Pokemon Galaxy Emerald Documentation

Pokemon Galaxy Emerald is a QoL Hack ROM where you can catch all 386 Pokemon without trading or cheating. So well, It has some new features such as PSS System, the shiny rate is 255, Mirage island, all Deoxys forms, Lucky egg is 2.5 now, EV-IV Viewer, PP Up purchasable, and more… It’s completed in English. Pokemon Galaxy Emerald Documentation will list some information such as encounters, evolution items, special events and more…

Trainer Event Guide

Several Pokémon are only obtainable through events. Read below for those that are now
regularly available.

New – Altered Encounters / Early Locations

Pokemons from other generations like Johto, Kanto, present in ORIGINAL EMERALD,
wont be listed here, like Pikachu, Girafarig, Magnemite etc..

Route 101 – Weedle – Caterpie – Rattata

Route 102 – Rattata – Slowpoke

Route 103 – Sentret – Slowpoke
Rod: Slowpoke (Good Rod) – Qwilfish (Super Rod)

Route 104 – Pidgey
Rod: Slowpoke (Super Rod) – Krabby (Good Rod)

Petalburg Woods – Paras – Metapod – Kakuna – Pinsir

Route 105 – 109 (WATER AREAS)
Water: Mantine
Rod: Slowpoke, Poliwag (Good Rod / Super Rod),
Poliwhirl (Super Rod), Krabby (Super Rod)
Route 110 – Bellsprout

Route 111 (Desert) – Larvitar

Route 112 – Growlithe -Ponyta

Route 113 – Nidoran F – Nidoran M

Route 114 – Spearow

Route 115 – Pidgeotto – Pidgey
Rod: Krabby (Good Rod) – Qwilfish (Super Rod)

Route 116 – Pidgey
Route 117 – Eevee

Route 118 – Mankey – Raticate

Route 119 – Scyther – Heracross – Yanma – Ekans
Rod: Feebas (Good Rod – Super Rod)
(still rare, no more use for random sqms)

Route 120 – Furret – Sentret – Pinsir – Seedot

Route 121 – Meowth – Drowzee

Route 122
Rod – Qwilfish (Super Rod) – Krabby (Good Rod – Super Rod)

Route 123 – Tangela – Skiploom – Hoppip

Water: Krabby

Route 124
Rod: Qwilfish (Super Rod / Good Rod) – Krabby (Super Rod)

Route 132 / 133 / 134
Rod: Kingler (Super Rod) – Horsea (Super Rod) – Qwillfish (Good Rod)

Route 130 – Togepi
(MIRAGE ISLAND – Will be opened after beating E4)
Fly to Pacifidlog Town, Surf to EAST until arrive MIRAGE ISLAND
Meteor Falls – Clefairy

Rusturf Tunnel – Digglet

Mt. Pyre Cemetery – Gastly – Haunter

Mt. Pyre Mountain – Mr. Mime – Houndour

Mt. Pyre Mountain (last floor) – Murkrow – Houndour – Misdreavus

Victory Road – Ursaring – Primeape – Medicham – Meditite

Shoal Cave 1 – Seel – Swinub
Water – Shellder – Cloyster – Dewgong – Seel
Rod – Shellder – Cloyster – Dewgong – Seel

Shoal Cave 2 – Seel – Swinub – Sneasel – Piloswine
Water – Shellder – Cloyster – Dewgong – Seel
Rod – Shellder – Cloyster – Dewgong –Seel

Shoal Cave (Ice Floor) – Jynx – Delibird – Sneasel

Shoal Cave 3 – Swinub – Sneasel – Piloswine

New Mauville – Electabuzz

Sealed Chamber (Main) – Unown

Magma Hideout 1 – Magmar – Ponyta – Growlithe

Desert Underpass – Dugtrio – Ditto – Diglett

Artisan Cave 1 (Battle Frontier)
Sandslash – Marowak – Cubone – Drowzee – Tyrogue – Onix

Artisan Cave 2 (Battle Frontier)
Sandslash – Marowak – Parasect – Paras – Drowzee – Kadabra

Altering Cave (Will be opened after Legendary Birds Events) –
Sandslash – Dugtrio

Underwater Areas – Chinchou – Mantine

Grass: Kangaskhan
Water: Dratini
Rod: Dratini

Grass: Phanpy – Natu – Xatu – Heracross

Grass: Venonat – Lickitung – Chansey – Tauros

Grass: Sunkern – Mareep – Aipom – Spinarak – Hoothoot – Snubbull –
Stantler – Gligar – Wooper
Water: Wooper – Quagsire
Rod: Remoraid – Octillery

Grass: Exeggcute

Grass: Pineco, Aipom, Teddiursa, Ledyba, Hoothooth, Shuckle, Miltank , Houndour
Rock Smash: Shuckle – Dunsparce


