Pokemon Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2 Redux – Pokémon Trainer Changes

Pokémon Trainer Changes (v1.4.1)
General Changes and Information

Trainer rosters in every area have been modified. Important trainers have their roster listed below including species, levels, items, moves.
Indeed, trainers have been made more difficult across the board, compared to the base game. Compared to Vanilla Black and White 2, you will see a much greater variety in team composition, as is standard in these projects.

Pokémon Black and White 2 both have inbuilt difficulty modes, which Redux takes full advantage of.

  • Easy mode and Normal Mode both share Trainer teams. Where applicable, trainers have a unique Challenge Mode team.
  • Easy mode differs from Normal mode only by subtracting levels, equal to what they are raised by in Challenge mode. This is also noted.

Compared to the other modes, Challenge Mode increases the levels of trainers and important trainers have separate, Challenge Mode only teams.

  • Where a trainer shares a team between all three difficulty modes, this increase in levels is separately noted.
  • Where a trainer on Challenge mode has a unique team, the trainer’s levels are as stated.
  • For example, you’ll need to subtract 1 level from Cheren’s Normal mode team if you’re playing on Easy mode, but if you’re playing on Challenge mode, the levels are as stated.

It is currently impossible to set Trainer Pokémon’s Natures and EVs in Gen V.

  • This also the case by default in all games, up until Gen VII, however in Gen III, very talented people have managed to implement trainer EVs into their games.
  • This hasn’t been cracked yet for Gen V, so all Trainer Pokémon have random Nature’s and no EV’s.
  • Stronger Trainers have their Pokémon’s IV’s set to 30/31 across the board, however.

A ‘*’ denotes a ‘Complete’ version of Redux only ability. To determine the ‘Classic’ equivalent, match the ‘Classic’ version ability slot in the “Pokémon Changes” document.

Please note that this document may not always be correct. Feel free to report any incorrect information!

This document has been broken down into trainer categories for convenience. However, the best way to navigate this document is likely to search for specific trainers [Control-F, Find in page etc.].

*** Special thanks to gippal#3903 for the documentation framework! ***

EV and Level Trainers’ Information

Like in Renegade Platinum, Redux features a handy EV and Level Trainer (Split into two NPCs this time!). They are both found together in the PWT.

Here’s a quick list of requirements to unlock the different training levels:

  • These are based on the Challenge mode level curve, but hold for all difficulties.
  • That is, the following information is correct regardless of the difficulty played on.

Training Level Requirement
Lv. 10 1st badge
Lv. 20 2nd badge
Lv. 30 4th badge
Lv. 40 5th badge
Lv. 50 6th badge
Lv. 60 7th badge
Lv. 70 8th badge
Lv. 80 Start the Postgame
Lv. 90 Complete the Postgame Looker Questline

Level Cap and Guide (Spoiler Free!)

Many players enjoy sticking to the ‘level caps’ of important trainers. Below is information on the Redux level curves.
You are of course free to ignore this though, if it’s not your thing :).

It is currently impossible to achieve inbuilt level caps in Gen V projects, like those seen in Radical Red et al.

  • These are born of the pokeemerald-expansion and the Complete FireRed Upgrade available for Gen III titles, no such
    equivalent exists yet for Gen V.
  • Thus, the player will need to manually ensure they don’t over-level, if such a player decides they want to play with
    level caps.

Now that the game has been out a little while, these caps include caps for all boss trainers and new important battles in Redux.

  • These are the recommended caps for playing challenge runs, but you are of course free to play as you see fit :).

Here is a spoiler free level guide for Normal Mode:

  • Cheren, Lv. 13
  • Roxie, Lv. 20
  • Burgh, Lv. 27
  • Elesa, Lv. 36
  • Clay, Lv. 43
  • Skyla, Lv. 52
  • Drayden, Lv. 60
  • Marlon, Lv. 64
  • Ghetsis, Lv. 68
  • Elite Four et al, Lv. 74
  • Iris, Lv. 75

And here is a spoiler free, more comprehensive level guide for Challenge Mode:

  • Cheren, Lv. 14
  • Roxie, Lv. 21
  • New to Redux, Lv. 23
  • Burgh, Lv. 29
  • New to Redux, Lv. 33
  • Subway Masters, Lv. 36
  • Elesa, Lv. 38
  • Charles, Lv. 39
  • Rood, Lv. 41
  • Clay, Lv. 45
  • New to Redux, Lv. 53
  • Skyla, Lv. 55
  • New to Redux, Lv. 56
  • Hugh, Lv. 58
  • New to Redux, Lv. 62
  • Drayden, Lv. 64
  • Marlon, Lv. 68
  • Ghetsis, Lv. 72
  • New to Redux, Lv. 76
  • Elite Four et al, Lv. 78
  • Iris, Lv. 79

Full Level Cap and Guide for Challenge mode (Spoilers!)

Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

This is a more comprehensive guide to the levels of all important Challenge mode trainers.

● = A mandatory trainer which needs to be fought in order to complete the game.
○ = A trainer which does not need to be fought in order to complete the game.
(2x)/(3x)/(Rot)/(Tag) = Double, Triple, Rotation or Tag battles respectively
♕/♛ = Highlights trainers that commonly constitute a level-cap, for greater visibility when scrolling though this document.

● 11 Hugh
○ 13 Roxanne
● 14 Cheren ♛
○ 20 Brawly
● 21 Roxie ♛
● 23 Brycen
○ 29 Wattson
● 29 Burgh ♛
● 30 Colress
● 33 Lenora and Hawes
○ 36 Subway Bosses
○ 37 Flannery
● 38 Elesa ♛
● 39 Charles
● 41 Rood
○ 44 Norman
● 45 Clay ♛
● 47 Hugh
● 53 Colress
○ 54 Juan
● 55 Skyla ♛
● 56 Bianca
● 58 Hugh
● 60 Zinzolin
● 62 Benga
○ 63 Winona
● 64 Drayden ♛
● 64 Zinzolin
○ 67 Tate and Liza
● 68 Marlon ♛
● 68 Zinzolin
● 70 Zinzolin
● 70 Colress
● 72 Ghetsis ♛
● 76 Lance
● 77 Hugh
● 78 The Pokémon League ♛

Challenge Mode Level Bug – Important info for Challenge Runs!

There exists a bug in all copies of Black 2 and White 2 (vanilla or modified!), for which the level shown for each trainer’s Pokémon is not the real one, stat-wise.

  • This effects Easy and Challenge mode, but not Normal mode and is a Gamefreak bug in the damage calculation which currently can’t ben fixed in Redux, just worked around sometimes.

For instance, Cheren’s Challenge mode Munchlax is level 14. However, it actually has the stats of a level 13 Munchlax!

  • The root of the issue is that the game doesn’t properly add the extra difficulty levels (these levels “Levels -1 on Easy mode, +1 on Challenge mode.” etc).

Another common examples of the bug looks like this:

  • Challenging Ghetsis at the E4 level cap effectively puts the player 10 levels above his Pokémon! (+6 from overleveling, +4 from the bug)

The damage formula takes into account the level to calculate the outgoing damage of a Pokémon. For this reason, two Pokémon with identical stats but different levels will do different damage by using the same move.

  • For example: an imaginary level 50 Rattata with 100 base attack will do less damage than a level 60 rattata with 100 attack, by using the same move.
  • For this reason if you wanna level cap by using the “unbugged level”, it would be better to use a level in between the bugged one and the unbugged one (otherwise you’ll play in disadvantage because you’ll take more damage than you’re supposed to).

Generally, the bug will behave something like this:

  • The player has a +1 level advantage up until Roxie.
  • The player a +2 level advantage up until Elesa.
  • The player a +3 level advantage up until Skyla.
  • The player a +4 level advantage for the rest of the game past Skyla.
    This is flipped in Easy mode to a level disadvantage, which ironically makes Easy mode tougher to complete than Normal mode!

All instances in this document where you see the line “No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.”, the trainers in that area do not suffer from the Challenge mode level bug.

That might seem pretty confusing – and it is! How this got past Gamefreak developers is beyond me, although in a casual setting you probably won’t notice the difference.

  • There are community guides you can seek out to find ‘unbugged’ level guides, if you want to try to minimise the advantage the bug gives the player as much as possible

