Pokemon Cubic Crystal Move Changes

Pokemon Cubic Crystal is a remix of Crystal that’s recognizable but distinct, a sort of “what if Crystal’s story was as different from Gold/Silver as future same-gen sequels?” approach. It’s GBC ROM Hack and a QoL ROM Hack based on Pokemon Crystal by Jay (Like the Bird. Pokemon Cubic Crystal Move Changes will list all information about moves in this game.

Move Changes in Pokemon Cubic Crystal

Field moves are usable by Pokemon that can learn said moves whether or not it’s in their moveset! No need to waste a slot on Fly to get around or on Strength to move boulders! Dark moves are physical, given literally every Dark move introduced until the Physical/Special split is Physical. Ghost moves are now special, as the most notable Ghost move is Shadow Ball and the most notable Ghost type is Gengar. Sorry, Lick!

Poison moves are now special, as the only physical Poison move is Poison Sting (verus Acid, Smog, Sludge, and Sludge Bomb). Sorry, Arbok, Muk, and Beedrill! You’re welcome, Tentacruel, Gengar, and Vileplume! All attacks with 70 BP or less (barring trapping moves, Fury Cutter, Rollout, and Triple Kick) now have 100% accuracy. Added Iron Head with 80 BP, 100% Accuracy, and 10 PP with a 30% chance to flinch;

Added Ominous Wind with 60 BP, 100% Accuracy, and 10 PP (usually 5) with a 10% chance to raise all stats by 1; Ghost needs more attacking moves! Removed Barrage, Egg Bomb, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Nightmare, Spider Web, and Whirlpool (no more whirlpools in the field either, they’re dumb!)

Absorb30 BP (was 20)
Acid60 BP (was 40)
AncientPower10 PP (was 5)
Aurora Beam50% chance of lowering Attack (was 10%)
Beat UpNow a multi-hit 25 BP attack (was more complex and bad)
Comet PunchNow a Fighting move
Constrict100% chance to lower the target’s Speed by 1 (used to be 10% chance)
Cotton Spore100% accuracy (was 85%)
Crunch20% chance to lower Defense (was Special Defense)
CutNow a Steel move with a high crit chance
Disable100% accuracy (was 55%)
Dragonbreath80 BP (was 60)
Drill PeckGains a high crit chance
Flash100% accuracy (was 70%)
Fly90 BP (was 70)
Fury Attack18 BP (was 15)
Fury Swipes20 BP (was 18)
Fury Cutter30 BP (was 10)
Future Sight120 BP and 100% accuracy (was 80 and 90%)
Giga Drain10 PP (was 5)
Glare100% accuracy (was 75%)
Hi Jump Kick100 BP (was 85)
Iron Tail90% accuracy (was 75%)
Jump Kick80 BP (was 70)
Leech Life60 BP and 10 PP (was 15 and 20)
Mega Drain50 BP and 15 PP (was 40 and 10)
Mega PunchNow a Fighting move with 100% accuracy (was 85%)
Mega KickNow a Fighting move
Metal Claw60 BP (was 50)
Outrage100 BP (was 90)
Petal Dance100 BP (was 70)
Pin Missile20 BP (was 14)
Poison Gas100% accuracy (was 55%)
Present100% accuracy (was 90%)
Rapid Spin50 BP (was 20)
Razor WindNow a Flying move with 100 BP, 80% accuracy, 5 PP, high crit rate, and no charge turn (full revamp to make it a Flying Cross Chop)
Rock Smash60 BP (was 20)
Screech95% accuracy (was 85%)
Slam100% accuracy (was 75%)
Smog40 BP and a 50% chance to Poison (was 20 and 40%)
Snore60 BP (was 40)
Sonicboom100% accuracy (was 90%)
Spike Cannon25 BP (was 20)
SpikesNow deals 25% damage on switchin (was 12.5%)
StrengthNow a Fighting move with 85% accuracy (so a worse Mega Punch)
String Shot100% accuracy (was 90%)
Submission100 BP, 100% accuracy, and 10 PP (was 80, 80%, 25)
Supersonic80% accuracy (was 55%)
Sweet Kiss100% accuracy (was 75%)
Take Down100% accuracy (was 85%)
Thief60 BP (was 40)
Thrash100 BP (was 90)
Triple Kick20 BP, then 40 BP, then 60 BP, each with 90% accuracy
(was 10, 20, 30, making it a much worse Double Kick)
Twister60 BP (was 40)
Vine Whip30 PP (was inexplicably 10)
WaterfallGains a 30% chance to flinch


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