Pokemon Supreme Fire Mewtwo’s Revenge Tips for Gym

The story will take place in the Kanto region with the first storyline of FireRed and second storyline encounter that blends in with the original FireRed storyline. It is the continuation of Pokemon Supreme Fire, where 3 brothers (protector of this Pokemon world) were defeated by bunch of intruders that has a much stronger Pokemon. You as a trainer (prodigy) that just came out of the Academy will be venturing your way to defeat the intruders with bunch of other members of the team that the Brothers recruited.

Gym Battle Tips.

I for one want you guys to figure out how to beat the gym themselves.
But here are some tips if you struggle a lot. Don’t read any further if you want to Beat this hardmode yourself.

First gym – watch out for Torment. Having 2 same type moves helps.

Second Gym – The hardest Gym battle. Having Tanky support Pokemon will help a lot. But it took me forever to beat this gym. Even then I can’t replicate it. But anyway. To Compensate, If you find it too hard. Talk to the guy that is in front of the Gym (In the gym). He will offer you some Vitamins.

Third Gym – leech seed, Whilrdwind, warning bite, entry hazard sometimes luck

Fourth Gym – I beat it in various ways. I’m sure you should be fine here.

Fifth Gym – The first legendary Pokemon will be use here. Wide lens, or any move that can’t miss will be very useful in this gym.

sixth gym – mist, safeguard.

seventh gym – Pretty much just do damage.

eigth gym – hurmm.
After Gym 7 badge. There will not be Gym 8.
Immediately go to the Elite 4

Elite 4 and champion… Sorry I only beat them once. So… it’s up to you to figure them out