To recap, if you’ve ever felt that Black 2 and White 2 get easier as the game progresses, this is why!


~~~~ Trainer Changes ~~~~

*Major* Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

Route 20

  • Levels -1 on Easy mode, +1 on Challenge mode.

● Youngster Terrell:
Patrat [Analytic], lv.6: Foresight, Bide, Tackle, Leer
Zigzagoon [Pickup], lv.6: Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack

● Lass Isabel:
Purrloin [Prankster], lv.5: Growl, Scratch, Sand Attack, Pursuit
Pidgey [Big Pecks], lv.5: Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust
Sunkern [Chlorophyll], lv.5: Absorb, Ingrain, Leech Seed, Pound

● Youngster Petey:
Spearow [Sniper], lv.5: Growl, Leer, Peck, Astonish
Lillipup [Vital Spirit], lv.5: Leer, Mud-Slap, Tackle, Lick
Hoothoot [Tinted Lens], lv.5: Foresight, Growl, Peck, Tackle

After Cheren has been defeated:

● Hiker Jerome:
Roggenrola [Sturdy], lv.12: Headbutt, Sand Attack, Curse, Smack Down
Riolu [Prankster], lv.12: Counter, Quick Attack, Vacuum Wave, Howl
Wooper [Water Absorb], lv.13: Acid Spray, Water Gun, Mud Shot, Double Kick
Drilbur [Mold Breaker], lv.12: Fury Cutter, Scratch, Fury Swipes, Rapid Spin

● Preschooler♂ Albert:
Nidoran♂ [Poison Point], lv.13: Peck, Double Kick, Fury Attack, Poison Fang
Cubone [Battle Armor], lv.13: Headbutt, Focus Energy, Rock Tomb, Bone Club
Sewaddle [Swarm], lv.13: Struggle Bug, Electroweb, Razor Leaf, Bug Bite

● Preschooler♀ Lin:
Nidoran♀ [Poison Point], lv.13: Peck, Double Kick, Fury Attack, Poison Fang
Spheal [Thick Fat], lv.13: Powder Snow, Water Pulse, Whirlpool, Super Fang
Venipede [Poison Point], lv.13: Bug Bite, Rollout, Protect, Poison Fang

● Twins Lia and Lily (2x):
Bonsly [Sturdy], lv.13: Rock Throw, Headbutt, Faint Attack
Mime Jr. [Technician], lv.13: Confusion, Tickle, Disarming Voice
Lombre [Swift Swim], lv.14: Fake Out, Water Pulse, Mega Drain
Nuzleaf [Pickpocket], lv.14: Razor Leaf, Payback, Quick Attack

● Nursery Aide Kimya:
Dunsparce [Serene Grace], lv.14: Screech, Rollout, Spite, Bite
Machop [No Guard], lv.14: Counter, Karate Chop, Meditate, Leer
Munna [Analytic], lv.14: Swift, Hypnosis, Confusion, Disarming Voice

After Roxie has been defeated:

● Plasma Grunt #763:
Yamask [Mummy], lv.17: Hex, Will-O-Wisp, Haze, Destiny Bond
Zubat [Inner Focus], lv.17: Pluck, Poison Fang, Leech Life, Bite
Mawile [Intimidate], lv.17: Rock Tomb, Covet, Thunder Fang, Metal Claw

After Surf and Waterfall are obtained, in Autumn:

○ Ranger♂ Leaf – {Sitrus Berry}:
Sawsbuck [Sap Sipper], lv.40: Horn Leech, Lunge, Charm, Take Down
Tropius [Chlorophyll], lv.40: Nature Power, Air Slash, Dragon Dance, Leaf Tornado

○ Ranger♀ Malory – {Leppa Berry}:
Exeggutor [Chlorophyll], lv.40: Hypnosis, Leech Seed, Explosion, Extrasensory

○ Ranger♂ Bret – {Leppa Berry}:
Amoonguss [Effect Spore], lv.40: Spore, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Ingrain

○ Ranger♀ Naoko – {Sitrus Berry}:
Arcanine [Flash Fire], lv.40: Extreme Speed, Raging Fury, Scorching Sands, Thunder Fang
Stoutland [Intimidate], lv.40: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Double-Edge


Floccesy Ranch

  • Levels -1 on Easy mode, +1 on Challenge mode.

●♕ HUGH:
(If you picked Oshawott):
Taillow [Early Bird], lv.8: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack
Snivy [Contrary], lv.10 @Oran Berry: Wrap, Leer, Vine Whip, Twister

Panpour [Torrent], lv.9: Tickle, Scratch, Lick, Water Gun

(If you picked Tepig):
Taillow [Early Bird], lv.8: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack
Oshawott [Shell Armor], lv.10 @Oran Berry: Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Aqua Jet

Pansear [Blaze], lv.9: Tickle, Scratch, Lick, Incinerate

(If you picked Snivy):
Taillow [Early Bird], lv.8: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack
Tepig [Sheer Force], lv.10 @Oran Berry: Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember, Smog
Pansage [Overgrow], lv.19: Tickle, Scratch, Lick, Vine Whip

○ Lass Molly:
Mareep [Static], lv.7: Thunder Shock, Cotton Spore, Swift, Growl
Azurill [Thick Fat], lv.7: Water Gun, Sing, Defense Curl, Tail Whip
Pidove [Super Luck], lv.7: Quick Attack, Gust, Growl, Leer

● Janitor Orville:
Bidoof [Simple], lv.8: Rollout, Tackle, Covet, Defense Curl
Houndour [Intimidate], lv.8: Ember, Howl, Leer, Lick
Slakoth [Truant], lv.8: Scratch, Amnesia, Mud-Slap, Pursuit

● Youngster Kenny:
Psyduck [Swift Swim], lv.8: Water Gun, Clear Smog, Disable, Confusion
Poochyena [Rattled], lv.8: Mud-Slap, Bite, Howl, Sand Attack
Ponyta [Flame Body], lv.8: Ember, Tail Whip, Tackle, Quick Attack

● Plasma Grunt #884 (2x) [Challenge Mode]:
Growlithe [Intimidate], lv.11: Ember, Snarl, Helping Hand, Morning Sun
Mienfoo [Regenerator], lv.11: Fake Out, Payback, Vital Throw, Grass Knot
Axew [Mold Breaker], lv.11: Endure, Rock Tomb, Taunt, Payback
Joltik [Compound Eyes], lv.11: Screech, Shock Wave, Struggle Bug, Spider Web


Floccesy Town

  • When you follow Alder inside, you will face two school kids back to back (you are healed in between fights).
  • The trainers you fight will differ depending on the starter you chose.
  • Levels -1 on Easy mode, +1 on Challenge mode.

If you picked Tepig…
● School Kid Seymour:
Pansage [Gluttony], lv.11: Tickle, Lick, Growth, Magical Leaf
Snivy [Contrary], lv.11: Pursuit, Vine Whip, Twister, Leer
Treecko [Overgrow], lv.11: Pound, Leer, Quick Attack, Absorb

● School Kid Cassie:
Panpour [Gluttony], lv.11: Water Pulse, Tickle, Lick, Taunt
Oshawott [Shell Armor], lv.11: Aqua Jet, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Tackle
Mudkip [Torrent], lv.11: Tackle, Growl, Mud-slap, Water Gun

If you picked Oshawott…
● School Kid Seymour:
Pansear [Gluttony], lv.11: Tickle, Lick, Yawn, Incinerate
Tepig [Sheer Force], lv.11: Ember, Smog, Defense Curl, Tackle
Torchic [Quick Feet], lv.11: Ember, Growl, Sand Attack, Scratch

● School Kid Cassie:
Pansage [Gluttony], lv.11: Tickle, Lick, Growth, Magical Leaf
Snivy [Contrary], lv.11: Pursuit, Vine Whip, Twister, Leer
Treecko [Overgrow], lv.11: Pound, Leer, Quick Attack, Absorb

If you picked Snivy…
● School Kid Seymour:
Panpour [Gluttony], lv.11: Water Pulse, Tickle, Lick, Taunt
Oshawott [Shell Armor], lv.11: Aqua Jet, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Tackle
Mudkip [Torrent], lv.11: Tackle, Growl, Mud-slap, Water Gun

● School Kid Cassie:
Pansear [Gluttony], lv.11: Tickle, Lick, Yawn, Incinerate
Tepig [Sheer Force], lv.11: Ember, Smog, Defense Curl, Tackle
Torchic [Quick Feet], lv.11: Ember, Growl, Sand Attack, Scratch


Aspertia City – Trainer School and Cheren’s Gym

Trainer School
  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

○♕ ROXANNE – Hoenn Leader {Berry Juice} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Geodude [Sturdy], lv.10: Rock Tomb, Sandstorm, Tackle, Stealth Rock
Nosepass [Sand Force], lv.11: Rock Tomb, Tackle

○♕ ROXANNE – Hoenn Leader {Berry Juice x2} [Challenge Mode]:
Anorith [Battle Armor], lv.11 @Metronome: Rock Tomb, Metal Claw, Bug Bite, Knock Off
Lileep [Suction Cups], lv.11 @Absorb Bulb: Rock Tomb, Grass Knot, Brine, Ingrain
Nosepass [Magnet Pull], lv.13 @Chesto Berry: Rock Tomb, Rock Smash, Shock Wave, Rest
Archen [Defeatist], lv.11 @Cell Battery: Rock Tomb, Wing Attack, Bite, Dragon Breath

Cheren's Gym
  • Levels -1 on Easy mode, +1 on Challenge mode.

● Youngster Pedro:
Rattata [Hustle], lv.10: Quick Attack, Bite, Screech, Focus Energy
Sentret [Hustle], lv.10: Fury Swipes, Quick Attack, Pursuit
Whismur [Scrappy], lv.10: Uproar, Fake Tears, Disarming Voice

● Lass Serena:
Pidove [Super Luck], lv.10: Air Cutter, Quick Attack, Swift, Mud Slap
Teddiursa [Quick Feet], lv.10: Headbutt, Metal Claw, Lick, Fury Swipes
Eevee [Adaptability], lv.10: Quick Attack, Swift, Tackle

●♛ LEADER CHEREN – {TM83 Work Up} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Minccino [Technician], lv.11: Work Up, Echoed Voice, Thief, Attract
Pidove [Super Luck], lv.11 @Cell Battery: Work Up, Air Cutter, Echoed Voice, Quick Attack
Lillipup [Vital Spirit], lv.13 @Oran Berry: Work Up, Bite, Tackle, Reversal
Munchlax [Pickup], lv.11 @Eviolite: Work Up, Flail

●♛ LEADER CHEREN – {TM83 Work Up} [Challenge Mode]:
Porygon [Trace], lv.13 @Enigma Berry: Work Up, Confusion, Thunder Shock, Swift
Lillipup [Vital Spirit], lv.13 @Muscle Band: Work Up, Pursuit, Retaliate, Thunder Fang
Doduo [Early Bird], lv.13 @Silk Scarf: Work Up, Peck, Quick Attack, Rage
Aipom [Skill Link], lv.13 @Water Gem: Work Up, Double Hit, Fake Out, Water Pulse
Deerling [Sap Sipper], lv.13 @Occa Berry: Work Up, Double Kick, Tackle, Leech Seed
Munchlax [Thick Fat], lv.14 @Oran Berry: Work Up, Tackle, Pursuit, Rock Tomb


Virbank Complex

  • Levels -1 on Easy mode, +1 on Challenge mode.

○ Youngster Masahiro:
Lillipup [Pickup], lv.15: Retaliate, Bite, Work Up, Lick
Charmender [Blaze], lv.15: Dragon Breath, Metal Claw, Ember, Bite
Pikachu [Lightningrod], lv.15: Quick Attack, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Charm

○ Worker Mitchell:
Magnemite [Sturdy], lv.15: Thunder Wave, Electroball, Mirror Shot
Electrike [Intimidate], lv.15: Bite, Spark, Snarl
Elekid [Vital Spirit], lv.16: Shock Wave, Quick Attack, Low Kick

○ Worker Nathan:
Grimer [Stench], lv.15: Mud Bomb, Disable, Sludge
Ekans [Intimidate], lv.15: Poison Fang, Coil, Glare
Koffing [Levitate], lv.16: Clear Smog, Assurance, Psybeam

○ Worker Isaac:
Growlithe [Intimidate], lv.15: Fire Fang, Agility, Bite, Double Kick
Slugma [Flame Body], lv.15: Flame Burst, Ancient Power, Clear Smog
Magby [Flame Body], lv.16: Fire Spin, Clear Smog, Faint Attack

○ Youngster Waylon:
Mankey [Defiant], lv.15: Pursuit, Low Kick, Covet, Karate Chop
Shinx [Intimidate], lv.15: Spark, Bite, Howl, Helping Hand
Shellos [Storm Drain], lv.15: Whirlpool, Mud Shot, Water Pulse, Yawn
Spinarak [Sniper], lv.15: Twineedle, Night Shade, Shadow Sneak, Poison Fang

○ Lass Daya:
Woobat [Simple], lv.15: Confusion, Air Cutter, Super Fang, Tailwind
Vulpix [Drought], lv.15: Hypnosis, Fire Spin, Hex, Spite
Cherubi [Chlorophyll], lv.15: Growth, Magical Leaf, Nature Power


Virbank City and Roxie’s Gym

  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

○♕ BRAWLY – Hoenn Leader {Meditite Egg} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Machop [Steadfast*], lv.17: Bulk Up, Karate Chop, Low Kick, Seismic Toss
Meditite [Pure Power], lv.17: @Light Clay: Bulk Up, Focus Punch, Reflect, Light Screen
Makuhita [Thick Fat], lv.18: @Sitrus Berry: Bulk Up, Arm Thrust, Vital Throw, Reversal

○♕ BRAWLY – Hoenn Leader {Meditite Egg} [Challenge Mode]:
Monferno [Blaze], lv.19 @Focus Sash: Stealth Rock, Fire Lash, Rock Tomb, Double Kick
Meditite [Pure Power], lv.19 @Coba Berry: Thunder Punch, Rock Smash, Psycho Cut, Bullet Punch
Machop [No Guard], lv.19 @Cheri Berry: Bulk Up, Dynamic Punch, Rock Slide, Bullet Punch
Sawk [Sturdy], lv.19 @Salac Berry: Reversal, Rock Tomb, Dual Chop, Payback
Makuhita [Sheer Force], lv.20 @Berry Juice: Bulk Up, Revenge, Fire Punch, Ice Punch

Roxie's Gym
  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

● Roughneck Nicky (Drummer):
Zubat [Inner Focus], lv.16: Wing Attack, Poison Fang, Swift, Confuse Ray
Budew [Poison Point], lv.16: Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Extrasensory, Sludge
Nidorino [Poison Point], lv.16: Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick, Poison Fang

● Guitarist Billy Jo:
Stunky [Aftermath], lv.16: Flame Burst, Screech, Bite, Smokescreen
Seviper [Shed Skin], lv.16: Glare, Screech, Sucker Punch, Poison Tail
Nidorina [Poison Point], lv.16: Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick, Poison Fang

●♛ LEADER ROXIE – {TM09 Venoshock} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Trubbish [Aftermath], lv.18 @Eviolite: Venoshock, Toxic Spikes, Acid Spray, Explosion
Koffing [Levitate], lv.18 @Chesto Berry: Venoshock, Haze, Psybeam, Incinerate
Croagunk [Dry Skin], lv.18 @Oran Berry: Venoshock, Nasty Plot, Vacuum Wave, Fake Out
Whirlipede [Swarm], lv.20 @Sitrus Berry: Venoshock, Bug Bite, Toxic, Agility

●♛ LEADER ROXIE – {TM09 Venoshock} [Challenge mode]:
Trubbish [Aftermath], lv.20 @Focus Sash: Clear Smog, Toxic Spikes, Drain Punch, Explosion
Koffing [Levitate], lv.20 @Eviolite: Venoshock, Poison Gas, Psybeam, Lava Plume
Ivysaur [Solar Power*], lv.20 @Black Sludge: Venoshock, Protect, Leech Seed, Mega Drain
Qwilfish [Intimidate], lv.20 @Muscle Band: Venoshock, Aqua Jet, Reversal, Pin Missile
Gastly [Levitate], lv.20 @Life Orb: Venoshock, Hex, Mega Drain, Torment
Whirlipede [Speed Boost], lv.21 @Eviolite: Venoshock, Steamroller, Endeavor, Protect

After defeating Roxie, Virbank City
  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

● Plasma Grunt #690 (2x):
Emolga [Motor Drive], lv.18: Nuzzle, Light Screen, Air Cutter, Spark
Carvanha [Speed Boost], lv.18: Protect, Poison Fang, Assurance, Aqua Jet
Butterfree [Compound Eyes], lv.18: Poison Powder, Gust, Confusion, Silver Wind
Beedrill [Swarm], lv.18: Twineedle, Venoshock, Fury Attack, Assurance

(Then fight grunt on Route 20: Yamask/Zubat/Mawile; for details search Route 20.)

●♕ BRYCEN – {NeverMeltIce} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Spheal [Snow Warning], lv.18 @Eviolite: Brine, Icy Wind, Bulldoze, Yawn
Swinub [Thick Fat], lv.18 @Berry Juice: Bulldoze, Avalanche, Rock Tomb, Hail
Vanillite [Ice Body], lv.18 @Life Orb: Icy Wind, Disarming Voice, Mirror Shot, Water Pulse
Cubchoo [Rattled], lv.20 @Focus Sash: Ice Shard, Bulldoze, Avalanche, Play Rough

●♕ BRYCEN – {NeverMeltIce} [Challenge mode]:
Snover [Snow Warning], lv.21 @Occa Berry: Bullet Seed, Ice Shard, Water Pulse, Icy Wind
Cryogonal [Levitate], lv.23 @NeverMeltIce: Confuse Ray, Night Slash, Avalanche, Scary Face
Smoochum [Dry Skin], lv.21 @Focus Sash: Powder Snow, Confusion, Nasty Plot, Fake Out
Shellder [Skill Link], lv.21 @Mystic Water: Icicle Spear, Rock Blast, Water Pulse, Shell Smash


Route 4 – Pre-Burgh/Castelia Side

  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

○ Breeder Irene:
Togepi [Serene Grace], lv.23: Charm, Follow me, Safeguard
Happiny [Natural Cure], lv.23: Refresh, Helping Hand, Gravity

○ Fisherman Hubert:
Basculin [Reckless], lv.19: Tackle, Flail, Aqua Jet, Bite
Remoraid [Hustle], lv.19: Aurora Beam, Bullet Seed, Rock Blast, Psybeam
Tentacool [Clear Body], lv.19: Water Pulse, Mega Drain, Rapid Spin, Toxic Spikes
Seel [Hydration], lv.19: Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Disable, Peck

○ Fisherman Andrew:
Basculin [Reckless], lv.19: Tackle, Flail, Aqua Jet, Bite
Corphish [Hyper Cutter], lv.19: Bubble Beam, Metal Claw, Knock Off, Ancient Power
Frillish [Water Absorb], lv.19: Poison Sting, Water Pulse, Soak
Squirtle [Torrent], lv.19: Water Pulse, Aqua Jet, Yawn, Rapid Spin

○ (B2) Policeman Braven / (W2) Backpacker Clifford:
Meowth [Unnerve], lv.20: Pay Day, Screech, Spite, Bite
Sandile [Intimidate], lv.20: Mud Shot, Spite, Torment, Bite
Dwebble [Shell Armor], lv.20: Faint Attack, Bug Bite, Smack Down, Withdraw
Darumaka [Hustle], lv.20: Facade, Uproar, Fire Fang


Castelia City – Battle Company

  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

~ 47F ~

○ Clerk♂ Clemens:
Arbok [Intimidate], lv.23: Poison Fang, Glare, Coil, Mud Bomb
Kadabra [Synchronize], lv.23: Confusion, Disable, Shock Wave
Croconaw [Sheer Force], lv.23: Aqua Jet, Ice Fang, Metal Claw, Bite
Heracross [Moxie], lv.23: Bug Bite, Revenge, Aerial Ace, Horn Attack

○ Clerk♂ Warren:
Metang [Clear Body], lv.23: Metal Claw, Pursuit, Headbutt, Bullet Punch
Sudowoodo [Sturdy], lv.23: Rock Tomb, Faint Attack, Tickle, Curse
Skiploom [Prankster], lv.23: Acrobatics, Sleep Powder, Mega Drain, Confusion
Mightyena [Intimidate], lv.23: Assurance, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang

○ Clerk♂ Gilligan:
Togetic [Screne Grace], lv.23: Disarming Voice, Magical Leaf, Ancient Power, Stored Power
Sandslash [Rough Skin], lv.23: Dig, Accelerock, Metal Claw, Fury Cutter
Vigoroth [Sheer Force], lv.23: Headbutt, Tickle, Covet, Uproar
Ledian [Iron Fist], lv.23: Mach Punch, Aerial Ace, Bug Bite, Psybeam

○ Clerk♀ Britney:
Aerodactyl [Pressure], lv.23: Ancient Power, Wing Attack, Scary Face, Bite
Watchog [Analytic], lv.23: Retaliate, Revenge, Crunch, Hypnosis
Roselia [Poison Point], lv.23: Mega Drain, Venoshock, Leech Seed, Stun Spore
Quilava [Flash Fire], lv.23: Flame Wheel, Double Kick, Raging Fury, Quick Attack

~ 55F ~

○ School Kid Neil:
Swellow [Scrappy], lv.23: Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Twister, Pursuit
Onix [Sturdy], lv.23: Rock Blast, Iron Tail, Bulldoze, Coil
Quagsire [Water Absorb], lv.23: Bulldoze, Double Kick, Water Pulse, Curse
Mr. Mime [Filter], lv.23: Draining Kiss, Psybeam, Fake Out, Hypnosis


Castelia Sewers

  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

○ Janitor Felix:
Stunfisk [Static], lv.22: Mud Bomb, Charge, Spark, Spite
Cinccino [Skill Link], lv.22: Double Slap, Tickle

○ Worker Zack:
Ferroseed [Iron Barbs], lv.21: Rollout, Pin Missile, Payback
Pawniard [Inner Focus], lv.21: Snarl, Metal Claw, Low Kick
Joltik [Compoundeyes], lv.21: Nuzzle, Pursuit, Pin Missile, Agility

○ Scientist♀ Caroline:
Porygon [Download], lv.21: Spark, Charge Beam, Signal Beam, Confusion
Noctowl [Tinted Lens], lv.21: Stored Power, Hypnosis, Uproar, Night Shade
Musharna [Analytic], lv.21: Magic Coat, Future Sight, Disarming Voice, Hypnosis

○ Worker Scott:
Voltorb [Soundproof], lv.22: Spark, Sonic Boom, Charge Beam, Thunder Wave
Raichu [Static], lv.22: Quick Attack, Wish, Electro Ball

○ Doctor Heath:
Chikorita [Serene Grace], lv.21: Magical Leaf, Reflect, Light Screen, Refresh
Solosis [Magic Guard], lv.21: Psywave, Magic Coat, Charm, Rollout
Swadloon [Overcoat], lv.21: Bug Bite, Synthesis, Protect, String Shot

● Plasma Grunts #342, #356 – (Tag):
Left side Grunt:
Ariados [Sniper], lv.23: Twineedle, Poison Fang, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch
Golbat [Inner Focus], lv.23: Confuse Ray, Bite, Air Cutter, Leech Life
Farfetch’d [Defeatist], lv.23: Aerial Ace, Slash, Night Slash, Revenge
Right side Grunt:
Skorupi [Sniper], lv.23: X-Scissor, Accupressure, Knock Off, Toxic
Raticate [Guts], lv.23: Hyper Fang, Sucker Punch, Flame Wheel, Quick Attack

Granbull [Intimidate], lv.23: Covet, Bulk Up, Payback, Double Kick

Your partner Hugh:

  • If you picked Tepig:
    Dewott [Shell Armor], lv.24: Slash, Revenge, Razor Shell, Fury Cutter
    Swellow [Guts], lv.24: Facade, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Steel Wing
    Simisear [Gluttony], lv.24: Tickle, Flame Burst, Bite, Disarming Voice
  • If you picked Oshawott:
    Servine [Contrary], lv.24: Dragon Breath, Leaf Tornado, Leech Seed, Glare
    Swellow [Guts], lv.24: Facade, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Steel Wing
    Simipour [Torrent], lv.24: Tickle, Scald, Bite, Disarming Voice
  • If you picked Snivy:
    Pignite [Sheer Force], lv.24: Body Slam, Mud Bomb, Flame Charge, Rock Tomb
    Swellow [Guts], lv.24: Facade, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Steel Wing
    Simisage [Overgrow], lv.24: Tickle, Seed Bomb, Disarming Voice, Bite
Accessible after Surf is obtained

○ Scientist♂ Clarke:
Magnemite [Sturdy], lv.44: Flash Cannon, Discharge, Light Screen, Thunderbolt
Magneton [Analytic], lv.44: Tri Attack, Flash Cannon, Discharge, Light Screen
Magnezone [Analytic], lv.45: Tri Attack, Flash Cannon, Discharge, Light Screen

○ Janitor Brady:
Azumarill [Huge Power], lv.45: Soak, Aqua Tail, Future Sight, Body Slam
Cinccino [Skill Link], lv.45: Tail Slap, Tickle, Wake-Up Slap, Sing


Liberty Garden

  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.
  • Victini’s Guardian will only battle the player on Challenge mode, before Burgh is defeated.
  • If he is not fought before Burgh, after you have defeated Burgh he will not let you pass into the Lighthouse!
  • He will disappear in the Postgame after the player travels to Striaton City, so Victini can be later accessed (this is also true of the other two difficulties, if he hasn’t already been interacted with).

Victini Guardian – (2x):
Loudred [Scrappy], lv.27 @Eviolite: Boomburst, Water Pulse, Chatter, Icy Wind
Bouffalant [Soundproof], lv.27 @Muscle Band: Head Charge, Wild Charge, Revenge, Zen Headbutt
Musharna [Telepathy], lv.27 @Sitrus Berry: Dazzling Gleam, Charge Beam, Psybeam, Calm Mind
Shedinja [Wonder Guard], lv.27 @Focus Sash: Shadow Sneak, Ally Switch, Will-O-Wisp, Aerial Ace
Bellossom [Cloud Nine*], lv.27 @Leftovers: Fiery Dance, Leaf Tornado, Mud Bomb, Stun Spore


Relic Passage – Castelia Side

  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

○ Scientist♀ Lumina:
Gloom [Stench], lv.24: Sludge, Mega Drain, Mud Bomb, Sleep Powder
Octillery [Sniper], lv.24: Octazooka, Aurora Beam, Psybeam, Mud Shot
Corsola [Regenerator], lv.24: Bubble Beam, Ancient Power, Brine, Ingrain
Simisear [Blaze], lv.24: Flame Charge, Fire Punch, Disarming Voice, Bite

○ Scientist♂ Terrance:
Pansage [Overgrow], lv.24: Leech Seed, Seed Bomb, Disarming Voice, Bite
Panpour [Torrent], lv.24: Brine, Scald, Disarming Voice, Bite
Pansear [Blaze], lv.24: Flame Charge, Fire Punch, Disarming Voice, Bite
Simipour [Torrent], lv.24: Brine, Scald, Disarming Voice, Bite

○ Backpacker Kendall:
Gabite [Rough Skin], lv.24: Bulldoze, Metal Claw, Breaking Swipe, Take Down
Poliwhirl [Water Absorb], lv.24: Wake-Up Slap, Bubble Beam, Hypnosis, Mud Shot
Gurdurr [Sheer Force], lv.24: Payback, Counter, Force Palm, Rock Throw
Simisage [Overgrow], lv.24: Leech Seed, Seed Bomb, Disarming Voice, Bite


Castelia City – Various + Burgh’s Gym

GAMEFREAK Offices - Main Story
  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

○ Gamefreak Nishino:
Snorlax [Thick Fat], lv.26 @Leftovers: Body Slam, Heavy Slam, Amnesia, Yawn

○ Gamefreak Morimoto:
Blitzle [Lightningrod], lv.24 @Electric Gem: Wild Charge, Flame Charge, High Horsepower, Signal Beam
Swoobat [Simple], lv.24 @Flying Gem: Acrobatics, Calm Mind, Stored Power, Charge Beam
Liepard [Prankster], lv.24 @Dark Gem: Fake Out, Thunder Wave, Night Slash, Assist

GAMEFREAK Offices - Postgame
  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

○ Gamefreak Nishino:
Braviary [Defiant], lv.90 @Power Herb: Fly
Excadrill [Mold Breaker], lv.90 @Power Herb: Dig
Alomomola [Regenerator], lv.90 @Power Herb: Dive
Liepard [Prankster], lv.90 @Lagging Tail: Assist
Zebstrika [Sap Sipper], lv.90 @Power Herb: Bounce
Mew [Synchronize], lv.92 @Power Herb: Dive, Dig, Fly, Bounce

○ Gamefreak Morimoto:
Clefable [Magic Guard], lv.90 @Leftovers: Gravity, Thunder, Blizzard, Moonblast
Audino [Regenerator], lv.90 @Leftovers: Gravity, Moonblast, Fire Blast, Trick Room
Wigglytuff [Huge Power*], lv.90 @Leftovers: Gravity, Thunder, Play Rough, Focus Blast
Porygon2 [Trace], lv.90 @Eviolite: Gravity, Thunder, Blizzard, Trick Room
Blissey [Serene Grace], lv.90 @Leftovers: Gravity, Soft-Boiled, Thunder, Focus Blast
Snorlax [Thick Fat], lv.92 @Leftovers: Slack Off, Gunk Shot, Strength, Earthquake

Café Sonata
  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

○♕ WATTSON – Hoenn Leader {Tanga Berry x2} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Voltorb [Soundproof], lv.25: Rollout, Spark, Self-Destruct, Shock Wave
Electrike [Static], lv.25: Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave, Howl
Magneton [Magnet Pull], lv.25: Supersonic, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Sonic Boom
Manectric [Intimidate*], lv.26 @Sitrus Berry: Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave, Howl

○♕ WATTSON – Hoenn Leader {Tanga Berry x2} [Challenge Mode]:
Jolteon [Volt Absorb], lv.27 @Shuca Berry: Volt Switch, Grass Knot, Double Kick, Shadow Ball
Rotom-Frost [Levitate], lv.27 @Lagging Tail: Volt Switch, Blizzard, Hex, Trick
Magneton [Sturdy], lv.27 @Eviolite: Volt Switch, Flash Cannon, Bug Buzz, Tri Attack
Electabuzz [Static], lv.27 @Life Orb: Volt Switch, Psychic, Brick Break, Dual Chop
Manectric [Intimidate], lv.28 @Air Balloon: Volt Switch, Ice Fang, Flame Burst, Quick Attack Volbeat [Tinted Lens], lv.27 @Charti Berry: Volt Switch, Bug Buzz, Mystical Fire, Water Pulse

Burgh's Gym
  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode for the main gym puzzle.
  • No level shift based on difficulty in Burgh’s room, levels for Burgh himself are as stated.

● Harlequin Clarence:
Combee [Honey Gather], lv.24: Bug Buzz, Gust, Struggle Bug
Burmy [Shed Skin], lv.24: Protect, Tackle, Bug Bite, Electroweb
Pinsir [Moxie], lv.24: Bug Bite, Brick Break, Double Hit, Quick Attack

● Harlequin Jack:
Shelmet [Overcoat], lv.24: Struggle Bug, Yawn, Mud Slap, Pursuit
Karrablast [No Guard], lv.24: Horn Attack, Acid Spray, Bug Bite, Pursuit
Beautifly [Swarm], lv.24: Air Cutter, Silver Wind, Stun Spore, Mega Drain
Dustox [Compoundeyes], lv.24: Silver Wind, Sludge, Poison Powder, Confusion

● Harlequin Gary:
Paras [Effect Spore], lv.23: Bullet Seed, Fury Cutter, Spore, Leech Life
Yanma [Speed Boost], lv.23: Struggle Bug, Ominous Wind, Air Cutter, Detect
Butterfree [Compoundeyes], lv.23: Sleep Powder, Air Cutter, Silver Wind, Confusion
Beedrill [Adaptability], lv.23: Twineedle, Assurance, Poison Sting
Mothim [Tinted Lens], lv.23: Gust, Lunge, Air Cutter, Psybeam

○ Harlequin Anders:
Dwebble [Sturdy], lv.24: Rock Tomb, Faint Attack, Spikes, Bug Bite
Parasect [Effect Spore] lv.24: Bullet Seed, Spore, Bug Bite, Metal Claw
Durant [Hustle], lv.24: Bug Bite, Bite, Metal Claw

●♛ LEADER BURGH – {TM81 X-Scissor} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Dwebble [Sturdy], lv.25 @Eviolite: X-Scissor, Stealth Rock, Rock Slide, Spikes
Larvesta [Flame Body], lv.25 @Muscle Band: Flame Charge, Leech Life, Will-O-Wisp, U-Turn
Masquerain [Intimidate*], lv.25 @Charti Berry: Air Cutter, Mud Shot, Psybeam, Struggle Bug
Parasect [Dry Skin], lv.25 @Focus Sash: X-Scissor, Spore, Seed Bomb, Counter
Leavanny [Swarm], lv.27 @Life Orb: X-Scissor, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace

●♛ LEADER BURGH – (2x) {TM81 X-Scissor} [Challenge mode]:
