Pokemon Compass – Added Pokémon Documentation

Compass brings in 113 total Pokémon (141 if you count all the other forms~) and makes it possible to get a complete Pokédex and all of the HOME Pokémon as well.

Spawn points and spawn weightings have been adjusted so that the newly added Pokémon are more rare and appear in few general locations, to avoid overcrowding certain areas or causing vanilla Pokémon to become more difficult to find than expected.

Pokédex Entries

Entries for all of the added Pokémon were added, with the exceptions of the Hisuian Pokémon (which did not have any associated data).

When catching a Compass-added Pokémon, the Pokédex will appear as it does with any other Pokémon, including all available data, and provide the player with the options for summary or placement, per normal. This also results in the game storing the data in the save file, including seen / caught information, allowing the in-battle “helper” to function normally.

There are, however, some minor issues with the base game’s implementation of the Pokédex; see Pokédex Issues for more details. None of the issues are game-breaking.

No Version Exclusives

All Pokémon that were restricted to one version of the game or the other have been added into Compass. They utilize the same spawn data as from the version they are exclusive to, so they’ll show up where they normally would, as though you were playing co-op with someone from another game version.

From ScarletFrom Violet
Blaze Breed TaurosDrifloonDrifblimAqua Breed TaurosGulpinSwalot
Great TuskScream TailBrute BonnetIron TreadsIron BundleIron Hands
Flutter ManeSlither WingSandy ShocksIron JugulisIron MothIron Thorns
Roaring MoonIron Valiant

Non-Exclusive Pokémon in the Wild

Some of these Pokémon cannot be caught in the wild, such as Tyranitar and Salamence, but their earlier evolutions can be. Many of these are also added to the raids (see New and Changed Raids for the lists).

There are some Pokémon that are not added into the wild, but are available through means added into Compass :

From ScarletFrom ScarletFrom VioletFrom Violet
AcquisitionDelibird Shop7★ RaidsDelibird Shop7★ Raids

Non-Exclusive Pokémon not in the Wild

The items necessary to evolve Charcadet are found in the Delibird Shop (see Delibird Presents — New Items for details).

HOME Pokémon Added into the Wild

Every Pokémon available via the upcoming HOME transfer capability has been added into Compass, distributed into the world either through wild capture, raid and special event raid encounters, or special evolutions. The following tables list all of these added Pokémon as well as where to find them in-game : 

Alolan DiglettSouth Area 6
East Areas 1, 2, and 3
Glaseado Mountains
Alolan DugtrioSouth Area 6East Area 3Glaseado Mountains
Alolan GrimerSouth Areas 5 and 6West Area 3East Areas 1 and 2
Alolan MukSouth Area 6
Alolan MeowthSouth Areas 3 and 5East Areas 1 and 2
Alolan PersianEast Areas 1 and 2
South Glaseado Mountains
Alolan RaichuNorth Area 3
Galarian MeowthWest Areas 1, 2, and 3
North Areas 3 and 1
PerrserkerNorth Areas 1 and 3Around Casseroya Lake
Galarian SlowpokeSouth Area 5West Area 2East Areas 1 and 2Paldean Sea
Hisuian VoltorbTagtree ThicketNorth Areas 1 and 2Around Casseroya Lake
Hisuian ElectrodeNorth Areas 1 and 2Around Casseroya Lake
Hisuian QwilfishPaldean Sea
White-Striped BasculinWest Areas 2 and 3North Areas 1 and 2Casseroya Lake
Hisuian SneaselGlaseado MountainsNorth Area 3Around Casseroya Lake
SneaslerGlaseado MountainsNorth Area 3Around Casseroya Lake
Hisuian Zorua(Night only)Tagtree ThicketWest Area 3Around Casserora Lake
Hisuian Zoroark(Night only)Around Casseroya Lake
Hisuian GrowlitheWest Areas 1 and 2Asado Desert
Hisuian ArcanineArea Zero
Hisuian SliggooSouth Area 6Casseroya Lake
Hisuian LiligantArea Zero
Hisuian AvaluggArea Zero
Charmander(Morning, day, evening only)South Area 2West Area 1Asado Desert
Charmeleon(Morning, day, evening only)Asado Desert
CyndaquilSouth Areas 3, 4, and 5East Areas 1, 2, and 3
QuilavaEast Areas 1, 2, and 3
OshawottSouth Areas 1, 2, and 4Pokémon League EntranceWest Areas 1, 2, and 3
DewottWest Areas 2 and 3
ChespinSouth Areas 2, 3, 4, and 5Tagtree ThicketWest Area 3
QuilladinTagtree ThicketWest Area 3
Fennekin(Morning, day, evening only)South Areas 1 and 3Asado Desert
Braixen(Morning, day, evening only)Asado DesertWest Area 3
FroakieSouth Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5Pokémon League EntranceEast Areas 1 and 2
FrogadierSouth Area 5East Areas 1 and 2
RowletSouth Areas 1 and 3East Areas 1 and 2Tagtree Thicket
DartrixTagtree Thicket
GrookeySouth Areas 1, 2, 3, and 5West Area 1Tagtree Thicket
ThwackeyTagtree Thicket
Scorbunny(Morning, day, evening only)South Areas 1, 2, and 3West Area 2East Area 1
Raboot(Morning, day, evening only)East Areas 1 and 2West Area 3
SobbleSouth Areas 1, 2, and 4Pokémon League EntranceWest Areas 1 and 2Tagtree Thicket
DrizzileWest Areas 2 and 3Tagtree Thicket
Kantonian TaurosWest Area 2East Areas 1 and 2
Johtonian WooperSouth Areas 1, 4, and 5West Areas 2 and 3
QuagsireSouth Area 5West Areas 2 and 3
CarbinkArea Zero

