Pokemon Wally Quest – Item Locations

(The following list is not complete, and is only for more special items)

Evolution stones:
All evolution stones are in Granite Cave B1F. They will appear in your Key Items pocket.

Mega Stones:
Venusaurite: Carried by Oak’s Bulbasaur
Charizardite-X: (Missing in 1.0) Diving Treasure Hunter if you have a Charizard in party
Charizardite-Y: Carried by Oak’s Charmander
Blastoisinite: Carried by Oak’s Squirtle
Beedrillite: Route 110
Pidgeotite: Route 104
Alakazite: Route 111
Slowbronite: Diving Treasure Hunter if you have a Slowbro in party
Gengarite: Route 119
Kangaskhanite: Route 124
Pinsirite: Route 115
Gyaradosite: Diving Treasure Hunter if you have a Gyarados in party
Aerodactylite: Route 125
Mewtwonite-X: In Mewtwo’s Cave on Route 120
Mewtwonite-Y: In Mewtwo’s Cave on Route 120
Ampharosite: New Mauville Interior
Steelixite: Old man at Lavaridge Herb Shop
Scizorite: Route 123
Heracronite: Victory Road 1F
Houndoominite: Magma Hideout 3F-1R
Tyranitarite: Victory Road B2F
Sceptilite: Carried by Birch’s Treecko
Blazikenite: Carried by Birch’s Torchic
Swampertite: Carried by Birch’s Mudkip
Gardevoirite: Carried by traded Ralts
Sablenite: Route 133
Mawilite: Magma Hideout 3F-3R
Aggronite: Sky Pillar 1F
Medichamite: Route 123
Manectite: New Mauville Interior
Sharpedonite: Route 109
Cameruptite: Fiery Path
Altarianite: Meteor Falls 1F-1R
Banettite: Route 119
Absolite: (Missing in 1.0) Diving Treasure Hunter if you have an Absol in party
Glalitite: Given at Mossdeep Space Center 1F
Salamencite: Victory Road 1F
Metagrossite: Victory Road B1F
Latiasite: Carried by Latias
Latiosite: Carried by Latios
Lopunnite: Route 113
Garchompite: Route 132
Lucarionite: Shoal Cave Low TIde Inner Room
Abomasite: Given at Mossdeep City
Galladite: In Petalburg City (requires Surf)
Audinite: Carried by Audino from Secret Power guy
Diancite: Diancie

Flame Plate: Fiery Path
Splash Plate: Route 109
Mind Plate: Rusturf Tunnel
Zap Plate: New Mauville Interior
Iron Plate: New Mauville Interior
Draco Plate: Abandoned Ship Hidden Floor Rooms
Spooky Plate: Mt Pyre 2F
Sky Plate: Aqua Hideout B2F
Earth Plate: Magma Hideout 4F
Meadow Plate: Girl at Petalburg Woods
Fist Plate: Guy at Dewford Town house
Dread Plate: Blackbelt at Mt Pyre 5F
Pixie Plate: Type:Null from Cynthia
Icicle Plate: In-game Vulpix trade at Oldale Town house
Toxic Plate: In-game Grimer trade at Fallarbor Contest Site
Stone Plate: Talk to Reimi after finding her killer
Insect Plate: Final Bug Maniac gift at Fortree House
(Please note that Plates have replaced Memories for Silvally and Multi-Attack. Please report any Memories left in the game)

Fossils: Please see pokemon_locations.txt

Buginium-Z: Obtain from Bug Maniac in Fortree
Darkinium-Z: Meowth trade in Verdanturf Town house
Dragonium-Z: Shoal Cave Low Tide Entrance Room
Electrium-Z: Geodude trade in Mauville Game Corner
Fairium-Z: Abandoned Ship Rooms B1F
Fightinium-Z: Route 127
Firium-Z: Fiery Path
Flyinium-Z: (Missing in 1.0) Slateport’s Old Man
Ghostium-Z: Mt Pyre 3F
Grassium-Z: Route 123
Groundium-Z: New Mauville Interior
Icium-Z: Sandshrew trade in Slateport City house
Normalium-Z: Lilycove City
Poisonium-Z: Route 126
Psychium-Z: Petalburg City
Rockium-Z: Route 121
Steelium-Z: Diglett trade in Fallarbor Pokemon Center
Waterium-Z: Pacifidlog Town house, girl who wants to see two Gastrodon patterns
Aloraichium-Z: New Mauville Interior
Decidium-Z: Kukui
Eevium-Z: Diving Treasure Hunter with Eevee in party
Incinium-Z: Kukui
Kommonium-Z: Diving Treasure Hunter with Kommo-O in party
Lunalium-Z: (Missing in 1.0) Diving Treasure Hunter with Lunala in party
Lycanium-Z: (Missing in 1.0) Diving Treasure Hunter with any Lycanroc form in party
Marshadium-Z: Mt Pyre Exterior
Mewnium-Z: Carried by Mew
Mimikium-Z: Mt Pyre 5F
Pikanium-Z: New Mauville Interior
Pikashunium-Z: Guy who wants to see Pikachu Caps in Lilycove Department Store 3F
Primarium-Z: Kukui
Snorlium-Z: Diving Treasure Hunter with Snorlax in party
Solganium-Z: Carried by Cozmo’s Cosmog
Tapunium-Z: (Missing in 1.0) After obtaining all three Pokemon from Kukui, talk to him one more time
Ultranecrozium-Z: NOT IN GAME