Pokemon Perfect Fire Red – Trainers Event Guide

Several Pokémon are only obtainable through events. Read below for those that are now regularly available.
Silph Co 4th floor – swapped TM TORMENT for TM SLUDGE BOMB
(you can obtain TORMENT in the same original place of Sludge bomb, I just swapped the location)

Altered Encounters *NEW
Canyon entrance – Hitmontop
Treasure beach – Tyrogue
Seafoam islands – Jynx (still can obtain via in-game trade in early game) Rock tunnel – Cubone – Magmar
Heracross: Kindle Road

At first, the stall only sells Great Balls and Fresh Water.
After saving Lostelle, the Ultra Ball and Soda Pop will also be sold.
Once the player has saved Lostelle and entered the Hall of Fame, Lemonade and Moomoo Milk are also sold.
If the player enters the Hall of Fame before saving Lostelle, then immediately after Lostelle is saved, these drinks will not be available, but refreshing the area (such as by entering a building) will make them available.
> After beating E4 for the second time, SUN STONE/MOON STONE start being sold. <<

You can take both Pokémon into the ‘’fighting dojo’’

Route 21, south of Pallet Town (grass)

Rival’s Kanto Starter
Your rival will “donate” his starter of choice to you when you first arrive at Four Island.

Scope Lens: Silph Co., 10F, in the southwest corner
BrightPowder: held by the Tangela you can trade for at Cinnabar Lab Lucky Egg: Lostelle’s DADDY – After completing the rescue Hypno quest
Choice Band: Two Island, south of the Joyful Game Corner (requires Cut)
Shell Bell: Four Island, on the patch of land just south of Icefall Cave (requires Surf)
Light Ball: BILL’s HOUSE — or held by wild Pikachu (5% chance)
Dragon Fang: Rocket Warehouse, western part of the spin tile maze
White Herb: held by wild Oddish and Gloom (5% chance each)
Mental Herb: held by wild Bellsprout and Weepinbell (5% chance each) – Game Corner prize Heal Powder: Mt. Ember, at the dead end to the west of the lower entrance (hidden) EnergyPowder: Cape Brink, behind the elemental Hyper Beam Move Tutor’s house (hidden) Energy Root: Bond Bridge, on a rock in the top middle of the map (hidden)
Revival Herb: Four Island, on the northernmost part of the beach (hidden)
Blue Flute: Berry Forest, above the highest body of water
Yellow Flute: Lost Cave, as one of the correct paths
Red Flute: Mt. Ember, west of the upper entrance
White Flute: Ruin Valley, right near a couple of boulders (requires Strength) Black Flute: Seafoam Islands, B1F, in the center of the area
Bead Mail: Pewter City Mart
Dream Mail: Six Island Mart
Fab Mail: Cinnabar Island Mart
Glitter Mail: Vermilion City Mart
Mech Mail: Lavender Town Mart Retro Mail: Celadon Department Store Tropic Mail: Seven Island Mart
Net Ball: Trainer Tower Mart Nest Ball: Trainer Tower Mart Dive Ball: Seven Island Mart

ohto Starters and Unchosen Kanto Starter
The prizes for completing the various modes of Trainer Tower have been replaced with the Johto starter Pokémon and the Kanto starter that neither you nor your rival chose. Complete the following modes for each Pokémon:
Single: Chikorita
Double: Cyndaquil
Knockout: Totodile
Mixed: Unchosen Kanto Starter
The previous prizes were evolution-inducing hold items. Each one has another location where they could be obtained in the game, which is unchanged from the vanilla game.

Trade-Evolved Pokémon
Pokémon that use held item or need be traded, please use the BILL TELEPORT MACHINE to evolve. Make the Pokémon hold the item then insert him inside BILL TELEPORT MACHINE.

Fossil Pokémon
If you use Rock Smash on breakable rocks, there’s a small chance that they will drop an item. Outside of Cerulean Cave, all breakable rocks have a 50% chance of dropping one of these items if you don’t encounter a Pokémon:
 Hard Stone
 Soft Sand
 Star Piece
 Big Pearl
 Pearl
 Ether
 Max Ether
 Revive
 Max Revive
 Heart Scale

In Cerulean Cave, however, you can get fossils from smashing
rocks! Much like Gen IV and Gen VI, this one location in the game will give you them from a different item pool. You will have a 25% chance at getting one of the following items:
 Helix Fossil (Hard Stone if you already have a Helix Fossil)
 Dome Fossil (Soft Sand if you already have a Dome Fossil)
 Old Amber (Star Piece if you already have an Old Amber)
 Max Ether
 Max Revive
Note that if you haven’t received the Old Amber from the scientists at the Pewter Museum yet, you will not be able to receive any Old Amber items from smashing rocks. You will need to give the original Old Amber to the fossil doctor before they are added to the item pool.
The same applies to the fossil you got from Mt. Moon.