Wild Encounters

All of these that have been added are more rare than most spawns in the area, or at most at the same spawn rate as their Paldean equivalents. 

Others Added Into the Wild

The Paldean starters, the Pokémon Go Roaming Form Gimmighoul, and all 20 patterns for Vivillon have also been added into the world.

SprigatitoSouth Area 1East Areas 1 and 2Tagtree Thicket
FloragatoTagtree ThicketNorth Areas 1, 2, and 3
FuecocoSouth Areas 3 and 5
East Area 1
CrocalorSouth Areas 3 and 5East Areas 1, 2, and 3
QuaxlySouth Areas 2 and 4
QuaxwellSouth Area 5West Areas 1, 2, and 3
Roaming Form GimmighoulAll Ruins
Vivillon PatternsAnywhere Vivillon can normally be found

More Wild Encounters

All Others Added

All the other Pokémon that have been added into Compass can be found by evolving their earlier evolutions, by using the new evolution method (see Other Evolution Changes), or found in some of the raids (see New Standard Raids and New Special Raids). The following table is a list of all of the other Pokémon added into Compass:

UrsalunaHisuian DecidueyeHisuian SamurottHisuian Typhlosion
Hisuian BraviaryHisuian GoodraGalarian SlowbroGalarian Slowking

List of Remaining Additions

Galarian ArticunoGalarian ZapdosGalarian MoltresMewtwo
VolcanionMagearnaOriginal Color MagearnaSingle Strike Urshifu
ZacianZamazentaEternatusRapid Strike Urshifu
ZarudeDada ZarudeRegielekiRegidrago

List of Remaining Mythicals and Legendaries

Original Cap PikachuHoenn Cap PikachuSinnoh Cap PikachuUnova Cap Pikachu
Kalos Cap PikachuAlola Cap PikachuPartner Cap PikachuWorld Cap Pikachu

List of Remaining Alternate Forms

Alternate Forms Not Added

Many mythicals and legendaries have alternate forms that are available in-game yet are not made directly available in Compass, but the knowledge of how to get them is not well-known — basically, it all comes down to Porto Marinada’s “special” auction. 

Many items used to form change or as unique held items are available upon obtaining the requisite Pokémon, so after catching one that has a form you would like to change them to (e.g. Hoopa Confined to Hoopa Unbound), check out the auction area to see if you can pick up the necessary item.You can also pick up the typed Plates here to change Arceus’ type — or you can farm these by catching the appropriate typed Eevee in the special 4★ event raids (see New Special Raids).

Ruinous Quartet

The Ruinous Quartet have had their general level and stats increased, and can be caught again in special 6★ event raids. They are not added into the world in any other manner.

Box Legendaries

The two iguana legendaries are available to be caught time and time again, in special 7★ event raids. They will not be added into the world in any other manner for now.