Pokemon Cubic Crystal Rematches (Initial)

Pokemon Cubic Crystal is a remix of Crystal that’s recognizable but distinct, a sort of “what if Crystal’s story was as different from Gold/Silver as future same-gen sequels?” approach. It’s GBC ROM Hack and a QoL ROM Hack based on Pokemon Crystal by Jay (Like the Bird. Pokemon Cubic Crystal Rematches (Initial) will list all information about all rematch battles (Initial) in this game.

All rematch battles (Initial) in Pokemon Cubic Crystal

(Gives Fly HM upon defeat)
Quick AttackCharmMud-Slap
LocationPast SudowoodoSteel WingBerrySteel WingBerrySteel WingBerry Juice
Drill PeckEarthquakeAncient PowerDrill Peck
Faint AttackFlyingDrill PeckGroundCharmFlyingSteel WingFlying
Quick AttackMega PunchFlashSwift
LocationVictory RoadSteel WingGold BerrySludge BombSharp BeakEncoreGold BerrySwords DanceGold Berry
Mach PunchMegahornPsychicMegahorn
ReflectFlyingCrunchDarkSurfPsychicMega PunchFighting
Light ScreenSpikesToxicRock Slide
LocationVictory RoadBaton PassGold BerryScary FaceGold BerryRecoverGold BerrySwords DanceGold Berry
Body SlamPsychicSlashBody Slam
ThunderboltOminous WindEarthquakeGroundForesight
Ice BeamCharmSleepCurse
LocationVictory RoadFlamethrowerGold BerryBaton PassGold BerrySleep TalkMint BerryMilk DrinkGold Berry
Icy WindBonemerangIce BeamBlizzard
FlyFlyingShadow BallGhostSurfIceEarthquakeGround
SpikesRock SlideRain DanceRock Slide
LocationVictory RoadDestiny BondGold BerrySwords DanceThick ClubRestMint BerryRestMint Berry
(Gives Lucky Egg upon defeat.)
Triple KickFaint AttackDynamic PunchMega Punch
Drill PeckIce BeamIceSurfFightingCrunchFighting
Quick AttackMega PunchMind ReaderDouble Edge
LocationMount MortarSwords DanceBlackbeltSlashBlackGlassesHypnosisGold BerryCurseQuick Claw
ThunderboltSurfMetal ClawIron Tail
Iron HeadSteelRazor WindFlyingAgilitySteelEarthquakeGround
Tri AttackIcy WIndSwords DanceRock Slide
LocationVictory RoadThunder WaveMagnetConfuse RayLeftoversBaton PassBerry JuiceCurseQuick Claw
Shadow BallFaint AttackShadow BallShadow Ball
Perish SongSludge BombDarkThunder PunchPoisonDouble EdgeGhost
Mean LookPoison GasIce PunchHypnosis
LocationVictory RoadPain SplitGold BerryAcid ArmorGold BerryConfuse RaySpell TagDream EaterGold Berry


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