Pokemon Black and White 3 Genesis FAQ

Pokémon Black and White 3 Genesis is intended as a further sequel to Black 2/White 2 Versions. It takes place in Unova, around 5 years following the events of B2/W2. In this game, you play as a young trainer from Humilau City, and will embark on a journey around the region to catch Pokemon, collect Gym badges, and thwart the plans of a mysterious group claiming to be Team Plasma, a terror group that was supposedly disbanded years ago. Pokemon Black and White 3 Genesis FAQ will ask all questions and hints you should know in this game.

Here is Pokemon Black and White 3 Genesis FAQ

BW3:G is Pokemon Black and White 3 Genesis.

How many Pokemon are in BW3:G?

There are currently 252 Pokemon in this game. Many are from Gen 5, but there are also some from older generations. This limit on the number of Mons is due to engine constraints. However, in the upcoming v2.0 (Polished Expansion), the number of Pokemon in the game will increase.

What newer features are in BW3:G?

This game has many features added in later generations, including: the Fairy type, many moves from later Generations, many items from later generations (such as Life Orb, Rocky Helmet, etc.), Physical/Special split for moves, Running Shoes, Infinite-use TMs, a Move Reminder, More Bag space, Auto-refresh Repel prompt, Ability to Fish up items, and other smaller quality-of-life updates.

How much Bag space is in BW3:G?

The number of slots in the “Items” Pocket has been increased from 20 to 40. In addition, Berries and Medicine are now stored in their own Pockets.

What Move-Effectiveness Chart is used for BW3:G?

This game uses the Move-Effectiveness chart added in Gen 6, when Fairy types were introduced. So the Steel type does not resist Ghost and Dark type attacks, for example.

What are the Power/Effects of the Moves in BW3:G?

With very few exceptions, move strength and effects in this game have been updated to match Gen 6, which is when most of the Fairy type moves were added. Check your Pokemon’s moves page in the party menu for details.

Do different wild Pokemon appear at night?

No. In the current version of BW3:G, the encounter tables for each area are the same between morning, day, and night. This will eventually change when v2.0 adds many more Pokemon to the Pokedex.

Does the AI still have an artificial chance to miss Status moves?

No! Vanilla Gen 2 gave the AI an artificial 25% chance to miss any Status move, even if it is 100% accurate. This game removes that handicap.

Do Status Conditions correctly lower wild Mons’ Catch Rate?

Yes! The vanilla Gen 2 games have a bug where Sleep and Freeze are the only Status Conditions that lower wild Mons’ Catch Rate. This has been fixed in BW3:G, and all Status Conditions now affect the Catch Rate of wild Pokemon.

Do the Special/Kurt Pokeballs work

Yes! Most of the special Pokeballs in vanilla Gen 2 were bugged, but in BW3:G, they have been fixed and work as intended. There have also been more new Pokeballs added from later Generations.

If an enemy uses Thief on my item, will I get it back?

Yes! In BW3:G, Thief is fixed so that if you have an item stolen by the AI, it will return after the battle is over.

What about consumable items (like Focus Sash)? Will I get them back too?

In BW3:G, consumable items such as Focus Sash will return after the battle if they are used up. The exception is Berries, they will stay gone once eaten.

Are Badge Boosts still in BW3:G?

The vanilla Gen 2 games gave passive boosts to certain stats once specific Badges were acquired. This game removes those boosts. In addition, the Badges in vanilla Gen 2 each gave a boost to a specific type of move. This game removes those boosts as well.

What about obedience? Do Badges still affect that?

All eight Badges now increase the level at which traded Mons will obey your commands, which is how the Badges worked in the Gen 5 games. Notably, this obedience level only affects traded Mons. Pokemon that you’ve caught yourself will always obey you, regardless of level.

Can you change the clock in BW3:G?

On the title screen, simply press Down + B to reset the clock. You’ll be prompted to set it again when loading your file. No password necessary!

How do I change Daylight Savings Time?

This can be done from the X-Transceiver menu.

Can you rematch Trainers in BW3:G?

Yes! At least, in some cases.
Any Pokemon Breeders can be rematched by leaving the map and returning, and then speaking to them again to trigger a rematch. This can be done as many times as you like. You can also rematch certain Trainers by calling them on the X-Transceiver Phone.

If I accept a Trainer’s Phone Number, will they annoy me with random calls?

Trainers you register in the phone will never call you. Instead, you can call any Trainer you’ve registered, and this will set up a rematch with that trainer. Phone rematch Trainers’ teams will get stronger as you progress through the game, and they will give you an item when you beat them. Phone Trainers can only be rematched once per day.

What about Gym Leaders? Can you rematch them?

In the Battle House in Opelucid City, you’ll be able to rematch a Gym Leader once per day. You will need to have all eight badges before you can challenge the Gym Leaders in the Battle House, though.

How do I Evolve my Pokemon?

Once you receive Cheren’s phone number, you can call him for details on how to evolve your Pokemon. You can also reference the Special Evolutions document for details. All evolutions are set to be possible in a single-player game.
Also, for convenience, the Happiness threshold needed for Baby Pokemon to evolve via Friendship has been significantly lowered. These are also noted in the Special Evolutions document.

Where are the Move Deleter/Name Rater/Happiness Checker?

The Move Deleter can be found in Aspertia City. The Name Rater is in Nimbasa City. To check your Pokemon’s happiness, you can call your Mom from anywhere, or talk to her in person.

Is there a Move Relearner?

The Move Relearner was not in the original Gen 2 games, but it is in BW3:G. You can find the Move Relearner in Mistralton City.

There are NPCs who want to see Pokemon that have trained a certain stat. What are they looking for?

These guys are looking at your Pokemon’s Stat Exp (basically EVs). If it’s not high enough, try feeding your Pokemon some vitamins.

I’m stuck! Where do I go?

If you are ever unsure of what to do or where to go next in BW3:G, remember that you can always call the Professor on the X-Transceiver Phone. She will give you a hint on where to go next, which can be helpful if you’ve missed certain dialogue, or an area that needs exploring.

What is v2.0?

Version 2.0 (the Polished Expansion) will be the next version of this game. It will be remade from the ground up using Polished Crystal’s 9-bit expansion as a base. This will allow for many more features, such as abilities, a better PC system, a better Pokedex, and much more Pokemon available to catch. This version will be in development soon, and will likely take some time before release, so keep an eye out for news.


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