Pokemon Red Expert Gift changes

Pokemon Red Expert is a hack of Pokémon Red. It’s a much harder version of the game designed for experts Pokémon players. Pokemon Red Expert Gift changes Documentation is give you some information about gift changes in this game. If you need cheat codes, you can use Pokemon Red Cheat Codes. Wild Pokemon Location(s) will give you location to find some pokemon you love, read it I think It can help you.

Gift changes in Pokemon Red Expert

Here are the people / Item balls who give a different gift compared to the original version:

Person / Item Ball locationNew gift givenOld gift (in original version)
Celadon CityX SpecialTM41
Celadon City Dept. Store (3F)Coin CaseTM18
Celadon City Dept. Store (6F)X Accuracy, Dire Hit and X SpeedTM13, TM48 and TM49
Celadon City GymTM21 (x3)TM21
Celadon City Mansion (Top)Lapras (Lv.5)Eevee (Lv.25)
Celadon City’s RestaurantTM13Coin Case
Cerulean City GymTM11 (x3)TM11
Cerulean City House backyardSuper RodTM28
Cinnabar GymTM38 (x3)TM38
Cinnabar Lab (Room 2)TM15TM35
Fuchsia CityTM50Good Rod
Fuchsia City GymTM06 (x3)TM06
Lavender Town Mr. Fuji’s houseCard KeyPoké Flute
Pallet Town Daisy’s houseGuard Spec.Town Map
Pewter City GymTM48 (x3)TM34
Power PlantHM05TM33
Route 1X DefendPotion
Route 2 GateGood RodHM05
Route 3 Pokémon CenterTentacool (Lv.6)Magikarp (Lv.5)
Route 12’s Gate 2FX AttackTM39
Route 12 HouseMaster BallSuper Rod
Route 15’s Gate 2FTown MapExp. All
Route 25 Bill’s houseBike VoucherS.S. Ticket
Saffron City GymTM29 (x3)TM46
Saffron City’s houseTM49TM29
Saffron City’s house 2 (2F)Exp. AllTM31
Silph Co’s 2FTM31TM36
Silph Co’s 5FMaster BallCard Key
Silph Co’s 7FPorygon (Lv.40)Lapras (Lv.15)
Silph Co’s 11F (President’s room)Poké FluteMaster Ball
Vermilion City’s Fan ClubTM23Bike Voucher
Vermilion City GymTM24 (x3)TM24
Vermilion City HouseS.S. TicketOld Rod
Viridian CityOld RodTM42
Viridian City GymTM26 (x3)TM27