Mothim [Tinted Lens], lv.28 @Metronome: Bug Buzz, Electroweb, Air Cutter, Psybeam
Masquerain [Intimidate], lv.28 @Bug Gem: Soak, Bubble Beam, Struggle Bug, Mud Shot Escavalier [Shell Armor], lv.28 @Occa Berry: Twineedle, Razor Shell, Metal Burst, Endure Vespiquen [Intimidate], lv.28 @Lum Berry: Attack Order, Air Slash, Power Gem, Revenge
Heracross [Moxie], lv. 28 @Cell Battery: Brick Break, Fury Cutter, Helping Hand, Rock Tomb
Leavanny [Swarm], lv.29 @Focus Sash: X-Scissor, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace

Accessible after Surf is obtained
  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.
  • All trainers are fought back to back!

○ Roughneck Ricky:
Beedrill [Adaptability], lv.50: Megahorn, Drill Run, Gunk Shot, Toxic Spikes
Drapion [Sniper], lv.50: Cross Poison, Night Slash, Focus Energy, Storm Throw
Zoroark [Illusion], lv.50: Night Daze, Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Lunge
Escavalier [No Guard], lv.50: Razor Shell, Megahorn, Close Combat, Iron Head
Azumarill [Huge Power], lv.50: Aqua Jet, Play Rough, Aqua Tail, Ice Punch

○ Dancer Jean-Paul (2x):
Gardevoir [Synchronize], lv.50: Thunderbolt, Psychic, Ice Beam, Dazzling Gleam
Slaking [Truant], lv.50: Giga Impact, Rock Slide, Sucker Punch, Lunge
Darmanitan [Sheer Force], lv.50: Flare Blitz, Superpower, Zen Headbutt, Rock Slide
Gastrodon [Storm Drain], lv.50: Earth Power, Scald, Sludge Bomb, Icy Wind

○ Guitarist Tina (3x):
Blastoise [Shell Armor], lv.50 @White Herb: Shell Smash, Flash Cannon, Dark Pulse, Water Pledge Charizard [Defiant], lv.50 @Air Balloon: Fire Pledge, Dragon Pulse, Dual Wingbeat, Fire Lash
Venusaur [Solar Power], lv.50 @Black Sludge: Grass Pledge, Sludge Wave, Earth Power, Sleep Powder Meganium [Serene Grace], lv.50 @Light Clay: Dazzling Gleam, Giga Drain, Reflect, Light Screen
Typhlosion [Flash Fire], lv.50 @Choice Scarf: Eruption
Feraligatr [Sheer Force], lv.50 @Life Orb: Aqua Tail, Dragon Dance, Crunch, Ice Fang


Route 4 – Post-Burgh

  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

Magnemite [Sturdy], lv.26 @Air Balloon: Volt Switch, Flash Cannon, Thunder Wave, Signal Beam
Rotom-Fan [Motor Drive*], lv.26 @Wise Glasses: Signal Beam, Air Slash, Dark Pulse, Thunderbolt
Klink [Levitate], lv.26 @Life Orb: Autotomize, Gear Grind, Wild Charge, Flame Wheel
Metang [Clear Body], lv.26 @Occa Berry: Bullet Punch, Rock Tomb, Zen Headbutt, Bulldoze
Porygon2 [Trace], lv.28 @Eviolite: Recover, Tri Attack, Charge Beam, Psyshock

Blaze Black 2 Redux only

○ Policeman Braven:
Meowth [Technician], lv.25: Pay Day, Screech, Spite, Bite
Sandile [Intimidate], lv.25: Mud Shot, Spite, Torment, Bite
Dwebble [Sturdy], lv.25: Faint Attack, Bug Bite, Smack Down, Withdraw
Darumaka [Hustle], lv.25: Facade, Fire Punch, Uproar

○ Policeman Dell:
Riolu [Prankster], lv.25: Bite, Metal Claw, Force Palm
Herdier [Intimidate], lv.25: Pursuit, Retaliate, Take Down, Crunch

● Hooligans Rob and Sal – (2x):
Zangoose [Toxic Boost], lv.26: Revenge, Slash, Night Slash, Disable
Seviper [Shed Skin], lv.26: Sucker Punch, Slash, Night Slash, Glare
Rufflet [Sheer Force], lv.26: Aerial Ace, Tailwind, Scary Face, Crush Claw
Vullaby [Overcoat], lv.26: Pluck, Snarl, Block, Iron Defense

● Policeman Neagle:
Arcanine [Intimidate], lv.25: Extreme Speed, Play Rough, Thunder Fang, Flame Burst
Wigglytuff [Huge Power], lv.25: Draining Kiss, Metronome, Body Slam, Disable
Drowzee [Bad Dreams], lv.25: Hypnosis, Nightmare, Dream Eater

○ Roughneck Joey:
Arbok [Intimidate], lv.25: Poison Fang, Coil, Scary Face, Lunge
Houndour [Flash Fire], lv.25: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Poison Fang, Snarl
Mightyena [Moxie], lv.25: Thunder Fang, Poison Fang, Assurance, Scary Face

● Roughneck Silvester:
Croagunk [Poison Touch], lv.25: Mud Bomb, Faint Attack, Bullet Punch, Super Fang
Houndoom [Intimidate], lv.25: Flame Burst, Thunder Fang, Poison Fang, Snarl

● Biker Stanley:
Mankey [Defiant], lv.25: Karate Chop, Acupressure, Bulldoze, Assurance
Parasect [Dry Skin], lv.25: Spore, Struggle Bug, Psybeam, Seed Bomb

○ Youngster Sinclair:
Sandshrew [Rough Skin], lv.25: Scorching Sand, Metal Claw, Bulldoze, Accelerock
Skitty [Normalise], lv.25: Fury Swipes, Fake Out, Wish, Covet
Sunflora [Drought], lv.25: Leaf Tornado, Morning Sun, Leech Seed, Endeavor

Volt White 2 Redux only

○ Backpacker Clifford:
Meowth [Technician], lv.25: Pay Day, Screech, Spite, Bite
Sandile [Intimidate], lv.25: Mud Shot, Spite, Torment, Bite
Dwebble [Sturdy], lv.25: Faint Attack, Bug Bite, Smack Down, Withdraw
Darumaka [Hustle], lv.25: Facade, Fire Punch, Uproar

● Twins Tara and Val – (2x):
Cottonee [Prankster], lv.26: Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Tickle
Petilil [Own Tempo], lv.26: Sleep Powder, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Extrasensory
Zangoose [Toxic Boost], lv.26: Revenge, Slash, Night Slash, Disable
Seviper [Shed Skin], lv.26: Sucker Punch, Slash, Night Slash, Glare

● Rich Boy Keenan:
Linoone [Pickup], lv.25: Tail Slap, Pursuit, Tickle, Pin Missile
Luxio [Intimidate], lv.25: Thunder Fang, Bite, Ice Fang, Quick Attack
Drowzee [Bad Breams], lv.25: Hypnosis, Nightmare, Dream Eater

○ Lady Lina:
Liepard [Unburden], lv.25: Fake Out, Faint Attack, Torment, Trick
Servine [Contrary], lv.25: Dragon Breath, Leaf Tornado, Dragon Rage, Leech Seed
Delcatty [Wonder Skin], lv.25: Fake Out, Slash, Wish, Sing

○ Backpacker Rachel:
Vullaby [Overcoat], lv.25: Wing Attack, Tailwind, Iron Defense, Payback
Rufflet [Sheer Force], lv.25: Aerial Ace, Esper Wing, Hone Claws, Slash
Maractus [Water Absorb], lv.25: Giga Drain, Pin Missile, Sucker Punch, Leech Seed

● Pokéfan Sachiko:
Miltank [Scrappy], lv.25: Stomp, Milk Drink, Rollout, Wake-Up Slap
Shuckle [Sturdy], lv.25: Power Trick, Rock Throw, Bug Bite, Knock Off

○ Pokéfan Norbert:
Bellsprout [Gluttony], lv.25: Seed Bomb, Nature Power, Acid Spray, Bullet Seed
Murkrow [Super Luck], lv.25: Assurance, Wing Attack, Night Shade, Screech
Misdreavus [Infiltrator*], lv.25: Disarming Voice, Psybeam, Night Shade, Pain Split

● Backpacker Roland:
Togetic [Super Luck], lv.26: Air Cutter, Future Sight, Metronome, Draining Kiss
Vileplume [Thick Fat*], lv.26: Sludge, Nature Power, Sleep Powder, Ingrain


Desert Resort

  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

○ Nurse Mariah:
Alomomola [Regenerator], lv.27: Water Pulse, Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring, Pain Split
Bayleef [Screne Grace*], lv.27: Mega Drain, Ancient Power, Light Screen, Reflect
Chansey [Screne Grace], lv.27: Counter, Soft-Boiled, Uproar, Seismic Toss

○ Ranger♀ Anja – {Rawst Berry}:
Teddiursa [Pickup], lv.27: Fury Cutter, Bulldoze, Slash, Night Slash
Ponyta [Flame Body], lv.27: Double Kick, Charm, Flame Charge, Double Hit
Quilava [Flash Fire], lv.27: Reversal, Raging Fury, Rollout, Defense Curl

○ Ranger♂ Jaden – {Rawst Berry}:
Phanphy [Pickup], 27: Headbutt, Rollout, Take Down, Defense Curl
Exeggcute [Harvest], lv.27: Uproar, Confusion, Bullet Seed, Leech Seed
Donphan [Sturdy], lv.27: Bulldoze, Endeavor, Ice Shard, Steamroller

○ Psychic Tommy:
Girafarig [Sap Sipper], lv.28: Psyshield Bash, Double Hit, Double Kick, Agility

○ Psychic Future:
Chingling [Levitate], lv.27: Stored Power, Zen Headbutt, Heal Bell, Hypnosis
Baltoy [Levitate], lv.27: Psybeam, Ancient Power, Psyshield Bash, Scorching Sands
Chimecho [Levitate], lv.27: Stored Power, Future Sight, Yawn, Cosmic Power

○ Backpacker Walt:
Tympole [Water Abosrb], lv.27: Echoed Voice, Mud Shot, Bubble Beam, Mist
Barboach [Simple*], lv.27: Dragon Dance, Bulldoze, Spark, Headbutt

○ Backpacker Clara:
Cubchoo [Rattled], lv.27: Brine, Icy Wind, Aqua Jet, Charm
Swinub [Snow Cloak], lv.27: Ice Shard, Icicle Spear, Bulldoze, Knock Off
Delibird [Technician], lv.27: Icy Wind, Quick Attack, Crabhammer, Ice Shard

○ Backpacker Sam:
Chimchar [Iron Fist], lv.27: Flame Wheel, Double Kick, Fire Spin, Covet
Machop [Steadfast*], lv.27: Tickle, Bullet Punch, Vital Throw, Helping Hand
Buneary [Limber], lv.27: Jump Kick, Fake Out, Baton Pass, Dizzy Punch

○ Backpacker Tami:
Tirtouga [Sturdy], lv.27: Rock Slide, Razor Shell, Crunch, Aqua Jet
Archen [Defeatist], lv.27: Pluck, Rock Tomb, Dragon Breath, Quick Attack


Relic Castle

  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

~ 1F ~

○ Psychic Perry:
Natu [Magic Bounce], lv.27: Wish, Air Cutter, Ominous Wind, Future Sight
Gastly [Levitate], lv.27: Clear Smog, Ominous Wind, Disable, Hypnosis
Xatu [Magic Bounce], lv.27: Air Cutter, Ominous Wind, Future Sight, Miracle Eye

~ B1F ~

○ Psychic Dua:
Ralts [Trace], lv.27: Magical Leaf, Draining Kiss, Hypnosis, Confusion
Elgyem [Analytic], lv.27: Trick Room, Stored Power, Pain Split, Psybeam
Kirlia [Trace], lv.27: Magic Leaf, Draining Kiss, Shock Wave, Hypnosis

○ Psychic Low:
Spoink [Thick Fat], lv.28: Mirror Coat, Mirror Coat, Amnesia, Future Sight
Kadabra [Synchronize], lv.28: Shock Wave, Psybeam, Recover, Nasty Plot


Nimbasa City

  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

●♕ LENORA – [Easy and Normal mode]:
Stoutland [Intimidate], lv.30 @Leftovers: Strength, Wild Charge, Crunch, Play Rough
Unfezant [Super Luck], lv.30 @Scope Lens: Air Slash, Hyper Voice, Wish, Tailwind
Sawsbuck [Sap Sipper], lv.30 @Miracle Seed: Aerial Ace, Horn Attack, Jump Kick, Horn Leech

●♕ LENORA AND HAWES – (2x) [Challenge mode]:
Hawes – (Left Side):
Gigalith [Sand Stream], lv.31 @Wide Lens: Stealth Rock, Sandstorm, Heavy Slam, Rock Slide
Machamp [No Guard], lv.31 @Sitrus Berry: Dynamic Punch, Bullet Punch, Ice Punch, Cross Poison
Lenora – (Right Side):
Stoutland [Sand Rush], lv.31 @Leftovers: Strength, Wild Charge, Crunch, Play Rough
Unfezant [Unaware], lv.31 @Normal Gem: Hyper Voice, Hurricane, Heat Wave, Tailwind

Emmet – (Left Side):
Eelektross [Levitate], lv.34 @Magnet: Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Protect, Thunder Wave
Umbreon [Synchronize], lv.34 @Leftovers: Helping Hand, Foul Play, Fake Tears, Assurance
Ingo – (Right Side):
Chandelure [Flash Fire], lv.34 @Charcoal: Heat Wave, Hex, Protect, Will-O-Wisp

Espeon [Magic Bounce], lv.34 @Psychic Gem: Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Power Gem, Aura Sphere

Nate/Rosa – (Partner, uses the team with the starter yours is strong against, e.g. if you picked Tepig they use Servine).
Servine [Contrary], lv.31 @Sitrus Berry: Body Slam, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Mirror Coat
Simipour [Gluttony], lv.30 @Sitrus Berry: Tickle, Aqua Tail, Acrobatics, Crunch
Pignite [Sheer Force], lv.31 @Sitrus Berry: Arm Thrust, High Horsepower, Take Down, Heat Crash
Simisage [Gluttony], lv.30 @Sitrus Berry: Tickle, Seed Bomb, Acrobatics, Crunch
Dewott [Shell Armor], lv.31 @Sitrus Berry: Razor Shell, Aqua Jet, Dual Chop, Storm Throw
Simisear [Gluttony], lv.30 @Sitrus Berry: Tickle, Fire Lash, Acrobatics, Crunch

Big Stadium
  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

○♕ FLANNERY – Hoenn Leader {Choice Band} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Ponyta [Flame Body], lv.34: Overheat, Attract, Solar Beam, Sunny Day
Magcargo [Flame Body], lv.34: Overheat, Attract, Rock Slide, Sunny Day
Camerupt [Solid Rock], lv.34: Overheat, Attract, Bulldoze, Sunny Day
Torkoal [White Smoke], lv.35 @White Herb: Overheat, Attract, Body Slam, Sunny Day

○♕ FLANNERY – Hoenn Leader {Cheri Berries x12} [Challenge Mode]:
Torkoal [Drought], lv.37 @White Herb: Overheat, Earth Power, Stealth Rock, Yawn
Magmar [Flame Body], lv.36 @White Herb: Overheat, Thunder Punch, Cross Chop, Will-O-Wisp
Houndoom [Intimidate], lv.36 @White Herb: Overheat, Crunch, Sludge Bomb, Solar Beam
Rotom-Heat [Levitate], lv.36 @White Herb: Overheat, Volt Switch, Sunny Day, Thunderbolt
Camerupt [Simple], lv.36 @White Herb: Overheat, Earthquake, Growth, Flame Charge
Magcargo [Solid Rock], lv.36 @White Herb: Overheat, Magma Storm, Power Gem, Solar Beam

After Elesa has been defeated:

● Plasma Grunt #359:
Magneton [Sturdy], lv.34: Thunder Wave, Electro Ball, Flash Cannon, Bug Buzz
Mothim [Tinted Lens], lv.34: Air Slash, Lunge, Poison Powder, Bug Buzz
Watchog [Keen Eye], lv.34: Hypnosis, Facade, Super Fang, Zen Headbutt
Vaporeon [Water Absorb], lv.34: Aurora Beam, Bubble Beam, Growth, Extrasensory
Donphan [Sturdy], lv.34: Earthquake, Ice Shard, Assurance, Endeavor

● Plasma Grunt #751:
Scolipede [Speed Boost], lv.34: Poison Tail, Bug Bite, Toxic Spikes, Spikes
Kingler [Sheer Force], lv.34: Razor Shell, High Horsepower, Agility, Knock Off
Archen [Defeatist], lv.34: Accelerock, Dual Wingbeat, Dragon Claw, Crunch
Swoobat [Simple], lv.34: Esper Wing, Air Cutter, Calm Mind, Stored Power


Route 16

  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

○ Depot Agent Hank:
Graveler [Sturdy], lv.30: Bulldoze, Accelerock, Sucker Punch, Seismic Toss
Dugtrio [Arena Trap], lv.30: Sucker Punch, Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Magnitude
Pupitar [Shed Skin], lv.30: Chip Away, Payback, Rock Slide, Bulldoze

○ Backpacker Ivan:
Piplup [Torrent], lv.30: Yawn, Bubble Beam, Aqua Ring, Fury Attack
Watchog [Analytic], lv.30: Hyper Fang, Retaliate, Detect, Hypnosis
Prinplup [Torrent], lv.30: Yawn, Bubble Beam, Aqua Ring, Fury Attack
Skiploom [Prankster], lv.30: Acrobatics, Confusion, Leech Seed, Aromatherapy

○ Backpacker Blossom:
Persian [Unnerve], lv.31: Slash, Night Slash, Power Gem, Charm
Drifloon [Aftermath], lv.31: Minimize, Hex, Ominous Wind, Air Cutter

○ Cyclist Hector:
Aipom [Technician], lv.30: Fury Swipes, Covet, Quick Attack, Screech
Treecko [Overgrow], lv.30: Double Kick, Mega Drain, Assurance, Dragon Tail
Doduo [Early Bird], lv.30: Quick Attack, Double Hit, Jump Kick, Endeavor
Ambipom [Technician], lv.30: Fury Swipes, Covet, Quick Attack, Screech

○ Backers Stu and Art – (2x):
Illumise [Prankster], lv.31: Helping Hand, Moonblast, Thunder Wave, Charm
Volbeat [Tinted Lens], lv.31: Tail Glow, Charge Beam, Signal Beam, Protect
Grovyle [Overgrow], lv.31: Giga Drain, Acrobatics, Detect, Endeavor
Marshtomp [Torrent], lv.31: Muddy Water, Rock Slide, Mud Shot, Work Up

○ Cyclist Krissa:
Torchic [Blaze], lv.30: Quick Attack, Incinerate, Detect, Counter
Ducklett [Friend Guard], lv.30: Water Pulse, Air Cutter, Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring
Farfetch’d [Defeatist*], lv.30: Fury Cutter, Aerial Ace, Feather Dance, Revenge
Munchlax [Thick Fat], lv.30: Curse, Chip Away, Whirlwind, Gastro Acid


Lostlorn Forest

  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

○ Breeder Galen:
Bonsly [Rock Head], lv.33: Mimic, Curse, Block
Audino [Healer], lv.33: Double Slap, Heal Pulse, Covet, Take Down

○ Ranger♂ Forrest – {Cheri Berry}:
Jynx [Trace], lv.33: Lovely Kiss, Frost Breath, Psybeam, Water Pulse
Heracross [Moxie], lv.33: Bug Bite, Revenge, Slash, Night Slash
Fearow [Intimidate], lv.33: Drill Peck, Take Down, Feather Dance, Focus Energy
Sudowoodo [Sturdy], lv.33: Headbutt, Faint Attack, Counter, Rock Slide

○ Ranger♀ Serenity – {Pecha Berry}:
Raticate [Hustle], lv.33: Hone Claws, Hyper Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang
Pinsir [Moxie], lv.33: Vital Throw, Double Hit, Brick Break, X-Scissor
Mudkip [Torrent], lv.33: Rock Throw, Aqua Tail, Avalanche, Curse
Togetic [Serene Grace], lv.33: Metronome, Mirror Move, Disarming Voice, Ancient Power

After Surf and Waterfall are obtained

○ Veteran Murphy:
Pinsir [Moxie], lv.50: X-Scissor, Close Combat, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Heracross [Skill Link], lv.50: Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Rock Blast, Megahorn
Scizor [Technician], lv.50: U-Turn, Bullet Punch, Superpower, Pursuit
Yanmega [Speed Boost], lv.50: Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Ancient Power, Protect
Volcarona [Swarm], lv.50: Fire Blast, Psychic, Silver Wind, Giga Drain


Route 5

  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

○ Artist Horton:
Mime Jr. [Soundproof], lv.30: Mimic, Light Screen, Reflect, Psyshock
Smeargle [Own Tempo], lv.30: Spore, Quiver Dance, Baton Pass, Confuse Ray
Jigglypuff [Cute Charm], lv.30: Disable, Play Rough, Body Slam, Charm
Cherrim [Flower Gift], lv.30: Morning Sun, Sunny Day, Growth, Petal Dance

○ Baker Jenn:
Combee [Honey Gather], lv.30: Gust, Bug Bite, Struggle Bug, Bug Buzz
Miltank [Thick Fat], lv.30: Dizzy Punch, Stomp, Wake-Up Slap, Heart Stamp
Tauros [Intimidate], lv.30: Smart Strike, Take Down, Assurance, Quick Attack

○ Backers Ava and Aya – (2x):
Plusle [Plus], lv.30: Electro Ball, Nuzzle, Psychic, Quick Attack
Minun [Minus], lv.30: Electro Ball, Nuzzle, Flash Cannon, Quick Attack
Charmeleon [Blaze], lv.30: Flame Burst, Dragon Breath, Metal Claw, Scary Face
Wartortle [Shell Armor], lv.30: Aqua Tail, Rapid Spin, Aqua Ring, Avalanche

○ Dancer Brian:
Bellossom [Cloud Nine*], lv.31: Leaf Tornado, Quiver Dance, Sleep Powder
Kirlia [Trace], lv.31: Hypnosis, Magical Leaf, Draining Kiss, Psychic
Ludicolo [Swift Swim], lv.31: Drain Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch

○ Ranger Lois – {Cheri Berry}:
Magmar [Vital Spirit], lv.33: Lava Plume, Will-O-Wisp, Mach Punch, Confuse Ray
Scyther [Swarm], lv.33: Night Slash, Slash, Wing Attack, X-Scissor
Swellow [Guts], lv.33: Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Pursuit, Quick Attack
Mr. Mime [Technician], lv.33: Fake Out, Confusion, Disarming Voice, Magical Leaf

After Elesa has been defeated:

●♕ CHARLES – (3x):
Accelgor [Infiltrator], lv.37 @Charti Berry: Bug Buzz, Final Gambit, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb
Sigilyph [Tinted Lens], lv.37 @TwistedSpoon: Air Cutter, Esper Wing, Icy Wind, Heat Wave
Krokorok [Intimidate], lv.37 @Rocky Helmet: Foul Play, High Horsepower, Rock Slide, Thunder Fang
Druddigon [Sheer Force], lv.37 @Life Orb: Dragon Rush, Thunder Punch, Rock Climb, Glare
Bouffalant [Reckless], lv.37 @Sitrus Berry: Head Charge, Wild Charge, Megahorn, High Horsepower
Crustle [Sturdy], lv.37 @Custap Berry: Rock Slide, Accelerock, Shell Smash, X-Scissor


Amusement Park and Elesa’s Gym

Amusement Park
  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

● Rich Boy Rolan:
Pichu [Lightningrod], lv.31: Fake Out, Tickle, Shock Wave, Nuzzle
Blitzle [Sap Sipper], lv.31: Flame Charge, Double Kick, Stomp, Discharge
Tynamo [Levitate], lv.31: Shock Wave, Tackle, Nuzzle, Magnet Rise

● Rich Girl Colette:
Plusle [Lightningrod], lv.31: Nuzzle, Quick Attack, Electro Ball, Fake Tears
Minun [Volt Absorb], lv.31: Nuzzle, Electro Ball, Fake Tears, Quick Attack
Pachirisu [Volt Absorb], lv.31: Covet, Swift, Discharge, Fake Tears

Elesa's Gym
  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

● Beauty Nikola:
Pikachu [Lightningrod], lv.33 @Light Ball: Iron Tail, Icicle Crash, Extreme Speed, Thunderbolt
Luxray [Intimidate], lv.33: Crunch, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang
Emolga [Motor Drive], lv.33: Nuzzle, Electro Ball, Acrobatics, Signal Beam

● Beauty Fleming:
Rotom-Frost [Levitate], lv.33: Blizzard, Discharge, Ominous Wind, Will-O-Wisp
Manectric [Intimidate], lv.33: Discharge, Flame Burst, Psychic Fangs, Ice Fang
Flaaffy [Static], lv.33: Power Gem, Thunder Wave, Charge Beam, Cotton Guard

● Beauty Ampère:
Magneton [Sturdy], lv.34: Tri Attack, Flash Cannon, Charge Beam, Thunder Wave
Electrode [Aftermath], lv.34: Boomburst, Electro Ball, Aura Sphere, Energy Ball
Stunfisk [Static], lv.34: Discharge, Mud Shot, Revenge, Muddy Water
Jolteon [Volt Absorb], lv.34: Electro Ball, Nuzzle, Pin Missile, Quick Attack

●♛ LEADER ELESA – {TM72 Volt Switch} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Emolga [Static], lv.35 @Flying Gem: Volt Switch, Acrobatics, U-Turn, Light Screen
Ampharos [Static], lv.35 @Shuca Berry: Volt Switch, Power Gem, Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast
Lanturn [Water Absorb], lv.35 @Air Balloon: Volt Switch, Hydro Pump, Thunder Wave, Signal Beam
Electabuzz [Static], lv.35 @Life Orb: Volt Switch, Ice Punch, Psychic, Cross Chop
Zebstrika [Sap Sipper], lv.36 @White Herb: Volt Switch, Overheat, Bounce, Quick Attack

●♛ LEADER ELESA – (3x) {TM72 Volt Switch} [Challenge mode]:
Emolga [Motor Drive], lv.37 @Focus Sash: Air Slash, Discharge, Energy Ball, Tailwind
Lanturn [Volt Absorb], lv.37 @Rindo Berry: Muddy Water, Icy Wind, Discharge, Tail Glow
Electivire [Motor Drive], lv.37 @Shuca Berry: Discharge, Close Combat, Rock Slide, Ice Punch
Raichu [Lightning Rod], lv.37 @Air Balloon: Grass Knot, Extreme Speed, Thunderbolt, Icicle Crash
Stunfisk [Lightning Rod], lv.37 @Sitrus Berry: Muddy Water, Discharge, Earth Power, Sludge Bomb
Zebstrika [Motor Drive], lv.38 @Life Orb: Wild Charge, Flare Blitz, High Horsepower, Lunge


Driftveil City

  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

●♕ ROOD:
Bouffalant [Reckless], lv.41 @Chople Berry: Head Charge, Zen Headbutt, Wild Charge, Close Combat
Zoroark [Illusion], lv.41 @Focus Sash: Extrasensory, Grass Knot, Sucker Punch, U-Turn
Swoobat [Simple], lv.41 @Sitrus Berry: Nasty Plot, Stored Power, Air Slash, Giga Drain
Stoutland [Intimidate], lv.41 @Life Orb: Strength, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang
Chandelure [Flash Fire], lv.41 @Passho Berry: Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Mystical Fire, Dark Pulse

○♕ NORMAN – Hoenn Leader {Choice Specs} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Vigoroth [Vital Spirit], lv.41: Facade, Slash, Encore, Faint Attack
Chansey [Natural Cure], lv.41 @Leftovers: Hyper Voice, Sing, Skill Swap, Focus Punch
Linoone [Pick Up], lv.41 @Sitrus Berry: Facade, Belly Drum, Slash, Rock Smash
Slaking [Truant], lv.42 @Sitrus Berry: Facade, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball

○♕ NORMAN – Hoenn Leader {Sitrus Berries x5, Micle Berry x2} [Challenge Mode]:
Exploud [Scrappy], lv.43 @Chople Berry: Boomburst, Surf, Extrasensory, Flamethrower
Tauros [Sheer Force], lv.43 @Life Orb: Rock Climb, Close Combat, Strength, Zen Headbutt
Banette [Cursed Body], lv.43 @Colbur Berry: Crush Claw, Gunk Shot, Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak
Zangoose [Toxic Boost], lv.43 @Toxic Orb: Facade, Close Combat, Night Slash, Protect
Slaking [Truant], lv.44 @Normal Gem: Giga Impact, Earthquake, Hammer Arm, Ice Punch
Linoone [Gluttony], lv.43 @Sitrus Berry: Extreme Speed, Belly Drum, Shadow Claw, Seed Bomb

○ Heartbreaker Charles – (3x):
Accelgor [Infiltrator], lv.41 @Focus Sash: U-Turn, Extreme Speed, Energy Ball, Focus Blast
Sigilyph [Tinted Lens], lv.41 @Life Orb: Air Cutter, Esper Wing, Icy Wind, Heat Wave
Krookodile [Intimidate], lv.41 @Chople Berry: High Horsepower, Crunch, Ice Fang, Rock Slide
Archeops [Defeatist], lv.41 @Flying Gem: Acrobatics, Rock Slide, Lunge, Crunch
Carracosta [Study], lv.41 @White Herb: Shell Smash, Razor Shell, Aqua Jet, Body Slam
Basculin [Adaptability], lv.41 @Wacan Berry: Waterfall, Aqua Jet, Psychic Fangs, Head Smash


Route 6

  • Levels -3 on Easy mode, +3 on Challenge mode.

○ Breeder April:
Deerling [Screne Grace], lv.35: Synthesis, Aromatherapy
Chansey [Natural Cure], lv.35: Bestow, Heal Pulse, Helping Hand
Grotle [Rock Head], lv.35: Amnesia, Withdraw, Growth

● Parasol Lady Nicole:
Castform [Forecast], lv.35: Sunny Day, Hail, Rain Dance, Weather Ball
Weepinbell [Chlorophyll], lv.35: Razor Leaf, Weather Ball, Sleep Powder, Acid
Alomomola [Hydration], lv.35: Waterfall, Rain Dance, Wish, Attract
Gloom [Stench], lv.35: Sludge Bomb, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Poison Powder

○ School Kid♀ Mara:
Shelmet [Shell Armor], lv.35: Acid Amor, Struggle Bug, Guard Swap, Body Slam
Karrablast [No Guard], lv.35: Acid Spray, Bug Bite, Faint Attack, Iron Defense
Joltik [Compoundeyes], lv.35: Electro Ball, Electroweb, Struggle Bug, Disable
Foongus [Effect Spore], lv.35: Mega Drain, Faint Attack, Gastro Acid, Clear Smog
Octillery [Sniper], lv.35: Psybeam, Octazooka, Mud Shot, Signal Beam

● Scientist♂ Jacques:
Ditto [Imposter], lv.37: Transform
Ditto [Imposter], lv.37 @Choice Scarf: Transform

● Scientist♀ Marissa:
Ditto [Imposter], lv.37: Transform
Ditto [Imposter], lv.37 @Choice Scarf: Transform

● School Kid♂ Alvin:
Yanma [Speed Boost], lv.35: Air Cutter, Wing Attack, Ominous Wind, Ancient Power
Tangela [Leaf Guard], lv.35: Pain Split, Bullet Seed, Synthesis, Wake-Up Slap
Quagsire [Water Absorb], lv.35: Counter, Amnesia, Yawn, Aqua Tail

○ Parasol Lady Tihana:
Poliwag [Swift Swim], lv.36: Hypnosis, Surf, Ice Beam
Poliwhirl [Swift Swim], lv.36: Hypnosis, Surf, Ice Beam
Politoed [Water Absorb], lv.36: Hypnosis, Scald, Ice Beam

● Ranger♂ Richard – {Pecha Berry}:
Starmie [Regenerator], lv.36: Bubble Beam, Aurora Beam, Psybeam, Confuse Ray
Sealeo [Thick Fat], lv.36: Aurora Beam, Brine, Slack Off, Whirlpool
Magcargo [Solid Rock], lv.36: Lava Plume, Ancient Power, Recover, Clear Smog
Escavalier [Shell Armor], lv.36: Smart Strike, Razor Shell, Bug Bite, Revenge
Ampharos [Static], lv.36: Discharge, Power Gem, Signal Beam, Dragon Breath

After Clay has been defeated and the Plasma Frigate has been cleared:

●♕ HUGH:
Regardless of your starter…
Swellow [Scrappy], lv.46 @Metronome: Boomburst, Quick Attack, Hurricane, U-Turn
Eelektrik [Levitate], lv.46 @Leftovers: Wild Charge, Aqua Tail, Giga Drain, Drain Punch

Flygon [Levitate], lv.47 @Life Orb: Scorching Sands, Dragon Claw, Lunge, Dragon Dance

(If you picked Tepig):
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.46 @Focus Sash: Petal Dance, Extrasensory, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance

Samurott [Shell Armor], lv.47 @Leftovers: Air Slash, Waterfall, Megahorn, Close Combat

(If you picked Oshawott):
Camerrupt [Simple], lv.46 @Passho Berry: Flamethrower, Rock Climb, Earthquake, Rock Polish

Serperior [Contrary], lv.47 @Leftovers: Glare, Leaf Blade, Dragon Pulse, Aqua Tail

(If you picked Snivy)::
Starmie [Regenerator], lv.46 @Red Card: Scald, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Tri Attack
Emboar [Mold Breaker], lv.47 @Leftovers: Body Slam, Flame Charge, Earthquake, Cross Chop


Clay Tunnel

