Andro Sphinx 15013468
Anti Raigeki 42364257
Anti-Aircraft Flower 65064143
Anti-Spell 53112492
Apprentice Magician 09156135
Aqua Chorus 95132338
Aqua Dragon 86164529
Aqua Madoor 85639257
Aqua Spirit 40916023
Archfiend Soldier 49881766
Archlord Zerato 18378582
Armaill 53153481
Armed Ninja 09076207
Armor Break 79649195
Armor Exe 07180418
Arsenal Bug 42364374
Assault on GHQ 62633180
Aswan Apparition 88236094
Atomic Firefly 87340664
Attack and Receive 63689843
Autonomous Action Unit 71453557
Axe of Despair 40619825
Axe Raider 48305365
B. Skull Dragon 11901678
BES. Crystal Core 22790789
Baby Dragon 88819587
Back to Square One 47453433
Backfire 82705573
Backup Soldier 36280194
Balloon Lizard 39892082
Banisher of the Light 61528025
Banner of Courage 10012614
Baron of the Fiend Sword 86325596
Barox 06840573
Barrel Dragon 81480460
Battery Charger 61181383
Battery Man AA 63142001
Battery Man C 19733961
Battle Footballer 48094997
Battle Ox 05053103
Battle Warrior 55550921
Bazoo the Soul-Eater 40133511
Beast Fangs 46009906
Beast of Talwar 11761845
Beastly Mirror Ritual 81933259
Beautiful Headhuntress 16899564
Beckoning Light 16255442
Begone, Knave! 20374520
Behegon 94022093
Berfomet 77207191
Beta the Magnet Warrior 39256679
Bickuribox 25655502
Big Bang Shot 61127349
Big Core 14148099
Big Eye 16768387
Big Koala 42129512
Bio-Mage 58696829
Birdface 45547649
Black Illusion Ritual 41426869
Black Luster Ritual 55761792
Black Luster Soldier 05405694
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning 72989439
Black Pendant 65169794
Black Tyranno 38670435
Blackland Fire Dragon 87564352
Blade Rabbit 58268433
Bladefly 28470714
Blast Juggler 70138455
Blast Magician 21051146
Blast Sphere 26302522
Blasting the Ruins 21466326
Blazing Inpachi 05464695
Blind Destruction 32015116
Block Attack 25880422
Blood Sucker 97783659
Blowback Dragon 25551951
Blue Medicine 20871001
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon 53183600
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon 23995346
Blue-Eyes White Dragon 89631139
Blue-Winged Crown 41396436
Bokoichi the Freightening Car 08715625
Bone Mouse 21239280
Boneheimer 98456117
Book of Moon 14087893
Book of Secret Arts 91595718
Book of Taiyou 38699854
Bottom Dweller 81386177
Bottomless Shifting Sand 76532077
Bottomless Trap Hole 29401950
Bowganian 52090844
Bracchio-Raidus 16507828
Breaker the Magical Warior 71413901
Breath of Light 20101223
Bright Castle 82878489
Bubble Shuffle 63968753
Bubonic Vermin 06104968
Burning Algae 41859700
Burning Land 24294108
Burning Spear 18937875
Burst Breath 80163754
Burst Stream of Destruction 17655904
Buster Blader 78193831
Byser Shock 17597059
Calamity of the Wicked Unknown
Call of the Dark 78637313
Call of the Grave 16970158
Call of the Haunted 97077563
Cannon Soldier 11384280
Card Destruction 72892473
Card of Safe Return 57953380
Card of Sanctity 04266498
Castle Gate 36931229
Castle Walls 44209392
Catapult Turtle 95727991
Cathedral of Nobles Unknown
Cave Dragon 93220472
Ceasefire 36468556
Cemetary Bomb 51394546
Ceremonial Bell 20228463
Cestus of Dagla 28106077
Chain Burst 48276469
Chain Destruction 01248895
Chain Disappearance 57139487
Chain Energy 79323590
Chakra 65393205
Change of Heart 04031928
Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End 82301904
Chaos End 61044390
Chaos Greed 97439308
Chaos Necromancer 01434352
Chaos Sorcerer 09596126
Charcoal Inpachi 13179332
Charubin the Fire Knight 37421579
Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast 04796100
Chorus of Sanctuary 81380218
Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter 08508055
Clown Zombie 92667214
Cobra Jar 86801871
Cockroach Knight 33413638
Coffin Seller 65830223
Commencement Dance 43417563
Compulsory Evacuation Device 94192409
Confiscation 17375316
Conscription 31000575
Continuous Destruction Punch 68057622
