Pokemon Platinum Boost Pokemon Location(s) and Items

Pokemon Platinum Boost is a vanilla++ NDS ROM Hack has many modifications. Pokemon Platinum Boost Pokemon Location(s) and Items documentation will give you all information about Pokemon Location(s) and Items Location(s) in this game.

Pokemon Platinum Boost Pokemon Location(s)

Encounters are very similar to how they are in regular Platinum, however, the following edits have been made to allow for some extra availability throughout the game.

The chance of encountering the pokemon in the area at the specified time is listed at the end in parenthesis. The pokemon which had their chances reduced are also listed. Anything not listed has not been edited.

It isn’t listed, but some areas have had their encounter levels raised to compensate for the new level curve

Route 201:

Wurmple replaces Starly’s chance during the day (10%)

Route 202:

Burmy replaces 10% of Bidoof (10%)

Route 205 (South):

Aipom replaces Bidoof (10%)

Route 205 (North):

Cherubi replaces Budew during the day (10%)

Route 209:

Stunky and Glameow replace Staravia (10% each)

Spiritomb has a 5% chance of appearing (5%)

Route 210 (North):

Absol has a 5% chance of appearing (5%)

Route 212 (South):

Carnivine and Tropius have a 10% chance of appearing (10% each)

Yanma and Tangela have a 5% chance of appearing (5% each)

Yanma and Skorupi have a 10% extra chance during the day and night, respectively (10% each)

Route 219:

Finneon replaces Magikarp using the Old Rod (100%)

Route 222:

Heracross replaces Pelipper (5%)

Eterna Forest:

Murkrow and Misdreavus replace the nighttime encounter slots (10% each)

Old Chateau (all rooms):

Murkrow and Misdreavus replace the 5% encounter slots for Gastly (5% each)

Rotom has a 2% chance of appearing (2%)

Oreburgh Gate:

Snorunt replaces 10% of Psyduck on floor B1 (10%)

Lake Verity:

Swablu replaces 5% of both Bidoof and Starly (10%)

Valor Lakefront:

Combee replaces Staravia and Bibarel by 5% each (10%)

Ruin Maniac Tunnel:
Cranidos and Shieldon replace some of Geodude’s chance (5% each) (i dont care if this doesnt make sense)

Twinleaf Town:

Goldeen replaces Magikarp with the Old Rod (100%)

Feebas replaces Golduck while surfing (10%)

Trophy Garden:

All Sinnoh Pokedex babies are available to catch (except Togepi since I ran out of slots) with the following chances:

Pichu (20%)

Bonsly (20%)

Azurill (10%)

Chingling (10%)

Budew (10%)

Cleffa (10%)

Mime Jr. (5%)

Happiny (5%)

Riolu (10%)

Munchlax (10%)

Elekid (5%)

Magby (5%)

Pokemon Platinum Boost Items Location(s)

Some items have been added to various routes to widen the pool of available stuff to use. All edits were made to consumable items, so nothing of value that could not be purchased in a mart was lost.

Heart Scales have been added to various routes. This should be enough to get you through the game on top of what was already present, without having to grind.

All trade evolution items have been replaced with a held item (except Up-Grade), as all trade evolutions have been removed.

Magmarizer → Expert Belt (Route 214)

Electirizer → Leftovers (Valley Windworks)

Protector → Light Clay (Iron Island)

Reaper Cloth → Choice Band (Acuity Lakefront)

Up-Grade → Secret Key (Galactic Eterna Building)

Dubious Disc → Life Orb (Galactic HQ)

Other consumable replacements are as follows (all in item balls, including berries):

Scope Lens (Jubilife City)

Choice Scarf (Route 222)

Light Ball (Pokemon Mansion)

Lucky Egg (Route 204)

Charti Berry (Route 203)

Rindo Berry (Eterna Forest)

Kasib Berry (Route 208)

Chople Berry (Route 215)

Passho Berry (Route 212)

Babiri Berry (Route 218)

Yache Berry (Route 217)

Wacan Berry (Route 222)

Tanga Berry (Victory Road)
Shuca Berry (Victory Road)

Occa Berry (Victory Road)
Payapa Berry (Victory Road)

Kebia Berry (Route 213)

Haban Berry (Route 222)

Coba Berry (Route 210 North)

Chilan Berry (Route 221)

Colbur Berry (Wayward Cave)

The following TMs are available earlier than usual:

TM10 Hidden Power (Trainer’s School)

TM50 Overheat (Route 207 post- rock climb)

TM53 Energy Ball (Mt. Coronet 1F post-strength)

In addition, TM09 Bullet Seed and TM45 Attract have been switched (as the Bullet Seed buff makes it too good for where it is by default)

TM77 Psych Up has also been swapped to become TM77 Power Punch

Any other held items are unchanged from their original location.


Thank you for reading this post and I hope it can help you something. If you need cheat codes for this game, you can read Pokemon Platinum Cheat Codes.