  • Levels -3 on Easy mode, +3 on Challenge mode.

~ Driftveil Side Entrance ~

○ Hiker Teppei:
Aron [Filter], lv.37: Metal Burst, Autotomize, Smack Down, Take Down
Mawile [Huge Power], lv.37: Zen Headbutt, Poison Fang, Psychic Fangs, Thunder Fang
Sableye [Prankster], lv.37: Octazooka, Shadow Claw, Pain Split, Faint Attack
Golbat [Inner Focus], lv.37: Mean Look, Faint Attack, Air Cutter, Haze

○ Worker Morgann:
Maractus [Water Absorb], lv.38: Spikes, Seed Bomb, Pin Missile, Scald
Dugtrio [Arena Trap], lv.38: Bulldoze, Reversal, Slash, Night Slash

~ Mistralton Cave Entrance ~

○ Hiker Manuel:
Swoobat [Simple], lv.38: Psychic Fangs, Calm Mind, Dual Wingbeat, Uproar
Golem [Sturdy], lv.38: Rock Blast, Steamroller, Stealth Rock, Accelerock
Torkoal [Shell Armor], lv.38: Scorching Sands, Lava Plume, Eruption, Protect

○ Worker Herman:
Qwilfish [Intimidate], lv.38: Aqua Tail, Poison Jab, Aqua Jet, Reversal
Hitmonchan [Iron Fist], lv.38: Bullet Punch, Rock Tomb, Drain Punch, Sucker Punch
Chatot [Soundproof], lv.38: Uproar, Agility, Night Shade, Chatter

○ Worker Paul:
Lapras [Water Absorb], lv.38: Ice Beam, Brine, Ice Shard, Dragon Pulse
Lopunny [Scrappy*], lv.38: Dizzy Punch, Jump Kick, Fake Out, Quick Attack
Camerupt [Solid Rock], lv.38: Bulldoze, Lava Plume, Take Down, Yawn

~ Twist Mountain and Underground Ruins Entrance ~

○ Worker Leo:
Nosepass [Sturdy], lv.38: Lock-On, Sandstorm, Zap Cannon, Magnitude
Lairon [Filter], lv.39: Rock Tomb, Metal Burst, Body Slam, Rock Tomb
Probopass [Sturdy], lv.38: Power Gem, Discharge, Thunder Wave, Pain Split

○ Ranger♂ Maxwell – {Lum Berry}:
Steelix [Sturdy], lv.39: Stealth Rock, Iron Tail, Dragon Tail, Screech
Vileplume [Thick Fat*], lv.39: Moonblast, Toxic, Earth Power, Giga Drain
Milotic [Marvel Scale], lv.39: Aqua Ring, Brine, Recover, Dragon Tail
Scizor [Technician], lv.39: Bullet Punch, Bug Bite, Pursuit, Crabhammer

○ Ranger♀ Katie – {Lum Berry}:
Fraxure [Mold Breaker], lv.39: Dragon Dance, Breaking Swipe, Slash, Night Slash
Kingler [Sheer Force], lv.39: Razor Shell, Night Slash, Fury Cutter, Agility
Galvantula [Compoundeyes], lv.39: Electro Ball, Mega Drain, Nuzzle, Struggle Bug
Jumpluff [Prankster], lv.39: Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Leaf Tornado, Air Cutter

○ Worker Brand:
Forretress [Sturdy], lv.38: Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Gyro Ball, Pin Missile
Onix [Weak Armor], lv.38: Dragon Dance, Rock Slide, High Horsepower, Thunder Fang
Sunflora [Solar Power], lv.38: Leaf Tornado, GrassWhistle, Earth Power, Morning Sun


Clay’s Gym

  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.
  • So as not to spoil the gym puzzle for those who enjoy figuring it out, Trainers are not correctly marked as mandatory here! (Except Clay ;))

○ Worker Noel:
Baltoy [Levitate], lv.40: Extrasensory, Stealth Rock, Bulldoze, Grass Knot
Sandshrew [Rough Skin], lv.40: Headlong Rush, Accelerock, Brick Break, Shadow Claw
Geodude [Sturdy], lv.40: Rock Slide, Bulldoze, Fire Punch, Explosion
Diglett [Arena Trap], lv.40: Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Shadow Claw, Final Gambit
Cubone [Battle Armor], lv.40 @Thick Club: Bonemerang, Rock Slide, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch

○ Worker Tavarius:
Marshtomp [Anticipation], lv.40: Earthquake, Ice Beam, Sludge Wave, Scald
Piloswine [Thick Fat], lv.40: Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Rock Slide, Headlong Rush
Quagsire [Water Absorb], lv.40: Bulldoze, Aqua Tail, Focus Blast, Recover
Gligar [Hyper Cutter], lv.40: Acrobatics, X-Scissor, Bulldoze, Rock Slide

○ Worker Niel:
Whiscash [Simple], lv.40: Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Rock Slide, Wave Crash
Camerupt [Simple], lv.40: Lava Plume, Rock Polish, Headlong Rush, Rock Slide
Hippopotas [Sand Stream], lv.40: Earthquake, Crunch, Rock Smash, Slack Off
Krokorok [Intimidate], lv.40: Crunch, Bulldoze, Low Sweep, Fire Fang

○ Worker Maynard:
Gliscor [Poison Heal], lv.41 @Toxic Orb: Acrobatics, Bulldoze, Fire Fang, Ice Fang

○ Worker Pasqual:
Nidoking [Sheer Force], lv.41: Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Sludge Wave, Earth Power
Nidoqueen [Sheer Force], lv.41: Earth Power, Sludge Wave, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower

○ Worker Friedrich:
Marowak [Battle Armor], lv.40 @Thick Club: Bonomerang, Stone Edge, Knock Off, Perish Song
Golem [Sturdy], lv.40: Bulldoze, Accelerock, Steamroller, Fire Punch
Onix [Sturdy], lv.40: Bulldoze, Heavy Slam, Head Smash, Dragon Dance
Steelix [Sheer Force], lv.40: Bulldoze, Heavy Slam, Rock Slide, Coil

○ Worker Tibor:
Golett [Iron Fist], lv.40: Bulldoze, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Punch, Ice Punch
Vibrava [Levitate], lv.40: Draco Meteor, Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Signal Beam
Gastrodon [Storm Drain], lv.40: Sludge Wave, Ice Beam, Muddy Water, Recover

●♛ LEADER CLAY – {TM26 Earthquake} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Nidoqueen [Poison Point], lv.41 @Smooth Rock: Scorching Sands, Sandstorm, Toxic, Stealth Rock
Seismitoad [Water Absorb], lv.41 @Rindo Berry: Earthquake, Sandstorm, Hydro Pump, Ice Punch
Nidoking [Sheer Force], lv.41 @Life Orb: Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt
Claydol [Levitate], lv.41 @Absorb Bulb: Earth Power, Sandstorm, Ice Beam, Psychic
Excadrill [Sand Rush], lv.43 @Chople Berry: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Iron Head, X-Scissor
Krookodile [Intimidate], lv.41 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Sandstorm, Crunch, Rock Slide

●♛ LEADER CLAY – {TM26 Earthquake} [Challenge mode]:

– Permanent Sandstorm is established before the fight, like Crasher Wake’s Gym in Renegade Platinum.

Seismitoad [Water Absorb], lv.44 @Rindo Berry: Rock Slide, Hydro Pump, Power Whip, Ice Punch
Mamoswine [Thick Fat], lv.44 @Passho Berry: Ice Shard, Endeavor, Earthquake, Icicle Crash
Torterra [Rock Head], lv.44 @White Herb: Shell Smash, Wood Hammer, Head Smash, Earthquake
Garchomp [Rough Skin], lv.44 @Yache Berry: Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Extreme Speed
Nidoking [Sheer Force], lv.44 @Life Orb: Earth Power, Sludge Wave, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt
Excadrill [Sand Rush], lv.45 @Air Balloon: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Rock Slide, X-Scissor


Plasma Frigate – First Visit

  • Levels -3 on Easy mode, +3 on Challenge mode.

● Plasma Grunt #372:
Lampent [Infiltrator], lv.40: Will-O-Wisp, Flame Burst, Hex, Dark Pulse
Breloom [Technician], lv.40: Mach Punch, Rock Tomb, Seed Bomb, Spore
Vanillish [Ice Body], lv.40: Frost Breath, Autotomize, Icy Wind, Ice Shard
Omastar [Shell Armor], lv.40: Accelerock, Brine, Power Gem, Shell Smash

● Plasma Grunt #373:
Liepard [Unburden], lv.40: Thunder Wave, Night Slash, Play Rough, Slash
Glalie [Levitate], lv.40: Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Rock Climb, Crunch
Rotom-Base [Levitate], lv.40: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot
Bastiodon [Sturdy], lv.40: Metal Burst, Rock Blast, Body Slam, Protect

● Plasma Grunts #375 and #374 – (Tag):
Left side:
Floatzel [Water Veil], lv.40: Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Icy Wind, Brick Break
Muk [Stench], lv.40: Poison Jab, Shadow Sneak, Disable, Rock Slide
Throh [Guts], lv.40: Storm Throw, Knock Off, Zen Headbutt, Rock Tomb
Right side:
Metang [Clear Body], lv.40: Zen Headbutt, Bullet Punch, Power-Up Punch, Iron Head
Sneasel [Pickpocket], lv.40: Faint Attack, Low Kick, Ice Shard, Fake Out

Sawk [Sturdy], lv.40: Dual Chop, Brick Break, Lunge, Knock Off

Cheren’s team – (Partner):
Stoutland [Intimidate], lv.40 @Sitrus Berry: Strength, Wild Charge, Crunch, Aerial Ace
Snorlax [Thick Fat], lv.39 @Sitrus Berry: Strength, Crunch, Curse, Rock Slide
Cinccino [Skill Link], lv.39 @Sitrus Berry: Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, Rock Blast, Aqua Tail

● Plasma Grunts #377 and #376 – (Tag):
Left side:
Garbodor [Stench], lv.40: Toxic Spikes, Sludge Bomb, Stockpile, Pain Split
Mightyena [Intimidate], lv.40: Play Rough, Ice Fang, Crunch, Sucker Punch
Weezing [Levitate], lv.40: Haze, Gunk Shot, Will-O-Wisp, Incinerate
Right side:
Krokorok [Intimidate], lv.40: Crunch, High Horsepower, Dragon Tail, Fire Fang
Seviper [Shed Skin], lv.40: Poison Tail, Coil, Night Slash, Glare

Victreebel [Chlorophyll], lv.40: Leaf Tornado, Sucker Punch, Toxic, Sludge Bomb

Hugh’s team – (Partner):
(If you picked Tepig):
Samurott [Shell Armor], lv.40: Air Slash, Razor Shell, Megahorn, Revenge
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.39: Giga Drain, Stun Spore, Extrasensory, Quiver Dance
(If you picked Oshawott):
Serperior [Contrary], lv.40: Glare, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, Brutal Swing
Camerupt [Simple], lv.39: Flamethrower, Rock Polish, Earth Power, Rock Slide
(If you picked Snivy):
Emboar [Mold Breaker*], lv.40: Body Slam, Heat Crash, High Horsepower, Flame Charge

Starmie [Regenerator], lv.39: Bubble Beam, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Calm Mind

Vibrava [Levitate], lv.39: Signal Beam, Earth Power, Rock Slide, Dragon Breath


Chargestone Cave

  • Levels -3 on Easy mode, +3 on Challenge mode.

~ 1F ~

○ Guitarist Anna:
Koffing [Levitate], lv.37: Sludge, Lava Plume, Psybeam, Spite
Electrode [Static], lv.37: Volt Switch, Electro Ball, Sucker Punch, Signal Beam
Nidoqueen [Sheer Force], lv.37: Play Rough, Scorching Sands, Chip Away, Poison Tail

○ Scientist Ronald:
Trubbish [Aftermath], lv.38: Rock Blast, Stockpile, Swallow, Cross Poison
Stantler [Intimidate], lv.38: Psyshield Bash, Role Play, Detect, Body Slam
Larvesta [Flame Body], lv.38: Flame Charge, Leech Life, Flame Wheel, Screech

After the PWT and Plasma Frigate have been cleared:

● Ace Trainer Corky (3x):
Galvantula [Compoundeyes], lv.41: Electroweb, Thunder, Bug Buzz, Nuzzle
Vaporeon [Water Absorb], lv.41: Aurora Beam, Wish, Extrasensory, Muddy Water
Sawsbuck [Sap Sipper], lv.41: Horn Leech, Double-Edge, Jump Kick, Megahorn

○ Ranger♂ Louis – {Chesto Berry}:
Tropius [Chlorophyll], lv.41: Dragon Dance, Breaking Swipe, Nature Power, Leaf Blade
Heatmor [Mold Breaker*], lv.41: Fire Lash, Scorching Sands, Sucker Punch, Hone Claws

● Ace Trainer Mary:
Jumpluff [Prankster*], lv.42: Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, U-Turn, Air Slash
Quagsire [Water Absorb], lv.42: Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Recover, Curse
Gardevoir [Trace], lv.42: Dazzling Gleam, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball
Flareon [Flash Fire], lv.42: Flare Blitz, Last Resort

● Hiker Otto:
Klang [Levitate*], lv.42: Gear Grind, Spark, Shift Gear, Flame Wheel
Hariyama [Thick Fat], lv.42: Revenge, Belly Drum, Bullet Punch, Knock Off
Tentacruel [Clear Body], lv.42: Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Brine, Bubble Beam
Wobbuffet [Shadow Tag], lv.42: Counter, Mirror Coat, Destiny Bond

~ B1F ~

● Doctor Kit:
Audino [Healer], lv.41: Draining Kiss, Icy Wind, Wish, Thunderbolt
Leavanny [Chlorophyll], lv.41: Lunge, Psychic Fangs, Leaf Blade, Night Slash
Blissey [Serene Grace], lv.41: Toxic, Psychic, Seismic Toss, Soft-Boiled
Slowbro [Own Tempo], lv.41: Nasty Plot, Scald, Psychic, Focus Blast

● Ranger♀ Briana – {Chesto Berry}:
Ferrothorn [Iron Barbs], lv.41: Power Whip, Pin Missile, Stealth Rock, Bulldoze
Lumineon [Storm Drain], lv.41: Hydro Pump, Psychic, Tailwind, U-Turn
Rapidash [Flame Body], lv.41: High Horsepower, Megahorn, Hypnosis, Blaze Kick
Grumpig [Own Tempo], lv.41: Psystrike, Confuse Ray, Power Gem, Tri Attack

● Scientist♀ Lumi:
Granbull [Intimidate], lv.41: Drain Punch, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Play Rough
Masquerain [Intimidate], lv.41: Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Ominous Wind, Bubble Beam
Forretress [Sturdy], lv.41: Counter, Gyro Ball, Explosion, Protect
Dragonair [Marvel Scale], lv.41: Extreme Speed, Dragon Rush, Body Slam, Coil

~ B2F ~

○ Guitarist Beverly:
Ferroseed [Iron Barbs], lv.41: Assurance, Metal Claw, Leech Seed, Spikes
Electabuzz [Static], lv.41: Dual Chop, Thunder Punch, Cross Chop, Psychic

○ Hiker Jeremy:
Hypno [Bad Dreams], lv.41: Sing, Drain Punch, Psycho Cut, Disable
Machamp [Guts], lv.41: Scary Face, Mach Punch, Double-Edge, Drain Punch

○ Ace Trainer Vicki (3x):
Emboar [Mold Breaker], lv.43: Fire Pledge, High Horsepower, Hammer Arm, Flame Charge
Samurott [Shell Armor], lv.43: Water Pledge, Razor Shell, Dual Chop, Rock Smash
Serperior [Contrary], lv.43: Grass Pledge, Dragon Breath, Giga Drain, Leech Seed

○ Ace Trainer Shaye:
Rampardos [Mold Breaker], lv.41: Accelerock, Raging Fury, Head Smash, Rock Polish
Cloyster [Shell Armor], lv.41: Razor Shell, Toxic Spikes, Smart Strike, Spikes
Noctowl [Insomnia], lv.41: Whirlwind, Extrasensory, Air Slash, Agility
Cacturne [Water Absorb], lv.41: Needle Arm, Sucker Punch, Pin Missile, Drain Punch


Relic Passage – Driftveil Side

  • Levels -3 on Easy mode, +3 on Challenge mode.

~ Exit to the PWT ~

○ Hiker Keith:
Aron [Sturdy], lv.40: Metal Burst, Take Down, Body Slam, Curse
Lairon [Filter], lv.40: Metal Burst, Rock Slide, Body Slam, Curse

○ Backpacker Eileen:
Larvitar [Hustle], lv.42: Chip Away, Withdraw, Curse, Assurance
Trapinch [Sheer Force], lv.42: Gust, Bug Bite, Dig, High Horsepower
Pupitar [Shed Skin], lv.42: Iron Defense, Protect, Curse, Assurance

○ Backpacker Randall:
Gible [Rough Skin], lv.42: Scary Face, Dual Chop, Rock Slide, Scorching Sands
Raticate [Hustle], lv.42: Hyper Fang, Take Down, Flame Wheel, Zen Headbutt
Gabite [Rough Skin], lv.42: Bulldoze, Slash, Dual Chop, Rock Slide

~ Middle Room ~

○ Hiker Tobias:
Rhyhorn [Rock Head], lv.42: Crunch, Take Down, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang
Boldore [Sturdy], lv.42: Rock Blast, Take Down, Sandstorm, Heavy Slam
Gurdurr [Iron Fist], lv.42: Revenge, Reversal, Rock Slide, Scary Face

○ Psychic Tully:
Drifloon [Unburden], lv.42: Explosion, Amnesia, Air Slash, Hypnosis
Sableye [Prankster], lv.42: Metal Burst, Shadow Claw, Trick, Confuse Ray
Duosion [Magic Guard], lv.42: Imprison, Helping Hand, Night Shade, Wonder Room

○ Backpacker Annie:
Monferno [Blaze], lv.43: Focus Punch, Substitute, Mach Punch, Flamethrower
Nosepass [Sturdy], lv.43: Charge Beam, Sandstorm, Pain Split, Power Gem

○ Psychic Ena:
Yamask [Mummy], lv.41: Ominous Wind, Curse, Toxic Spikes, Hex
Haunter [Levitate], lv.41: Sucker Punch, Sludge, Ominous Wind, Hex
Gothorita [Shadow Tag], lv.41: Fake Out, Fake Tears, Psyshock, Faint Attack
Duskull [Levitate], lv.41: Ominous Wind, Shadow Sneak, Faint Attack, Pain Split
Shuppet [Cursed Body], lv.41: Hex, Embargo, Sucker Punch, Slash

Relic Passage Backroom - TM Protectors
  • Levels -2 on Easy mode, +2 on Challenge mode.

○ Trainer Melody (2x):
Electrode [Soundproof], lv.70 @White Herb: Boomburst, Overheat, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt
Exploud [Soundproof], lv.70 @Normal Gem: Boomburst, Shadow Ball, Extrasensory, Focus Blast
Drifblim [Unburden], lv.70 @Sitrus Berry: Tailwind, Acrobatics, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis
Wigglytuff [Huge Power], lv.70 @Sitrus Berry: Boomburst, Play Rough, Fake Tears, Thunder Wave
Chatot [Soundproof], lv.70 @Life Orb: Boomburst, Chatter, Ominous Wind, U-Turn
Jellicent [Cursed Body], lv.70 @Kasib Berry: Soak, Scald, Hex, Will-O-Wisp

○ Trainer Nikola:
Rotom-Mow [Levitate], lv.70 @Light Clay: Leaf Storm, Volt Switch, Light Screen, Reflect
Rotom-Heat [Levitate], lv.70 @White Herb: Overheat, Volt Switch, Will-O-Wisp, Hex
Rotom-Wash [Levitate], lv.70 @Rindo Berry: Hydro Pump, Volt Switch, Pain Split, Signal Beam


Mistralton Cave

  • Levels -3 on Easy mode, +3 on Challenge mode.

~ 1F ~

○ Hiker Shelby:
Unown [Levitate], lv.41: Hidden Power
Unown [Levitate], lv.41: Hidden Power
Unown [Levitate], lv.41: Hidden Power

○ Hiker Jebediah:
Vespiquen [Intimidate*], lv.42: Attack Order, Defend Order, Heal Order, Cross Poison
Lileep [Storm Drain], lv.42: Mud Shot, Gastro Acid, Smack Down, Giga Drain
Crustle [Shell Armor], lv.42: Night Slash, Rock Polish, Rock Blast, X-Scissor

~ 2F ~

○ Ace Trainer Geoff:
Axew [Rivalry], lv.42: Slash, Night Slash, Breaking Swipe, Focus Energy
Shelgon [Rock Head], lv.42: Zen Headbutt, DragonBreath, Take Down, Flamethrower
Fraxure [Mold Breaker], lv.42: Slash, Night Slash, Breaking Swipe, Swords Dance

○ Ace Trainer Belle:
Deino [Hustle], lv.42: Body Slam, Scary Face, Screech, Dragon Pulse
Gabite [Rough Skin], lv.42: Slash, Bulldoze, Dual Chop, Rock Slide
Zweilous [Hustle], lv.42: Dragon Rush, Zen Headbutt, Head Smash, Body Slam


Route 7

  • Levels -3 on Easy mode, +3 on Challenge mode.

○ Breeder Marcus:
Chimecho [Levitate], lv.46: Entrainment, Synchronoise, Heal Bell, Safeguard
Chansey [Natural Cure], lv.46: Gravity, Growl, Bestow, Dream Eater
Kangaskan [Early Bird], lv.46: Tail Whip, Focus Energy, Helping Hand, Leer

○ Youngster Cody:
Stoutland [Intimidate], lv.44: Psychic Fangs, Thunder Fang, Take Down, Reversal
Houndoom [Intimidate], lv.44: Raging Fury, Flame Burst, Sucker Punch, Super Fang
Arcanine [Intimidate], lv.44: Scorching Sands, Raging Fury, Thunder Fang, Agility

● Lass Flo (3x):
Archeops [Defeatist], lv.44: Rock Slide, Sky Drop, Steel Wing, Dragon Breath
Unfeazant [Unaware*], lv.44: Hypnosis, Tailwind, Hyper Voice, Air Slash
Mamoswine [Thick Fat], lv.44: Bulldoze, Avalanche, Ice Shard, Body Slam

● Nursery Aide Hollie:
Cryogonal [Levitate], lv.46: Frost Breath, Ancient Power, Acid Armor, Ice Shard
Chimecho [Levitate], lv.46: Energy Ball, Future Sight, Yawn, Trick Room
Ampharos [Static*], lv.46: Dragon Breath, Discharge, Power Gem, Energy Ball
Ursaring [Guts], lv.46: Belly Drum, Take Down, Night Slash, Fury Cutter

○ Preschooler♂ Greg:
Sentret [Quick Feet], lv.46: Focus Punch, Sucker Punch, Reversal, Amnesia
Hoothoot [Insomnia], lv.46: Synchronoise, Agility, Moonblast, Tailwind
Mareep [Static], lv.46: Discharge, Flash, Seismic Toss, Heal Bell

○ Preschooler♀ Chrissy:
Wynaut [Telepathy], lv.46: Destiny Bond, Safeguard, Mirror Coat, Counter
Bidoof [Simple], lv.46: Take Down, Aqua Tail, Crunch, Amnesia
Mantyke [Water Absorb], lv.46: Mirror Coat, Take Down, Bounce, Tailwind

● Twins Sola and Ana:
Whimsicott [Prankster], lv.48 @Eject Button: Moonblast, Tailwind, Sleep Powder, Energy Ball
Azumarill [Huge Power], lv.48 @Sitrus Berry: Belly Drum, Aqua Jet, Play Rough, Knock Off
Clefable [Magic Guard], lv.48 @Leftovers: Follow Me, Soft-Boiled, Moonblast, Icy Wind
Granbull [Intimidate], lv.48 @Muscle Band: Drain Punch, Play Rough, Ice Punch, Wild Charge
Mawile [Huge Power], lv.48 @Focus Sash: Iron Head, Sucker Punch, Play Rough, Fire Fang
Rapidash [Flame Body], lv.48 @Wide Lens: Blaze Kick, High Horsepower, Megahorn, Smart Strike

○ Harlequin Pat:
Gurdurr [Iron Fist], lv.45: Rock Slide, Mach Punch, Hammer Arm, Scary Face
Quagsire [Water Absorb], lv.45: Counter, Body Slam, Muddy Water, Curse
Slowbro [Regenerator], lv.45: Psych Up, Bubble Beam, Psyshock, Withdraw

○ Harlequin Ian:
Staravia [Reckless], lv.45: Sky Attack, Take Down, Detect, Tailwind
Pidgeotto [Tangled Feet], lv.45: Air Slash, Hyper Voice, Mirror Move, Steel Wing
Venomoth [Tinted Lens], lv.45: Silver Wind, Morning Sun, Skill Swap, Signal Beam


Celestial Tower

  • Levels -3 on Easy mode, +3 on Challenge mode.

~ 2F ~

○ Psychic Joyce:
Litwick [Flash Fire], lv.44: Acid Armor, Curse, Pain Split, Inferno
Espeon [Magic Bounce], lv.44: Aura Sphere, Extrasensory, Yawn, Mystical Fire
Grumpig [Thick Fat], lv.44: Bounce, Focus Punch, Extrasensory, Simple Beam

○ School Kid Alberta:
Elgyem [Synchronize], lv.44: Moonblast, Wonder Room, Psyshock, Trick
Vanillite [Ice Body], lv.44: Acid Armor, Autotomize, Mirror Coat, Frost Breath
Roselia [Poison Point], lv.44: Ingrain, Sludge, Synthesis, Petal Dance

○ Pokéfan Jude:
Poliwhirl [Swift Swim], lv.44: Haze, Focus Punch, Endeavor, Helping Hand
Mr. Mime [Technician], lv.44: Hypnosis, Nasty Plot, Confusion, Disarming Voice
Poliwrath [Swift Swim], lv.44: Drain Punch, Circle Throw, Waterfall, Body Slam

~ 3F ~

○ Pokéfan Georgia:
Cubchoo [Rattled], lv.44: Yawn, Ice Fang, Rest, Play Rough
Vanillish [Weak Armor], lv.44: Acid Armor, Autotomize, Mirror Coat, Frost Breath
Beartic [Sheer Force], lv.44: Rock Smash, Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Play Rough

○ Psychic Micki:
Bronzor [Heatproof], lv.44: Safeguard, Hex, Future Sight, Payback
Misdreavus [Infiltrator*], lv.44: Curse, Hex, Draining Kiss, Grudge
Dusclops [Pressure], lv.44: Shadow Sneak, Faint Attack, Shadow Punch, Skill Swap
Banette [Cursed Body], lv.44: Trick, Shadow Claw, Sucker Punch, “Grab”
Bronzong [Levitate], lv.44: Safeguard, Block, Hex, Future Sight

○ Psychic Bryce:
Reuniclus [Magic Guard], lv.45: Night Shade, Calm Mind, Stored Power, Future Sight

○ Nurse Dixie:
Alomomola [Regenerator], lv.45: Toxic, Protect, Wish, Brine
Togekiss [Serene Grace], lv.45: Ominous Wind, Magic Leaf, Extrasensory, Draining Kiss
Audino [Regenerator], lv.45: Moonblast, Hyper Voice, Wish, Protect

~ 4F ~

○ Socialite Grace:
Chatot [Soundproof], lv.45: Uproar, Chatter, Ominous Wind, Nasty Plot
Roserade [Natural Cure], lv.45: Aromatherapy, Sludge, Giga Drain, Leech Seed

○ Gentleman Daniel:
Jolteon [Volt Absorb], lv.45: Pin Missile, Electro Ball, Nuzzle, Extrasensory
Gallade [Hyper Cutter*], lv.45: Shadow Sneak, Leaf Blade, Sacred Sword, Slash

○ Psychic Sarah:
Gothitelle [Shadow Tag], lv.45: Hypnosis, Substitute, Dark Pulse, Future Sight


Twist Mountain – Mistralton Side

  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

●♛ COLRESS – [Easy and Normal mode]:

Colress will show off Plasma technology with his new creations!

  • Some creative liberty has been taken in regards to the moves these creations have learned.
  • For details on stats and typing, see this page:


F-00 [Volt Absorb], lv.52 @Chople Berry: Strength, Iron Head, Thunderbolt, Agility
MT [Analytic], lv.52 @Leftovers: Iron Tail, Stone Edge, Crunch, Ice Punch

●♛ COLRESS – [Challenge mode]:
MT [Analytic], lv.53 @Red Card: Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Aqua Tail
UFO [Magic Bounce], lv.53 @Leftovers: Volt Switch, Psychic, Aeroblast, Recover
F-00 [Volt Absorb], lv.53 @Chople Berry: U-Turn, Extreme Speed, Thunder Wave, Needle Arm
MT2 [Flash Fire], lv.53 @Air Balloon: Shift Gear, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Wild Charge


Mistralton City

  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

○♕ JUAN – Hoenn Leader {Choice Scarf} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Luvdisc [Swift Swim], lv.50: Water Pulse, Attract, Lovely Kiss, Moonblast
Whiscash [Hydration], lv.50 @Damp Rock: Rain Dance, Waterfall, Amnesia, Earthquake
Kingdra [Swift Swim], lv.50 @Chesto Berry: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Rest
Walrein [Thick Fat], lv.50: Encore, Body Slam, Aurora Beam, Water Pulse
Crawdaunt [Adaptability], lv.51: Crabhammer, Dragon Dance, Crunch, Aqua Jet

○♕ JUAN – Hoenn Leader (2x) {Air Balloon} [Challenge mode]:

– Permanent Rain is established before the fight, like Crasher Wake’s Gym in Renegade Platinum.

Swampert [Torrent], lv.53 @Rindo Berry: Hammer Arm, Rock Slide, Waterfall, High Horsepower
Slowking [Regenerator], lv.53 @Lum Berry: Ice Beam, Muddy Water, Psychic, Trick Room
Pelipper [Drizzle], lv.53 @Flying Gem: Hurricane, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, U-Turn
Starmie [Analytic], lv.53 @Wacan Berry: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Thunder, Trick Room
Crawdaunt [Adaptability], lv.54 @Life Orb: Aqua Jet, Crunch, Crabhammer, Close Combat
Azumarill [Huge Power], lv.53 @Sitrus Berry: Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, Belly Drum, Play Rough

Skyla's Gym
  • Levels -3 on Easy mode, +3 on Challenge mode.

● Pilot Flynn:
Dodrio [Anger Point], lv.48: Brave Bird, Double-Edge, Quick Attack, Drill Run
Honchkrow [Moxie], lv.48: Brave Bird, Sucker Punch, Psychic, Heat Wave
Altaria [Cloud Nine], lv.48: Dragon Claw, Play Rough, Earthquake, Dragon Dance
Pidgeot [No Guard], lv.48: Hurricane, U-Turn, Hyper Voice, Heat Wave

○ Pilot Winslow:
Sigilyph [Tinted Lens], lv.48: Air Slash, Esper Wing, Ice Beam, Tailwind
Tropius [Solar Power], lv.48: Leaf Blade, Sword Dance, Dual Wingbeat, Earthquake
Farfetch’d [Defeatist], lv.48 @Flying Gem: Close Combat, Leaf Blade, Acrobatics, Night Slash
Drifblim [Flare Boost], lv.48 @Flame Orb: Shadow Ball, Air Slash, Thunderbolt, Destiny Bond

○ Pilot Elron:
Jumpluff [Prankster], lv.48 @Flying Gem: Acrobatics, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder, U-Turn
Crobat [Infiltrator], lv.48: Cross Poison, Brave Bird, Super Fang, Heat Wave
Xatu [Magic Bounce], lv.48: Esper Wing, Grass Knot, Shadow Ball, Air Slash
Mantine [Water Absorb], lv.48: Air Slash, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Psybeam
Braviary [Defiant], lv.48: Brave Bird, Superpower, Retaliate, Rock Slide

● Pilot Ewing:
Noctowl [Tinted Lens], lv.48: Hypnosis, Esper Wing, Heat Wave, Hyper Voice
Aerodactyl [Rock Head], lv.48: Head Smash, Brave Bird, Earthquake, Aqua Tail
Staraptor [Reckless], lv.48: Close Combat, Double-Edge, Brave Bird, U-Turn
Togekiss [Serene Grace], lv.48: Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Moonblast, Thunder Wave

● Pilot Chase:
Skarmory [Sturdy], lv.49: Steel Wing, X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Brave Bird
Unfeazant [Super Luck], lv.49: Air Slash, Hyper Voice, Heat Wave, Roost
Mandibuzz [Overcoat], lv.49: Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Air Slash, Heat Wave
Fearow [Intimidate], lv.49: Drill Peck, Double-Edge, Drill Run, Quick Attack
Pelipper [Rain Dish], lv.49: Surf, Shock Wave, Hurricane, Ice Beam

●♛ LEADER SKYLA – {TM62 Acrobatics} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Skarmory [Sturdy], lv.51 @Leftovers: Brave Bird, Spikes, Steel Wing, Stealth Rock
Gliscor [Hyper Cutter], lv.51 @Flying Gem: Acrobatics, Stone Edge, Ice Fang, Earthquake