Contract with Exodia 33244944
Contract with the Abyss 69035382
Contract with the Dark Master 96420087
Copycat 26376390
Corpse of Yata-Garasu Unknown
Cosmo Queen 38999506
Crab Turtle 91782219
Crass Clown 93889755
Crawling Dragon #2 38289717
Creeping Doom Manta 52571838
Crimson Ninja 14618326
Crimson Sunbird 46696593
Cure Mermaid 85802526
Curse of Aging 41398771
Curse of Darkness 84970821
Curse of Dragon 28279543
Curse of the Masked Beast 94377247
Curtain of the Dark Ones 22026707
Cyber Dragon 70095154
Cyber End Dragon 01546123
Cyber Falcon 30655537
Cyber Harpie Lady 80316585
Cyber Jar 34124316
Cyber Saurus 89112729
Cyber Shield 63224564
Cyber Twin Dragon 74157028
Cyber-Stein 69015963
Cyber-Tech Alligator 48766543
Cybernetic Cyclopean 96428622
Cyclon Laser 05494820
Cycroid 45945685
D.D. Assailant 70074904
D.D. Borderline 60912752
D.D. Trainer 86498013
D.D. Warrior Lady 07572887
D.D. Crazy Beast 48148828
D.D. Dynamite 08628798
D.D. Trap Hole 05606466
DDM Different Dimension Master 82112775
Dancing Fairy 90925163
Dangerous Machine TYPE-6 76895648
Dark Artist 72520073
Dark Bat 67049542
Dark Blade 11321183
Dark Blade the Dragon Knight 86805855
Dark Driceratops 65287621
Dark Dust Spirit 89111398
Dark Elf 21417692
Dark Energy 04614116
Dark Factory of Mass Production 90928333
Dark Flare Knight 13722870
Dark Hole 53129443
Dark Magic Attack 02314238
Dark Magic Curtain Unknown
Dark Magic Ritual 76792184
Dark Magician 46986414
Dark Magician Girl 38033121
Dark Magician of Chaos 40737112
Dark Magician’s Tome of Black Magic 67227834
Dark Master – Zorc 97642679
Dark Mirror Force 20522190
Dark Paladin 98502113
Dark Room of Nightmare 85562745
Dark Sage 92377303
Dark Snake Syndrome 47233801
Dark-Piercing Light 45895206
Darkfire Dragon 17881964
Darkfire Soldier #1 05388481
Darkfire Soldier #2 78861134
Darkworld Thorns 43500484
De-Spell 19159413
Deal of Phantom 69122763
Decayed Commander 10209545
Dedication Through Light And Darkness 69542930
Deepsea Shark 28593363
Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive 87621407
Delinquent Duo 44763025
Demotion 72575145
Des Counterblow 39131963
Des Croaking 44883830
Des Dendle 12965761
Des Feral Imp 81985784
Des Frog 84451804
Des Kangaroo 78613627
Des Koala 69579761
Des Lacooda 02326738
Des Wombat 09637706
Desert Sunlight 93747864
Destertapir 13409151
Destiny Board 94212438
Destroyer Golem 73481154
Destruction Ring 21219755
Dian Keto the Cure Master 84257639
Dice Jar 03549275
Dimension Distortion 95194279
Dimensional Warrior 37043180
Disappear 24623598
Disarmament 20727787
Disc Fighter 19612721
Dissolverock 40826495
Divine Dragon Ragnarok 62113340
Divine Wrath 49010598
DNA Surgery 74701381
DNA Transplant 56769674
Doitsu 57062206
Dokurorider 99721536
Dokuroyaiba 30325729
Don Turtle 03493978
Don Zaloog 76922029
Doriado 84916669
Doriado’s Blessing 23965037
Dragon Seeker 28563545
Dragon Treasure 01435851
Dragon Zombie 66672569
Dragon’s Mirror 71490127
Dragon’s Rage 54178050
Dragoness the Wicked Knight 70681994
Draining Shield 43250041
Dream Clown 13215230
Drillago 99050989
Drillroid 71218746
Dunames Dark Witch 12493482
Dust Tornado 60082867
Earth Chant 59820352
Earthbound Spirit 67105242
Earthquake 82828051
Ebon Magician Curran 46128076
Eatgaboon 42578427
Electro-Whip 37820550
Elegant Egotist 90219263
Element Dragon 30314994
Elemental Burst 61411502
Elemental Hero Avian 21844576
Elemental Hero Bubbleman 79979666
Elemental Hero Burstinatrix 58932615
Elemental Hero Clayman 84327329
Elemental Hero Flame Wingman 35809262
Elemental Hero Sparkman 20721928
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant 61204971
Elemental Mistress Doriado 99414158
Elf’s Light 39897277
Emblem of Dragon Destroyer 06390406
Embodiment of Apophis 28649820
Emergency Provisions 53046408
Emes the Infinity 43580269
Empress Judge 15237615