Altering Cave Pokémon
Currently, all Pokémon that were originally set to appear in Altering Cave will always appear there as opposed to Zubat, albeit in varying encounter rates.
Pokémon that appear in Altering Cave:
 Mareep
 Aipom
 Pineco
 Shuckle
 Teddiursa
 Houndour (mt ember grass too)
 Stantler
 Smeargle


Legendary Beasts
In the vanilla game, the legendary beast (Raikou, Entei, and Suicune) whose type is super-effective against your starter Pokémon’s base type will randomly roam Kanto once you give the Sapphire to Celio on One Island.
Now, you’ll be able to get all three through roaming. To trigger the next roaming beast, finish with the current beast by either catching or defeating it, then DEFEAT THE ELITE FOUR AND POKÉMON CHAMPION AGAIN. Each beast will spawn only once. The order will depend on your chosen starter:
Bulbasaur: Entei -> Raikou -> Suicune Charmander: Suicune -> Entei -> Raikou Squirtle: Raikou -> Suicune -> Entei

Lugia and Ho-Oh
These two legendary birds are at Navel Rock. To get the MysticTicket that takes you there, speak to the mysterious old woman on Seven Island.

Celebi can be found in a new bush placed in BERRY FOREST. It won’t appear there until after you save Lostelle, as Celebi only show up in areas of peace. You will need at least one open space in your party; it won’t transfer to your PC storage system.
This Celebi is holding a Lansat Berry.

*********** NEW POKÉMON LOCATION – ADDED ********
Version Exclusives
023 – Ekans; Routes 8, 11
027 – Sandshrew; Routes 9, 10 Both: Routes 4 and 23
024 – Arbok; 23
028 – Sandslash; Victory Road
043 – Oddish; Routes 7 and 12, Cape Brink, Water Path
069 – Bellsprout; Routes 13, 14, and 15, Berry Forest, Bond Bridge Both: Routes 5, 6, 24, and 25
044 – Gloom; Route 12, Cape Brink, Water Path
070 – Weepinbell; Routes 13, 14, and 15, Berry Forest, Bond Bridge
054 – Psyduck; Seafoam Islands, Kindle Road, Bond Bridge, Berry Forest, Water Path, Ruin Valley,

Canyon Entrance
Routes 6 and 25, Fuchsia City, Cerulean Cave, Berry Forest (Surfing) Routes 12 and 13 (Super Rod)

079 – Slowpoke; Treasure Beach, Cape Brink, Five Isle Meadow
Routes 22 and 23, Viridian City, Celadon City, Seafoam Islands, Cape Brink, Four Island, Icefall Cave (Surfing) — Both: Safari Zone (Surfing)
055 – Golduck; Seafoam Islands
Cerulean Cave, Berry Forest (Surfing)
080 – Slowbro; Cape Brink – Seafoam Islands, Cape Brink (Surfing)
058 – Growlithe; Route 7 037 – Vulpix; Route 8 Both: Pokémon Mansion
090 – Shellder; Pallet Town, Vermilion City (Super Rod)
120 – Staryu; Pallet Town, One Island, Five Island (Super Rod) Both: Cinnabar Island, Icefall Cave (Super Rod)
123 – Scyther; area 1, area 2 127 – Pinsir; area 1 – area 2
125 – Electabuzz; Power Plant
126 – Magmar; Mt. Ember (grass), Rock Tunnel
194 – Wooper; Four Island, Icefall Cave 183 – Marill; Ruin Valley
198 – Murkrow 200 – Misdreavus Both: Lost Cave
214 – Heracross: Kindle Road – Pattern Bush
211 – Qwilfish; Five Isle Meadow, Memorial Pillar, Resort Gorgeous, Water Labyrinth (Super Rod) 223 – Remoraid; Green Path, Outcast Island, Tanoby Ruins, Trainer Tower, Water Path (Super Rod)
225 – Delibird 215 – Sneasel Both: Icefall Cave
227 – Skarmory; Sevault Canyon
226 – Mantine; Tanoby Ruins, Trainer Tower