Togekiss [Serene Grace], lv.51 @Life Orb: Hurricane, Moonblast, Fire Blast, Wish
Drifblim [Flare Boost], lv.51 @Flame Orb: Hurricane, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Destiny Bond
Swanna [Big Pecks], lv.52 @Wacan Berry: Air Slash, Scald, Ice Beam, Attract
Archeops [Defeatist], lv.51 @Sitrus Berry: Acrobatics, Head Smash, Heat Wave, Earthquake

●♛ LEADER SKYLA – (3x) {TM62 Acrobatics} [Challenge mode]:
Jumpluff [Prankster], lv.54 @Flying Gem: Hurricane, Sleep Powder, Tailwind, Giga Drain Gliscor [Poison Heal], lv.54 @Toxic Orb: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang Pidgeot [No Guard], lv.54 @Normal Gem: Hyper Voice, Heat Wave, Hurricane, Protect
Aerodactyl [Rock Head], lv.54 @Focus Sash: Head Smash, Brave Bird, Earthquake, Tailwind
Togekiss [Serene Grace], lv.54 @Wacan Berry: Heat Wave, Dazzling Gleam, Hurricane, Protect
Swanna [Friend Guard*], lv.55 @Life Orb: Hurricane, Hydro Pump, Icy Wind, Protect


Reversal Mountain

Outside Region
  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

○ Cyclist♂ Jeremiah:
Tauros [Sheer Force], lv.49: High Horsepower, Body Slam, Quick Attack, Zen Headbutt
Zebstrika [Motor Drive], lv.49: Wild Charge, Flame Charge, Quick Attack, Lunge
Rapidash [Flame Body], lv.49: Blaze Kick, Smart Strike, Megahorn, Play Rough

○ Cyclist♀ Adelaide:
Electrode [Static], lv.50: Overheat, Aura Sphere, Energy Ball, Discharge
Roserade [Natural Cure], lv.50: Extrasensory, Leaf Storm, Sleep Power, Sludge Bomb

Inside Region

~ Entrance ~

  • In Redux, Bianca will challenge you to a battle in the entrance room to Reversal Mountain!
  • When she follows you around Reversal Mountain afterwards, she’ll use her Normal Mode team, regardless of difficulty.
  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

●♕ BIANCA – [Easy and Normal mode]:
Musharna [Telepathy], lv.51: Psychic, Energy ball, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball
Persian [Technician], lv.51: Swift, Water Pulse, Thunderbolt, Hypnosis
Mienshao [Reckless], lv.51: Drain Punch, Fake Out, Rock Slide, Acrobatics

●♕ BIANCA – (2x) [Challenge mode]:
Mienshao [Regenerator], lv.56 @Focus Sash: Close Combat, Fake Out, Rock Slide, U-Turn
Musharna [Synchronize], lv.56 @Light Clay: Psyshock, Dazzling Gleam, Reflect, Light Screen
Haxorus [Mold Breaker], lv.56 @Dragon Gem: Dragon Claw, Cross Poison, Dragon Dance, Close Combat
Serperior [Contrary], lv.56 @Sitrus Berry: Leaf Storm, Glare, Dragon Pulse, Leech Seed
Samurott [Shell Armor], lv.56 @Life Orb: Swords Dance, Aqua Jet, Megahorn, Wave Crash
Emboar [Mold Breaker], lv.56 @Fire Gem: Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Head Smash, High Horsepower


  • In all TAG battles, Bianca will partner with you, using her Easy and Normal mode team, regardless of difficulty.
  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

● Hiker Jared and Backpacker Kumiko – (Tag):
Left side:
Wormadam-Sandy [Rough Skin], lv.51: Rock Blast, Zen Headbutt, Bug Bite, Sucker Punch Wormadam-Plant [Shield Dust], lv.51: Electroweb, Leaf Storm, Bug Buzz, Rage Powder
Wormadam-Trash [Wonder Skin], lv.51: Ally Switch, Electroweb, Metal Burst, Protect Metagross [Iron Fist], lv.51: Agility, Meteor Mash, Hammer Arm, Bullet Punch
Right side:
Cacturne [Water Absorb], lv.51: Needle Arm, Sucker Punch, Destiny Bond, Spikes
Hypno [Bad Dreams*], lv.51: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Nightmare, Future Sight
Gyarados [Moxie], lv.51 @Power Herb: Dragon Dance, Raging Fury, Waterfall, Bounce

● Ace Trainer Ray and Ace Trainer Cora – (Tag):
Left side:
Froslass [Cursed Body], lv.51: Shadow Ball, Frost Breath, Will-O-Wisp, Destiny Bond
Archeops [Defeatist], lv.51: Rock Slide, Acrobatics, Lunge, Endeavor
Galvantula [Compound Eyes], lv.51: Thunder, Giga Drain, Cross Poison, Bug Buzz
Right side:
Bronzong [Levitate], lv.51: Psyshield Bash, Future Sight, Gyro Ball, Stealth Rock
Drifblim [Aftermath], lv.51: Hex, Will-O-Wisp, Extrasensory, Air Cutter
Aggron [Filter*], lv.51: Headlong Rush, Heavy Slam, Rock Polish, Dragon Rush

● Black Belt Corey – (3x):
Throh [Guts], lv.50: Storm Throw, Circle Throw, Rock Slide, Payback
Infernape [Iron Fist], lv.50: Heat Wave, Vacuum Wave, Fire Lash, Grass Knot
Sawk [Sturdy], lv.50: Reversal, Blaze Kick, Lunge, Poison Jab

● Backpacker Kiyo and Hiker Markus – (2x):
Left side:
Drapion [Sniper], lv.51: Cross Poison, Storm Throw, Leech Life, Night Slash
Darmanitan [Sheer Force], lv.51: Flare Blitz, Lunge, Zen Headbutt, Rock Slide
Rhydon [Lightningrod], lv.51: High Horsepower, Rock Slide, Megahorn, Thunder Fang
Right side:
Meganium [Serene Grace*], lv.51: Dazzling Gleam, Earth Power, Giga Drain, Grass Whistle
Butterfree [Compound Eyes], lv.51: Sleep Powder, Hurricane, Bug Buzz, Giga Drain
Dewgong [Thick Fat], lv.51: Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Waterfall, Encore

● Ranger♀ Eliza – {Persim Berry}:
Dusclops [Pressure], lv.50: Curse, Protect, Will-O-Wisp, Hex
Golduck [Cloud Nine], lv.50: Power Gem, Hydro Pump, Psychic, Aura Sphere
Porygon-Z [Adaptability], lv.50: Hyper Beam, Agility, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt

● Battle Girl Chan – (3x):
Toxicroak [Poison Touch], lv.50: Poison Jab, Close Combat, Bullet Punch, Fake Out
Electivire [Motor Drive], lv.50: Volt Switch, Close Combat, Ice Punch, Follow Me
Lopunny [Scrappy*], lv.50: High Horsepower, Blaze Kick, Close Combat, Strength

● Doctor Derek – (3x):
Blissey [Serene Grace], lv.52: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Hyper Voice, Dazzling Gleam
Gothitelle [Shadow Tag], lv.52: Night Daze, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Fake Out
Staraptor [Reckless], lv.52: Double-Edge, Close Combat, Quick Attack, Brave Bird
Alakazam [Magic Guard], lv.52: Aura Sphere, Nasty Plot, Psyshock, Energy Ball

~ B1F ~

○ Ranger♂ Lewis – {Persim Berry}:
Furret [Hustle], lv.54: Extreme Speed, Play Rough, Shadow Claw, Flame Wheel Stantler [Intimidate], lv.54: Hypnosis, Aura Sphere, Psyshield Bash, Lunge Vileplume [Thick Fat], lv.54: Earth Power, Giga Drain, Moonblast, Toxic


Strange House

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

○ Backpacker Boone:
Numel [Simple*], lv.49: Take Down, Yawn, Heavy Slam, Flamethrower
Xatu [Magic Bounce], lv.49: Psychic, Air Slash, Foul Play, Pain Split
Camerupt [Solid Rock], lv.49: Stockpile, Flame Charge, Heavy Slam, Yawn

○ Psychic Lynette:
Froslass [Cursed Body], lv.49: Ominous Wind, Icy Wind, Hex, Hail
Gardevoir [Trace], lv.49: Healing Wish, Disable, Future Sight, Mean Look
Mismagius [Infiltrator*], lv.49: Spite, Ominous Wind, Hypnosis, Magical Leaf


Undella Town

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

●♕ HUGH:
Regardless of starter…
Swellow [Scrappy], lv.54 @Normal Gem: Boomburst, Quick Attack, Hurricane, Heat Wave
Eelektross [Levitate], lv.54 @Leftovers: Wild Charge, Aqua Tail, Coil, Drain Punch

Flygon [Levitate], lv.54 @Life Orb: Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Lunge, Dragon Dance

(If you picked Tepig):
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.54 @Focus Sash: Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, Extrasensory
Samurott [Shell Armor], lv.54 @Leftovers: Air Slash, Waterfall, Megahorn, Close Combat

Camerupt [Simple], lv.54 @Passho Berry: Flamethrower, Rock Climb, Earthquake, Rock Polish

(If you picked Oshawott):
Camerupt [Simple], lv.54 @Passho Berry: Flamethrower, Rock Climb, Earthquake, Rock Polish
Serperior [Contrary], lv.54 @Leftovers: Glare, Leaf Blade, Dragon Pulse, Aqua Tail

Starmie [Regenerator], lv.54 @Red Card: Scald, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Tri Attack

(If you picked Snivy):
Starmie [Regenerator], lv.54 @Red Card: Scald, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Tri Attack
Emboar [Mold Breaker], lv.54 @Leftovers: Wild Charge, Flame Charge, Earthquake, Cross Chop
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.54 @Focus Sash: Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, Extrasensory


Undella Bay

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

○ Swimmer♂ Bart:
Basculin [Adaptability], lv.49: Agility, Final Gambit, Aqua Tail, Revenge
Gastrodon [Storm Drain], lv.49: Counter, Mirror Coat, Mud Bomb, Brine
Golduck [Cloud Nine], lv.49: Worry Seed, Amnesia, Cross Chop, Waterfall

○ Swimmer♂ Matt:
Mantyke [Water Abosrb], lv.48: Mirror Coat, Bounce, Tailwind, Take Down
Spheal [Thick Fat], lv.48: Body Slam, Icy Wind, Crunch, Block
Seel [Thick Fat], lv.48: Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring, Icicle Spear, Smart Strike
Wingull [Rain Dish], lv.48: Brine, Agility, Air Slash, Tailwind
Croconaw [Torrent], lv.48: Hone Claws, Aqua Tail, Fake Tears, Hydro Pump

○ Swimmer♀ Mitzi:
Clamperl [Shell Armor], lv.48: Iron Defense, Rain Dance, Muddy Water, Confuse Ray
Huntail [Swift Swim], lv.48: Coil, Sucker Punch, Aqua Tail, Rain Dance
Gorebyss [Swift Swim], lv.48: Rain Dance, Draining Kiss, Baton Pass, Muddy Water
Relicanth [Sturdy], lv.48: Zen Headbutt, Take Down, Rock Blast, Aqua Tail

○ Swimmer♂ Tim:
Wailmer [Pressure], lv.48: Brine, Bounce, Body Slam, Aqua Ring
Lombre [Rain Dish], lv.48: Energy Ball, Muddy Water, Focus Punch, Body Slam
Krabby [Sheer Force], lv.48: Haze, Amnesia, Hammer Arm, Crabhammer
Wartortle [Torrent], lv.48: Fake Out, Muddy Water, Seismic Toss, Aqua Ring

○ Ace Trainer Summer:
Gyarados [Intimidate], lv.50: Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Hurricane, Hydro Pump
Milotic [Marvel Scale], lv.50: Hypnosis, Aqua Tail, Breaking Swipe, Coil

○ Swimmer♀ Arissa:
Lumineon [Storm Drain], lv.49: Silver Wind, Quiver Dance, Brine, Aurora Beam
Kingdra [Sniper], lv.49: Aurora Beam, Octazooka, Signal Beam, Clear Smog
Wailord [Pressure], lv.49: Brine, Bounce, Body Slam, Amnesia


Route 14

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

○ Socialite Marian:
Lopunny [Scrappy*], lv.50: Dizzy Punch, Bounce, Mach Punch, Triple Axel
Solrock [Levitate], lv.50: Flare Blitz, Iron Head, Morning Sun, Psyshield Bash
Mandibuzz [Weak Armor], lv.50: Dark Pulse, Bone Rush, Nasty Plot, Air Slash

○ Gentleman Sheldon:
Noctowl [Tinted Lens], lv.50: Psychic, Air Slash, Hyper Voice, Synchronoise
Lunatone [Levitate], lv.50: Power Gem, Moonblast, Earth Power, Moonlight
Braviary [Sheer Force], lv.50: Superpower, Crush Claw, Dual Wingbeat, Quick Attack

○ Battle Girl Glinda:
Conkeldurr [Guts], lv.51: Rock Slide, Ice Punch, Drain Punch, Mach Punch
Scrafty [Intimidate], lv.51: Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Assurance, Zen Headbutt

○ Ace Trainer Junko (3x):
Gligar [Hyper Cutter], lv.51: Acrobatics, Pin Missile, Poison Tail, Night Slash
Beedrill [Adaptability], lv.51: Cross Poison, X-Scissor, Raging Fury, Drill Peck
Dusclops [Pressure], lv.51: Shadow Punch, Faint Attack, Shadow Sneak, Leech Life

○ Black Belt Jay:
Ursaring [Quick Feet], lv.50: Crunch, Close Combat, Bulldoze, Take Down
Gigalith [Sturdy], lv.50: Heavy Slam, Sandstorm, Explosion, Stone Edge
Machamp [Guts], lv.50: Double-Edge, Heavy Slam, Drain Punch, Cross Chop

○ Backpacker Reece:
Electivire [Motor Drive], lv.50: Psychic, Cross Chop, Focus Punch, Discharge
Pinsir [Mold Breaker], lv.50: Storm Throw, Close Combat, Lunge, Swords Dance
Drapion [Battle Armor], lv.50: Poison Tail, Crunch, Storm Throw, Night Slash

○ Ace Trainer Kipp:
Manectric [Intimidate*], lv.51: Flame Burst, Crunch, Wild Charge, Electro Ball
Staraptor [Reckless], lv.51: Final Gambit, Agility, Tailwind, Sky Attack
Tangrowth [Regenerator], lv.51: Ingrain, Giga Drain, Wring Out, Block

○ Fisherman Sid:
Staryu [Natural Cure], lv.50: Wonder Room, Reflect Type, Psycho Cut, Cosmic Power
Qwilfish [Intimidate], lv.50: Aqua Tail, Take Down, Acupressure, Payback
Luvdisc [Swift Swim], lv.50: Moonblast, Aqua Ring, Bounce, Safeguard
Seadra [Poison Point], lv.50: Aurora Beam, Clear Smog, Muddy Water, Bounce
Feebas [Swift Swim], lv.50: Splash, Tackle, Flail, Water Pulse


Adundant Shrine

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

○ Youngster Wes:
Roserade [Poison Point], lv.51: Extrasensory, Sleep Powder, Leaf Storm, Spikes
Gengar [Levitate], lv.51 @Micle Berry: Zap Cannon, Sludge Wave, Giga Drain, Shadow Ball
Crobat [Inner Focus], lv.51: Zen Headbutt, Brave Bird, Hypnosis, Leech Life
Skuntank [Aftermath], lv.51: Explosion, Sucker Punch, Gunk Shot, Flamethrower

○ Twins Rae and Ula – (2x):
Arcanine [Intimidate], lv.51: Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Extreme Speed, Crunch
Ninetales [Drought], lv.51: Energy Ball, Extrasensory, Heat Wave, Dazzling Gleam
Emboar [Mold Breaker], lv.51: Heat Crash, Zen Headbutt, High Horsepower, Sucker Punch
Typhlosion [Flash Fire], lv.51: Scorching Sands, Lava Plume, Extrasensory

○ Lass Lurleen:
Musharna [Analytic], lv.51: Moonblast, Stored Power, Calm Mind, Yawn Illumise [Tinted Lens], lv.51: Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Moonblast, Mystical Fire Mismagius [Infiltrator], lv.51: Draining Kiss, Hex, Nasty Plot, Hypnosis
Vanilluxe [Snow Warning], lv. 51: Dazzling Gleam, Power Gem, Frost Breath, Autotomize

○ Youngster Jaye:
Escavalier [No Guard], lv.51: Razor Shell, Night Slash, Megahorn, Smart Strike
Galvantula [Unnerve], lv.51: Night Slash, Lunge, Cross Poison, Discharge
Scolipede [Poison Point], lv.51: Poison Tail, Steamroller, Swords Dance, Protect
Accelgor [Unburden], lv.51: Leech Life, Extreme Speed, Energy Ball, Acrobatics


Route 13

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

● Black Belt Wesley:
Golem [Sturdy], lv.51: Earthquake, Sucker Punch, Accelerock, Stone Edge
Poliwrath [Water Absorb], lv.51: Storm Throw, High Horsepower, Waterfall, Lovely Kiss
Hitmonlee [Reckless], lv.51: Jump Kick, Sucker Punch, Lunge, Blaze Kick
Hitmonchan [Iron Fist], lv.51: Bullet Punch, Drain Punch, Fake Out, Thunder Punch

● Battle Girl Alize:
Farfetch’d [Defeatist*], lv.51: Acrobatics, Close Combat, Leaf Blade, Night Slash
Scrafty [Moxie], lv.51: Drain Punch, Dragon Dance, Zen Headbutt, Crunch

● Ace Trainer Miguel:
Infernape [Iron Fist], lv.51: Thunder Punch, Vacuum Wave, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower
Swampert [Torrent], lv.51: Muddy Water, Ice Punch, Seismic Toss, High Horsepower
Jolteon [Volt Absorb], lv.51: Extrasensory, Grass Knot, Discharge, Hyper Voice
Blissey [Screne Grace], lv.51: Seismic Toss, Counter, Soft-Boiled, Thunder Wave

○ Fisherman Leroy:
Magikarp [Swift Swim], lv.52: Tackle, Flail, Dragon Rage, Hydro Pump
Carvanha [Speed Boost], lv.52: Psychic Fangs, Skull Bash, Crunch, Waterfall
Shellder [Shell Armor], lv.52: Razor Shell, Take Down, Avalanche, Twineedle
Buizel [Water Veil], lv.52: Tail Slap, Lunge, Agility, Waterfall
Corphish [Adaptability], lv.52: Body Slam, Aqua Jet, Crunch, Dragon Dance
Krabby [Sheer Force], lv.52: Hammer Arm, Crabhammer, Amnesia, High Horsepower

○ Fisherman Vince:
Floatzel [Water Veil], lv.51: Ice Fang, Tail Slap, Lunge, Waterfall
Blastoise [Torrent], lv.51: Muddy Water, Seismic Toss, Fake Out, Zen Headbutt
Jellicent [Cursed Body], lv.51: Hex, Giga Drain, Will-O-Wisp, Brine

○ Parasol Lady Laura:
Castform [Forecast], lv.51: Sunny Day, Blizzard, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump
Froslass [Cursed Body], lv.51: Destiny Bond, Weather Ball, Shadow Ball, Blizzard
Cherrim [Flower Gift], lv.51: Sunny Day, Weather Ball, Giga Drain, Draining Kiss
Venusaur [Solar Power*], lv.51: Giga Drain, Growth, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake
Armaldo [Swift Swim], lv.51: Rain Dance, Rock Tomb, X-Scissor, Cross Poison

○ Fisherman Damon:
Phione [Hydration], lv.53: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Moonblast, Signal Beam

○ Fisherman Jones:
Vaporeon [Water Absorb], lv.52: Extrasensory, Muddy Water, Acid Armor, Wish
Starmie [Natural Cure], lv.52: Bubble Beam, Psychic, Zap Cannon, Agility
Empoleon [Defiant], lv.52: Steel Wing, Dual Wingbeat, Megahorn, Aqua Jet

● Ranger♀ Dianne – (3x) {Sitrus Berry}:
Exeggutor [Chlorophyll], lv.53: Sleep Powder, Extrasensory, Protect, Giga Drain
Sunflora [Drought*], lv.53: Heat Wave, Growth, Earth Power, Leaf Tornado
Shiftry [Chlorophyll], lv.53: Heat Wave, Icy Wind, Protect, Leaf Blade
Bellossom [Chlorophyll], lv.53: Moonblast, Sleep Powder, Fiery Dance, Giga Drain
Sawsbuck [Chlorophyll], lv.53: Megahorn, High Horsepower, Horn Leech, Double-Edge

○ Ranger♂ Daryl – (Rot) {Sitrus Berry}:
Jumpluff [Prankster*], lv.53: Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Air Slash, Leech Seed
Luxray [Guts], lv.53: Volt Tackle, Crunch, Ice Fang, Fire Fang
Probopass [Sturdy], lv.53: Tri Attack, Power Gem, Discharge, Earth Power
Simipour [Torrent], lv.53: Acrobatics, Glare, Water Pledge, Future Sight
Larvesta [Flame Body], lv.53: Leech Life, Zen Headbutt, Raging Fury, Flame Charge

○ Ace Trainer Angi:
Lampent [Flash Fire], lv.52 @Micle Berry: Clear Smog, Inferno, Pain Split, Shadow Ball
Honchkrow [Moxie], lv.52: Tailwind, Drill Peck, Night Slash, Sucker Punch
Raticate [Guts], lv.52: Sucker Punch, Reversal, Double-Edge, Scary Face
Vespiquen [Intimidate*], lv.52: Air Slash, Ominous Wind, Attack Order, Cross Poison


Lacunosa Town

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

●♕ ZINZOLIN (and Plasma Grunt #705) – (2x):
Left side:
Cryogonal [Levitate], lv.54 @Focus Sash: Blizzard, Hail, Dazzling Gleam, Explosion
Walrein [Ice Body], lv.54 @Leftovers: Brine, Protect, Substitute, Toxic
Weavile [Pressure], lv.56 @Life Orb: Night Slash, Ice Punch, Fake Out, Low Kick
Right side:
Swalot [Liquid Ooze], lv.54: Acid Spray, Toxic, Stockpile, Destiny Bond

Delibird [Technician], lv.54: Icy Wind, Frost Breath, Acrobatics, Tailwind

Partner Hugh:
(If you picked Tepig):
Samurott [Shell Armor], lv.52: Air Slash, Waterfall, Megahorn, Superpower
(If you picked Oshawott):
Serperior [Contrary], lv.52: Glare, Leaf Blade, Dragon Pulse, Aqua Tail
(If you picked Snivy):

Emboar [Reckless], lv.52: Body Slam, Heat Crash, High Horsepower, Hammer Arm

Eelektross [Levitate], lv.51: Wild Charge, Aqua Tail, Drain Punch, Giga Drain
Flygon [Levitate], lv.51: Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, Bug Buzz, Rock Slide


Route 12

  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

○ Battle Girl Azra:
Mienfoo [Reckless], lv.53: Aura Sphere, Jump Kick, Bounce, Blaze Kick
Piloswine [Thick Fat], lv.53: Avalanche, Roar, Take Down, Earthquake
Pidgeot [No Guard], lv.53: Hyper Voice, Detect, Air Slash, Steel Wing Vileplume [Thick Fat], lv.53: Moonblast, Petal Dance, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder

○ Black Belt Jeriel:
Blaziken [Reckless*], lv.53: Blaze Kick, Close Combat, Scorching Sands, Agility
Darmanitan [Sheer Force], lv.53: Zen Headbutt, Lunge, Rollout, Flare Blitz
Heracross [Moxie], lv.53: Take Down, Fury Cutter, Close Combat, Megahorn
Medicham [Pure Power], lv.53: Reversal, Psycho Cut, Drain Punch, Acupressure

○ Backers Cleo and Rio:
Solrock [Levitate], lv.53: Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Rock Slide, Morning Sun
Lunatone [Levitate], lv.53: Earth Power, Ally Switch, Future Sight, Night Daze
Sandslash [Rough Skin], lv.53: Pin Missile, Drill Run, Crush Claw, Rapid Spin
Cloyster [Skill Link], lv.53: Protect, Aurora Beam, Spikes, Smart Strike

●♕ BENGA – [Easy and Normal mode]:
Garchomp [Rough Skin], lv.55 @Rocky Helmet: Stealth Rock, Breaking Swipe, Roar, Stealth Rock
Metagross [Iron Fist], lv.55 @Focus Sash: Bullet Punch, Agility, Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt Emboar [Mold Breaker], lv.55 @Passho Berry: Flame Charge, Earthquake, Sucker Punch, Wild Charge
Conkeldurr [Guts], lv.56 @Flame Orb: Focus Punch, Substitute, Mach Punch, Payback

●♕ BENGA – [Challenge mode]:
Metagross [Iron Fist], lv.61 @Focus Sash: Stealth Rock, Bullet Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch Garchomp [Rough Skin], lv.61 @Wide Lens: Swords Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Stone Edge Emboar [Mold Breaker], lv.61 @Passho Berry: V-create, Earthquake, Sucker Punch, Wild Charge
Gyarados [Moxie], lv.61 @Wacan Berry: Dragon Dance, Stone Edge, Waterfall, Power Whip
Conkeldurr [Guts], lv.61 @Flame Orb: Drain Punch, Mach Punch, Knock Off, Facade
Volcarona [Flame Body], lv.62 @Lum Berry: Quiver Dance, Fiery Dance, Bug Buzz, Giga Drain


Village Bridge

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

○ Smasher Lizzy:
Victreebel [Gluttony], lv.54: Synthesis, Leaf Tornado, Sludge Bomb, Growth
Togekiss [Super Luck], lv.54: Ominous Wind, Twister, Hurricane, Moonblast
Mr. Mime [Filter], lv.54: Nasty Plot, Magical Leaf, Psychic, Dazzling Gleam

○ Smasher Amy:
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.54: Petal Dance, Extrasensory, Stun Spore, Quiver Dance
Swellow [Guts], lv.54: Superpower, Reversal, Endeavor, Double-Edge
Azumarill [Huge Power], lv.54: Aqua Tail, Superpower, Bounce, Belly Drum

●* Youngster Karl:
Beedrill [Adaptability], lv.54: Drill Peck, Cross Poison, Raging Fury, Megahorn
Venomoth [Tinted Lens], lv.54: Signal Beam, Sludge Bomb, Morning Sun, Quiver Dance
Butterfree [Compoundeyes], lv.54: Hurricane, Sleep Powder, Psychic, Bug Buzz
Pinsir [Moxie], lv.54: Sword Dance, Lunge, Megahorn, Close Combat

●* Gentleman Stonewall – (2x):
Rotom-Heat [Levitate], lv.56 @White Herb: Discharge, Overheat, Will-O-Wisp, Hex
Gliscor [Poison Heal], lv.56 @Toxic Orb: Earthquake, Sword Dance, Ice Fang, Knock Off
Lucario [Justified*], lv.56 @Air Balloon: Meteor Mash, Close Combat, Blaze Kick, Bullet Punch
Gyarados [Intimidate], lv.56 @Lum Berry: Aqua Tail, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Power Whip
Gengar [Levitate], lv.56 @Life Orb: Sludge Bomb, Substitute, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball
Breloom [Technician], lv.56 @Expert Belt: Rock Tomb, Protect, Force Palm, Bullet Seed

  • (player can choose which one to fight in order to advance)

○ Fisherman Dean:
Totodile [Torrent], lv.54: Hydro Pump, Crunch, Fake Tears, Aqua Tail
Croconaw [Sheer Force], lv.54: Hydro Pump, Crunch, Fake Tears, Dragon Rush
Feraligatr [Sheer Force], lv.54: Waterfall, Crunch, Dragon Dance, Raging Fury

○ Artist Gough:
Smeargle [Moody], lv.54: Spore, Shell Smash, Ingrain, Baton Pass
Simisear [Blaze], lv.54: Fire Blast, Acrobatics, Gunk Shot, Superpower
Simipour [Torrent], lv.54: Hydro Pump, Acrobatics, Shadow Claw, Icy Wind
Simisage [Gluttony], lv.54: Leaf Storm, Acrobatics, Knock Off, Iron Tail

○ Hoopster Nicolas – (3x):
Electabuzz [Static], lv.54: Psychic, Follow Me, Thunder Wave, Wild Charge
Magmortar [Flame Body], lv.55: Sludge Bomb, Fire Blast, Scorching Sands, Mach Punch
Electabuzz [Static], lv.54: Psychic, Follow Me, Thunder Wave, Wild Charge

○ Hoopster Derrick – (3x):
Magmar [Flame Body], lv.54: Will-O-Wisp, Scorching Sands, Follow Me, Fire Punch
Electivire [Vital Spirit], lv.55: Psychic, Cross Chop, Dual Chop, Wild Charge
Magmar [Flame Body], lv.54: Will-O-Wisp, Scorching Sands, Follow Me, Fire Punch

○ Baker Chris:
Heatmor [Mold Breaker*], lv.54 @Sitrus Berry: Hone Claws, Fire Lash, Cross Chop, Sucker Punch
Chansey [Natural Cure], lv.54 @Sitrus Berry: Double-Edge, Aromatherapy, Counter, Healing Wish
Cherrim [Flower Gift], lv.54 @Sitrus Berry: Energy Ball, Grass Whistle, Draining Kiss, Aromatherapy


Route 11

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

○ Breeder Magnolia:
Emolga [Motor Drive], lv.55: Agility, Tickle, Tailwind, Helping Hand
Noctowl [Insomnia], lv.55: Agility, Nasty Plot, Tailwind, Mean Look
Blissey [Serene Grace], lv.55: Charm, Aromatherapy, Heal Bell, Healing Wish

● Ranger♂ Crofton – {Aspear Berry}:
Zebstrika [Motor Drive], lv.55: Wild Charge, High Horsepower, Flare Blitz, Lunge
Meganium [Serene Grace], lv.55: Draining Kiss, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Synthesis Mawile [Huge Power], lv.55: Iron Head, Sucker Punch, Play Rough, Focus Punch Fearow [Intimidate], lv.55: Drill Peck, Shadow Claw, Cut, Steel Wing
Dodrio [Anger Point*], lv.55: Lunge, Jump Kick, Rock Climb, Double Hit

● Ranger♀ Thalia – {Aspear Berry}:
Tropius [Solar Power], lv.55: Body Slam, Dragon Pulse, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade
Wigglytuff [Huge Power*], lv.55: Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Hyper Voice, Play Rough
Gliscor [Poison Heal], lv.55 @Toxic Orb: Acrobatics, Fling, Sky Uppercut, Earthquake


Opelucid City

Rotation House/Triple House (Black 2/White 2 respectively):
  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

○♕ WINONA – Hoenn Leader {Old Amber} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Ninjask [Speed Boost], lv.58 @Focus Sash: Swords Dance, Baton Pass, Protect, X-Scissor
Altaria [Cloud Nine], lv.59 @Leftovers: Brave Bird, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Play Rough
Swellow [Guts], lv.58 @Life Orb: Protect, Brave Bird, Quick Attack, Facade
Noctowl [Wacan Berry], lv.58 @Colbur Berry: Hurricane, Esper Wing, Moonblast, Nasty Plot
Skarmory [Weak Armor], lv.58 @Wacan Berry: Brave Bird, Rock Slide, Steel Wing, Swords Dance
Tropius [Harvest], lv.58 @Sitrus Berries: Earthquake, Leaf Blade, Dual Wingbeat, Dragon Dance

○♕ WINONA – Hoenn Leader (2x) {Allows access to Rotom in the Department Store} [Challenge mode]:

– Permanent Rain is established before the fight, like Crasher Wake’s Gym in Renegade Platinum.

Dragonite [Multiscale], lv.62 @Flying Gem: Hurricane, Earthquake, Thunder, Icy Wind
Mantine [Swift Swim], lv.62 @Wacan Berry: Hydro Pump, Hurricane, Confuse Ray, Tailwind
Rotom-Fan [Motor Drive], lv.62 @Electric Gem: Thunder, Electroweb, Air Slash, Rain Dance
Pelipper [Drizzle], lv.62 @Sitrus Berry: Hydro Pump, Hurricane, Soak, Ice Beam
Altaria [Natural Cure], lv.63 @Life Orb: Brave Bird, Earthquake, Play Rough, Dragon Dance
Drifblim [Flare Boost], lv.62 @Flame Orb: Protect, Hurricane, Thunder, Shadow Ball

After Drayden has been defeated:
  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

● Plasma Grunt #585:
Watchog [Analytic], lv.58: Super Fang, Double-Edge, Hypnosis, Crunch
Garbodor [Aftermath], lv.58: Pain Split, Poison Jab, Payback, Double-Edge