Empress Mantis 58818411
Enchanted Arrow Unknown
Enchanted Javelin 96355986
Enchanting Mermaid 75376965
Enraged Battle Ox 76909279
Enraged Muka Muka 91862578
Eradicating Aerosol 94716515
Eternal Draught 56606928
Eternal Rest 95051344
Exhausting Spell 95451366
Exile of the Wicked 26725158
Exiled Force 74131780
Exodia Necross 12600382
Exodia the Forbidden One 33396948
Fairy Box 21598948
Fairy Dragon 20315854
Fairy King Truesdale 45425051
Fairy Meteor Crush 97687912
Faith Bird 75582395
Fatal Abacus 77910045
Fenrir 00218704
Feral Imp 41392891
Fiber Jar 78706415
Fiend Comedian 81172176
Fiend Scorpion 26566878
Fiend’s Hand 52800428
Fiend’s Mirror 31890399
Final Countdown 95308449
Final Destiny 18591904
Final Flame 73134081
Final Ritual of the Ancients 60369732
Fire Darts 43061293
Fire Eye 88435542
Fire Kraken 46534755
Fire Princess 64752646
Fire Reaper 53581214
Fire Sorcerer 27132350
Firegrass 53293545
Firewing Pegasus 27054370
Fireyarou 71407486
Fissure 66788016
Flame Cerebrus 60862676
Flame Champion 42599677
Flame Dancer 12883044
Flame Ghost 58528964
Flame Manipulator 34460851
Flame Swordsman 45231177
Flame Viper 02830619
Flash Assailant 96890582
Flower Wolf 95952802
Flying Fish 31987274
Flying Kamakiri #1 84834865
Flying Kamakiri #2 03134241
Follow Wind 98252586
Foolish Burial 81439173
Forest 87430998
Fortress Whale 62337487
Fortress Whale’s Oath 77454922
Frenzied Panda 98818516
Frozen Soul 57069605
Fruits of Kozaky’s Studies 49998907
Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan 01781310
Fuhma Shuriken 09373534
Fulfillment of the Contract 48206762
Fushi No Tori 38538445
Fusion Gate 33550694
Fusion Recovery 18511384
Fusion Sage 26902560
Fusion Weapon 27967615
Fusionist 01641883
Gadget Soldier 86281779
Gagagigo 49003308
Gaia Power 56594520
Gaia the Dragon Champion 66889139
Gaia the Fierce Knight 06368038
Gale Dogra 16229315
Gale Lizard 77491079
Gamble 37313786
Gamma the Magnet Warrior 11549357
Garma Sword 90844184
Garma Sword Oath 78577570
Garoozis 14977074
Garuda the Wind Spirit 12800777
Gatling Dragon 87751584
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts 05818798
Gear Golem the Moving Fortress 30190809
Gearfried the Iron Knight 00423705
Gearfried the Swordmaster 57046845
Gemini Elf 69140098
Getsu Fuhma 21887179
Giant Axe Mummy 78266168
Giant Germ 95178994
Giant Kozaky 58185394
Giant Orc 73698349
Giant Rat 97017120
Giant Red Seasnake 58831685
Giant Soldier of Stone 13039848
Giant Trunade 42703248
Gift of the Mystical Elf 98299011
Giga Gagagigo 43793530
Giga-Tech Wolf 08471389
Gigantes 47606319
Gigobyte 53776525
Gil Garth 38445524
Gilasaurus 45894482
Giltia the D. Knight 51828629
Girochin Kuwagata 84620194
Goblin Attack Force 78658564
Goblin Calligrapher 12057781
Goblin Elite Attack Force 85306040
Goblin Thief 45311864
Goblin’s Secret Remedy 11868825
Gogiga Gagagigo 39674352
Golem Sentry 82323207
Good Goblin Housekeeping 09744376
Gora Turtle 80233946
Graceful Charity 79571449
Graceful Dice 74137509
Gradius 10992251
Gradius’ Option 14291024
Granadora 13944422
Grand Tiki Elder 13676474
Granmarg the Rock Monarch 60229110
Gravedigger Ghoul 82542267
Gravekeeper’s Cannonholder 99877698
Gravekeeper’s Curse 50712728
Gravekeeper’s Guard 37101832
Gravekeeper’s Servant 16762927
Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier 63695531
Gravekeeper’s Spy 24317029
Gravekeeper’s Vassal 99690140
Graverobber’s Retribution 33737664
Gravity Bind 85742772
Gray Wing 29618570
Great Angus 11813953
Great Long Nose 02356994
Great Mammoth of Goldfine 54622031
Green Gadget 41172955
Gren Maju Da Eiza 36584821
Ground Attacker Bugroth 58314394
Ground Collapse 90502999
Gruesome Goo 65623423
Gryphon Wing 55608151
Gryphon’s Feather Duster 34370473
Guardian Angel Joan 68007326
Guardian of the Labyrinth 89272878
Guardian of the Sea 85448931
Guardian Sphinx 40659562
