Pokemon Run & Bun – Trainer Battles

– Trainers whose Pokémon don’t have listed moves will have level-up movesets. —— Route 103 —— Pokemon Trainer May Treecko Lv.5 [Bashful|Overgrow] Pokemon Trainer May Torchic Lv.5 [Bashful|Blaze] Pokemon Trainer May Mudkip Lv.5 [Bashful|Torrent] —— Route 102 —— Youngster Calvin Poochyena Lv.5 Bite, Quick Attack, Sand Attack [Bashful|Rattled] Lillipup Lv.6 Tackle, Bite, Sand Attack [Bashful|Vital Spirit] Rookidee Lv.6 Wing Attack, Sand Attack, Swagger [Bashful|Keen Eye] Bug Catcher Rick Grubbin Lv.6 @Oran Berry: Bug Bite, Spark, Vice Grip [Bashful|Swarm] Pineco Lv.6 @Oran Berry: Pin Missile, Iron Defense [Bashful|Sturdy] Sizzlipede Lv.7 @Oran Berry: Bug Bite, Ember, Wrap [Bashful|Flash Fire] Youngster Allen Skiddo


Orden Ubicación Tipo Niveles 1º Líder Zona Excavación Tierra 10,11 2ª Líder Pueblo Bolonia Psíquico 15,15,16 3º Líder Isla Wingull Hielo 22,22,23 4º Líder Santuario de Luz Fantasma 25,26,26,26 5º Líder Ciudad Tarifa Acero 32,33,33,34 6ª Líder Los Barrios Veneno 35,35,36,37 7º Líder Pueblo Facinas Agua 40,40,41,42 8º Líder Ciudad Algeciras Lucha 44,44,44,44,45 Miembro de la Liga Tipo Nivel Alto Mando Planta 47,47,48,49 Alto Mando Siniestro 47,47,48,49 Alto Mando Volador 47,47,48,49 Alto Mando Eléctrico 47,47,48,49 Campeona Mixto 50,50,51,52,53,54 GUÍA FAKEMON Y FORMAS REGIONALES Onight Planta Nv.16= Blawder Blawder Planta/Siniestro Nv.36=Sirmoss Sirmoss Planta/Siniestro No Embnake Fuego Nv.16=Torchboa Torchboa Fuego Nv.36=Golconda Golconda

Pokemon Ashen Frost Sidequest Guide

Hotel DistrictQuest: Magikarp GirlReward: SlugmaProcedure:Walk up to the lass who is staring at a Magikarp on the roof.Offer to save Magikarp. Quest: Show PokémonReward: Qualot Berry (3)Procedure:Go into the house to the right of the Riverview Hotel, and speak with the lass beside the Bulbasaur plushie.Show her a Breloom.* *Breloom are most easily obtained by catching a Shroomish in the Café District and evolving it. Quest: Charley’s LoanReward: $5000Procedure:Go into the Bank, and speak with Charley.*Accept Charley’s quest and defeat him in battle.Go to the Shopping District. Fight the gangster hiding beside the adoption pen. *This sidequest is unlocked once

Pokemon Ashen Frost Walkthrough

Ashen Frost: Complete Case WalkthroughsAboutThis walkthrough is designed to help you solve the cases throughout Ashen Frost. This walkthrough will NOT cover trainer lineups, available Pokémon, held items, etc. Naturally, this walkthrough contains SPOILERS for ALL CASES of the game.Furthermore, this walkthrough is designed to be EFFICIENT. You will not have the best understanding of the story if you rely on the walkthrough alone. Case One: Safety FirstList of Evidence, Testimony, and ItemsPalermo’s Testimony, “The waitress was handed the cheque during the ceremony.”Cathy’s Testimony, “Cathy took the cheque to the manager’s office. She’s never run into trouble at work.”Cathy’s Testimony