Muk [Poison Touch], lv.58: Gunk Shot, Acid Armor, Shadow Punch, Mean Look
Glalie [Levitate*], lv.58: Hail, Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Headlong Rush

● Plasma Grunt #586:
Amoonguss [Effect Spore], lv.58: Body Slam, Spore, Sludge Bomb, Foul Play
Cacturne [Water Absorb], lv.58: Needle Arm, Scorching Sands, Foul Play, Sucker Punch
Drapion [Sniper], lv.58: Thunder Fang, Night Slash, Leech Life, Cross Poison

● Plasma Grunt #587:
Metang [Iron Fist*], lv.59: Agility, Meteor Mash, Gravity, Hyper Beam
Zweilous [Hustle], lv.59: Dragon Rush, Hyper Voice, Raging Fury, Head Smash

Abomasnow [Snow Warning], lv.59 @Life Orb: Wood Hammer, Blizzard, Focus Blast, Thunder Punch
Cryogonal [Levitate], lv.59 @Light Clay: Blizzard, Reflect, Light Screen, Explosion
Walrein [Ice Body], lv.59 @Leftovers: Surf, Protect, Substitute, Toxic
Weavile [Pressure], lv.60 @Focus Sash: Night Slash, Ice Punch, Fake Out, Ice Shard
Drifblim [Unburden], lv.59 @Flying Gem: Acrobatics, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Destiny Bond

● Shadow Triad – First Battle:
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.59 @Air Balloon: Sucker Punch, Iron Head, X-Scissor, Night Slash
Crobat [Inner Focus], lv.59 @Flying Gem: U-Turn, Acrobatics, Cross Poison, Hypnosis
Scyther [Technician], lv.59 @Focus Sash: U-Turn, Dual Wingbeat, Quick Attack, Bug Bite
Absol [Super Luck], lv.60 @Scope Lens: Play Rough, Megahorn, Sucker Punch, Psycho Cut


Route 9

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

○ Roughneck Chance:
Scrafty [Intimidate], lv.56: Assurance, Crunch, High Jump Kick, Zen Headbutt
Arbok [Intimidate], lv.56: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Coil, Poison Tail
Weezing [Levitate], lv.56: Sludge Bomb, Lava Plume, Destiny Bond, Psybeam
Muk [Poison Touch], lv.56: Gunk Shot, Acid Armor, Shadow Punch, Payback

○ Biker Zeke:
Pawniard [Defiant], lv.56: Fury Cutter, Psycho Cut, Metal Burst, Sucker Punch
Houndoom [Flash Fire], lv.56: Inferno, Dark Pulse, Foul Play, Destiny Bond
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.56: Iron Defense, Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch, Night Slash
Bibarel [Simple], lv.56: Aqua Jet, Double-Edge, Sword Dance, Quick Attack

○ Roughneck Reese:
Skuntank [Aftermath], lv.55: Sucker Punch, Play Rough, Flamethrower, Toxic
Ariados [Sniper], lv.55: Foul Play, Cross Poison, Leech Life, Agility
Shedinja [Wonder Guard], lv.55: Swords Dance, Sucker Punch, Lunge, Shadow Claw
Sharpedo [Speed Boost], lv.55: Psychic Fangs, Crunch, Skull Bash, Waterfall
Lampent [Flash Fire], lv.55: Inferno, Shadow Ball, Pain Split, Will-O-Wisp

○ Biker Phillip:
Shiftry [Rattled*], lv.56: Nasty Plot, Leaf Tornado, Heat Wave, Icy Wind
Honchkrow [Super Luck], lv.56: Sucker Punch, Astonish, Night Slash, Drill Peck
Liepard [Unburden], lv.56: Play Rough, Fake Out, Foul Play, Sucker Punch

○ Hooligans Jim and Cas:
Krookodile [Intimidate], lv.57: Thunder Fang, High Horsepower, Crunch, Close Combat
Mandibuzz [Overcoat], lv.57: Foul Play, Brave Bird, Snarl, Tailwind
Dusknoir [Iron Fist*], lv.57: Leech Life, Shadow Punch, Drain Punch, Ice Punch
Banette [Cursed Body], lv.57: Slash, Shadow Claw, Raging Fury, Destiny Bond

○ Waitress Olwen:
Grumpig [Thick Fat], lv.56: Psychic, Future Sight, Bounce, Trick
Butterfree [Tinted Lens], lv.56: Psychic, Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Quiver Dance
Delcatty [Wonder Skin], lv.56: Double-Edge, Sucker Punch, Wish, Encore

○ Waiter Lou:
Poliwrath [Water Absorb], lv.56: Body Slam, Circle Throw, Waterfall, Storm Throw
Ledian [Rattled], lv.56: Knock Off, Lunge, Smart Strike, Baton Pass
Persian [Technician], lv.56: Power Gem, Fake Out, Double-Edge, Play Rough


Drayden’s Gym

  • Not all the gym trainers are mandatory to progress, you can pick a side on each level as you progress to Drayden.
  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

● Veteran Lucius:
Fraxure [Mold Breaker], lv.57 @Eviolite: Outrage, Dragon Dance, Cross Poison, Shadow Claw
Zweilous [Hustle], lv.57 @Eviolite: Zen Headbutt, Dragon Rush, Head Smash, Crunch
Servine [Contrary], lv.57 @Eviolite: Draco Meteor, Glare, Power Whip, Leech Seed
Vibrava [Levitate], lv.57 @Eviolite: Bug Buzz, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Hyper Voice

● Veteran Rhona:
Altaria [Natural Cure], lv.57 @Red Card: Dragon Dance, Play Rough, Dual Wingbeat, Dragon Rush
Dragonair [Shed Skin], lv.57 @Eviolite: Thunder Wave, Aqua Tail, Dragon Pulse, Extreme Speed
Dragonite [Multiscale], lv.57 @Yache Berry: Fire Punch, Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Outrage

● Veteran Jerry:
Druddigon [Sheer Force], lv.57 @Dragon Fang: Dragon Rush, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Poison Tail
Kingdra [Swift Swim], lv.57 @Dragon Gem: Draco Meteor, Waterfall, Outrage, Rain Dance
Ampharos [Static], lv.57 @Shuca Berry: Dragon Pulse, Tail Glow, Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon

● Veteran Denae – (Rot):
Bagon [Rock Head], lv.58 @Eviolite: Hydro Pump, Zen Headbutt, Outrage, Protect
Salamence [Moxie], lv.58 @Yache Berry: Dual Wingbeat, Outrage, Earthquake, Dragon Dance
Shelgon [Rock Head], lv.58 @Eviolite: Fire Blast, Protect, Dragon Rush, Zen Headbutt

● Veteran Ron – (3x):
Gible [Rough Skin], lv.58 @Eviolite: Breaking Swipe, Sandstorm, Rock Slide, Shadow Claw
Garchomp [Rough Skin], lv.58 @Wide Lens: Dragon Rush, Poison Jab, Stone Edge, Extreme Speed
Gabite [Rough Skin], lv.58 @Eviolite: Breaking Swipe, Stone Edge, Raging Fury, Iron Head

●♛ LEADER DRAYDEN – {TM02 Dragon Claw} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Druddigon [Sheer Force], lv.59 @Life Orb: Thunder Punch, Superpower, Sucker Punch, Dragon Rush
Charizard [Blaze], lv.59 @Charti Berry: Belly Drum, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Outrage
Flygon [Levitate], lv.59 @White Herb: Earthquake, Bug Buzz, Fire Blast, Draco Meteor
Altaria [Cloud Nine], lv.59 @Leftovers: Dragon Claw, Fire Blast, Play Rough, Cotton Guard
Haxorus [Mold Breaker], lv.61 @Dragon Gem: Outrage, Earthquake, Aqua Tail, Iron Tail
Salamence [Intimidate], lv.59 @Wide Lens: Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, Outrage, Iron Tail

●♛ LEADER DRAYDEN – (2x) {TM02 Dragon Claw} [Challenge mode]:
Charizard [Defiant*], lv.63 @Sitrus Berry: Shadow Claw, Fire Lash, Dragon Claw, Rock Slide
Latias [Levitate], lv.63 @Lum Berry: Aura Sphere, Thunderbolt, Tailwind, Dragon Pulse
Haxorus [Mold Breaker], lv.64 @Haban Berry: Outrage, Swords Dance, Close Combat, Cross Poison
Flygon [Levitate], lv.63 @Life Orb: Quiver Dance, Dragon Pulse, High Horsepower, Giga Drain
Salamence [Intimidate], lv.63 @Yache Berry: Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Dragon Dance, Dual Wingbeat
Sceptile [Unburden], lv.63 @Focus Sash: Dragon Claw, Leaf Blade, Acrobatics, Drain Punch


Seaside Cave

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

~ 1F ~

● Black Belt Rocky:
Roggenrola [Sturdy], lv.57 @Hard Stone: Stone Edge, Stealth Rock, Explosion
Roggenrola [Sturdy], lv.57 @Hard Stone: Stone Edge, Explosion
Roggenrola [Sturdy], lv.57 @Hard Stone: Stone Edge, Explosion
Boldore [Sturdy], lv.58 @Hard Stone: Stone Edge, Earthquake, Explosion
Gigalith [Sturdy], lv.59 @Hard Stone: Stone Edge, Earthquake, Heavy Slam, Explosion

○ Ranger♂ Johan – {Persim Berry}:
Steelix [Sheer Force], lv.60: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Earthquake, Heavy Slam
Aggron [Rock Head], lv.60: Avalanche, Stone Edge, Dragon Rush, Heavy Slam
Empoleon [Defiant], lv.60: Dual Wingbeat, Waterfall, Steel Wing, Roost

○ Battle Girl Tia:
Toxicroak [Poison Touch], lv.60: Cross Poison, Gunk Shot, Close Combat, Bullet Punch
Throh [Mold Breaker], lv.60: Headlong Rush, Zen Headbutt, Storm Throw, Payback

● Ranger♀ Mikiko – {Persim Berry}:
Gallade [Hyper Cutter*], lv.60: Shadow Sneak, Sacred Sword, Psycho Cut, Triple Axel
Sceptile [Overgrow], lv.60: Leech Seed, Synthesis, Leaf Blade, Breaking Swipe
Flygon [Levitate], lv.60: Boomburst, Dragon Pulse, Bug Buzz, Scorching Sands

○ Black Belt Drago:
Onix [Rock Head], lv.62: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Double-Edge, Head Smash
Primeape [Defiant], lv.62: Outrage, Raging Fury, Beat Up, Close Combat

~ B1F ~

○ Battle Girl Maki:
Mienshao [Regenerator], lv.61: Grass Knot, Hyper Beam, Aura Sphere, Calm Mind

○ Black Belt Rich:
Breloom [Technician], lv.60: Bullet Seed, Force Palm, Mach Punch, Rock Tomb
Sawk [Sturdy], lv.60: Reversal, Blaze Kick, Stone Edge, Zen Headbutt


Route 21

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

○ Doctor Braid:
Wigglytuff [Huge Power*], lv.61: Play Rough, Boomburst, Flamethrower, Drain Punch
Snorlax [Thick Fat], lv.61: High Horsepower, Crunch, Body Slam, Zen Headbutt

○ Fisherman Kenzo:
Tirtouga [Sturdy], lv.58: Hydro Pump, Rock Slide, Shell Smash, Aqua Jet
Frillish [Cursed Body], lv.58: Destiny Bond, Giga Drain, Hydro Pump, Water Spout
Golduck [Cloud Nine], lv.58: Cross Chop, Aqua Jet, Hydro Pump, Psychic
Palpitoad [Water Absorb], lv.58: Earth Power, Muddy Water, Hydro Pump, Refresh
Corsola [Natural Cure], lv.58: Icicle Spear, Ingrain, Bubble Beam, Rock Blast

○ Swimmer Kyle:
Sharpedo [Speed Boost], lv.60: Waterfall, Psychic Fangs, Agility, Crunch
Quagsire [Water Absorb], lv.60: Ancient Power, Recover, Muddy Water, Counter

● Black Belt Kenneth:
Hitmontop [Intimidate], lv.60: Close Combat, Fake Out, Triple Axel, Sucker Punch
Hitmonlee [Reckless], lv.60: Bullet Punch, Blaze Kick, Lunge, High Jump Kick
Hitmonchan [Iron Fist], lv.60: Mach Punch, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch

○ Swimmer Kaoru:
Luvdisc [Hydration], lv.60: Hydro Pump, Draining Kiss, Lovely Kiss, Moonblast
Seaking [Lightningrod], lv.60: Waterfall, Smart Strike, Aqua Jet, Megahorn

● Swimmer Harold:
Prinplup [Torrent], lv.60: Hydro Pump, Roost, Yawn, Icy Wind
Octillery [Sniper], lv.60: Flamethrower, Water Spout, Gunk Shot, Seed Bomb
Blastoise [Shell Armor*], lv.60: Seismic Toss, Zen Headbutt, Fake Out, Hydro Pump

○ Swimmer Desiree:
Wailmer [Pressure], lv.60: Hydro Pump, Soak, Body Slam, Bounce
Wailord [Pressure], lv.60: Hydro Pump, Soak, Body Slam, Bounce


Route 22

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

● Ace Trainer Shel:
Vaporeon [Water Absorb], lv.60: Ice Beam, Extrasensory, Hydro Pump, Tri Attack
Jolteon [Volt Absorb], lv.60: Extrasensory, Discharge, Signal Beam, Grass Knot
Flareon [Flash Fire], lv.60: Play Rough, Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Rock Slide

● Backpacker Myra:
Ivysaur [Overgrow], lv.60: Giga Drain, Power Whip, Earth Power, Sleep Powder
Charmeleon [Blaze], lv.60: Fire Lash, Acrobatics, Dragon Rush, Heat Crash
Wartortle [Torrent], lv.60: Zen Headbutt, Hydro Pump, Avalanche, Fake Out

○ Hiker Justin:
Cranidos [Sheer Force], lv.60: Hammer Arm, Raging Fury, Headlong Rush, Head Smash
Lileep [Storm Drain], lv.60: Wring Out, Recover, Giga Drain, Brine
Armaldo [Battle Armor], lv.60: Lunge, Aqua Jet, Cross Poison, Stone Edge
Cradily [Storm Drain], lv.60: Infestation, Recover, Leech Seed, Ingrain

○ Breeder Addison:
Dunsparce [Serene Grace], lv.60: Coil, Agility, Curse, Defense Curl
Blissey [Serene Grace], lv.60: Counter, Aromatherapy, Heal Bell, Healing Wish
Milotic [Marvel Scale], lv.60: Safeguard, Captivate, Coil, Haze

○ Backpacker Lowell:
Grovyle [Overgrow], lv.60: Double Kick, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Swords Dance
Combusken [Blaze], lv.60: Blaze Kick, Close Combat, Quick Attack, Scorching Sand
Marshtomp [Torrent], lv.60: Avalanche, Seismic Toss, High Horsepower, Aqua Tail

○ Ace Trainer Lucca:
Crobat [Inner Focus], lv.60: Leech Life, Brave Bird, Hypnosis, Cross Poison
Leavanny [Chlorophyll], lv.60: Agility, Lunge, Leaf Blade, Psychic Fangs
Ludicolo [Swift Swim], lv.60: Zen Headbutt, Muddy Water, Energy Ball, Hyper Voice
Lucario [Justified], lv.60: Dragon Pulse, Bullet Punch, Blaze Kick, Close Combat


Humilau City and Marlon’s Gym

  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

○♕ TATE AND LIZA (2x) – {TM17 Protect} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Left side:
Reuniclus [Magic Guard], lv.62: Trick Room, Psychic, Focus Blast, Energy Ball
Lunatone [Levitate], lv.63 @Sitrus Berry: Cosmic Power, Stored Power, Power Gem, Night Daze
Right side:
Gothitelle [Frisk], lv.62: Fake Out, Ally Switch, Night Daze, Psyshock
Solrock [Levitate], lv.63 @Sitrus Berry: Psyshield Bash, Helping Hand, Rock Slide, Hypnosis

○♕ TATE AND LIZA (2x) – {TM17 Protect} [Challenge mode]:

– Both Tate and Liza each use four Pokémon each, for a total of eight Pokémon!

Left side: Liza
Mr. Mime [Filter]. lv.66 @Lum Berry: Trick Room, Dazzling Gleam, Baton Pass, Aura Sphere
Lunatone [Levitate], lv.67 @Rock Gem: Psychic, Ice Beam, Earth Power, Power Gem
Exeggutor [Harvest], lv.66 @Sitrus Berry: Trick Room, Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb
Jynx [Trace], lv.66 @Focus Sash: Aura Sphere, Psyshock, Ice Beam, Draining Kiss
Right side: Tate
Claydol [Levitate], lv.66 @Kasib Berry: Scorching Sands, Extrasensory, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam
Solrock [Levitate], lv.67 @Flying Gem: Rock Slide, Acrobatics, Psyshield Bash, Flare Blitz
Medicham [Pure Power], lv.66 @Life Orb: High Jump Kick, Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch
Beheeyem [Analytic], lv.66 @Colbur Berry: Mystic Fire, Trick Room, Thunderbolt, Psychic

Marlon's Gym:
  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

● Ace Trainer Doyle:
Lanturn [Water Absorb], lv.61: Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Thunder Wave
Empoleon [Defiant], lv.61: Wave Crash, Agility, Megahorn, Smart Strike
Kabutops [Battle Armor], lv.61: Aqua Jet, Swords Dance, Stone Edge, X-Scissor

● Ace Trainer Melina:
Azumarill [Huge Power], lv.61: Aqua Tail, Play Rough, Ice Punch, Aqua Jet
Poliwrath [Water Absorb], lv.61: Wave Crash, Focus Punch, Substitute, Hypnosis
Walrein [Thick Fat], lv.61: Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Rain Dance
Milotic [Marvel Scale], lv.61: Scald, Ice Beam, Recover, Confuse Ray

○ Ace Trainer Santino:
Huntail [Swift Swim], lv.61: Waterfall, Crunch, Shell Smash, Baton Pass
Slowking [Regenerator], lv.61: Psychic, Surf, Flamethrower, Slack Off
Kingdra [Sniper], lv.61: Draco Meteor, Scald, Outrage, Dragon Dance

○ Ace Trainer Jeanne:
Mantine [Water Absorb], lv.61 @Damp Rock: Hydro Pump, Air Slash, Confuse Ray, Rain Dance
Ludicolo [Swift Swim], lv.61 @Damp Rock: Giga Drain, Surf, Ice Beam, Rain Dance
Wiscash [Simple], lv.61: Earthquake, Wave Crash, Ice Beam, Dragon Dance
Simipour [Torrent], lv.61: Rock Slide, Acrobatics, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam

● Ace Trainer Enzio:
Octillery [Mold Breaker], lv.61: Octazooka, Seed Bomb, Flamethrower, Gunk Shot
Floatzel [Swift Swim], lv.61: Crunch, Aqua Tail, Aqua Jet, Ice Fang
Tentacruel [Clear Body], lv.61: Poison Jab, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Toxic
Gyarados [Moxie], lv.61: Earthquake, Ice Fang, Waterfall, Dragon Dance
Omastar [Shell Armor], lv.61: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Earth Power, Shell Smash

● Ace Trainer Sable:
Gorebyss [Swift Swim], lv.61: Shell Smash, Baton Pass, Surf, Psychic
Slowbro [Regenerator], lv.61: Surf, Psyshock, Flamethrower, Slack Off
Vaporeon [Water Absorb], lv.61: Scald, Ice Beam, Wish, Protect
Relicanth [Rock Head], lv.61: Head Smash, Wave Crash, Zen Headbutt, Bounce

●♛ LEADER MARLON – {TM51 Wave Crash} [Easy and Normal mode]:
Politoed [Drizzle], lv.63 @Focus Sash: Scald, Hypnosis, Blizzard, Perish Song
Tentacruel [Rain Dish], lv.63 @Black Sludge: Scald, Sludge Wave, Ice Beam, Mirror Coat
Ludicolo [Rain Dish], lv.63 @Leftovers: Scald, Leech Seed, Ice Beam, Giga Drain
Carracosta [Sturdy], lv.63 @Custap Berry: Wave Crash, Shell Smash, Stone Edge, Ice Beam
Jellicent [Cursed Body], lv.64 @Sitrus Berry: Scald, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Recover
Bibarel [Simple], lv.63 @Chople Berry: Wave Crash, Strength, Aqua Jet, Swords Dance

●♛ LEADER MARLON – (2x) {TM51 Wave Crash} [Challenge mode]:

– Permanent Rain is established before the fight, like Crasher Wake’s Gym in Renegade Platinum.

Poliwrath [Swift Swim], lv.67 @Cell Battery: Lovely Kiss, Poison Jab, High Horsepower, Close Combat
Ludicolo [Swift Swim], lv.67 @Life Orb: Hydro Pump, Giga Drain, Ice Beam, Focus Blast
Kabutops [Swift Swim], lv.67 @Focus Sash: Rock Slide, Waterfall, Leech Life, Aqua Jet
Pelipper [Drizzle], lv.67 @Wacan Berry: Hurricane, U-Turn, Muddy Water, Icy Wind
Starmie [Analytic], lv.67 @Rindo Berry: Thunder, Hydro Pump, Psychic, Ice Beam
Kingdra [Swift Swim], lv.68 @Water Gem: Muddy Water, Dragon Pulse, Hurricane, Flash Cannon


Plasma Frigate – Second Visit

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

● Plasma Grunt #500:
Masquerain [Intimidate], lv.61: Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Hydro Pump, Icy Wind
Rhyperior [Solid Rock], lv.61: Rock Wrecker, Megahorn, Dragon Rush, Earthquake
Dusknoir [Iron Fist*], lv.61: Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch
Beartic [Sheer Force], lv.61: Icicle Crash, Close Combat, Ice Shard, Earthquake
Rapidash [Flame Body], lv.61: Flare Blitz, High Horsepower, Play Rough, Low Sweep

● Plasma Grunts #798 and #799 – (Tag):
Left side:
Luxray [Guts], lv.61: Crunch, Wild Charge, Ice Fang, Sucker Punch
Chatot [Tangled Feet], lv.61: Hyper Voice, Hurricane, Nasty Plot, Agility
Electrode [Static], lv.61: Thunder, Magnet Rise, Thunder Wave, Light Screen
Right side:
Hariyama [Thick Fat], lv.61: Fake Out, Rock Slide, Knock Off, Close Combat
Steelix [Sheer Force], lv.61: Iron Tail, High Horsepower, Thunder Fang, Dragon Dance

Accelgor [Infiltrator], lv.61: Energy Ball, Focus Blast, Bug Buzz, Extreme Speed

Partner Hugh:
Eelektross [Levitate], lv.62: Wild Charge, Aqua Tail, Drain Punch, Giga Drain

Flygon [Levitate], lv.62: Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, Bug Buzz, Rock Slide

(If you picked Snivy):

Emboar [Reckless], lv.63: Body Slam, Heat Crash, High Horsepower, Hammer Arm

(If you picked Oshawott):

Serperior [Contrary], lv.63: Glare, Giga Drain, Dragon Pulse, Aqua Tail

(If you picked Tepig):
Samurott [Water Veil], lv.63: Air Slash, Waterfall, Megahorn, Superpower

Below Deck:
  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

~ Main Corridor ~

○ Plasma Grunt #801:
Drapion [Sniper], lv.63: Storm Throw, Cross Poison, Night Slash, Focus Energy
Shiftry [Rattled*], lv.63: Leaf Storm, Sucker Punch, Icy Wind, Air Slash
Skarmory [Sturdy], lv.63: Drill Peck, Steel Wing, Counter, Pursuit

○ Plasma Grunt #800:
Scizor [Technician], lv.63: Bullet Punch, Crabhammer, Bug Bite, Close Combat
Houndoom [Flash Fire], lv.63: Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb
Feraligatr [Sheer Force], lv.63: Dragon Dance, Wave Crash, Avalanche, Rock Slide

~ Left-hand Rooms ~

○ Plasma Grunt #436/451:
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.62: Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade
Vileplume [Thick Fat], lv.62: Sludge Bomb, Sleep Powder, Moonblast, Giga Drain Tyranitar [Battle Armor], lv.62: Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Rock Polish, Dark Pulse

○ Plasma Grunt #427/442:
Skuntank [Aftermath], lv.63: Explosion, Gunk Shot, Sucker Punch, Toxic

○ Plasma Grunt #426/441:
Muk [Poison Touch], lv.62: Gunk Shot, Shadow Punch, Pursuit, Haze
Raticate [Hustle], lv.62: Double-Edge, Reversal, Quick Attack, Sucker Punch

○ Plasma Grunt #440:
Scrafty [Intimidate], lv.62: Assurance, Zen Headbutt, Drain Punch, Ice Punch
Liepard [Prankster], lv.62: Foul Play, Thunder Wave, Fake Out, Night Slash

~ Right-hand Rooms ~

○ Plasma Grunt #428/443:
Weezing [Levitate], lv.63: Explosion, Destiny Bond, Lava Plume, Sludge Bomb

○ Plasma Grunt #437/452:
Sneasel [Inner Focus], lv.62: Ice Shard, Night Slash, Icicle Crash, Focus Punch
Zweilous [Hustle], lv.62: Dragon Rush, Hyper Voice, Zen Headbutt, Head Smash
Druddigon [Rough Skin], lv.62: Iron Head, Sucker Punch, Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail

○ Plasma Grunt #429/444
Krookodile [Intimidate], lv.62: Thunder Fang, Raging Fury, Crunch, High Horsepower
Magnezone [Sturdy], lv.62: Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Signal Beam, Tri Attack

~ Kyurem’s Containment Room ~

●♕ ZINZOLIN (and Plasma Grunt #797) – Plasma Frigate 1st Match (Tag):
Left side:
Walrein [Ice Body], lv.63 @Leftovers: Blizzard, Brine, Encore, Toxic
Drifblim [Unburden], lv.63 @Flying Gem: Acrobatics, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Hypnosis
Weavile [Pressure], lv.64 @Life Orb: Knock Off, Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Low Kick
Right side:
Qwilfish [Intimidate], lv.62 @Icy Rock: Hail, Aqua Jet, Poison Jab, Spikes
Golem [Sturdy], lv.62 @Rock Gem: Rock Slide, Accelerock, Thunder Punch, Steamroller

Carnivine [Levitate], lv.62 @Focus Sash: Power Whip, Rage Powder, Sleep Powder, Knock Off

Partner Hugh:
Eelektross [Levitate], lv.62: Wild Charge, Aqua Tail, Drain Punch, Giga Drain

Flygon [Levitate], lv.62: Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, Bug Buzz, Rock Slide

(If you picked Snivy):

Emboar [Reckless], lv.63: Body Slam, Heat Crash, High Horsepower, Hammer Arm

(If you picked Oshawott):

Serperior [Contrary], lv.63: Glare, Giga Drain, Dragon Pulse, Aqua Tail

(If you picked Tepig):
Samurott [Water Veil], lv.63: Air Slash, Waterfall, Megahorn, Superpower


Giant Chasm and Plasma Frigate – Third Visit

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

● Plasma Grunt #724:
Metagross [Clear Body], lv.62: Meteor Mash, Agility, Ice Punch, Earthquake
Yanmega [Speed Boost], lv.62: Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Detect, Giga Drain
Farfetch’d [Defeatist], lv.62: Close Combat, Acrobatics, Leaf Blade, Poison Jab
Girafarig [Sap Sipper], lv.62: High Horsepower, Double-Edge, Psyshield Bash, Foul Play

● Plasma Grunts #807 and #809:
Left side:
Gliscor [Poison Heal] lv.64 @Toxic Orb: Protect, Guillotine, Rock Climb, Tailwind
Machamp [No Guard], lv.64 @Leftovers: Protect, Cross Poison, Drain Punch, Bullet Punch
Cryogonal [Levitate] lv.64 @Wide Lens: Protect, Sheer Cold, Icy Wind, Flash Cannon
Right side:
Escavalier [No Guard], lv.64 @Occa Berry: Protect, Megahorn, Iron Head, Razor Shell
Dugtrio [Sand Force] lv.64 @Wide Lens: Protect, Fissure, High Horsepower, Stone Edge
Pidgeot [No Guard], lv.64 @Charcoal: Protect, Air Slash, Heat Wave, Hyper Voice

Pipe Section

~ High-ground ~

○ Plasma Grunt #430/445:
Amoonguss [Effect Spore], lv.62: Body Slam, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Foul Play
Toxicroak [Poison Touch], lv.62: Cross Poison, Bullet Punch, Close Combat, Acupressure
Persian [Technician], lv.62: Play Rough, Fake Out, Double-Edge, Power Gem

○ Plasma Grunt #431/446:
Dodrio [Anger Point*], lv.62: High Jump Kick, Double-Edge, Brave Bird, Quick Attack
Dewgong [Thick Fat], lv.62: Avalanche, Ice Shard, Perish Song, Waterfall

○ Plasma Grunt #810:
Tentacruel [Clear Body], lv.62: Swords Dance, Cross Poison, Waterfall, Knock Off
Glalie [Levitate], lv.62: Rock Polish, Head Smash, Icicle Crash, Ice Shard

○ Plasma Grunt #808:
Parasect [Effect Spore], lv.62: Spore, Leech Life, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed
Rhydon [Rock Head], lv.62: Earthquake, Rock Wrecker, Megahorn, Ice Fang

○ Doctor Julius:
Clefable [Magic Guard], lv.64: Draining Kiss, Seismic Toss, Toxic, Soft-Boiled
Snorlax [Thick Fat], lv.64: Heat Crash, Body Slam, High Horsepower, Curse
Alomomola [Regenerator], lv.64: Scald, Protect, Wish, Toxic

~ Low-ground ~

○ Plasma Grunt #432/447:
Durant [Heatproof], lv.62: Iron Head, Rock Climb, Lunge, Thunder Fang Heatmor [Mold Breaker], lv.62: Fire Lash, Night Slash, Cross Chop, Sucker Punch

● Plasma Plasma Grunt #439/454:
Sharpedo [Speed Boost], lv.62: Ice Beam, Protect, Hydro Pump, Dark Pulse
Purugly [Defiant], lv.62: Fake Out, Body Slam, Knock Off, Play Rough

○ Plasma Grunt #434/449:
Zangoose [Immunity], lv.62: Double-Edge, Close Combat, Belly Drum, Quick Attack
Seviper [Shed Skin], lv.62: Coil, Poison Tail, Crunch, Lunge

○ Plasma Grunt #435/450:
Drapion [Sniper], lv.63: Cross Poison, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Storm Throw

○ Plasma Grunt #438/453:
Kadabra [Magic Guard], lv.62: Psyshock, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball
Haunter [Levitate*], lv.62: Shadow Ball, Sludge Wave, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt

~ Past the Laser Barrier ~

●♕ ZINZOLIN – Plasma Frigate 2nd Match (2x):
Vanilluxe [Snow Warning], lv.65 @Focus Sash: Dazzling Gleam, Blizzard, Power Gem, Flash Cannon
Cryogonal [Levitate], lv.65 @Light Clay: Blizzard, Reflect, Light Screen, Hail
Froslass [Snow Cloak], lv.65 @Ice Gem: Blizzard, Hex, Will-O-Wisp, Destiny Bond
Mamoswine [Snow Cloak], lv.65 @Zoom Lens: Icicle Crash, Stone Edge, High Horsepower, Ice Shard
Walrein [Ice Body], lv.65 @Leftovers: Blizzard, Bubble Beam, Toxic, Substitute
Weavile [Pressure], lv.66 @Life Orb: Night Slash, Triple Axel, Fake Out, Low Kick

●♕ COLRESS – Plasma Frigate:
Beheeyem [Analytic], lv.65 @Colbur Berry: Bug Buzz, Mystical Fire, Psychic, Destiny Bond
Rotom-Wash [Levitate], lv.65 @Focus Sash: Volt Switch, Will-O-Wisp, Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt
Magnezone [Sturdy], lv.65 @Air Balloon: Volt Switch, Bug Buzz, Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon
Metagross [Iron Fist], lv.65 @Occa Berry: Meteor Mash, Shift Gear, Ice Punch, Zen Headbutt Porygon-Z [Adaptability], lv.65 @Custap Berry: Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam Klinklang [Levitate], lv.66 @Life Orb: Gear Grind, Shift Gear, Wild Charge, High Horsepower

~ Frigate Control Room ~

● Shadow Triad – (2x):
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.65 @Focus Sash: Sucker Punch, Metal Burst, Beat Up, Brick Break
Crobat [Infiltrator], lv.65 @Flying Gem: Nasty Plot, Sludge Bomb, Heat Wave, Air Slash
