Pokemon Cubic Crystal TM/HM/Tutor

Pokemon Cubic Crystal is a remix of Crystal that’s recognizable but distinct, a sort of “what if Crystal’s story was as different from Gold/Silver as future same-gen sequels?” approach. It’s GBC ROM Hack and a QoL ROM Hack based on Pokemon Crystal by Jay (Like the Bird. Pokemon Cubic Crystal TM/HM/Tutor will list all information about TM/HM/Tutor, their locations and thing changed in this game.

TM/HM/Tutor table of Pokemon Cubic Crystal

Type#Move1st foundAlso foundChanges
HM1CutIlex Forest
HM2FlyCianwood City
HM3SurfEcruteak Dance Hall
HM4StrengthRocket HQ (Lance)Was Whirlpool
HM5FlashSprout Tower
HM6WaterfallRadio Tower PresidentWas Clear Bell
TM1Dynamic PunchDefeat ChuckIndigo Plateau Mart
TM2HeadbuttIlex ForestGoldenrod Mart (dependent)
TM3CurseIce PathCeladon Curse House SalesmanReplaces Waterfall HM
TM4RolloutRoute 39 (cure the Miltank)Mahogany Mart Post-Rocket (dependent)In Snore’s old spot
TM5RoarRoute 32Cianwood TM Mart
TM6ToxicDefeat JanineIndigo Plateau Mart
(With Mount Silver Access)
TM7Zap CannonDefeat Lt SurgeIndigo Plateau Mart
(With Mount Silver Access)
TM8Rock SmashRoute 36Goldenrod Mart (dependent)
TM9Swords DanceCeladon Game CornerWas Psych Up
TM10Hidden PowerDefeat BlueIndigo Plateau Mart
(With Mount Silver Access)
TM11Sunny DayDefeat BlaineIndigo Plateau Mart
(With Mount Silver Access)
TM12Leech LifeSlowpoke Well BasementMahogany Mart Post-Rocket (dependent)Was Sweet Scent
TM13Rock SlideMount MortarCeladon Mart (dependent)Was Snore; in Defense Curl’s old spot
TM14BlizzardGoldenrod Game Corner
TM15Hyper BeamCeladon Game Corner
TM16Icy WindDefeat PryceIndigo Plateau Mart
TM17ProtectCeladon Mart
TM18Rain DanceDefeat MistyIndigo Plateau Mart
(With Mount Silver Access)
TM19Giga DrainDefeat ErikaIndigo Plateau Mart
(With Mount Silver Access)
TM20EndureBurned TowerMahogany Mart Post-Rocket
TM21FrustrationGoldenrod Mart (Happiness)
TM22Solar BeamRoute 27Celadon Mart (dependent)
TM23Iron TailDefeat JasmineIndigo Plateau Mart
TM24Dragon BreathDefeat ClairIndigo Plateau Mart
TM25ThunderGoldenrod Game Corner
TM26EarthquakeVictory RoadCeladon Mart (dependent)
TM27ReturnGoldenrod Mart (Happiness)
TM28DigNational ParkGoldenrod Mart (dependent)
TM29PsychicDefeat SabrinaIndigo Plateau Mart
(With Mount Silver Access)
TM30Shadow BallDefeat MortyIndigo Plateau Mart
TM31Mud-SlapRoute 34 GateCianwood TM Mart (dependent)In Sweet Scent’s old spot
TM32Double TeamCeladon Game Corner
TM33Ice PunchGoldenrod Mart
TM34SwaggerLighthouseCianwood TM Mart (dependent)
TM35Sleep TalkGoldenrod Mart (Basement)Celadon Mart
TM36Sludge BombRoute 43Mahogany Mart Post-Rocket (dependent)
TM37SandstormDefeat BrockIndigo Plateau Mart
(With Mount Silver Access)
TM38Fire BlastGoldenrod Game CornerGoldenrod Game Corner
TM39SwiftUnion CaveCianwood TM Mart
TM40Defense CurlRoute 35Cianwood TM MartIn Rollout’s old spot
TM41Thunder PunchGoldenrod Mart
TM42Dream EaterViridian CityCeladon Curse House Salesman
TM43Mega PunchLake of RageMahogany Mart Post-RocketWas Detect
TM44RestIce PathCeladon Mart
TM45AttractDefeat WhineyIndigo Plateau Mart
TM46ThiefTeam Rocket HQMahogany Mart Post-Rocket
TM47Steel WingDefeat FalknerIndigo Plateau MartReplaces Mud Slap as Falkner’s prize
TM48Fire PunchGoldenrod Mart
TM49Fury CutterDefeat BugsyIndigo Plateau Mart
TM50Ominous WindRoute 31 (deliver mail)Cianwood TM Mart (dependent)Was Nightmare
TutorIce BeamOutside Goldenrod Game Corner (After Radio Tower)
TutorFlamethrowerOutside Goldenrod Game Corner (After Radio Tower)
TutorThunderboltOutside Goldenrod Game Corner (After Radio Tower)


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