Lolimon Walkthrough Pre 5.0

WARNING!!! SPOILERS!!!Scroll down for a list of available content and a content walkthrough (for if you get stuck). !!!NOTE!!!!Walkthrough is OUT OF DATE. It’s getting very difficult to maintain this with all the content that keeps getting added. As of now, this walkthrough is out of date past v4.2.Any content on here that was written up and created before v5.0 should still mostly be accurate, though! ———————————————————————– :::::CONTENT LIST::::: Currently available maps (interior sub maps and grouped child maps will be listed underneath their parent maps):Partially unfinished maps will be marked with ().**Maps that exist but are currently inaccessible will

Pokemon Fire Ash All Pokemon locations

Pokemon that cannot be obtained are at the bottom of this list. U2=Unova Route 2. K2=Kalos Route 2. A2=Alola Route 2. G2=Galar Route 2. It is possible that some things were missed while creating this list. Please email the creator if anything is missing. POKEMON OBTAINABLE 001 Bulbasaur-Hidden Village*004 Charmander-Route 24*007 Squirtle-Route 25*010 Caterpie-Route 24|30|43|K20|Viridian Forest|Hidden Village|National Park|Eterna Forest011 Metapod-Route 24|30|Hidden Village|National Park012 Butterfree-Route 19|26|29|42|215|K20|A2|A5|S.S. Anne‘|Valencia Island| Ascorbia Island|Melemele Meadow|Wild Area|Manalo Stadium’ 013 Weedle-Rotue 24|30|43|K20|Viridian Forest|National Park 014 Kakuna-Route 24|30|Viridian Forest|National Park|Eterna Forest 015 Beedrill-Route 120|121|210|U14|Viridian Forest|Ascrobia Island|Ilex Forest|National Park|Battle Factory|Metallica Island|Wild Area^016 Pidgey-Route 1|3|5|7|8|24|25|30|35|36|37|203|U4|Viridian Forest|National Park|Ilex Forest017 Pidgeotto-Route 22|37|111|K11|Viridian

Pokemon Fire Ash Walkthrough

Pokemon Fire Ash WalkthroughAccurate through v. 3.0 GENERATION 1: THE KANTO REGION PALLET TOWN: Take out a Potion from your computer, then head downstairs. Leave the house, and head east to Professor Oak’s Lab. Talk to Gary who blocks the way and listen to him brag about getting the best pokemon… jerk. Go up the stairs and grab a Potion in the upper left part of the ledge before entering the lab. Enter Oak’s Lab. Note that the machine in the middle of the room will heal your party. Go to the 2nd floor and talk with Professor Oak. Oak

Pokemon Blossom of the Soul TM Locations

TM01 Hone Claws – Calamont MartTM02 Dragon Claw – Solstice CaveTM03 Focus Punch – Snowcapped ForestTM04 Cut – Mandarin Forest (Minneola Mart)TM05 Dig – Mikan CaveTM06 Toxic – Mondelo City (Toxic Recording Studio)TM07 Hail – Dendron MartTM08 Rock Smash – Murcott CityTM09 Venoshock – Route 6TM10 Hidden Power – Route 3 TM11 Sunny Day – Dendron MartTM12 Taunt – Dendron MartTM13 Ice Beam – Route 8TM14 Blizzard – Mondelo Dept. StoreTM15 Hyper Beam – Mondelo Dept. StoreTM16 Bullet Seed – Mandarin GymTM17 Protect – Calamont MartTM18 Rain Dance – Dendron MartTM19 Solar Blade – Mondelo Dept. Store TM20 Water Pulse