Scizor [Technician], lv.65 @Occa Berry: Crabhammer, Bug Bite, Bullet Punch, Close Combat
Absol [Super Luck], lv.66 @Scope Lens: Play Rough, Megahorn, Sucker Punch, Psycho Cut
Feraligatr [Sheer Force], lv.66 @Life Orb: Waterfall, Crunch, Ice Fang, Aqua Jet

● Shadow Triad – (3x):
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.65 @Air Balloon: Sucker Punch, Iron Head, Substitute, Aerial Ace
Banette [Cursed Body], lv.65 @Focus Sash: Destiny Bond, Shadow Claw, Crush Claw, Shadow Sneak
Weezing [Levitate], lv.65 @Leftovers: Destiny Bond, Gunk Shot, Will-O-Wisp, Pain Split
Accelgor [Unburden], lv.66 @Bug Gem: Bug Buzz, Focus Blast, Giga Drain, Final Gambit
Liepard [Prankster], lv.65 @BrightPowder: Quash, Sucker Punch, Psycho Cut, Seed Bomb

● Shadow Triad – (Rot):
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.65 @Wide Lens: Sucker Punch, Iron Head, Stone Edge, Swords Dance
Ninjask [Speed Boost], lv.65 @Liechi Berry: Swords Dance, Extreme Speed, Leech Life, Substitute
Venomoth [Tinted Lens], lv.65 @Focus Sash: Bug Buzz, Sludge Bomb, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance
Gengar [Levitate], lv.66 @Life Orb: Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, Sludge Wave, Hypnosis
Basculin [Adaptability], lv.65 @Water Gem: Wave Crash, Aqua Jet, Psychic Fangs, Head Smash

Giant Chasm, Back Caverns

● Black Kyurem – Blaze Black 2 Redux:
Kyurem-B [Teravolt], lv.70 @Power Herb: Freeze Shock, Dragon Dance, Fusion Bolt, Icicle Crash

● White Kyurem – Volt White 2 Redux:
Kyurem-W [Teravolt], lv.70 @Power Herb: Esper Wing, Fusion Flare, Ice Beam, Ice Burn

Cofagrigus [Mummy], lv.67 @Leftovers: Will-O-Wisp, Protect, Trick Room, Hex
Eelektross [Levitate], lv.67 @Leftovers: Wild Charge, Drain Punch, Aqua Tail, Coil
Gyarados [Moxie], lv.67 @Lum Berry: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Earthquake, Ice Fang
Machamp [No Guard], lv.67 @Coba Berry: Dynamic Punch, Stone Edge, Thunder Punch, Cross Poison
Genesect [Download], lv.68 @Focus Sash: Bug Buzz, Iron Head, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam
Hydreigon [Levitate], lv.67 @Life Orb: Dragon Pulse, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Flash Cannon


Route 23

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

● Battle Girl Brenda:
Hariyama [Guts], lv.65: Fake Out, Close Combat, Bullet Punch, Ice Punch
Mienshao [Reckless], lv.65: Fake Out, High Jump Kick, Blaze Kick, Lunge
Lucario [Justified], lv.65: Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Vacuum Wave, Psychic

● Ace Trainer Grant:
Yanmega [Speed Boost], lv.66: Air Slash, Bug Buzz, Psychic, Giga Drain
Lapras [Water Absorb], lv.66: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Perish Song, Whirlpool

● Hiker Don:
Probopass [Sturdy], lv.65: Thunderbolt, Power Gem, Magnet Rise, Earth Power
Mamoswine [Thick Fat], lv.65: Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Earthquake, Endeavor
Clefable [Unaware], lv.65: Moonblast, Moonlight, Cosmic Power, Thunder Wave
Parasect [Effect Spore], lv.65: Spore, Cross Poison, Leech Life, Seed Bomb

● Ace Trainer Juliet:
Galvantula [Compoundeyes], lv.65: Discharge, Energy Ball, Bug Buzz, Sucker Punch
Torterra [Rock Head], lv.65: Crunch, Wood Hammer, Head Smash, Shell Smash
Houndoom [Flash Fire], lv.65: Counter, Dark Pulse, Fire Blast, Crunch
Golduck [Cloud Nine], lv.65: Psychic, Hydro Pump, Signal Beam, Power Gem

○ Black Belt Luke:
Throh [Guts], lv.66: Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Earthquake, Storm Throw
Sawk [Sturdy], lv.66: Counter, Reversal, Rock Tomb, Bulldoze

○ Ranger♂ Steve – {Sitrus Berry}:
Rapidash [Flame Body], lv.65: Flare Blitz, High Horsepower, Smart Strike, Megahorn
Exeggutor [Chlorophyll], lv.65: Extrasensory, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder, Sludge Bomb
Reuniclus [Magic Guard], lv.65: Psyshock, Pain Split, Energy Ball, Focus Blast

● Ranger♀ Lena – {Sitrus Berry}:
Floatzel [Water Veil], lv.66: Lunge, Aqua Tail, Ice Fang, Aqua Jet
Togekiss [Serene Grace], lv.66: Thunder Wave, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Moonblast

○ Ace Trainer Tom:
Feraligatr [Sheer Force], lv.66: Psychic Fangs, Wave Crash, Crunch, Dragon Dance
Delcatty [Normalize], lv.66: Fake Out, Sucker Punch, Double-Edge, Hyper Voice
Escavalier [Shell Armor], lv.66: Megahorn, Iron Head, Razor Shell, Drill Run
Arcanine [Intimidate], lv.66: Wild Charge, Flare Blitz, Extreme Speed, Close Combat

○ Black Belt Benjamin:
Scrafty [Moxie], lv.67: Close Combat, Crunch, Head Smash, Fake Out
Kabutops [Swift Swim], lv.67: Leech Life, Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Stone Edge

○ Hiker Doug – (3x):
Golem [Sturdy], lv.66: Steamroller, Accelerock, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Tyranitar [Sand Stream], lv.66: Rock Wrecker, Hydro Pump, Crunch, Thunderbolt
Sandslash [Sand Rush], lv.66: Headlong Rush, Leech Life, Accelerock, Night Slash
Aggron [Filter], lv.66: Heavy Slam, Megahorn, Rock Slide, Avalanche

○ Ace Trainer Miki:
Hypno [Bad Dreams], lv.67: Aura Sphere, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Nightmare
Mismagius [Levitate], lv.67: Mystical Fire, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Moonblast
Leafeon [Super Luck], lv.67: Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, Psycho Cut, Night Slash

○ Battle Girl Tiffany:
Darmanitan [Sheer Force], lv.67: Zen Headbutt, Flare Blitz, Lunge
Machamp [Guts], lv.67: Close Combat, High Horsepower, Heavy Slam, Dual Chop


Victory Road

  • The path through Victory Road differs depending on game version.
  • Thus, Victory Road is laid out here segment by segment.
  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.
Ruined Area

*Trainer can be skipped depending on game version.

●* Psychic Al:
Banette [Cursed Body], lv.68: Slash, Shadow Sneak, Substitute, Shadow Claw
Medicham [Pure Power], lv.68: High Jump Kick, Ice Punch, Fake Out, Zen Headbutt
Slowbro [Regenerator], lv.68: Surf, Flamethrower, Psychic, Slack Off
Sigilyph [Tinted Lens], lv.68: Air Slash, Heat Wave, Esper Wing, Energy Ball

●* Psychic Alia:
Musharna [Analytic], lv.68: Psychic, Moonblast, Energy Ball, Yawn
Gothitelle [Shadow Tag], lv.68: Thunder Wave, Psyshock, Night Daze, Signal Beam
Bronzong [Levitate], lv.68: Psychic, Earthquake, Gyro Ball, Confuse Ray
Chimecho [Levitate], lv.68: Psyshock, Signal Beam, Icy Wind, Hyper Voice

●* Ace Trainer Jamie:
Claydol [Levitate], lv.69: Earth Power, Ice Beam, Psychic, Charge Beam
Shedinja [Wonder Guard], lv.69: Sword Dance, Lunge, Shadow Sneak, Protect
Drifblim [Aftermath], lv.69: Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Thunderbolt, Icy Wind
Jellicent [Cursed Body], lv.69: Scald, Will-O-Wisp, Energy Ball, Hex

●* Ace Trainer Billy:
Golurk [No Guard], lv.69: Shadow Force, Close Combat, Heat Crash, Earthquake
Xatu [Magic Bounce], lv.69: Giga Drain, Esper Wing, Air Slash, Heat Wave
Dusknoir [Iron Fist], lv.69: Shadow Punch, Drain Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
Rotom-Mow [Levitate], lv.69: Leaf Storm, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp

○ Veteran Claude and Cecile – (2x)
Left side:
Mandibuzz [Overcoat], lv.70: Toxic, Roost, Brave Bird, U-Turn
Archeops [Defeatist], lv.70: Acrobatics, Earth Power, U-Turn, Stone Edge
Toxicroak [Poison Touch], lv.70: Cross Chop, Poison Jab, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch
Cinccino [Cute Charm], lv.70: Bullet Seed, Rock Blast, Tail Slap, Triple Axel
Right side:
Braviary [Defiant], lv.70: Crush Claw, U-Turn, Brave Bird, Rock Slide
Carracosta [Solid Rock], lv.70: Aqua Tail, Aqua Jet, Stone Edge, Shell Smash
Absol [Super Luck], lv.70: Megahorn, Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch, Close Combat
Tentacruel [Clear Body], lv.70: Sludge Bomb, Hydro Pump, Giga Drain, Ice Beam

Shaded Grove 
  • Trainer layout varies between game version here.
  • Ace trainers Beckett and Shelly are absent on Black 2 and instead found in the Lower Mountainside.
  • Conversely, Ace trainers Beckett and Shelly are fought here on White 2 and are absent from the Lower Mountainside.
    *Trainer can be skipped depending on game version.

●* Ace Trainer Chandra:
Swampert [Anticipation], lv.70: Earthquake, Waterfall, Ice Punch, Endeavor
Crustle [Sturdy], lv.70: Shell Smash, X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Roserade [Poison Point], lv.70: Giga Drain, Sleep Powder, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb
Emolga [Static], lv.70: Thunderbolt, Acrobatics, Signal Beam, U-Turn

●* Ace Trainer Shelly:
Salamence [Moxie], lv.70: Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Dual Wingbeat, Dragon Dance
Gardevoir [Trace], lv.70: Psychic, Moonblast, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

●* Ace Trainer Beckett:
Garchomp [Rough Skin], lv.70: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Poison Jab, Fire Fang
Gyarados [Moxie], lv.70: Wave Crash, Earthquake, Power Whip, Dragon Dance

Lower Mountainside

*Trainer can be skipped depending on game version.

●* Ace Trainer Shelly:
Salamence [Moxie], lv.70: Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Dual Wingbeat, Dragon Dance
Gardevoir [Trace], lv.70: Psychic, Moonblast, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

●* Ace Trainer Beckett:
Garchomp [Rough Skin], lv.70: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Poison Jab, Fire Fang
Gyarados [Moxie], lv.70: Wave Crash, Earthquake, Power Whip, Dragon Dance

● Veteran Cathy:
Lopunny [Scrappy], lv.69: Ice Punch, Close Combat, Fake Out, Strength
Crobat [Inner Focus], lv.69: Brave Bird, Heat Wave, Cross Poison, U-Turn
Manectric [Intimidate], lv.69: Volt Switch, Flamethrower, Ice Fang, Nuzzle
Whimsicott [Prankster], lv.69: Moonblast, Giga Drain, U-Turn, Toxic

○ Doctor Logan:
Clefable [Unaware], lv.69: Moonblast, Seismic Toss, Soft-Boiled, Cosmic Power
Jumpluff [Prankster], lv.69: Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Hurricane, U-Turn
Blissey [Serene Grace], lv.69: Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Hyper Voice, Calm Mind

○ Backpacker Mae:
Sawsbuck [Sap Sipper], lv.69: Megahorn, Horn Leech, Strength, Wild Charge
Aggron [Rock Head], lv.69: Earthquake, Heavy Slam, Head Smash, Rock Polish
Pidgeot [No Guard], lv.69: Hurricane, Heat Wave, Hyper Voice, Ominous Wind

○ Ace Trainer Pierce:
Breloom [Technician], lv.70: Mach Punch, Bullet Seed, Spore, Focus Punch
Snorlax [Thick Fat], lv.70: Hydro Pump, High Horsepower, Strength, Crunch
Crawdaunt [Adaptability], lv.70: Crunch, Aqua Jet, Crabhammer, Dragon Dance
Ampharos [Overcoat], lv.70: Tail Glow, Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon

●* Ace Trainer Chandra:
Swampert [Anticipation], lv.70: Earthquake, Waterfall, Ice Punch, Endeavor
Crustle [Sturdy], lv.70: Shell Smash, X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Roserade [Poison Point], lv.70: Giga Drain, Sleep Powder, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb
Emolga [Static], lv.70: Thunderbolt, Acrobatics, Signal Beam, U-Turn

Connecting Caves I

● Veteran Abraham:
Dragonite [Multiscale], lv.70: Extreme Speed, Dual Wingbeat, Outrage, Thunderbolt
Milotic [Marvel Scale], lv.70: Scald, Recover, Ice Beam, Dragon Tail
Blastoise [Shell Armor], lv.70: Shell Smash, Hydro Pump, Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon
Donphan [Sturdy], lv.70: Earthquake, Ice Shard, Endeavor, Seed Bomb
Slaking [Truant], lv.70: Giga Impact, Play Rough, Yawn, Gunk Shot
Infernape [Blaze], lv.70: Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Thunder Punch, Grass Knot

● Ace Trainer Shanta and Webster:
Left side:
Gengar [Levitate], lv.71: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Aura Sphere, Sludge Bomb
Magmortar [Flame Body], lv.71: Magma Storm, Scorching Sands, Aura Sphere, Thunderbolt
Electivire [Motor Drive], lv.71: Close Combat, Wild Charge, Ice Punch, Rock Slide
Druddigon [Sheer Force], lv.71: Fire Punch, Rock Climb, Sucker Punch, Dragon Rush
Right side:
Heatmor [Mold Breaker], lv.71: Fire Lash, Giga Drain, Low Kick, Thunder Punch
Tauros [Sheer Force], lv.71: Close Combat, Strength, Megahorn, High Horsepower
Durant [Heatproof], lv.71: Crunch, Iron Head, Rock Slide, Lunge
Granbull [Intimidate], lv.71: Play Rough, Close Combat, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch

○ Ranger♂ Eddie – {Cheri Berry}:
Klinklang [Levitate], lv.70: Shift Gear, Superpower, Gear Grind, Wild Charge
Gallade [Hyper Cutter*], lv.70: Ice Punch, Close Combat, Zen Headbutt, Leaf Blade
Zebstrika [Motor Drive], lv.70: Wild Charge, Lunge, High Horsepower, Flame Charge

○ Ranger♀ Elle – {Rawst Berry}:
Beartic [Snow Cloak], lv.70: Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Stone Edge, Superpower
Exploud [Scrappy], lv.70: Boomburst, Fire Blast, Surf, Chatter
Staraptor [Reckless], lv.70: Brave Bird, Double Edge, Retaliate, Close Combat

Upper Mountainside

○ Black Belt Martell:
Pinsir [Mold Breaker], lv.70 @Bug Gem: Megahorn, Close Combat, Earthquake, Quick Attack
Conkeldurr [Iron Fist], lv.70 @Fighting Gem: Payback, Mach Punch, Drain Punch, Stone Edge
Heracross [Skill Link], lv.70 @Rock Gem: Pin Missile, Rock Blast, Bullet Seed, Arm Thrust

○ Battle Girl Chalina:
Hitmonlee [Unburden], lv.70 @Focus Sash: Reversal, Earthquake, Blaze Kick, Stone Edge
Hitmonchan [Iron Fist], lv.70 @Expert Belt: Close Combat, Mach Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch
Hitmontop [Technician], lv.70 @Life Orb: Mach Punch, Close Combat, Bullet Seed, Triple Axel

Weather Trainers and Lance

After advancing through Victory Road, the player will encounter Lance – Champion of the Kanto and Johto regions – training a small group of trainers.

  • Players on Easy Mode can choose if they want to fight the first two trainers. The rest of the trainers and Lance will not fight the player.
  • Players on Normal Mode will battle the first two trainers. They can then choose to battle the other two trainers. Again, Lance will not fight the player.
  • Players on Challenge Mode will battle all four trainers and Lance. However, the player will do so in a gauntlet.
    • The Hail and Sun trainers are fought back-to-back. The player is healed between battles. Then the Rain and Sand trainers are fought back-to-back. The player is healed between battles. Finally, Lance can be fought.
    • Prepare for a brutal challenge which will push you to your absolute limits, against all Gen V weather has to throw at you!
      Upon witnessing the initial cutscene, the difficulty of the gauntlet is set. Thus, you should pick your difficulty before you get here!
  • You cannot change this later!

*Mandatory nature of these fights depends on your chosen difficulty.

  • Levels -4 on Easy mode, +4 on Challenge mode.

●* Hail Trainer Caroll:
Abomasnow [Snow Warning], lv.72 @Occa Berry: Blizzard, Ice Shard, Focus Blast, Wood Hammer
Reuniclus [Magic Guard], lv.72 @Leftovers: Psychic, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast
Weavile [Pressure], lv.72 @Focus Sash: Icicle Crash, Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Ice Shard
Vanilluxe [Snow Warning], lv.72 @Life Orb: Blizzard, Power Gem, Extrasensory, Dazzling Gleam
Cloyster [Skill Link], lv.72 @White Herb: Shell Smash, Icicle Spear, Rock Blast, Hydro Pump
Jynx [Trace*], lv.72 @Ice Gem: Blizzard, Lovely Kiss, Aura Sphere, Psyshock

●* Sun Trainer Elmer:
Torkoal [Drought], lv.72 @Red Card: Stealth Rock, Yawn, Solar Beam, Lava Plume
Darmanitan [Sheer Force], lv.72 @Fire Gem: Flare Blitz, Lunge, Earthquake, Rock Slide
Venusaur [Chlorophyll], lv.72 @Life Orb: Giga Drain, Growth, Weather Ball, Earth Power
Ninetales [Drought], lv.72 @Eject Button: Moonblast, Solar Beam, Flamethrower, Power Gem
Volcarona [Flame Body], lv.72 @Focus Sash: Quiver Dance, Fiery Dance, Bug Buzz, Giga Drain
Victreebel [Chlorophyll], lv.72 @Occa Berry: Growth, Solar Beam, Weather Ball, Sludge Bomb

●* Rain Trainer Porta:
Pelipper [Drizzle], lv.72 @Wacan Berry: Scald, Hurricane, U-Turn, Ice Beam
Seismitoad [Swift Swim], lv.72 @Rindo Berry: Earthquake, Drain Punch, Sludge Wave, Ice Punch
Electrode [Aftermath], lv.72 @Air Balloon: Thunder, Aura Sphere, Energy Ball, Bug Buzz
Politoed [Drizzle], lv.72 @Zoom Lens: Hypnosis, Hydro Pump, Psychic, Focus Blast
Scizor [Technician], lv.72 @Leftovers: Crabhammer, Bullet Punch, Psycho Cut, U-Turn
Kingdra [Swift Swim], lv.72 @Life Orb: Hydro Pump, Hurricane, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam

●* Sand Trainer Sterling:
Hippowdon [Sand Stream], lv.72 @Passho Berry: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Ice Fang, Stone Edge
Garchomp [Rough Skin], lv.72 @Yache Berry: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Brick Break
Excadrill [Sand Rush], lv.72 @Air Balloon: Earthquake, Iron Head, Swords Dance, X-Scissor
Tyranitar [Sand Stream], lv.72 @Chople Berry: Rock Polish, Stone Edge, Crunch, Aerial Ace
Clefable [Magic Guard], lv.72 @Leftovers: Mystical Fire, Draining Kiss, Grass Knot, Power Gem
Nidoking [Sheer Force], lv.72 @Life Orb: Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Sludge Wave, Earth Power

♕ LANCE – [Challenge mode]: Aerodactyl [Rock Head], lv.76 @Focus Sash: Stealth Rock, Brave Bird, Head Smash, Rock Smash Charizard [Defiant], lv.76 @Life Orb: Fire Lash, Dragon Dance, Iron Tail, Dragon Claw
Gyarados [Moxie], lv.76 @Charti Berry: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Stone Edge, Avalanche
Salamence [Moxie], lv.76 @Wide Lens: Outrage, Dual Wingbeat, Flamethrower, Hydro Pump
Haxorus [Mold Breaker], lv.76 @Red Card: Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Close Combat, Iron Tail
Dragonite [Multiscale], lv.76 @Yache Berry: Agility, Dual Wingbeat, Extreme Speed, Outrage

Connecting Caves II

○ Veteran Hugo:
Starmie [Regenerator], lv.70: Psyshock, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam
Arcanine [Intimidate], lv.70: Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Extreme Speed, Close Combat
Snorlax [Thick Fat], lv.70: Strength, Crunch, Earthquake, Fire Blast
Hydreigon [Levitate], lv.70: Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Hydro Pump, Tri Attack
Machamp [No Guard], lv.70: Dynamic Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch
Flygon [Levitate], lv.70: Earth Power, Lunge, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance

Connecting Caves III

●♕ HUGH – Victory Road
Regardless of starter…
Swellow [Scrappy], lv.71 @Normal Gem: Boomburst, U-Turn, Hurricane, Heat Wave
Eelektross [Levitate], lv.71 @Leftovers: Wild Charge, Aqua Tail, Drain Punch, Coil

Flygon [Levitate], lv.71 @Focus Sash: Dragon Pulse, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Flamethrower

(If you picked Tepig):
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.71 @Focus Sash: Petal Dance, Fiery Dance, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance
Samurott [Shell Armor], lv.73 @Leftovers: Close Combat, Hydro Pump, Megahorn, Shell Smash

Camerupt [Simple], lv.71 @Passho Berry: Flamethrower, Rock Climb, Earthquake, Rock Polish

(If you picked Oshawott):
Camerupt [Simple], lv.71 @Passho Berry: Flamethrower, Rock Climb, Earthquake, Rock Polish
Serperior [Contrary], lv.73 @Leftovers: Glare, Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, Substitute

Starmie [Regenerator], lv.71 @Red Card: Scald, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Tri Attack

(If you picked Snivy):
Starmie [Regenerator], lv.71 @Red Card: Scald, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Tri Attack
Emboar [Mold Breaker], lv.73 @Leftovers: V-Create, Sucker Punch, Wild Charge, Earthquake
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.71 @Focus Sash: Petal Dance, Fiery Dance, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance


The Pokémon League

  • No level shift based on difficulty, levels are as stated.

~ Shauntal ~

●♛ SHAUNTAL – [Easy and Normal mode]:
Jellicent [Water Absorb], lv.72 @Leftovers: Scald, Icy Wind, Shadow Ball, Recover
Drifblim [Flare Boost], lv.72 @Flame Orb: Shadow Ball, Protect, Thunder, Psychic
Cofagrigus [Mummy], lv.72 @Leftovers: Shadow Ball, Attract, Disable, Toxic
Golurk [Iron Fist], lv.72 @Expert Belt: Shadow Punch, Earthquake, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch
Sableye [Prankster], lv.72 @Lagging Tail: Trick, Recover, Will-O-Wisp, Foul Play
Chandelure [Shadow Tag], lv.74 @White Herb: Overheat, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Energy Ball

●♛ SHAUNTAL – (3x) [Challenge mode]:
Sableye [Prankster], lv.77 @Lagging Tail: Trick, Quash, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Claw
Gengar [Levitate], lv.77 @Life Orb: Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Aura Sphere, Energy Ball
Mismagius [Levitate], lv.77 @Focus Sash: Mystical Fire, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Nasty Plot
Golurk [Iron Fist], lv.77 @Rindo Berry: Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, High Horsepower, Ice Punch
Jellicent [Water Absorb], lv.77 @Leftovers: Scald, Icy Wind, Shadow Ball, Recover
Chandelure [Shadow Tag], lv.78 @Air Balloon: Heat Wave, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Energy Ball

~ Grimsley ~

●♛ GRIMSLEY – [Easy and Normal mode]:
Liepard [Prankster], lv.72 @Normal Gem: Fake Out, Thunder Wave, Sucker Punch, U-Turn
Honchkrow [Moxie], lv.72 @Life Orb: Sucker Punch, Brave Bird, Roost, Heat Wave
Krookodile [Intimidate], lv.72 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Crunch, Superpower, Stone Edge
Scrafty [Moxie], lv.72 @Focus Sash: Dragon Dance, High Jump Kick, Sucker Punch, Ice Punch
Houndoom [Intimidate*], lv.72 @Focus Sash: Overheat, Thunder Fang, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.74 @Air Balloon: Iron Head, Brick Break, X-Scissor, Sucker Punch

●♛ GRIMSLEY – [Challenge mode]:
Krookodile [Intimidate], lv.78 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Knock Off, Stealth Rock, Close Combat
Tyranitar [Battle Armor], lv.77 @Chople Berry: Dragon Dance, Crunch, Stone Edge, Ice Punch
Honchkrow [Moxie], lv.77 @Custap Berry: Night Slash, Brave Bird, Superpower, Heat Wave
Sharpedo [Speed Boost], lv.77 @Focus Sash: Crunch, Waterfall, Close Combat, Protect
Zoroark [Illusion], lv.77 @Life Orb: Night Daze, Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, Sludge Bomb
Drapion [Sniper], lv.77 @Scope Lens: Storm Throw, Cross Poison, Night Slash, Swords Dance

~ Caitlin ~

●♛ CAITLIN – [Easy and Normal mode]:
Beheeyem [Analytic], lv.72 @Focus Sash: Trick Room, Psycho Boost, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball
Musharna [Synchronize], lv.72 @Leftovers: Trick Room, Psyshock, Shadow Ball, Moonblast
Reuniclus [Magic Guard], lv.72 @Life Orb: Thunderbolt, Psychic, Energy Ball, Focus Blast
Gothitelle [Shadow Tag], lv.72 @Tanga Berry: Trick Room, Psychic, Night Daze, Thunderbolt
Slowbro [Regenerator], lv.72 @Red Card: Trick Room, Surf, Slack Off, Fire Blast
Metagross [Iron Fist*], lv.74 @Air Balloon: Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt, Bullet Punch

●♛ CAITLIN – (2x) [Challenge mode]:
Musharna [Synchronize], lv.77 @Leftovers: Trick Room, Psyshock, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball
Slowbro [Regenerator], lv.77 @Eject Button: Psychic, Ice Beam, Fire Blast, Scald
Gallade [Justified], lv.77 @Life Orb: Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Ice Punch, Shadow Sneak
Darmanitan-Zen [Sheer Force], lv.78 @Life Orb: Heat Wave, Psychic, Grass Knot, Focus Blast
Xatu [Magic Bounce], lv.77 @Focus Sash: Aura Sphere, Giga Drain, Heat Wave, Air Slash
Metagross [Iron Fist], lv.77 @Air Balloon: Meteor Mash, Rock Slide, Trick Room, Bullet Punch

~ Marshal ~

●♛ MARSHAL – [Easy and Normal mode]:
Throh [Mold Breaker], lv.72 @Leftovers: Stone Edge, Circle Throw, Payback, Bulldoze
Lucario [Justified], lv.72 @Life Orb: High Jump Kick, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch, Dark Pulse
Sawk [Sturdy], lv.72 @Muscle Band: Close Combat, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Poison Jab
Mienshao [Reckless], lv.72 @Flying Gem: High Jump Kick, Acrobatics, Stone Edge, Fake Out
Medicham [Pure Power], lv.72 @Focus Sash: High Jump Kick, Zen Headbutt, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch
Conkeldurr [Iron Fist], lv.74 @Leftovers: Drain Punch, Stone Edge, Payback, Mach Punch

●♛ MARSHAL – (2x) [Challenge mode]:
Hitmontop [Intimidate], lv.77 @Sitrus Berry: Ice Punch, Rock Slide, Fake Out, Close Combat
Infernape [Blaze], lv.77 @Focus Sash: Heat Wave, Thunder Punch, Poison Jab, Close Combat
Breloom [Technician], lv.77 @Coba Berry: Spore, Mach Punch, Bullet Seed, Rock Tomb
Toxicroak [Poison Touch], lv.77 @Salac Berry: Icy Wind, Poison Jab, Drain Punch, Bullet Punch
Lucario [Justified], lv.77 @Air Balloon: Close Combat, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch, Rock Slide
Conkeldurr [Guts], lv.78 @Flame Orb: Poison Jab, Drain Punch, Rock Slide, Mach Punch

~ Champion Iris ~

●♛ CHAMPION IRIS – [Easy and Normal mode]:
Dragonite [Multiscale], lv.73 @Leftovers: Dragon Dance, Dual Wingbeat, Dragon Claw, Fire Punch
Feraligatr [Sheer Force], lv.73 @Life Orb: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Crunch, Ice Punch
Hydreigon [Levitate], lv.73 @White Herb: Draco Meteor, Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, Dark Pulse
Archeops [Defeatist], lv.73 @Flying Gem: Acrobatics, Stone Edge, Earthquake, U-Turn
Serperior [Contrary], lv.73 @Light Clay: Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, Reflect, Light Screen
Haxorus [Mold Breaker], lv.75 @Focus Sash: Outrage, Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Dragon Dance

●♛ CHAMPION IRIS – [Challenge mode]:
Serperior [Contrary], lv.78 @Yache Berry: Leaf Storm, Draco Meteor, Substitute, Glare
Dragonite [Multiscale], lv.78 @Leftovers: Dragon Dance, Dual Wingbeat, Dragon Claw, Fire Punch
Empoleon [Torrent], lv.78 @Shuca Berry: Agility, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, Hydro Pump
Alakazam [Magic Guard], lv.78 @Focus Sash: Psyshock, Nasty Plot, Energy Ball, Aura Sphere
