Pokemon Keishou Evolution Documentations

Pokemon Keishou sends you on a journey across the blissful paradise that is Kyujitsu Island. It sends you to Kyujitsu Island with Terastallization, Dynamaxing and Mega Evolution. Pokemon Keishou Evolution Documentations will give you some information about evolution method in this game. If you want to find more documentations or cheat codes, you can read All Posts.

Evolution Documentations of Pokemon Keishou

Alolan Marowak

There is a slightly different Cubone forme in the game that evolves to Alolan Marowak! It has a small black crack on its skull: See left the regular one, and right the one that evolves to the Alolan forme! You find both of them in Yama Passage

Galarian Yamask

Galarian Yamask evolves after taking 49 damage and then having it on your team while entering the right location. This can either be the part of the map in Aki Forest where the grass tiles that spawn it are located, or any of the ruins in Sakyu Valley!

Special Evolution Methods for certain Pokémon

  • All classic “Trade” evolutions work with the Linking Cord item you can purchase at the “Tools of Evolution” store in Chushin City”
  • Trading evolutions that require a held item instead work by leveling up while holding the item, e.g. Scyther evolves by leveling up while holding a Metal Coat.
  • Exeggcute will evolve into Alolan Exeggutor when evolving it at Suna Beach (Kantonian Form everywhere else).
  • Galarian Farfetch’d: deal 3 crits in a single battle
  • Galarian Yamask:
  • Hisuian Qwilfish: level up while knowing the move Barb Barrage
  • Hisuian Sneasel: level up during daytime while holding Razor Claw
  • Hisuian Basculin: level up after taking 294 recoil damage
  • Primeape: level up after using Rage Fist 20 times
  • Dunsparce: level up while knowing the move Hyper Drill
  • Girafarig: level up while knowing the move Twin Beam
  • Bisharp: level up after defeating three Bisharp that hold Leader’s Crest
  • Ursaring: use a Peat Block at night
  • Pawmo/Rellor/Bramblin: walk 1,000 steps with it being your follower
  • Milcery: Hold Sweet and Level Up


There are three different formes of Rockruff in the game:

  • The first forme is the regular forme which can either evolve into Lycanroc Midday Forme or Midnight Forme depending on whether the evolution is triggered during daytime or nighttime. It can be found at daytime.
  • The second form has orange ears and can only by found during dawn (between 5pm and 8pm) and only evolves into Lycanroc Dusk Forme during the evening.
  • The third form has purple ears can only by found at night and evolves into Kyujitsuan Lycanroc Midday Form or Midnight Form depending on whether the evolution is triggered during daytime or nighttime.


Here is the end of Pokemon Keishou Evolution Documentations. If you need more information such as Pokemon Location(s), Pokemon Numbers, Type and Name, you can read Pokemon Keishou Pokedex.