Pokemon ShortScyther Move Tutors (MioPidgey)

Pokémon ShortScyther (aka Pokemon MioPidgey) is a simple hackrom that excludes 100% accuracy moves from our pokémons, but doesn’t remove from our opponents. No more Thunderbolt, Psychic or Ice Beam for us. Pokemon ShortScyther Move Tutors (MioPidgey) will list Move Tutors Locations in this game.


Move Tutors didn’t change their original location. The only difference is the move that will be teached.

  • Mega Punch Route 4
  • Mega Kick Route 4
  • Rock Slide Rock Tunnel
  • Horn Drill Viridian City
  • Horn Drill Pokémon Lab
  • Horn Drill Mt. Ember
  • Sheer Cold Pewter City
  • Sheer Cold Celadon City
  • Sheer Cold Fuchsia City
  • Fissure Celadon City
  • Fissure Victory Road
  • Fissure Seven Island
  • Guillotine Saffron City
  • Guillotine Silph Co.
  • Guillotine Four Island


Here is the end of Pokemon ShortScyther Move Tutors (MioPidgey). You can read or view the official documentation here! If you need more documentations of Pokemon ShortScyther/MioPidgey, so you can read Useful items to purchase, Pokemon Locations, Learnsets, TMs.