Guardian Statue 75209824
Gust Fan 55321970
Gyaku-Gire Panda 09817927
Gyroid 18325492
Hade-Hane 28357177
Hamburger Recipe 80811661
Hammer Shot 26412047
Hane-Hane 07089711
Hannibal Necromancer 05640330
Harpie Girl 34100324
Harpie Lady 76812113
Harpie Lady 1 91932350
Harpie Lady 2 27927359
Harpie Lady 3 54415063
Harpie Lady Sisters 12206212
Harpie’s Brother 30532390
Harpie’s Feather Duster 18144506
Harpie’s Pet Dragon 52040216
Harpies’ Hunting Ground 75782277
Hayabusa Knight 21015833
Headless Knight 05434080
Heart of the Underdog 35762283
Heavy Slump 52417196
Heavy Storm 19613556
Hercules Beetle 52584282
Hero Signal 22020907
Hibikime 64501875
Hidden Book of Spell 21840375
Hidden Soldier Unknown
F.G.D. Unknown
Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi 75745607
Hinotama 46130346
Hinotama Soul 96851799
Holy Knight Ishzark Unknown
Homunculus the Alchemic Being 40410110
Horn of Light 38552107
Horn of the Unicorn 64047146
Hoshiningen 67629977
House of Adhesive Tape 15083728
Howling Insect 93107608
Huge Revolution 65396880
Humanoid Slime 46821314
Humanoid Worm Drake 05600127
Hungry Burger 30243636
Hyena 22873798
Hyosube 02118022
Hyozanryu 62397231
Hysteric Fairy 21297224
Imperial Order 61740673
Inaba White Rabbit 77084837
Incandescent Ordeal 33031674
Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei 84173492
Inferno 74823665
Inferno Fire Blast 52684508
Inferno Hammer 17185260
Inferno Tempest 14391920
Infinite Cards 94163677
Injection Fairy Lily 29575620
Inpachi 97923414
Insect Armor with Laser Cannon 03492538
Insect Barrier 23615409
Insect Knight 35052053
Insect Queen 91512835
Insect Soldiers of the Sky 07019529
Inspection 16227556
Invader From Another Dimension 28450915
Invader of Darkness 56647086
Invasion of Flames 26082229
Invigoration 98374133
Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu 73431236
Island Turtle 04042268
Jack’s Knight 90876561
Jar of Greed 83968380
Jar Robber 33784505
Javelin Beetle 26932788
Javelin Beetle Pact 41182875
Jerry Beans Man 23635815
Jinzo 77585513
Jinzo #7 32809211
Jirai Gumo 94773007
Jowgen the Spiritualist 41855169
Just Desserts 24068492
KA-2 Des Scissors 52768103
Kabazauls 51934376
Kaibaman 34627841
Kaiser Dragon 94566432
Kaiser Glider 52824910
Kaminari Attack 09653271
Kaminote Blow 97570038
Kamionwizard 41544074
Kangaroo Champ 95789089
Karate Man 23289281
Karbonala Warrior 54541900
Kelbek 54878498
Keldo 80441106
Kinetic Soldier 79853073
King of the Skull Servants 36021814
King’s Knight 64788463
Kiseitai 04266839
Kishido Spirit 60519422
Knight’s Title 87210505
Koitsu 69456283
Kozaky 99171160
Kozaky’s Self-Destruct Button 21908319
Kryuel 82642348
Kuriboh 40640057
Kuwagata Alpha 60802233
Kwagar Hercules 95144193
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 88240808
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp 97590747
Labyrinth of Nightmare 66526672
Labyrinth Tank 99551425
Lady Assailant of Flames 90147755
Lady Ninja Yae 82005435
Lady of Faith 17358176
Laser Cannon Armor 77007920
Last Day of Witch 90330453
Launcher Spider 87322377
Lava Battleguard 20394040
Lava Golem 00102380
Left Arm of the Forbidden One 07902349
Left Leg of the Forbidden One 44519536
Legendary Black Belt 96438440
Legendary Fiend Unknown
Legendary Flame Lord 60258960
Legendary Sword 61854111
Leghul 12472242
Lesser Dragon 55444629
Lesser Fiend 16475472
Levia-Dragon – Daedalus 37721209
Light of Intervention 62867251
Light of Judgment 44595286
Lightning Blade 55226821
Lightning Conger 27671321
Lightning Vortex 69162969
Limiter Removal 23171610
Little Chimera 68658728
Lizard Soldier 20831168
Lord of the Lamp 99510761
Lost Guardian 45871897
Luminous Soldier 57282479
Luminous Spark 81777047
Luster Dragon (level 6) 17658803
Luster Dragon (level 4) 11091375
M-Warrior #1 56342351
M-Warrior #2 92731455