Togekiss [Serene Grace], lv.78 @Sitrus Berry: Moonblast, Air Slash, Thunder Wave, Aura Sphere
Latios [Levitate], lv.79 @Life Orb: Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Mystical Fire, Esper Wing

~ Fin 🙂 ~


The Postgame

The Postgame is still broadly undocumented as of v1.2.0, since we’ve not got a fantastic amount of time to spend on it!
For now, the old documentation for the postgame is presented.
If anyone in the community would like to document things and spend their own time on it, we’d be happy to integrate the documentation into these official ones.


Important Postgame Trainers

~ Steven and Wallace ~

Both Steven and Wallace each use six Pokémon each, for a total of twelve Pokémon. Prepare for a brutal endgame fight!
This fight has not yet been updated as of v1.2.0.

Metagross [Iron Fist*], lv.92 @Focus Sash: Meteor Mash, Thunder Punch, Zen Headbutt, Stealth Rock
Claydol [Levitate], lv.90 @Light Clay: Reflect, Light Screen, Earth Power, Psychic
Empoleon [Defiant], lv.90 @Air Balloon: Agility, Waterfall, Flash Cannon, Grass Knot
Aerodactyl [Rock Head], lv.90 @Focus Sash: Brave Bird, Double-Edge, ock Slide, Tailwind
Aggron [Rock Head], lv.90 @Shuca Berry: Autotomize, Rock Slide, Heavy Slam, Head Smash
Cradily [Suction Cups], lv.90 @Leftovers: Giga Drain, Rock Slide, Toxic, Protect


Pelipper [Drizzle], lv.92 @Wacan Berry: Hurricane, Scald, U-Turn, Tailwind
Ludicolo [Swift Swim], lv.90 @Life Orb: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Giga Drain, Rain Dance
Milotic [Marvel Scale], lv.90 @Leftovers: Hydro Pump, Dazzling Gleam, Recover, Icy Wind
Gyarados [Intimidate], lv.90 @Wacan Berry: Dragon Dance, Aqua Tail, Power Whip, Crunch
Kabutops [Swift Swim], lv.90 @Rindo Berry: Rock Slide, Waterfall, Leech Life, Knock Off
Sharpedo [Speed Boost], lv.90 @Focus Sash: Waterfall, Crunch, Close Combat, Protect


Elite Four, Second Matches

~ Shauntal ~

○ SHAUNTAL – [Normal mode] – Round Two:
Jellicent [Cursed Body], lv.86 @Choice Scarf: Water Spout, Shadow Ball, Blizzard, Trick
Froslass [Cursed Body], lv.86 @Focus Sash: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Destiny Bond
Gengar [Levitate], lv.86 @Life Orb: Disable, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast
Golurk [Iron Fist], lv.86 @Expert Belt: Earthquake, Shadow Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch
Sableye [Prankster], lv.86 @Leftovers: Foul Play, Recover, Will-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray
Chandelure [Shadow Tag], lv.88 @Air Ballon: Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Psychic

○ SHAUNTAL – [Challenge mode] – Round Two:
Giratina [Levitate], lv.92 @Griseous Orb: Aura Sphere, Earth Power, Dragon Claw, Substitute
Mismagius [Infiltrator*], lv.92 @Life Orb: Moonblast, Shadow Ball, Mystical Fire, Nasty Plot
Gengar [Levitate], lv.92 @Focus Sash: Disable, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast
Golurk [Iron Fist], lv.92 @Rindo Berry: Earthquake, Shadow Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch
Jellicent [Water Absorb], lv.92 @Water Absorb: Scald, Hex, Will-O-Wisp, Recover
Chandelure [Shadow Tag], lv.94 @Air Balloon: Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Psychic

~ Grimsley ~

○ GRIMSLEY – [Normal mode] – Round Two:
Tyranitar [Sand Stream], lv.86 @Chople Berry: Dragon Dance, Stone Edge, Crunch, Earthquake
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.88 @Focus Sash: Iron Head, Psycho Cut, X-Scissor, Sucker Punch
Zoroark [Illusion], lv.86 @Life Orb: Night Daze, Focus Blast, Flamethrower, Extrasensory
Liepard [Prankster], lv.86 @Normal Gem: U-Turn, Thunder Wave, Sucker Punch, Fake Out
Scrafty [Moxie], lv.86 @Coba Berry: Dragon Dance, High Jump Kick, Sucker Punch, Stone Edge
Krookodile [Moxie], lv.86 @Choice Scarf: Earthquake, Crunch, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang

○ GRIMSLEY – (2x) [Challenge mode] – Round Two:
Darkrai [Bad Dreams], lv.92 @Red Card: Dark Void, Dark Pulse, Icy Wind, Focus Blast
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.94 @Air Balloon: Sucker Punch, Leaf Blade, Iron Head, Knock Off
Zoroark [Illusion], lv.92 @Focus Sash: Night Daze, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Grass Knot
Weavile [Pressure], lv.92 @Life Orb: Low Kick, Triple Axel, Feint Attack, Ice Shard
Hydreigon [Levitate], lv.92 @White Herb: Draco Meteor, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Heat Wave
Spiritomb [Pressure], lv.92 @Leftovers: Icy Wind, Toxic, Protect, Hex

~ Caitlin ~

○ CAITLIN – [Normal mode] – Round Two:
Gallade [Justified], lv.86 @Focus Sash: Close Combat, Shadow Sneak, Zen Headbutt, Stone Edge
Musharna [Synchronize], lv.86 @Leftovers: Moonlight, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Charge Beam
Reuniclus [Magic Guard], lv.86 @Life Orb: Psychic, Focus Blast, Recover, Thunder
Gothitelle [Shadow Tag], lv.86 @Tanga Berry: Thunder Wave, Calm Mind, Psyshock, Dark Pulse
Alakazam [Magic Guard], lv.86 @Life Orb: Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball
Metagross [Clear Body], lv.88 @Air Balloon: Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Thunder Punch, Bullet Punch

○ CAITLINE – (2x) [Challenge mode] – Round Two:
Slowbro [Regenerator], lv.92 @Leftovers: Psyshock, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Slack Off
Gothitelle [Shadow Tag], lv.92 @Tanga Berry: Light Screen, Psychic, Night Daze, Trick Room
Cresselia [Levitate], lv.92 @Mental Herb: Toxic, Trick Room, Protect, Ice Beam
Darmanitan [Levitate], lv.92 @Life Orb: Heat Wave, Extrasensory, Focus Blast, Grass Knot
Reuniclus [Magic Guard], lv.92 @Light Clay: Trick Room, Reflect, Focus Blast, Psyshock
Metagross [Iron Fist*], lv.94 @Colbur Berry: Meteor Mash, Ice Punch, Zen Headbutt, Bullet Punch

~ Marshal ~

○ MARSHAL – [Normal mode] – Round Two:
Infernape [Iron Fist], lv.86 @Life Orb: Overheat, Close Combat, U-Turn, Mach Punch
Lucario [Justified], lv.86 @Air Balloon: High Jump Kick, Extreme Speed, Dark Pulse, Ice Punch
Throh [Mold Breaker], lv.86 @Cobat Berry: Stone Edge, Circle Throw, Payback, Earthquake
Mienshao [Reckless], lv.86 @Focus Sash: High Jump Kick, Stone Edge, U-Turn, Fake Out
Sawk [Sturdy], lv.86 @Salac Berry: Reversal, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Close Combat
Conkeldurr [Iron Fist], lv.88 @Payapa Berry: Hammer Arm, Ice Punch, Payback, Stone Edge

○ MARSHAL – [Challenge mode] – Round Two:
Infernape [Blaze], lv.92 @Focus Sash: Stealth Rock, U-Turn, Fire Blast, Close Combat
Scrafty [Intimidate], lv.92 @Leftovers: Knock Off, Close Combat, Thunder Punch, Poison Jab
Lucario [Justified], lv.92 @Life Orb: Meteor Mash, Extreme Speed, Close Combat, Bullet Punch
Mienshao [Regenerator], lv.92 @Rocky Helmet: Close Combat, Grass Knot, U-Turn, Fake Out
Keldeo [Justified], lv.92 @Expert Belt: Secret Sword, Hydro Pump, Icy Wind, Calm Mind
Conkeldurr [Guts], lv.94 @Payapa Berry: Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Bulk Up, Mach Punch

~ Iris ~

○ CHAMPION IRIS – [Normal mode] – Round Two:
Haxorus [Mold Breaker], lv.92 @Yache Berry: Outrage, Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Dragon Dance
Hydreigon [Levitate], lv.90 @Life Orb: Draco Meteor, U-Turn, Fire Blast, Dark Pulse
Dragonite [Multiscale], lv.90 @Yache Berry: Dragon Dance, Outrage, Fire Punch, Extreme Speed
Excadrill [Mold Breaker], lv.90 @Air Balloon: Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Earthquake, X-Scissor
Lapras [Water Absorb], lv.90 @Chople Berry: Blizzard, Thunder, Drill Run, Hydro Pump
Serperior [Contrary], lv.90 @Focus Sash: Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, Aqua Tail, Mirror Coat

○ CHAMPION IRIS – [Challenge mode] – Round Two:
Latios [Levitate], lv.96 @Soul Dew: Dragon Pulse, Mystical Fire, Aura Sphere, Psyshock
Aerodactyl [Rock Head], lv.96 @Life Orb: Head Smash, Brave Bird, Accelerock, Earthquake
Dragonite [Multiscale], lv.96 @Leftovers: Dragon Dance, Dual Wingbeat, Dragon Claw, Fire Punch
Heatran [Flash Fire], lv.96 @Air Balloon: Magma Storm, Flash Cannon, Earth Power, Flame Charge
Serperior [Contrary], lv.96 @Focus Sash: Leaf Storm, Draco Meteor, Glare, Substitute
Rayquaza [Air Lock], lv.98 @Life Orb: Outrage, V-Creat, Dragon Dance, Hurricane


Hugh, Postgame

○ HUGH – Undella Town
Regardless of starter…
Swellow [Scrappy], lv.76 @Normal Gem: Boomburst, U-Turn, Hurricane, Heat Wave
Eelektross [Levitate], lv.76 @Leftovers: Wild Charge, Aqua Tail, Drain Punch, Coil

Flygon [Levitate], lv.76 @Focus Sash: Dragon Pulse, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Flamethrower

(If you picked Tepig):
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.76 @Focus Sash: Petal Dance, Fiery Dance, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance
Samurott [Shell Armor], lv.78 @Leftovers: Secret Sword, Hydro Pump, Megahorn, Shell Smash

Camerupt [Simple*], lv.76 @Passho Berry: Flamethrower, Rock Climb, Earthquake, Rock Polish

(If you picked Oshawott):
Camerupt [Simple*], lv.76 @Passho Berry: Flamethrower, Rock Climb, Earthquake, Rock Polish
Serperior [Contrary], lv.78 @Leftovers: Glare, Leaf Storm, Dragon Meteor, Substitute

Starmie [Analytic], lv.76 @Red Card: Scald, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Tri Attack

(If you picked Snivy):
Starmie [Analytic], lv.76 @Red Card: Scald, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Tri Attack
Emboar [Mold Breaker*], lv.78 @Leftovers: V-Create, Sucker Punch, Wild Charge, Earthquake
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.76 @Focus Sash: Petal Dance, Fiery Dance, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance

○ HUGH – Driftveil City
Regardless of starter…
Swellow [Scrappy], lv.82 @Normal Gem: Boomburst, U-Turn, Hurricane, Heat Wave
Eelektross [Levitate], lv.82 @Leftovers: Wild Charge, Aqua Tail, Drain Punch, Coil

Flygon [Levitate], lv.82 @Focus Sash: Dragon Pulse, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Flamethrower

(If you picked Tepig):
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.82 @Focus Sash: Petal Dance, Fiery Dance, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance
Samurott [Shell Armor], lv.84 @Leftovers: Secret Sword, Hydro Pump, Megahorn, Shell Smash

Camerupt [Simple*], lv.82 @Passho Berry: Flamethrower, Rock Climb, Earthquake, Rock Polish

(If you picked Oshawott):
Camerupt [Simple*], lv.82 @Passho Berry: Flamethrower, Rock Climb, Earthquake, Rock Polish
Serperior [Contrary], lv.84 @Leftovers: Glare, Leaf Storm, Dragon Meteor, Substitute

Starmie [Analytic], lv.82 @Red Card: Scald, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Tri Attack

(If you picked Snivy):
Starmie [Analytic], lv.82 @Red Card: Scald, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Tri Attack
Emboar [Mold Breaker*], lv.84 @Leftovers: V-Create, Sucker Punch, Wild Charge, Earthquake
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.82 @Focus Sash: Petal Dance, Fiery Dance, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance


Plasma Frigate, Postgame

Porygon-Z [Adaptability], lv.86 @Focus Sash: Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Trick Room
Rotom [Levitate], lv.86 @Leftovers: Volt Switch, Hydro Pump, Reflect, Light Screen
Metagross [Clear Body], lv.86 @Air Balloon: Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch
Magnezone [Analytic], lv.86 @Air Balloon: Volt Switch, Flash Cannon, Reflect, Light Screen
Beheeyem [Analytic], lv.86 @Colbur Berry: Psychic, Thunderbolt, Trick Room, Bug Buzz
Klinklang [Levitate*], lv.88 @: Gear Grind, Shift Gear, Wild Charge, Superpower


Icirrus City, Postgame

○ Shadow Triad:
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.81 @Air Balloon: Sucker Punch, Iron Head, Swords Dance, Brick Break
Crobat [Infiltrator], lv.81 @Flying Gem: U-Turn, Acrobatics, Cross Poison, Hypnosis
Scizor [Technician], lv.81 @Life Orb: U-Turn, Bug Bite, Bullet Punch, Pursuit
Flygon [Levitate], lv.81 @Life Orb: Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse
Absol [Super Luck], lv.83 @Scope Lens: Night Slash, Megahorn, Sucker Punch, Psycho Cut

○ Shadow Triad:
Banette [Cursed Body], lv.81 @Life Orb: Destiny Bond , Shadow Claw, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Sneak
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.81 @Air Balloon: Sucker Punch, Iron Head, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace
Weezing [Levitate], lv.81 @Leftovers: Destiny Bond, Sludge Bomb, Will-O-Wisp, Flamethrower
Electrode [Aftermath], lv.81 @Light Clay: Light Screen, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power, Torment
Accelgor [Unburden], lv.83 @Focus Sash: Bug Buzz, Focus Blast, Giga Drain, Final Gambit

○ Shadow Triad:
Bisharp [Defiant], lv.81 @Air Balloon: Sucker Punch, Iron Head, X-Scissor, Substitute
Ninjask [Speed Boost], lv.81 @Liechi Berry: Endure, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor, Substitute
Venomoth [Tinted Lens], lv.81 @Focus Sash: Bug Buzz, Psychic, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance
Weavile [Pressure], lv.81 @Razor Claw: Feint Attack, Ice Shard, Low Kick, Fake Out
Gengar [Levitate], lv.83 @Life Orb: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Sludge Bomb


Other Important Trainers, Postgame


Castelia City

○ Gamefreak Morimoto
Braviary [Defiant], lv.90 @Power Herb: Fly
Excadrill [Mold Breaker], lv.90 @Power Herb: Dig
Alomomola [Regenerator], lv.90 @Power Herb: Dive
Liepard [Prankster], lv.90 @Lagging Tail: Assist
Zebstrika [Sap Sipper], lv.90 @Power Herb: Bounce
Mew [Levitate], lv.92 @Power Herb: Dive, Dig, Fly, Bounce

○ Gamefreak Nishino
Clefable [Magic Guard], lv.90 @Leftovers: Gravity, Thunder, Blizzard, Moonblast
Audino [Regenerator], lv.90 @Leftovers: Gravity, Moonblast, Fire Blast, Trick Room
Wigglytuff [Huge Power*], lv.90 @Leftovers: Gravity, Thunder, Play Rough, Focus Blast
Porygon2 [Analytic], lv.90 @Eviolite: Gravity, Thunder, Blizzard, Trick Room
Blissey [Serene Grace], lv.90 @Chople Berry: Gravity, Soft-Boiled, Thunder, Focus Blast
Snorlax [Thick Fat], lv.92 @Leftovers: Slack Off, Gunk Shot, Strength, Earthquake


Nature Preserve

Reshiram [Turboblaze], lv.100 @White Herb: Blue Flare, Draco Meteor, Earth Power, Focus Blast
Archeops [Defeatist], lv.98 @Flying Gem: Acrobatics, Head Smash, Accelerock, Aqua Tail
Samurott [Shell Armor], lv.98 @White Herb: Sheel Smash, Waterfall, Close Combat, Megahorn
Zoroark [Illusion], lv.98 @Life Orb: Night Daze, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Grass Knot
Musharna [Telepathy], lv.98 @Leftovers: Moonblast, Psyshock, Psych Up, Shadow Ball
Volcarona [Flame Body], lv.98 @Life Orb: Quiver Dance, Giga Drain, Fire Blast, Bug Buzz

Zekrom [Teravolt], lv.100 @Air Balloon: Bolt Strike, Outrage, Stone Edge, Dragon Dance
Carracosta [Sturdy], lv.98 @Salac Berry: Shell Smash, Stone Edge, Waterfall, Aqua Jet
Serperior [Contrary], lv.98 @Wide Lens: Leaf Storm, Draco Meteor, Magic Coat, Glare
Zoroark [Illusion], lv.98 @Life Orb: Night Daze, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Grass Knot
Musharna [Telepathy], lv.98 @Leftovers: Moonblast, Psyshock, Psych Up, Shadow Ball
Volcarona [Flame Body], lv.98 @Life Orb: Quiver Dance, Giga Drain, Fire Blast, Bug Buzz


Striation City

Ferrothorn [Iron Barbs], lv.82 @Rocky Helmet: Power Whip, Gyro Ball, Rock Climb, Leech Seed
Lilligant [Own Tempo], lv.82 @Wide Lense: Petal Dance, Slee Powder, Extrasensory, Quiver Dance
Simisage [Overgrow], lv.84 @White Herb: Leaf Storm, Acrobatics, Focus Blast, Rock Slide

Azumarill [Huge Power], lv.82 @Muscle Band: Aqua Tail, Play Rough, Ice Punch, Aqua Jet
Slowking [Regenerator], lv.82 @Leftovers: Scald, Psychic, Flamethrower, Slack Off
Simipour [Torrent], lv.84 @White Herb: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Superpower, Acrobatics

Arcanine [Intimidate], lv.82 @Passho Berry: Will-O-Wisp, Flare Blitz, Extreme Speed, Wild Charge
Darmanitan [Sheer Force], lv.82 @Life Orb: Flare Blitz, Rock Slide, Zen Headbutt, Yawn
Simisear [Blaze], lv.84 @White Herb: Overheat, Focus Blast, Acrobatics, Grass Knot


Benga, Postgame

○ BENGA – White Tree Hollow:
Kyogre [Drizzle], lv.100 @Leftovers: Hydro Pump, Thunder, Ice Beam, Calm Mind
Zekrom [Teravolt], lv.100 @Life Orb: Bolt Strike, Dragon Claw, Rock Slide, Dragon Dance
Lugia [Multiscale], lv.100 @Leftovers: Aeroblast, Roost, Hydro Pump, Thunder
Latios [Levitate], lv.100 @Soul Dew: Dragon Pulse, Thunder, Surf, Roost
Volcarona [Swarm], lv.100 @Leftovers: Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Hurricane, Giga Drain

○ BENGA – Black Skyscraper:
Groudon [Drought], lv.100 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Dragon Tail, Stone Edge, Stealth Rock
Reshiram [Turboblaze], lv.100 @Life Orb: Blue Flare, Draco Meteor, Earth Power, Focus Blast
Ho-Oh [Regenerator], lv.100 @Life Orb: Flame Charge, Brave Bird, Earthquake, Roost
Latias [Levitate], lv.100 @Soul Dew: Dragon Pulse, Psychic, Solar Beam, Mystical Fire
Volcarona [Swarm], lv.100 @Leftovers: Quiver Dance, Fiery Dance, Bug Buzz, Morning Sun


Wellspring Cave

Pidgeot [No Guard*], lv.85 @Life Orb: Hyper Voice, Hurricane, U-Turn, Heat Wave
Arcanine [Intimidate], lv.85 @Passho Berry: Close Combat, Extreme Speed, Wild Charge, Flare Blitz
Rhyperior [Solid Rock], lv.85 @Leftovers: Heat Crash, Heavy Slam, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Exeggcutor [Harvest], lv.85 @Sitrus Berry: Giga Drain, Psyshock, Sleep Powder, Trick Room
Gyarados [Moxie], lv.85 @Focus Sash: Power Whip, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Earthquake
Machamp [No Guard], lv.85 @Fighting Gem: Dynamic Punch, Stone Edge, Thunder Punch


Faraway Island

Levels +7(!) on Challenge Mode

○ RED:
Pikachu [Static], lv.100 @Light Ball: Volt Tackle, Surf, Extreme Speed, Iron Tail
Alakazam [Magic Guard], lv.100 @Focus Sash: Psyshock, Nasty Plot, Aura Sphere, Energy Ball
Snorlax [Thick Fat], lv.100 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Strength, Crunch, Slack Off
Charizard [Defiant], lv.100 @Sitrus Berry: Belly Drum, Dragon Claw, Fire Lash, Earthquake Blastoise [Shell Armor], lv.100 @White Herb: Shell Smash, Ice Beam, Aura Sphere, Surf Venusaur [Solar Power], lv.100 @Black Sludge: Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Toxic, Sludge Bomb



FIRST BATTLE: Blaze Black 2
Zekrom [Teravolt], lv.100 @Leftovers: Bolt Strike, Outrage, Dragon Dance, Stone Edge

FIRST BATTLE: Volt White 2
Reshiram [Turboblaze], lv.100 @Leftovers: Blue Flare, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Psychic

~ Spring ~

○ N – N’s Castle:
Pelipper [Drizzle], lv.92 @Focus Sash: Scald, Hurricane, U-Turn, Knock Off
Beartic [Swift Swim], lv.90 @Yache Berry: Close Combat, Icicle Crash, Aqua Jet, Play Rough
Kingdra [Swift Swim], lv.90 @Life Orb: Waterfall, Yawn, Outrage, Dragon Dance
Toxicroak [Dry Skin], lv.90 @Life Orb: Gunk Shot, Cross Chop, Sucker Punch, Ice Punch
Gorebyss [Swift Swim], lv.90 @Life Orb: Shell Smash, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Psychic
Rotom [Levitate], lv.90 @Rindo Berry: Hydro Pump, Thunder, Signal Beam, Thunder Wave

~ Summer ~

○ N – N’s Castle:
Ninetales [Drought], lv.92 @Focus Sash: Heat Wave, Moonblast, Solar Beam, Hypnosis
Venusaur [Chlorophyll], lv.90 @Life Orb: Growth, Solar Beam, Sludge Bomb, Sleep Powder
Darmanitan [Sheer Force], lv.90 @Choice Scarf: Flare Blitz, U-Turn, Earthquake
Salamence [Intimidate], lv.90 @Yache Berry: Fire Blast, Outrage, Dragon Dance, Earthquake
Rotom [Levitate], lv.90 @Charti Berry: Thunderbolt, Overheat, Volt Switch, Thunder Wave
Sawsbuck [Chlorophyll], lv.90 @Life Orb: Horn Leech, Double-Edge, Jump Kick, Megahorn

~ Autumn ~

○ N – N’s Castle:
Hippowdon [Sand Stream], lv.92 @Focus Sash: Earthquake, Toxic, Slack Off, Stealth Rock
Excadrill [Sand Rush], lv.90 @Air Balloon: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Rock Slide, Iron Head
Gliscor [Poison Heal], lv.90 @Toxic Orb: Facade, Earthquake, Roost, Protect
Cacturne [Sand Veil], lv.90 @Life Orb: Sucker Punch, Needle Arm, Thunder Punch, Protect
Mandibuzz [Overcoat], lv.90 @Leftovers: Toxic, Protect, Roost, Brave Bird
Stoutland [Sand Rush], lv.90 @Life Orb: Retaliate, Return, Crunch, Wild Charge

~ December ~

○ N – N’s Castle:
Abomasnow [Snow Warning], lv.92 @Occa Berry: Blizzard, Seed Bomb, Earthquake, Ice Shard
Walrein [Ice Body], lv.90 @Leftovers: Blizzard, Toxic, Surf, Protect
Rotom [Levitate], lv.90 @Leftovers: Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Protect, Confuse Ray
Vanilluxe [Snow Warning], lv.90 @Life Orb: Blizzard, Autotomize, Flash Cannon, Hyper Voice
Mamoswine [Snow Cloak], lv.90 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Stone Edge
Jynx [Trace*], lv.90 @Quick Claw: Psycho Boost, Blizzard, Psyshock, Focus Blast


Unovan Gym Leader Rematches, Postgame

~ Cheren, Postgame ~

○ LEADER CHEREN – Nacrene City:
Cinccino [Skill Link], lv.85 @Wide Lens: Aqua Tail, Tail Slap, Rock Blast, Bullet Seed
Porygon-Z [Download], lv.85 @Life Orb: Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Nasty Plot
Dodrio [Early Bird], lv.85 @Focus Sash: Brave Bird, Endeavor, Jump Kick, Quick Attack
Snorlax [Thick Fat], lv.85 @Leftovers: Heavy Slam, Slack Off, Stength, Crunch
Exploud [Scrappy], lv.85 @Life Orb: Boomburst, Surf, Fire Blast, Extrasensory
Stoutland [Intimidate], lv.87 @Chople Berry: Strength, Thunder Wave, Crunch, Ice Fang

Cheren gets some minor level bonuses on account of beating the Elite Four in the first

~ Roxie, Postgame ~

○ LEADER ROXIE – Nacrene City:
Weezing [Levitate], lv.83 @Black Sludge: Sludge Bomb, Toxic Spikes, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt
Toxicroak [Dry Skin], lv.83 @Life Orb: Drain Punch, Gunk Shot, Sucker Punch, Ice Punch
Garbodor [Aftermath], lv.83 @Payapa Berry: Gunk Shot, Rock Blast, Payback, Seed Bomb
Nidoqueen [Sheer Force], lv.83 @Life Orb: Sludge Wave, Earth Power, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt
Crobat [Infiltrator], lv.83 @Flying Gem: Acrobatics, X-Scissor, Tailwind, Hypnosis
Scolipede [Speed Boost], lv.85 @Focus Sash: Megahorn, Earthquake, Poison Tail, Swords Dance

~ Burgh, Postgame ~

○ LEADER BURGH – Nacrene City:
Crustle [Sturdy], lv.83 @White Herb: Shell Smash, X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Masquerain [Intimidate], lv.83 @Wise Glasses: Quiver Dance, Hydro Pump, Hurricane, Bug Buzz
Scizor [Technician], lv.83 @Life Orb: Bullet Punch, Bug Bite, Night Slash, Superpower
Yanmega [Speed Boost], lv.83 @Life Orb: Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Hypnosis, Giga Drain
Heracross [Skill Link*], lv.83 @Metronome: Pin Missile, Arm Thrust, Rock Blast, Swords Dance
Leavanny [Swarm], lv.85 @Focus Sash: Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance

~ Elesa, Postgame ~

○ LEADER ELESA – Nacrene City:
Emolga [Static], lv.83 @Flying Gem: Electro Ball, Acrobatics, Thunder Wave, U-Turn
Ampharos [Static], lv.83 @Air Balloon: Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Signal Beam, Focus Blast
Galvantula [Compound Eyes], lv.83 @Life Orb: Thunder, Energy Ball, Bug Buzz, Volt Switch
Electivire [Motor Drive], lv.83 @Expert Belt: Wild Charge, Close Combat, Ice Punch, Volt Switch
Eelektross [Levitate], lv.83 @Expert Belt: Discharge, Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Aqua Tail
Zebstrika [Sap Sipper], lv.85 @Focus Sash: Wild Charge, Flare Blitz, High Horsepower, Volt Switch

~ Clay, Postgame ~

○ LEADER CLAY – Nacrene City:
Hippowdon [Sand Stream], lv.83 @Passho Berry: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang
Mamoswine [Thick Fat], lv.83 @Metronome: Earthquake, Icicle Crash, Stone Edge, Ice Shard
Seismitoad [Water Absorb], lv.83 @Rindo Berry: Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Ice Punch, Power Whip
Krookodile [Moxie], lv.83 @Chople Berry: Earthquake, Sucker Punch, Aqua Tail, Stone Edge
Golurk [Iron Fist], lv.83 @Expert Belt: Earthquake, Shadow Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch
Excadrill [Sand Rush], lv.85 @Life Orb: Swords Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Iron Head

~ Skyla, Postgame ~

○ LEADER SKYLA – Nacrene City:
Swanna [Friend Guard*], lv.85 @Life Orb: Scald, Hurricane, Ice Beam, Roost
Drifblim [Unburden], lv.83 @Petaya Berry: Hurricane, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Substitute
Sigilyph [Magic Guard], lv.83 @Life Orb: Hurricane, Psyshock, Ice Beam, Heat Wave
Togekiss [Serene Grace], lv.83 @Life Orb: Moonblast, Air Slash, Heat Wave, Roost
Archeops [Defeatist], lv.83 @Flying Gem: Acrobatics, Earthquake, Stone Edge, U-Turn
Staraptor [Reckless], lv.83 @Life Orb: Brave Bird, Double-Edge, Close Combat, U-Turn

~ Drayden, Postgame ~

○ LEADER DRAYDEN – Nacrene City:
Flygon [Levitate], lv.87 @Life Orb: Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast
Druddigon [Sheer Force], lv.87 @Life Orb: Outrage, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Sucker Punch
Salamence [Moxie], lv.87 @Yache Berry: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Dual Wingbeat, Outrage
Hydreigon [Levitate], lv.87 @White Herb: Draco Meteor, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Flash Cannon
Garchomp [Rough Skin], lv.87 @Rocky Helmet: Outrage, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Fire Fang
Haxorus [Mold Breaker], lv.89 @Focus Sash: Outrage, Earthquake, Cross Poison, Dragon Dance

~ Marlon, Postgame ~

○ LEADER MARLON – Nacrene City:
Politoed [Drizzle], lv.83 @Wacan Berry: Scald, Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Hypnosis
Kingdra [Swift Swim], lv.83 @Life Orb: Draco Meteor, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Outrage
Cloyster [Skill Link], lv.83 @Focus Sash: Shell Smash, Icicle Spear, Rock Blast, Razor Shell
Floatzel [Swift Swim], lv.83 @Life Orb: Aqua Tail, Ice Punch, Low Kick, Crunch
Ludicolo [Swift Swim], lv.83 @Life Orb: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Giga Drain, Focus Blast
Jellicent [Cursed Body], lv.85 @Rindo Berry: Hydro Pump, Shadow Ball, Blizzard, Recover