Pokemon Compass – Miscellaneous Changes Documentation

Blind Pokémon Battles

Incorporated into Compass is one of our previous mods, “Blind Pokémon Battles”, which changes the text during battles when an opponent is about to bring in a new Pokémon into something more neutral — no longer can you discern specifically what Pokémon your opponent will use and freely swap in a counter-pick.

Go Bagless

Another one of our previous mods brought into Compass, “Go Bagless” allows you to purchase a “No bag” item from the bag stores, for free. Once you’ve purchased the item, you can equip or unequip it like any other bag, and you can freely swap to other bags or take it off, whenever you’d like.


After defeating the Gym Leader in Cortondo, you can choose to re-challenge the Gym’s olive-rolling minigame (at the minigame’s location just outside town). Upon successfully completing it, you’ll be rewarded with two things : the endgame’s ability to see your Pokémon’s Individual Values (being vague on the wording intentionally), and you’ll also be given three Ability Capsules. These rewards only happen this one time.

Normally, you would have to wait until completion of the Victory Road storyline in its entirety to use this feature. But if you’ve read through this long document to this point, you deserve a little bonus.

Other or Not-Issues

These are minor quirks or inconsistencies that have been brought up previously, but are not actual issues.

“???” Names on Pokémon

If you were playing a beta version of Compass and updated to a non-beta version, then Pokémon you have caught previously will show up in the wild as “???” if you do not currently have them in your party or a box, even if you have caught them previously or have their evolved versions in your party or boxes.

Simply re-obtaining these Pokémon will resolve the issue and it should all behave as expected.

Catching Pokémon not Added to Party or Boxes

There’ve been reports of an issue where catching newly added Pokémon does not add them to your party, or to any box.

This is not caused by Compass, and may be related to artifacts leftover from cheats used to add Pokémon into the wild or force shinies, using mods/cheats meant to run the game at an increased framerate, or using 1.0.0 of Scarlet or Violet. When tested thoroughly on a clean install of Compass, using game version 1.0.1 and above, and on either Yuzu or Ryujinx, the issue cannot be replicated — even using save files from people reporting this issue, loading into a clean environment without any cheats or other mods at all results in an inability to get the same results.

It may be a temporary issue, needing you to unload and reload the zone location (e.g. fly some distance away in the world, or enter and leave Mesagoza). It may be caused by any of these other mods or cheats, so disabling those, then unloading and reloading the area and spawns may assist in resolving this.

Crashing at the Start of Battles

This is a vanilla issue that becomes more apparent in Compass, and is caused by having a single Pokémon when getting into a Doubles battle. The only Doubles battles in vanilla are in the Montenevera Gym, and it prevents the player from participating without two Pokémon, whereas in Compass, approximately 25% of all trainer battles are Doubles — though, there are none in the pre-Mesagoza segment, giving the player plenty of time to start on a team they might like.


While not necessarily an elegant solution, the current workaround is just to always have at least two Pokémon in your team. A message has been included in the beginning sequence of the game that notifies the player of this problem, and the recommended approach.

It’s unlikely that this will ever be patched in vanilla, and there are no plans to remove or adjust the doubles battles in Compass, as it would remove a significant amount of interesting content and battles that were designed to be doubles. In the future, if scripting options become available, or a correction can be made to this, we hope to have a better method of handling the problem.

Pokémon Spawning at an Incorrect Time of Day / Night

Sometimes you’ll notice certain Pokémon that are meant to spawn only during restricted times of the day (such as non-night-only spawns, e.g. Scorbunny) may rarely spawn during the day. The data is flagged correctly from Compass for these cases; This is a bug that affects vanilla SV as well, so there’s not much we can do about it.

It doesn’t change anything or result in broken or unusual spawns — It’s just slightly outside of the design-intention.

NPCs Pausing when Terastallizing

When a trainer capable of Terastallizing does so, but does not have an associated scene to go with it (which is every trainer except for rivals, gym leaders, and that sort), no animation will play, and it will appear to hang for up to a few seconds, but then the Terastallize animation occurs normally and the battle continues properly.

There are currently no plans to mess with the scene data to try to address this.

Evolution not Triggering Correctly / Getting Stuck / Soft-locked

There is an intermittent issue with the HOME Pokémon included in Compass that results in these Pokémon not evolving, and the game getting stuck and soft-locked on the evolution screen, during which time you can still move the camera, but cannot do anything other than reset.

This is thankfully not deterministic, so by resetting the game (and/or restarting your emulator if using one), you should be able to evolve your Pokémon by attempting its evolution again.

In version 1.0.0 and above : This issue should not occur any longer, as the underlying problem may have been the lack of Pokédex entries, which are now included.