Machine Conversion Factory 25769732
Machine King 46700124
Mad Dog of Darkness 79182538
Mad Lobster 97240270
Mad Sword Beast 79870141
Mage Power 83746708
Magic Cylinder 62279055
Magic Jammer 77414722
Magical Explosion 32723153
Magical Marionette 08034697
Magical Plant Mandragola 07802006
Magical Scientist 34206604
Magical Thorn 53119267
Magician of Black Chaos 30208479
Magician of Faith 31560081
Maha Vailo 93013676
Maiden of the Aqua 17214465
Maji-Gire Panda 60102563
Makiu 27827272
Malevolent Nuzzler 99597615
Malice Dispersion 13626450
Mammoth Graveyard 40374923
Man-Eater Bug 54652250
Man-Eating Black Shark 80727036
Man-Eating Treasure Chest 13723605
Manga Ryu-Ran 38369344
Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands 95492061
Man-Thro’ Tro’ 43714890
Marauding Captain 02460565
Marie the Fallen One 57579381
Marine Beast 29929832
Marshmallon 31305911
Maryokutai 71466592
Masaki the Legendary Swordsman 44287299
Mask of Brutality 82432018
Mask of Darkness 28933734
Mask of Dispel 20765952
Mask of Restrict 29549364
Mask of the Accursed 56948373
Mask of Weakness 57882509
Masked Dragon 39191307
Mass Driver 34906152
Master Kyonshee 24530661
Master Monk 49814180
Master of Dragon Soldier Unknown
Master of Oz 27134689
Mataza the Zapper 22609617
Mavelus 59036972
Mech Mole Zombie 63545455
Mecha-Dog Marron 94667532
Mechanical Hound 22512237
Mechanical Spider 45688586
Mechanicalchaser 07359741
Medusa Worm 02694423
Mefist the Infernal General 46820049
Mega Thunderball 21817254
Mega Ton Magical Cannon 32062913
Megamorph 22046459
Megarock Dragon 71544954
Melchid the Four-Faced Beast 86569121
Mermaid Knight 24435369
Messenger of Peace 44656491
Metal Armored Bug 65957473
Metal Dragon 09293977
Metalmorph 68540058
Metalzoa 50705071
Metamorphosis 46411259
Metal Reflect Slime Unknown
Meteor B. Dragon 90660762
Meteor Dragon 64271667
Meteor of Destruction 33767325
Meteorain 64274292
Michizure 37580756
Mighty Guard 62327910
Mikazukinoyaiba 38277918
Millennium Golem 47986555
Millennium Scorpion 82482194
Millennium Shield 32012841
Milus Radiant 07489323
Mind on Air 66690411
Mind Wipe 52718046
Mine Golem 76321376
Minefield Eruption 85519211
Minor Goblin Official 01918087
Miracle Dig 06343408
Miracle Fusion 45906428
Miracle Restoring 68334074
Mirage Dragon 15960641
Mirage Knight 49217579
Mirror Force 44095762
Mispolymerization 58392024
Moai Interceptor Cannons 45159319
Mobius the Frost Monarch 04929256
Mokey Mokey 27288416
Mokey Mokey King 13803864
Mokey Mokey Smackdown 01965724
Molten Behemoth 17192817
Molten Destruction 19384334
Molten Zombie 04732017
Monk Fighter 03810071
Monster Egg 36121917
Monster Eye 84133008
Monster Gate 43040603
Monster Reborn 83764718
Monster Reincarnation 74848038
Mooyan Curry 58074572
Morale Boost 93671934
Morphing Jar 33508719
Morphing Jar #2 79106360
Mother Grizzly 57839750
Mountain 50913601
Mr. Volcano 31477025
Mudora 82108372
Muka Muka 46657337
Multiplication of Ants 22493811
Multiply 40703222
Musician King 56907389
Mysterious Puppeteer 54098121
Mystic Horseman 68516705
Mystic Lamp 98049915
Mystic Plasma Zone 18161786
Mystic Tomato 83011277
Mystical Beast Serket 89194033
Mystical Elf 15025844
Mystical Moon 36607978
Mystical Sand 32751480
Mystical Sheep #2 30451366
Mystical Shine Ball 39552864
Mystical Space Typhoon 05318639
Mystik Wok 80161395
Needle Ball 94230224
Needle Burrower 98162242
Needle Wall 38299233
Needle Worm 81843628
Negate Attack 14315573
Neo Aqua Madoor 49563947
Neo Bug 16587243
Neo the Magic Swordsman 50930991
Newdoria 04335645
Nightmare Wheel 54704216
Nightmare’s Steelcage 58775978
Nimble Momonga 22567609
Nin-Ken Dog 11987744
Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke 04041838
Ninjitsu Art of Decoy 89628781
Ninjitsu Art of Transformation 70861343
Niwatori 07805359
Nobleman of Crossout 71044499
Nobleman of Extermination 17449108
