Pokemon ShortScyther TMs Documentations (MioPidgey)

Pokémon ShortScyther (aka Pokemon MioPidgey) is a simple hackrom that excludes 100% accuracy moves from our pokémons, but doesn’t remove from our opponents. No more Thunderbolt, Psychic or Ice Beam for us. Pokemon ShortScyther TMs Documentations (MioPidgey) will list TMs Locations and where you can buy some TMs in Pokemon ShortScyther/MioPidgey.

TMs Locations

TM01ScreechS.S. Anne
TM02DynamicPunchSilph Co.
TM03Water PulseMisty
TM04Calm MindSabrina
TM05HypnosisRoute 4
TM07SlamMt. Moon
TM08Crush ClawRota 12
TM09SwaggerMt. Moon
TM10Fury CutterRocket Hideout
TM11RolloutRota 25
TM12Take DownSafari Zone
TM13Ice BeamGame Corner
TM14BlizzardPokémon Mansion
TM15Hyper BeamCeladon City
TM16Light ScreenCeladon City
TM17Mega PunchRocket Hideout
TM18Mega KickRocket Hideout
TM19Giga DrainErika
TM20SafeguardCeladon City
TM21Rock SlidePower Plant
TM22Heat WaveVictory Road
TM23Iron TailGame Corner
TM24ThunderboltGame Corner
TM25ThunderPower Plant
TM27ReturnRoute 12
TM28DigCerulean City
TM29PsychicSaffron City
TM30Shadow BallGame Corner
TM31Razor LeafRoute 25
TM32Icy WindS.S. Anne
TM33ReflectCeladon City
TM34Shock WaveLt. Surge
TM35FlamethrowerGame Corner
TM36Cross ChopRoute 15
TM37Ice BallSafari Zone
TM38Fire BlastBlaine
TM39Rock TombBrock
TM40Air CutterRoute 9
TM41Future SightSilph. Co
TM42Will-O-WispRocket Hideout
TM43Leech SeedVictory Road
TM44OctazookaSilph. Co
TM45Hydro PumpPokémon Mansion
TM46Mud ShotMemorial Pillar
TM47Steel WingSafari Zone
TM48Sky AttackVictory Road
TM49Cotton SporeRocket Warehouse
TM50OverheatVictory Road


An extra mart in Cinnabar, an extra mart in Victory Road and the regular mart from Six Island will sell unlimited copies of several TM:

Cinnabar Island

  • TM01 Screech
  • TM05 Hypnosis
  • TM23 Iron Tail
  • TM31 Razor Leaf
  • TM36 Cross Chop
  • TM39 Rock Tomb
  • TM41 Future Sight
  • TM42 Will-O-Wisp

Victory Road

  • TM02 DynamicPunch
  • TM09 Swagger
  • TM10 Fury Cutter
  • TM11 Rollout
  • TM17 Mega Punch
  • TM18 Mega Kick
  • TM32 Icy Wind

Six Island

  • TM06 Toxic
  • TM07 Slam
  • TM08 Crush Claw
  • TM12 Take Down
  • TM14 Blizzard
  • TM21 Rock Slide
  • TM22 Heat Wave
  • TM25 Thunder
  • TM47 Steel Wing
  • TM48 Sky Attack
  • TM50 Overheat


Here is the end of Pokemon ShortScyther TMs Documentations (MioPidgey). You can read or view the official documentation here! If you need more documentations of Pokemon ShortScyther/MioPidgey, so you can read Move Tutors, Useful items to purchase, Pokemon Locations, Learnsets.