Pokemon Platinum VX Vanilla Expanded – New Evolution Methods

Pokemon Platinum VX is a hack that adds more playable Pokemon to the game with a gentler approach than your average hack. The difference is that nothing is added that really does not need to be added; no new moves, no type changes, nothing. Also unlike many enhancement hacks, Platinum VX integrates all these new Pokemon as smoothly as possible. As the name Vanilla Expanded suggests, this hack is about expanding the vanilla experience without fundamentally changing the feel of the game.

PoliwhirlPolitoedLevel up while holding a King’s Rock
KadabraAlakazamLevel up with high friendship
MachokeMachampLevel up with high friendship
GravelerGolemLevel up with high friendship
SlowpokeSlowkingLevel up while holding a King’s Rock
HaunterGengarLevel up with high friendship
OnixSteelixLevel up while holding a Metal Coat
RhydonRhyperiorLevel up while holding a Protector
SeadraKingdraLevel up while holding a Dragon Scale
ScytherScizorLevel up while holding a Metal Coat
New Evolution Methods
ElectabuzzElectivireLevel up while holding an Electirizer
MagmarMagmortarLevel up while holding a Magmarizer
PorygonPorygon2Level up while holding an Upgrade
Porygon2Porygon-ZLevel up while holding a Dubious Disc
DusclopsDusknoirLevel up while holding a Reaper Cloth
ClamperlHuntailLevel up while holding a DeepSeaTooth
ClamperlGorebyssLevel up while holding a DeepSeaScale
New Evolution Methods