Non Aggression Area 76848240
Novox’s Prayer 43694075
Nubian Guard 51616747
Numinous Healer 02130625
Obnoxious Celtic Guardian 52077741
Ocean Dragon Lord – Neo-Daedalus 10485110
Ocubeam 86088138
Offerings to the Doomed 19230407
Ojama Black 79335209
Ojama Delta Hurricane!! 08251996
Ojama Green 12482652
Ojama King 90140980
Ojama Trio 29843091
Ojama Yellow 42941100
Old Vindictive Magician 45141844
One-Eyed Shield Dragon 33064647
Oni Tank T-34 66927994
Ooguchi 58861941
Ookazi 19523799
Oppressed People 58538870
Opticlops 14531242
Order to Charge 78986941
Outstanding Dog Marron 11548522
Overdrive 02311603
Overpowering Eye Unknown
Painful Choice 74191942
Paladin of White Dragon 73398797
Panther Warrior 42035044
Patroid 71930383
Penguin Soldier 93920745
Penumbral Soldier Lady 64751286
People Running About 12143771
Performance of Sword 04849037
Peten the Dark Clown 52624755
Petit Angel 38142739
Petit Dragon 75356564
Phantom Ghost 61201220
Pharaoh’s Servant 52550973
Pharaonic Protector 89959682
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 63356631
Pinch Hopper 26185991
Piranha Army 50823978
Pitch-Black Power Stone 34029630
Pitch-Black Warwolf 88975532
Pitch-Dark Dragon 47415292
Poison Draw Frog 56840658
Poison Fangs 76539047
Poison Mummy 43716289
Poison of the Old Man 08842266
Polymerization 24094653
Pot of Generosity 70278545
Pot of Greed 55144522
Power Bond 37630732
Power of Kaishin 77027445
Pragtical 33691040
Precious Cards From Beyond 68304813
Premature Burial 70828912
Prevent Rat 00549481
Primal Seed 23701465
Princess of Tsurugi 51371017
Protective Soul Ailin 11678191
Protector of the Sanctuary 24221739
Protector of the Throne 10071456
Punished Eagle 74703140
Pyramid of Light 53569894
Pyramid Turtle 77044671
Queen’s Double 05901497
Queen’s Knight 25652259
Rabid Horseman 94905343
Raging Flame Sprite 90810762
Raigeki 12580477
Raigeki Break 04178474
Raimei 56260110
Rain of Mercy 66719324
Rainbow Flower 21347810
Raise Body Heat 51267887
Rare Fish 80516007
Rare Metal Dragon 25236056
Ray of Hope 82529174
Re-Fusion 74694807
Really Eternal Rest 28121403
Reckless Greed 37576645
Recycle 96316857
Red Archery Girl 65570596
Red Gadget 86445415
Red Gadget – Stronghold Unknown
Red Medicine 38199696
Red-Eyes B. Chick 36262024
Red-Eyes B. Dragon 74677422
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon 64335804
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon 96561011
Reflect Bounder 02851070
Reinforcement of the Army 32807846
Reinforcements 17814387
Release Restraint 75417459
Relinquished 64631466
Reload 22589918
Remove Trap 51482758
Reshef the Dark Being 62420419
Respect Play 08951260
Restructer Revolution 99518961
Resurrection of Chakra 77622396
Reversal of Graves Unknown
Revival of Dokurorider Unknown
Return Zombie 03072077
Rhaimundos of the Red Sword 62403074
Right Arm of the Forbidden One 70903634
Right Leg of the Forbidden One 08124921
Ring of Destruction 83555666
Rising Air Current 45778932
Rising Energy 78211862
Ritual Weapon 54351224
Roaring Ocean Snake 19066538
Robbin’ Goblin 88279736
Robbin’ Zombie 83258273
Robotic Knight 44203504
Roc from the Valley of Haze 28143906
Rock Bombardment 20781762
Rod of the Mind’s Eye 94793422
Rose Spectre of Dunn 32485271
Royal Command 33950246
Royal Decree 51452091
Royal Magical Library 70791313
Royal Surrender 56058888
Rush Recklessly 70046172
Ryu Kokki 57281778
Ryu-Kishin 15303296
Ryu-Kishin Clown 42647539
Ryu-Ran 02964201
Sacred Crane 30914564
Sage’s Stone 13604200
Sakuretsu Armor 56120475
Salamandra 32268901
Salvage 96947648
Sand Gambler 50593156
Sangan 26202165
Sanwitch 53539634
Sasuke Samurai 16222645
Sasuke Samurai #3 77379481
Sasuke Samurai #4 64538655
Satellite Cannon 50400231
Scapegoat 73915051
Science Soldier 67532912
Scroll of Bewitchment 10352095
Sea Kamen 71746462
Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness 42071342
Sealmaster Meisei 02468169
Sebek’s Blessing 22537443
Secret Barrel 27053506
Self-Destruct Button 57585212
Sengenjin 76232340
Senju of the Thousand Hands 23401839
Senri Eye 60391791
Serpent Night Dragon 66516792
Servant of Catabolism 02792265
Seven Tools of the Bandit 03819470
Shadow Ghoul 30778711
Shadow of Eyes 58621589
Shadow Specter 40575313
Shadow Spell 29267084
Shadowslayer 20939559
Shapesnatch 04035199
Shield Crash 30683373
Shinato, King of a Higher Plane 86327225
Shinato’s Ark 60365591
Shining Abyss 87303357
Shining Angel 95956346
Silpheed 73001017
Silver Bow and Arrow 01557499
Silver Fang 90357090
Sinister Serpent 08131171
Skelengel 60694662
Skelgon 32355828
Skilled Dark Magician 73752131
Skilled White Magician 46363422
Skull Dice 00126218
Skull Dog Marron 86652646
Skull Guardian 03627449
Skull Invitation 98139712
Skull Knight 02504891
Skull Mariner 05265750
Skull Red Bird 10202894
Skull Servant 32274490
Skull-Mark Ladybug 64306248
Skullbird 08327462
Skyscraper 63035430
Slate Warrior 78636495
Smashing Ground 97169186
Snake Fang 00596051
Snakeyashi 29802344
Snatch Steal 45986603
Sogen 86318356
Soitsu 60246171
Solar Ray 44472639
Solemn Wishes 35346968
Solomon’s Lawbook 23471572
Sonic Bird 57617178
Sonic Duck 84696266
Sonic Maid 38942059
Sorcerer of the Doomed 49218300
Soul Absorption 68073522
Soul Hunter 72869010
Soul of Purity and Light 77527210
Soul of the Pure 47852924
Soul Release 05758500
Soul Resurrection 92924317
Soul Reversal 78864369
Soul Tiger 15734813
Souleater 31242786
Souls of the Forgotten 04920010
Space Mambo 36119641
Spark Gun 97362768
Sparks 76103675
Spear Dragon 31553716
Special Hurricane 42598242
Spell Canceller 84636823
Spell Purification 01669772
Spell Reproduction 29228529
Spell-Stopping Statute 10069180
Spellbinding Circle 18807108
Spherous Lady 52121290
Sphinx Teleia 51402177
Spiral Spear Strike 49328340
Spirit Barrier 53239672
Spirit Caller 48659020
Spirit Message “A” 94772232
Spirit Message “I” 31893528
Spirit Message “L” 30170981
Spirit Message “N” 67287533
Spirit of Flames 13522325
Spirit of the Books 14037717
Spirit of the Breeze 53530069
Spirit of the Harp 80770678
Spirit of the Pharaoh 25343280
Spirit of the Pot of Greed 04896788
Spiritual Earth Art – Kurogane 70156997
Spiritual Fire Art – Kurenai 42945701
Spiritual Water Art – Aoi 06540606
Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi 79333300
Spring of Rebirth 94425169
St. Joan 21175632
Star Boy 08201910
Statue of the Wicked 65810489
Stealth Bird 03510565
Steam Gyroid 05368615
Steamroid 44729197
Steel Ogre Grotto #1 29172562
Steel Ogre Grotto #2 90908427
Steel Shell 02370081
Stone Statue of the Aztecs 31812496
Stop Defense 63102017
Stray Lambs 60764581
Summoned Skull 70781052
Summoner of Illusions 14644902
Super War Lion 33951077
Supply 44072894
Susa Soldier 40473581
Swamp Battleguard 40453765
Swarm of Locusts 41872150
Swarm of Scarabs 15383415
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight 16589042
Sword of Dark Destruction 37120512
Sword of Deep-Seated 98495314
Swords of Revealing Light 72302403
Swordsman from a Foreign Land 85255550
System Down 18895832
Tadpole 10456559
Tactical Espionage Expert 89698120
Tainted Wisdom 28725004
Takuhee 03170832
Temple of Skulls 00732302
Terraforming 73628505
Terrorking Salmon 78060096
The All-Seeing White Tiger 32269855
The Big March of Animals 01689516
The Bistro Butcher 71107816
The Cheerful Coffin 41142615
The Creator 61505339
The Creator Incarnate 97093037
The Dark Door 30606547
The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave 93346024
The Earl of Demise 66989694
The Fiend Megacyber 66362965
The First Sarcophagus 31076103
The Forceful Sentry 42829885
The Forgiving Maiden 84080938
The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams 68049471