There are some Pokémon that holds the evolution item, so if you capture or use the attack “THIEF”, you can steal these itens from them, or buy from stores, check below)
Link Stone
(buy in Lilycove Mart 4F)
Dragon Scale
Bagon / Horsea / Dratini (5% chance / buy in Lilycove Mart 4F)
Metal Coat
Magnemite (5% chance / buy in Lilycove Mart 4F)
Prism Scale
Feebas (5% chance / buy in Lilycove Mart 4F)
King’s Rock
Slowpoke / Poliwhirl (5% chance / buy in Lilycove Mart 4F)
(Comes with in-game trade Porygon / buy in Lilycove Mart 4F)
DeepSeaTooth – DeepSeaFang
(Capt Stern Scanner Quest / Slateport Treasure Hunter seller)


  • Seadra to Kingdra – Use DragonScale (you can find more DragonScales in Bagons, Horseas and Seadras)
  • Onix to Steelix – Use MetalCoat (Buy it in Lilicove Mart or find MetalCoats in Magnemites)
  • Scyther to Scizor – Use MetalCoat (Buy it in Lilicove Mart or find MetalCoats in Magnemites)
  • Kadabra to Alakazam – Use ”LINK STONE” (You can buy it in Lilycove MART)
  • Haunter to Gengar – Use ”LINK STONE” (You can buy it in Lilycove MART)
  • Feebas to Milotic – Use PrismScale (Buy it in Lilicove Mart or find more in wild Feebas)
  • Machoke to Machamp – Use ”LINK STONE” (You can buy it in Lilycove MART)
  • Poliwhirl to Politoed – Use Kings Rock (Buy it in Lilycove Mart)
  • Porygon to Porygon2 – Use UPGRADE (this item comes with Porygon IN-GAME TRADE)
  • Graveler to Golem – Use ”LINK STONE” (You can buy it in Lilycove MART)
  • Slowpoke to Slowking – Use Kings Rock (Buy it in Lilycove Mart)
  • CLAMPERL – Use ‘’DEEPSEATOOTH’’ for (HUNTAIL) (Buy it in Slateport Market or Capt Stern SCANNER Quest)
  • CLAMPERL – Use ‘’DEEPSEASCALE’’ for (GOREBYSS) (Buy it in Slateport Market or Capt Stern SCANNER Quest)



  • Meteor Falls (next to Steven Stone)
  • Marine Cave (Acqua Underwater Cave)
  • Artisan Cave [located in BATTLE FRONTIER]

How to bring them back to life?

Hoenn Starters
(NPCs will give you EGGS containing starters, opposite than you choose):
Rustboro City // Pacifidlog Town

Johto Starters
Complete the Hoenn PokeDex and Prof. Birch will call you and tell you to come and pick one.
(NPCs will give you EGGS containing Johto starters, opposite than you choose in Birch LAB):
Fortree City // Mossdeep City

Kanto Starters
(NPCs will give you EGGS containing starters):
Talk to every NPC and you will find then (must have free space in your party)
Fallarbor Town NPC inside Pokémon Center // Route 123 // Route 124

Kanto Legendary Birds:
**Event will be available after E4
Go to Dewford Town > Granite Cave >
Use bike in a ramp inside the cave – Defeat Team Acqua

Activate the Event
Articuno: Shoal Cave (Ice Floor)

Zapdos: Altering Cave
It is situated on Route 103 after you beat the Elite 4.

Moltres: Mt. Chimney (Volcano) – Next to cable car entrance

Legendary Johto Dogs:
**Event will be enable after E4
Go to Fallarbor Town > Fossil Maniac House (same place where you obtain TM28 DIG)

Enter inside the Cave (go to the North direction) – Defeat Team Magma
Activate the Event

Raikou: New Mauville (entrance)

Suicune: Scorched Slab (original local)

Entei: Route 112 > Inside FIERY PATH Mountain (Strength)

After E4, Go to Petalburg Woods, a place with 2 cut trees, go to the right
and you will find a ‘’secret base tree’’, check it, you will find Celebi inside it.

Beat RED, before Artisan Cave in Battle Frontier, You will receive an
OLD SEA MAP > Go to Lilycove Ferry and give it to the NPC.

Beat LEAF, inside Altering Cave, you must trigger the Legendary Birds
event before to open the cave, defeat her, you will receive a ticket, go to
Lilycove Ferry and give it to the NPC.

Go to Battle Frontier Pokémon Center, theres a girl, she will give you Eon
Ticket, go to Lillycove Ferry and give it to the NPC.
*Note: After beating E4, Mom will ask you about RED / BLUE, this ticket
is opposite that you chosen (Latias / Latios).

Go to Slateport City > East > find some boats, talk to the guy, you will
receive a rare ticket, he found it in his boat while traveling the world, go
to Lilycove and give it to the NPC.

After Beating E4, you can change Deoxys forms, East from Fallarbor
Town (check the Meteorites)

Defeat Steven Stone in Meteor Falls, you will receive a RARE BERRY,
go to Mossdeep City, find the ‘’white rock’’, it will trigger the Jirachi
Event > Fly to Victory Road (entrance).

Enter inside the Artisan cave in Battle Frontier, explore the cave, find Mewtwo next
to Exit. (RED was looking for Mewtwo).

Conclusion of Pokemon Galaxy Emerald Documentation

Here is the end of Pokemon Galaxy Emerald Documentation. If you need more cheat codes for other version, you can find all at All Posts.