014 – Kakuna
011 – Metapod
Both: Routes 24 and 25, Viridian Forest, Pattern Bush

032 – Nidoran♂
029 – Nidoran♀
Both: Route 3, Safari Zone

033 – Nidorino 030 – Nidorina Both: Safari Zone
109 – Koffing
088 – Grimer
Both: Pokémon Mansion

110 – Weezing
089 – Muk
Both: Pokémon Mansion

116 – Horsea; Routes 19, 20, and 21, Pallet Town, Cinnabar Island, Resort Gorgeous, Water Labyrinth, Water Path, Green Path, Outcast Island, Tanoby Ruins, Trainer Tower (Good Rod and Super Rod)
Seafoam Islands (Surfing)
098 – Krabby; Routes 4, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 24, Cerulean City, Vermilion City, Kindle Road, Treasure Beach, Bond Bridge, Five Isle Meadow, Memorial Pillar, One Island, Five Island, Icefall Cave (Good Rod and Super Rod)
Both: Seafoam Islands (Good Rod and Super Rod)

117 – Seadra; Routes 19, 20, and 21, Pallet Town, Cinnabar Island, Resort Gorgeous, Water Labyrinth, Water Path, Green Path, Outcast Island, Tanoby Ruins, Trainer Tower (Super Rod) 099 – Kingler; Kindle Road, Treasure Beach, Bond Bridge, Five Isle Meadow, Memorial Pillar, One Island, Five Island, Icefall Cave (Super Rod)

67 – Spinarak 165 – Ledyba Pattern Bush

Normally-Unavailable Pokémon
163 – Hoothoot
Berry Forest, Lv. 12; 10%, replaces Lv. 32 Pidgey

170 – Chinchou
One Island, Treasure Beach (Super Rod), Lv. 15-25; 40%, replaces Horsea/Krabby

185 – Sudowoodo
Berry Forest, Lv. 30; 5%, replaces Lv. 31 Psyduck
191 – Sunkern
Cape Brink, Lv. 13 ; 10%, replaces Lv. 32 Oddish/Bellsprout
203 – Girafarig
Bond Bridge, Lv. 26; 10%, replaces Lv. 30 Pidgey

207 – Gligar
Mt. Ember entrance, Lv. 25, 27; 15%, replaces Lv. 30, 32 Spearow

209 – Snubbull
Bond Bridge, Lv. 21; 5%, replaces Lv. 34 Venonat

222 – Corsola
Kindle Road, Bond Bridge (Super Rod), Lv. 15-25; 40%, replaces Horsea/Krabby

241 – Miltank
Cape Brink, Lv. 24; 10%, replaces Lv. 31 Meowth

Held Items Changes (WILD)

#Pokémon5% Chance50% Chance100% Chance
025PikachuLight Ball
026RaichuOran Berry
027 SandshrewQuick Claw
028SandslashQuick Claw
035 ClefairyMoon StoneLeppa Berry
036ClefableMoon StoneLeppa Berry
037 VulpixRawst Berry
038 NinetalesRawst Berry
050 DiglettSoft Sand
051 DugtrioSoft Sand
052MeowthQuick Claw
053PersianQuick Claw
058GrowlitheRawst Berry
061 PoliwhirlKing’s Rock
062 PoliwrathKing’s Rock
066MachopFocus Band
072 TentacoolPoison Barb
073 TentacruelPoison Barb
074 GeodudeEverstone
079 SlowpokeKing’s Rock
080 SlowbroKing’s Rock
081 MagnemiteMetal Coat
084DoduoSharp Beak
088 GrimerNugget
089 MukNugget
109 KoffingSmoke Ball
110 WeezingSmoke Ball
113ChanseyLucky EggLucky Punch
116 HorseaDragon Scale
117 SeadraDragon Scale
118 GoldeenMystic Water
119SeakingMystic Water
122Mr. MimeLeppa Berry
124JynxAspear Berry
126MagmarRawst Berry
131LaprasMystic Water
147DratiniDragon Scale
172 PichuOran Berry
173 CleffaMoon StoneLeppa Berry
211QwilfishPoison Barb
215SneaselQuick Claw
222CorsolaHard Stone
227SkarmoryMetal Coat
238SmoochumAspear Berry
240MagbyRawst Berry