The Hunter With 7 Weapons 01525329
The Illusory Gentleman 83764996
The Last Warrior from Another Planet 86099788
The Law of the Normal 66926224
The Masked Beast 49064413
The Portrait’s Secret 32541773
The Reliable Guardian 16430187
The Rock Spirit 76305638
The Sanctuary in the Sky 56433456
The Second Sarcophagus 04081094
The Shallow Grave 43434803
The Snake Hair 29491031
The Spell Absorbing Life 99517131
The Thing In The Crater 78243409
The Third Sarcophagus 78697395
The Unfriendly Amazon 65475294
The Unhappy Maiden 51275027
The Wandering Doomed 93788854
The Warrior Returning Alive 95281259
Theban Nightmare 51838385
Theinen the Great Sphinx 87997872
Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch 26205777
Thousand Dragon 41462083
Thousand Knives 63391643
Thousand Needles 33977496
Thousand-Eyes Idol 27125110
Thousand-Eyes Restrict 63519819
Threatening Roar 36361633
Throwstone Unit 76075810
Thunder Crash 69196160
Thunder Dragon 31786629
Thunder of Ruler 91781589
Time Seal 85316708
Time Wizard 71625222
Token Feastevil 83675475
Token Thanksgiving 57182235
Toll 82003859
Tongyo 69572024
Toon Cannon Soldier 79875176
Toon Dark Magician Girl 90960358
Toon Gemini Elf 42386471
Toon Goblin Attack Force 15270883
Toon Masked Sorcerer 36392472
Toon Mermaid 65458948
Toon Summoned Skull 91842653
Toon Table of Contents 89997728
Toon World 15259703
Torrential Tribute 53582587
Total Defense Shogun 75372290
Tower of Babel 94256039
Tragedy 35686187
Trakadon 42348802
Transcendent Wings 25573054
Trap Hole 04206964
Trap Jammer 19252988
Trap Master 46461247
Tremendous Fire 46918794
Tri-Horned Dragon 39111158
Tribe-Infecting Virus 33184167
Tribute to the Doomed 79759861
Tricky 14778250
Tricky’s Magic 4 75622824
Troop Dragon 55013285
Tsukuyomi 34853266
Turtle Oath 76806714
Twin-Headed Fire Dragon 78984772
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon 54752875
Two Thousand Needles 83228073
Two-Headed King Rex 94119974
Tyhone 72842870
Tyhone #2 56789759
Tyranno Infinity 83235263
UFO Turtle 60806437
UFOroid 07602840
UFOroid Fighter 32752319
Ultimate Baseball Kid 57934141
Ultra Evolution Pill 22431243
Umi 22702055
Umiiruka 82999629
United Resistance 85936485
United We Stand 56747793
Upstart Goblin 70368879
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior 75347539
Vampire Orchis 46571052
Vermillion Sparrow 35752363
Vile Germs 39774685
Violet Crystal 15052462
Vorse Raider 14898066
Waboku 12607053
Wall of Illusion 13945283
War-Lion Ritual 54539105
Warrior Dai Grepher 75953262
Warrior Elimination 90873992
Warrior of Tradition 56413937
Warrior of Zera 66073051
Wasteland 23424603
Wasteland Amazon Unknown
Water Magician 93343894
Wave-Motion Cannon 38992735
White Dragon Ritual 09786492
White Hole 43487744
White Magical Hat 15150365
White Magician Pikeru 81383947
White Ninja 01571945
Widespread Ruin 77754944
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 87796900
Winged Kuriboh 57116033
Winged Kuriboh LV10 98585345
Wings of Wicked Flame 92944626
Wingweaver 31447217
Witch Doctor of Chaos 75946257
Witch of the Black Forest 78010363
Witch’s Apprentice 80741828
Wodan the Resident of the Forest 42883273
Wolf Axwielder 56369281
Woodborg Inpachi 35322812
Woodland Sprite 06979239
Worm Drake 73216412
Wroughtweiler 06480253
X-Head Cannon 62651957
XY-Dragon Cannon 02111707
XYZ-Dragon Cannon 91998119
XZ-Tank Cannon 99724761
Y-Dragon Head 65622692
Yamadron 70345785
Yamata Dragon 76862289
Yami 59197169
Yata-Garasu 03078576
Yellow Gadget 13839120
Yellow Luster Shield 04542651
Yomi Ship 51534754
Yormungarde 17115745
YZ-Tank Dragon 25119460
Z-Metal Tank 64500000
Zaborg the Thunder Monarch 51945556
Zera Ritual 81756897
Zera the Mant 69123138
Zero Gravity 83133491
Zoa 24311372
Zolga 16268841
Zombie Tiger 47693640
Zombie Warrior 31339260
Zombyra the Dark 88472456
Zone Eater 86100785