Pokemon Blossom of the Soul Pokémon Locations

Route 1Grass, DaytimePoochyenaRattataRookideeSkwovetElekid (ver. 1.0.6. or later)RockruffBlipbugWoolooLillipupNickitChewtleCutiefly Grass, NighttimePoochyenaRattataRookideeNickitElekid (ver. 1.0.6. or later)RockruffSkwovetWoolooLillipupSeedotChewtleCutiefly One Mile BridgeGrass, DaytimePoochyenaRattataRookideeBudewElekid (ver. 1.0.6. or later)RockruffBlipbugWingullNickitSkwovetChewtleCutiefly WaterPsyduckShellosMarillStaryuCorphish FishingFinneonArrokudaTympole Grass, NighttimePoochyenaNickitStarlyBudewElekid (ver. 1.0.6. or later)InkayGrubbinWingullSkwovetSeedotChewtleCutiefly Mandarin ForestGrass, DaytimeCaterpieWeedleScatterbugBlipbugCascoonSilcoonWurmpleSlakothNincadaVenipedeShroomishTimburr Grass, NighttimeCaterpieWeedleScatterbugMisdreavusCascoonSilcoonWurmpleSlakothMurkrowShroomishBlipbugSinistea Route 2GrassRookideeZigzagoonGrowlitheGossifleurFletchlingChewtleYamperMachopMagby (ver. 1.0.6. or later)SkwovetBudewWynaut Mikan CaveCaveGeodudeRolycolyZubatMachopSableye (B1F only, ver. 1.0.5 or later)Cleffa (1F only, ver. 1.0.5 or later)OnixAronCuboneSilicobraNoibatLarvitarKangaskhan Route 3Grass, DaytimeRookideeSkwovetRuffletMarillPinecoEkansZigzagoonRaltsYamperGossifleurAipomChatot WaterTentacoolGoldeenFinneonBarboachMareanie FishingWishiwashiMagikarpRemoraid DivingMareanieChinchouClamperlCorsolaRelicanthRemoraidFinneonWishiwashiLuvdiscFeebasWailmerSeadra Grass, NighttimeHoothootVullabyZigzagoonEkansMarillSkwovetElectrikeSurskitGothitaGossifleurPinecoChatot Calamont TownWaterPsyduckHorseaMarillStaryuCorphish FishingArrokudaWishiwashiSlowpoke Route 4Grass, DaytimeShellosNidorinoFarfetch’dEevee (ver. 1.0.9. or later)DewpiderWimpodMilceryWooperNidorinaElectrikeSolosisFoongus WaterTentacoolGoldeenMantykeBarboachMareanie FishingArrokudaCorsolaSkrelp Grass, NighttimeShellosNidorinoEevee (ver. 1.0.9. or later)HoothootDewpiderVenonatMurkrowWooperNidorinaElectrikeSolosisFoongus Route 5LandSkittyMareepZigzagoonEspurrSkiploomGossifleurToxelStuffulRockruffApplinHeracrossBonsly FishingGoldeenClauncherBarboach Route 6, and Privet VillageLandTrubbishZoruaPhantumpVullabyImpidimpLinooneMeowthMimikyuAbsolGulpinGrimerMuk Water (Route 6)GrimerSkrelp Fishing (Route 6)Grimer Route 7 (North)Land, DaytimeStaraviaInkayCramorantHatennaFalinksManectricShelmetKarrablastPerrserkerDedenneGoomyApplin Land, NighttimeCorvisquireThievulCramorantGothitaClobbopusManectricKarrablastShelmetFalinksHatennaDedenneMunchlax

Pokemon Jade – Pokemon Evolution

Use Ctrl + F to searchEvo-Item locations included at the end of the doc.Marleaf+ lv16 = JubliderJublider+ lv36 = GargustGargust Chardillo+ lv16 = FuegamorFuegamor+ lv36 = PymavalPymaval Salave+ lv16 = ToxilimeToxilime+ lv36 = EromandtEromandt Maggle+ lv7 = HarcoonHarcoon+ lv10 = LashiflyLashifly Capyboer+ lv20 = TanbaraTanbara Kookabi+ lv18 = PukabarnPukabarn+ lv34 = KowoburraKowoburra Danduft+ lv22 = DandriftaDandrifta+ lv44 = DandylionDandylion Granpede+ lv28 = TrempedeTrempede Piking+ lv23 = GullbeakGullbeak Frillseed+ lv28 = AmarzardAmarzard Waybill+ lv24 = PlaturfPlaturf+ Waterstone = PlatotounPlatotoun Mipep+ lv21 = PsylownPsylown+ lv32 = CirquiemCirquiem Zidna+ Thunderstone = ElequillElequill Viofin+ lv up , Night with Metalcoat = RoyongardeRoyongarde Petuala Voodoll+