Pokemon Eternal X and Wilting Y – Evolution Changes

Pokémon that would normally need to be traded to evolve now have an additional evolution method. Also, Eevee no longer requires a moss or ice rock to evolve into Leafeon or Glaceon, as these are located far too late into the game. As a quick summary, Pokémon that don’t need to hold an item when traded will evolve via happiness, while those that do need an item will evolve by simply using the item like an evolution stone.
All changes are as follows:

Eevee => Glaceon: use a Shiny Stone
Eevee => Leafeon: use a Leaf Stone
Graveler => Golem: Level up with high happiness
Kadabra => Alakazam: Level up with high happiness
Machoke => Machamp: Level up with high happiness
Haunter => Gengar: Level up with high happiness

Onix => Steelix: use a Metal Coat
Scyther => Scizor: use a Metal Coat
Seadra => Kingdra: use a Dragon Scale
Poliwhirl => Politoed: use a King’s Rock
Slowpoke => Slowking: use a King’s Rock
Porygon => Porygon2: use an Up-Grade
Porygon2 => Porygon-Z: use a Dubious Disc
Clamperl => Huntail: use a Deep Sea Tooth
Clamperl => Gorebyss: use a Deep Sea Scale
Dusclops => Dusknoir: use a Reaper Cloth

Magmar => Magmortar: use a Magmarizer
Electabuzz => Electivire: use an Electirizer
Rhydon => Rhyperior: use a Protector
Feebas => Milotic: use a Prism Scale
Karrablast => Escavalier: level up with a Shelmet in the party
Shelmet => Accelgor: level up with a Karrablast in the party
Gurdurr => Conkeldurr: level up with high happiness
Boldore => Gigalith: level up with high happiness
Spritzee => Aromatisse: use a Sachet
Swirlix => Slurpuff: use a Whipped Dream
Phantump => Trevenant: Use a Dusk Stone
Pumpkaboo => Gourgeist: Use a Dusk Stone

Rebalanced only:
The following Pokémon will evolve at lower levels:
Rufflet level 54 => level 34
Vullaby level 54 => level 34
Deino level 50 => level 40
Zweilous level 64 => level 54
Pawniard level 52 => level 42
Mienfoo level 50 => level 40
Larvesta level 59 => level 49