Pokemon Lunatic Crystal Mart Changes

Pokemon Lunatic Crystal is a difficulty ROM Hack that provides not only a major challenge, but is also an attempt at making Gen 2 more balanced and enjoyable, while also retaining the charm of the original games. Pokemon Lunatic Crystal Mart Changes will list all information of Pokemon Mart Changes in game.

Full Pokemon Lunatic Crystal Mart Changes Documentation

With the introduction of a togglable Repel in the bag as a Key Item, all types of Repels have been removed from every mart as there is no point to them.

Since Lunatic Crystal aims to put the player at the same level of strength as the AI all stat boosting Vitamins have been removed from shops, and the game as a whole. The exception is PP Up (as it doesn’t boost stats, but the game still counts it as a vitamin), however this item cannot be purchased in any of the marts. Stat boosting items, used in battle such as X Attack, X Speed etc. have also been removed from all shops.

One of the most important changes is the ability to buy every evolution stone in both Goldenrod and Celadon, at a price of 10000. This includes Sun Stones and Moon Stones. Goldenrod’s Department Store has also seen one more change. The floor where you’d usually be able to buy Vitamins has been rebranded into a Bitter Medicine section.

Cianwood Pharmacy has been turned into a Berry Store, it now sells: Bitter Berry, Burnt Berry, Gold Berry, Ice Berry, Mint Berry, Miracleberry, Mysteryberry, Psncureberry and Przcureberry. 5F of Celadon’s Mart in addition to selling Evolution Stones also sells personal items that are unique to one species of Pokemon such as the Thick Club, Light Ball or Lucky Punch.

Since Bitter Medicine can be bought in the Department Store at any time, the grandma selling Bitter Medicine in the Underground on Saturdays and Sundays has been turned into a TM Shop. She sells 3 TMs that are normally locked behind Kanto or unobtainable without trading: Zap Cannon, Protect and Psych Up.

The Mart in Indigo Plateau now sells PP Restroring items: Ether and Max Ether. Said Mart also now sells Rare Candies at a price of 10, after the player has defeated Blue and obtained all 16 Badges


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